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Welcome back to the show. It is wonderful to have your company this morning on the Today show right across Australia. The insults are flying once again thick and fast in federal politics. I'm joined by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy. Nine is still here. We are grateful!Yeah! Great outcome yesterday. Good to see it all. A big congratulations to David and little la, for the birth of Ted. That was great to see that happening.Would have been boring if we went broke, wouldn't it?It would have been not good. Not good. But it was a good outcome. Great to see a company that's been an icon in Australia getting a firm financial footing again.Good on you, thank you very much for that. Old mate, Kevin Rudd, your old mate is back on the telly today, back on the telly. He has told forces in the party, which I think might be you, that you won't crush him, he's not going anywhere!No, well, look, it is good to see Kevin out campaigning on policies to highlight what the Labor Government is doing. The national disability insurance scheme, the national broadband network, returning the economy to surplus, and for Kevin to start being out there campaigning on that is a good thing. He does what he likes. He was mobbed in Hurstville yesterday. He was promoting a local member out there, Darrell Melham. Part of it, what he is doing, is it to wind you up, do you think?Look, I think he is out there helping Daryl. It is great to see him on the campaign trail, out there talking to Australians and promoting the reforms that the Gillard Government are introducing. It is a good thing for him to be highlighting the negativity of Tony Abbott, at the same time as promoting the Gillard Government's policies.Some Gillard supporters say it is way too much, he needs to take it easy.Look, backbenchers, particularly former prime ministers, should be out there campaigning on these issues. I don't have a problem with Kevin campaigning against Tony Abbott, 24/7.OK, he is...come on, I think you are being unfair.Fair shake of the sauce bottle. Come on, you have to get out there.Get your own cliches!(LAUGHTER)He is waging a debate, saying that everyday Australians want to hear more about future policies and how they would be affected.This sort of stuff, frankly, doesn't really add up to a row of beans. The sooner we get past, shall I say, the personal, deeply personal attacks, on all sides of politics, the better. Alright, if he can work a row of beans into this next answer, I will buy you dinner. He took a swipe at Opposition Leader Tony Abbott saying his policies were better suited for the 19th century. You cannot have it both ways in politics. You hate each other, everybody knows it.It is not true. It is a footy match. On field, it is a tough and robust - sometimes, it gets a little bit over the top. But afterwards, if you were to see the Coalition members and Labor members, you would actually see a fair amount of having a beer in the dressing room afterwards. That is more the norm than seeing the sort of campaigning that you see on the television. Have a drink in the dressing room afterwards, that is much more the norm.It is rich for politicians to say, "We have to stop calling each other names" when next week he will be doing the same thing.What Kevin was identifying there was that Tony Abbott's policies actually aren't - I mean he is a bloke that wants to demolish the national broadband network, something - a piece of infrastructure that this country desperately needs to make sure that we are well positioned into the future. His excuse is, "I'm no Bill Gates, I don't understand these things". He should come to an understanding that will future- proof our health delivery, education system. That is what Kevin is talking about. He is making a point. You know, Tony looks backwards. The Labor Government is moving forward in policies and protections for the Australian economy.It sounds like you are getting firmly behind Kevin Rudd.Ha! (Laughs)What has happened to you?!No, I think Kevin is doing what former prime ministers should do, backbenchers should do, out there campaigning against Tony Abbott.The term 'Misogynist' has made news for the last week or so. Be careful how you answer this. In your terminology, your definition, what is misogyny? Look, I probably - I was a bit surprised yesterday when I heard another definition. I probably would have the more traditional definition on it.Ha, you cannot get away with that! What is your definition?Misogyny is a term usually - and has been in the past - though the words evolve and have different definitions and different meanings. But misogyny is traditionally a hatred of women.We will get you get away with that one. We will ask every politician that -