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(generated from captions) That is the This program is not captioned. This program is captioned live. Deadly pursuit - an investigation is launched after a motorcyclist dies in a police chase. Back on dry land - the yachty rescued after days adrift at sea. She gets knocked down - she gets up again! Julia Gillard takes a tumble and signs a trade deal in India. The Aussie behind the greatest jump of all time. We will meet the man who helped Felix Baumgartner make history. And win yourself $10,000 worth of fuel as we launch free fuel Thursday. And very good morning to you all. It is good to have your company this morning. It is like a weight is lifted off our shoulders, hey?! Worried about everything, the crew, but now it is signed off. Everything is fine!It has been such a big night of rest and relaxation. Fordo has the crease marks from his pillow! (LAUGHTER) It is the sign stems from here right down to here...IWas dreaming, that is why!Yes, you have had a very, very deep sleep! Rest realise.I think I'm still aasleep! Easy, easy, easy! Thought it might have been a brutal scar from an earlier day. No, it is sleep. The whipper snipper!The whipper snipper?! Lots of fun today and news around too. Let's start off with a quick look at the weather.

News time. There is quite a lot of news about. A missing yachtsman is back on dry land this morning after a mammoth rescue operation in rough seas off the NSW coast. Today reporter Alison Ariotti joins us this morning. Alison, incredible efforts by authorities. Describe what happened this morning.Deb, just amazing efforts by the Water Police, all involved in this search for Glen Eye. He arrived at 3:15 after quite the adventure. It took him about 30 minutes to tell his story. I will try to condense it. He set sail on 3 October, leaving Sydney's Northern Beaches bound for the south coast. A couple of days in, he was hit by some very fierce storms. His mast was split into three pieces and then four pieces. He waethered that storm for about three days. Once the situation calmed, he thought he would be able to get himself back to shore. He had enough fuel for 100 miles. He thought if he basically drifted his way to shore, he would make his way back to Sydney. But he got stuck in a current, was actually swept further out to sea. He remarkably tried for nine days to find his way back to Sydney before he set off his EPERB. That is when the story is more incredible, in that emergency services called an Air Canada commercial flight to help look for Glen. It hovered down to about 3,700 feet. The passengers were on their way from Vancouver to Sydney, about to land, when they became involved in a search. The crew and passengers on board who had binoculars helped search for Glen. They directed the police to him. The police boat went out, grabbed Glen, in what were 5m seas, and then it was another 24 hours before he was brought back here. Glen spoke about the conditions that he suffered through this morning. Take a listen. So I started cutting all the ropes, I started undoing all the fittings and - you have to understand it is a complete mess. It is pitch black. You are in an enormous storm. You are on deck. Like, the waves are coming over you. It is quite incredible. An extraordinary ordeal. What sort of condition is Glen in this morning? No doubt very tired. He arrived here this morning. Physically, he is doing pretty well. He was looking forward to a good home- cooked meal, happy to be reunited with his parents. He was full of praise for everyone involved in the search. He said it was a professionally run search. He said we are fortunate to have great search teams here in Australia. Terrific to have a good result. A motorcyclist has been killed during a police chase near Tweed Heads in northern NSW. Officers spotted the 42-year-old rider at East Tumbulgum just after eight last night and began following him. He lost control of his bike a short time later and slammed into a tree. Police say he died at the scene. Specialist officers arrived to investigate early this morning. It is not yet known why police began the pursuit. Crippling debt and a costly development dispute have forced the shock closure of a school in Melbourne's north, stranding more than 500 students. The Uniting Church said it made the heart-We Areing decision to close aish aish aish in Mernda after shocking advice it was saddled with debt. Parents learnt the decision to shut the school at the end of the year at a meeting this week.It is the fourth low-fee independent school to close in the past two years because of large debts. Australia and India have agreed to forge stronger military ties during talks between Julia Gillard and India's Manmohan Singh. It was one of several measures discussed by the Prime Minister to assure closer ties between the two countries. Not since John Howard in 2006 has an Australian Prime Minister been given state visit status. It is a reflection of how India views its future with Australia. To some extent, Julia Gillard's visit here will be remembered for that very public, very unfortunate fall.It is OK. It's OK.If you wear a heel, it can get embedded in soft grass, and then when you pull your foot out, she doesn't come. The rest of it is as you saw. It certainly received attention in television coverage here in New Delhi. It was only a stumble during a hectic round of meetings, with ministers, the President and her Indian counterpart, finishing with a state dinner.In this visit, we've worked through a wide range of issues. There is always more to do. And the reason for having annual leaders level meeting is that recognition there is always more to do, another level to step up to.The Prime Minister is heading home, taking with her a much stronger determination to make India a much closer partner. And Kevin Rudd has weighed in on the gender war that exploded in parliament last week, saying the name-calling between political leaders must end. He says every day Australians want to hear about future policies and how they would be affected.This sort of stuff, frankly, doesn't really add up to a row of beans. The sooner we get past, shall I say, the personal, deeply personal attacks, on all sides of politics, the better. Mr Rudd also took a swip at Opposition Leader Tony Abbott saying his policies were better suited to the 19th century. Badly burned human remains have been found in the Gold Coast hinterland with the deaths treated as suspicious. Two bushwalkers made the grim discovery at Austinville, where forensic officers and detectives spent most of yesterday afternoon. Police say the remains were burned during a recent bushfire, making identification difficult. Detectives have been guarding the site and are seeking information from local drivers. Chien has gone from the brink of -- Channel Nine has gone from brink of bankruptcy to the top of media chain, after its $3 billion debt was wiped out yesterday. David Gyngell emerged from the tense talks victorious, with the deal putting the Nine corporation in a "super strong financial position". Channel Nine will be a debt-free company, making it the most powerful media balance sheet in the country. I'm incredibly proud. Under the deal, US hedge funds Apollo And Oak Tree have exchanged debt. It was a big day for the Nine boss, his wife, Leila McKinnon, giving birth to their son, Ted, early yesterday morning. Sportswear giant Nike has severed ties with Lance Armstrong minutes after the cyclists stood down as chairman of his Livestrong cancer charity. Nike said that there was insum mountable evidence that the 41-year-old was involved in doping. Nike said that they will continue to support Livestrong. Armstrong said that he didn't want the drug allegations against him to affect the charity. San Diego taxpayers are unhappy after learning they bought a robot squirrel to help scientists understand how real squirrels interact with rattle snakes. $325,000 later, and researchers have confirmed the critters wave their tail at predators Researchers here at FCSU think squirrel behaviour is worth studying, and here is the solution. Robo squirrel, a $325,000 project funded by you! Researchers are using the faux citer to learn more about how real ones interact with rattle snakes. Scientists say the experiment proves that California ground squirrels wave their tails to stave off the snake - its fiercest predator. Taxpayer watchdog Dr Tom Coburn says the real question is why we are spending $325,000 on a robotic squirrel. This little guy just made the government pork list in his waste book 2012 report. He says, "We are chasing robotic squirrels and countless other low- priority projects over a fiscal cliff." The school says, "We have been able to support the training and education of four graduate students and 30 under-graduate students with this award." But Coburn says with the nation's $1.3 trillion deficit, this project doesn't add up. Let's take a look at the financial markets now:

And there's a new shape on the Devon skyline in the south-west of England. Verity is a 20m bronze statue on loan to the coastal town of Ilfracombe. The work depicts an armed pregnant woman whose insides are exposed on just one side. The artist calls it a modern allegory of truelt and justice. -- truth and justice. It will not benefit the people of Ilfracombe. It is just going to be quite ugly. Verity will only be there, though, for 20 years and then she has to move on. It's been mentioned during the grab, how good is Devon! The town called Devon - you would be hungry all the time!Unless you come from WA where it is called Paloney!No wonder WA is behind the rest of Australia.What is wrong with Paloney! White bread, tomato sauce.With a Kraft Singles. That was a Queensland thing.Are you making that up? That is Baloney!I was only joking about WA.Of course you were.They are richer than everybody else!

I think we called it Bevan in Queensland!No, that is another term.No, we had bevan!

A bit loose, that weather, wasn't it?!Plenty of sport ahead.Did you have spam?Oh, yeah, love spam!Did they have that in WAYeah.What about Bulli Beef. That was beautiful.We were not allowed that. Devon recipes - plenty more of them to come. Things get better for the Storm. Cameron Smith crowned the world's best rugby league player. We are back right after this. This program is not captioned. It's embarrassing to have to contend
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This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. Time for a look at the front pages. 'Daily Telegraph' reports Sydney public schools could be sold to property developers to build tower blocks that put partments and shops alongside classrooms."The'Smock and Awe' says the 'Courier Mail' - managers at Queensland's biggest power distributor, Ergon Energy, went on a $70,000 trip which included art classes at the same time as the company cut 500 jobs.'Sydney Morning Herald' - changes to the electricity market would cut household power bills by up to 250 dollars a year, and save NSW more than $1 billion in infrastructure. Going, going gone - 'Herald Sun' - the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, fell flat on her face during a visit to India yesterday, blaming heels and wet grass.'The Age' - Damien Oliver rode Commanding Jewel to victory at Caulfield yesterday. Hobart mercury - parents are lying about where they live, so that they can send their child to a school of their choice. 'Adelaide Advertiser' - a station in the Flinders Ranges is up for sale. Sweeping views of the 540 million-year-old Flinders Ranges, all for just $4 million! Beautiful part of the world. Alright, plenty of sport happening. Good morning. Embattled jockey Damien Oliver has put a week of controversy behind him, riding Commanding Jewel to victory in the Group 1000 Guineas at Caulfield. He is under investigation, as you have heard, for allegedly placing a bet on a horse two years ago. Oliver let his race doing the talking, storming home to win the prize race for fillies. COMMENTATOR: Commanding Jewel, Oliver for the fifth time wins it! The victory was bitter sweet for Oliver, after being dumped from rides in the Caulfield Cup, and also the Cox Plate.There wasn't a better looking horse in the yard. He is having a great run, a great trainer. I would like to thank Leon and all the owners, particularly Brad Spicer, and the owners who have stuck by me at this time.Gai Waterhouse's Glencadam Gold will have have to overcome a horror draw in Saturday's Caulfield Cup. The favourite drew barrier 21. Dunaden has drawn wider for that race. Mark Neeld has insisted he is not finished in the trade table yet. Melbourne landed a massive 'bye, sharing Chris Dawes in exchange for a first-round draft pick. He will partner Mitch Clark. But after luring Dawes, Neeld has his eyes on others. Scott Gumbleton and Cameron Pedersen among them.Possibly not both. But we'll just keep the conversations going at the moment. While at the Bulldogs, Peter Gordon will return as president, replacing David Smorgan. Motorsports - one of the most famous names makes its return to Surfers Paradise this weekend. Marco Andretti, son of 1994 Gold Coast Indy winner Michael and the grandson of Formula One champion Mario, will make his V8 debut. He will partner Tim Blanchard in the Jack Daniel's Racing Commodore after Todd Kelly pulled out with a shoulder injury. Everyone thinks we're coming here for a vacation. As long as I'm in a car, I'm not able to relax. My grandfather said have the fun. Marco will join 27 other international co-drivers for the Gold Coast 600. Practice gets underway tomorrow. Just when 2012 couldn't get better for Storm, skipper Cameron Smith, he has been named rugby league's International Federation Player of the Year, the title of world's best handed to Smith after becoming only the third man to captain his club, his state, and his country in the same season. But he and his Queensland team- mates are at the centre of an alleged rift in the Kangaroos side after singing the Queensland team song following Saturday's test win over New Zealand in Townsville! Hmmm...WhyWouldn't you be doing that!Why wouldn't you be doing that in the Townsville! You know what the song is too...oi, oi, oi...SheWill be coming round the mountain when she comes - what is that about?Well, the milk lady. Was it? Don't you Queenslanders have your own song?If you were in a pickle, you would want Cameron Smith to help you out.Queensland doesn't have to worry about being in a pickle. They are fine! They are just fine!(LAUGHTER)

OK, after the break, we have got some Hollywood gossip. Richard Reid, you are the man on the scene.Well, I think I am! Hey, there are wedding bells in the very near future for Justin Timberlake! That's right, the singer is bringing sexy back with Jessica Beil! This weekend, all the scoop and scandal comin' up! This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to Today. It is time for a hit of gossip.Good morning, Georgie and Karlos.You look sharp. Doesn't he!You are able to have a haircut after we wiped the debt off yesterday! Richard Reid is in Hollywood with all the good stuff comin' up! Wedding bells - the day is the big day is nigh for Justin and Jessica?Oh, my gosh! You are a poet and you don't know it! Justin the Timberlake and Jessica beel. I swear, this weekend is their wedding day! Apparently many insiders have gotten save the date cards for October 20! That's right - around the corner! Get this - it will be a destination wedding in Italy! Southern Italy! We don't know the exact destination, but you know, stars from around the world will be flocking there! You know what, I swear - I swear! 80%, they are getting married this weekend. That is good enough for us. All the Js are doing it at the moment. The Hollywood Hills are alive with the sound of wedding bells for Jen and Justin.Right, lots of Js! It is not the Hollywood Hills but it is the Hills of Mexico! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Jen wants to have the ultimate wedding celebration, not one, not two, but three big days! We're talkin' a fiesta, bachelorette party, bachelor party! Big old wedding and then an after- party, the next day. You know, she probably will go to St Lucas, she loves to vacation there, has lots of friends there, just the Mexican living! Don't be surprised when she does that! I say around Christmas time.Thank you for that. Meantime, hall yes berry has put her wedding on hold?Well, yeah, you know what? She has. You know what? Halle Berry was supposed to get married next month to Olivier Martinez. It is an ongoing custody battle with her ex-. She said, "I will not be getting married until I move to deprans." She is determined to take her baby there, to get away from the paparazzi. France. So far, the court has yet to decide she has shruefts custody to move to -- exclusive custody to get to France. Who is the rose headed for 'Glee'. None other than Bette Midler herself! She should have done the first series! She got around to being asked. She probably will play the character of Rachel's grandmoo. That would be a natural - grandmother. That would be great! She will probably come out singing like a rose!She is perennial, Bette Midler, love her! Boy, lots of weddings going on. More details coming up.You have clued into the theme of the segment?Yeah, I got there!Gee, hyperaggressive!Why you!Pafs aggressive!I don't know about that. Are you alright?Yeah, I'm OK. Just a bit of stuff from Richard Reid! Kevin Rudd tells pollies to stop name-calling. We will hear from Stephen Conroy shortly.It is Movie Day and 'Savages' pits Selma hay yek against Blake Lively. Good morning. A missing yachtsman has arrived in Sydney after a massive search and rescue operation that included using a commercial airline to pin point his location. Today reporter Alison Ariotti is at the wharf where the rescue boat docked early this morning. It has has been been incredible rescue. Describe what happened?I guess, the story started about two weeks ago, when he set sail from the entrepreneurship Beachs in Sydney towards the south coast. A couple of days in, he was hit by fierce weather. The storms lasted about three days. They split his mast, eventually into four pieces. Once the winds calmed, he thought that he might be able to find his way back to Sydney. He had enough diesel for about 100 miles, thought if he headed west he would find dry land. But nine days after the storm first hit, he activated his EPREB when he realised he department know where he was. He was 270 nautical miles off land at that stage. That is when authorities became involved. The first rescuers were, funnily yuf, the Air Canada flight. They were diverted to try to look for the yachty. The crew, as well as a number of passengers on board, who had binoculars, were doing their best to spot him. They managed to see him. That is when everybody else was able to direct themselves to exactly where the yachty was. The water police vessel 'Nemesis' went out in 5m seas and 45 nautical mile winds. They managed to get him on board. 24 hours later, he arrived back here at Balmain, at 3:15 this morning, reunited with his parents. Everyone spoke once they hit dry land. Take a listen. They flew overhead, I thought, "That's a rescue aircraft." I put my head up and sure enough it was. It was beautiful.We actually reported Glen missing a week ago, because we hadn't heard. So, really, quite the adventure. Glen is happy to be on dry land, looking forward to his first meal on dry land. But he was full of praise for everyone involved in the rescue, saying that we are fortunate to have such a sophisticatecated rescue team here in Australia.Result! He got a good hug from his mum there as well. A police chase in northern NSW has ended in tragedy, after a motorcyclists was killed near Tweed Heads last night. Shortly after officers began following the 42yaerd, he lost control of his bike and crashed into a tree. The rider was pronounced dead at the scene. An investigation is currently under way. India has declared a new chapter in its bilateral relationship with Australia after a rocky few years. Prime Minister Julia Gillard met with her Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh just before Ms. Gillard was due to return home. The pair agreed to strengthen military ties with joint training exercises, troop exchanges and greater intelligence-sharing.We share the Indian Ocean, we have an under- developed defence relationship with India now. So I think it is good that we have agreed future cooperation in naval exercising. And Australia's decision to sell uranium to India, despite the country refusing to sign a nuclear non-proliferation treaty is making international headlines. Negotiations on a nuclear safeguards agreement will now begin. The mayor of Jill Meagher's hometown has thanked the people of Melbourne for their show of solidarity in the face of the Irish national's tragic death. In a letter to the Sydney's Lord Mayor, he described how her murder had united two cities. He said the support of Melburnians did not go unnoticed, citing in particular the mass public demonstration for Ms. Meagher in the city on September 30. Now, as if losing the AFL Premiership to a Sydney club wasn't bad enough, now Melbourne have to deal with the harbour city beating it to the title of top destination in the Asia Pacific region. The iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House hold their own globally too, with readers of 'Conde Nast' traveller magazine voting it the best city in the world. The mayor welcomed the poll, saying that three million tourists came to visit last year.

Let's get a hit of sport now. Good morning to you. Australia's richest golf tournament, the $2 million Perth International tees off later today. World No. 10 Jason Dufner is the slight favourite to take out the prize money. He has plenty of competition, including last year's US Open winner Charl Schwartzel and defending Australian Open champion Greg Chalmers. A big morning for Perth with the Scorches on show in the Champions League T20 tournament. The WA side wasn't on the pitch for long. Rain abandoning their match with Kolkata. Simon Katich looked in good form, unbeaten at the crease on 43, with Perth 2selrs 91 before those covers came out. And Australia has cruised to its second straight win in the inaugural netball quad series. The diamond defeated the proteas, South Africa, smashed them. Earlier, New Zealand made it two from two in the series defeating England by 18 goals. All of that talk about Devon has got Peter thinking - Peter Stevenson. He says, "I remember Devon used to be called Fritz" in SA. Paloni, Fritz, Devon.Mixing the small goods!Do you know why Sydney is top of the list of cities around Australia...AroundThe world!The city's city council, the mayor, clover Moore, spent $21,500 on five stainless steel bike pumps! Cool!That would help you go up the rankings!Top of the range bike pumps.They would be! They have money to throw away! To Fritz away!Expensive air!Go to a servo, can't you?I would have thought so.You should run for Lord Mayor.Not in Sydney - maybe in Port Douglas! We could be calling you with a $10,000 BP voucher.The world held its breath on Monday as Felix Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space. Today, we will meet the Aussie who helped plan the death- defying leap.I don't get sick of him doing that.Extraordinary, isn't it! Had to be an Aussie in the midst somewhere!We check out Woody Allen's latest film.Always good! They are.Good morning to the beautiful Emma Freedman!We are down in Melbourne this morning at the Eureka Tour - the Southern Hemisphere's tallest residential building - for an amazing feat that may be achieved by this great man in the centre of the firies. This is Scott McGraw. A picture of health. Today he is going to attempt - wait for it! - to climb the stairs of the Eureka Tour, 88 flights of them, 31 times! And if he does achieve that feat, it will be the equivalent of running up Mount Everest! I will tell you more about this amazing event that is happening here at the Eureka Tour straight after we take a look at your weather.

Well, Scott's amazing, incredible feat that he is trying to achieve today is all in aid of InterClass and White Lion, and let you know that you can take part in the Eureka Climb a month from now. 1,642 stairs! Only once to climb it next month, but 31 times for you today. Are you ready to be set?! On your way, Scott McGraw! The Melbourne Fire Brigade. Ready for this? (BUZZER SOUNDS). Well done, ems! What did you say? 31 times, did you say?Yes, 31.31 times up these sets of stairs.Amazing!After the break, Kevin Rudd tells pollies to stop calling names. Then he calls some names! Stephen Conroy is next. Stay with us on Today. This program is not captioned. (SUSPENSFUL MUSIC) (YELLS) Run! (ROARS)


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Welcome back to the show. It is wonderful to have your company this morning on the Today show right across Australia. The insults are flying once again thick and fast in federal politics. I'm joined by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy. Nine is still here. We are grateful!Yeah! Great outcome yesterday. Good to see it all. A big congratulations to David and little la, for the birth of Ted. That was great to see that happening.Would have been boring if we went broke, wouldn't it?It would have been not good. Not good. But it was a good outcome. Great to see a company that's been an icon in Australia getting a firm financial footing again.Good on you, thank you very much for that. Old mate, Kevin Rudd, your old mate is back on the telly today, back on the telly. He has told forces in the party, which I think might be you, that you won't crush him, he's not going anywhere!No, well, look, it is good to see Kevin out campaigning on policies to highlight what the Labor Government is doing. The national disability insurance scheme, the national broadband network, returning the economy to surplus, and for Kevin to start being out there campaigning on that is a good thing. He does what he likes. He was mobbed in Hurstville yesterday. He was promoting a local member out there, Darrell Melham. Part of it, what he is doing, is it to wind you up, do you think?Look, I think he is out there helping Daryl. It is great to see him on the campaign trail, out there talking to Australians and promoting the reforms that the Gillard Government are introducing. It is a good thing for him to be highlighting the negativity of Tony Abbott, at the same time as promoting the Gillard Government's policies.Some Gillard supporters say it is way too much, he needs to take it easy.Look, backbenchers, particularly former prime ministers, should be out there campaigning on these issues. I don't have a problem with Kevin campaigning against Tony Abbott, 24/7.OK, he is...come on, I think you are being unfair.Fair shake of the sauce bottle. Come on, you have to get out there.Get your own cliches!(LAUGHTER)He is waging a debate, saying that everyday Australians want to hear more about future policies and how they would be affected.This sort of stuff, frankly, doesn't really add up to a row of beans. The sooner we get past, shall I say, the personal, deeply personal attacks, on all sides of politics, the better. Alright, if he can work a row of beans into this next answer, I will buy you dinner. He took a swipe at Opposition Leader Tony Abbott saying his policies were better suited for the 19th century. You cannot have it both ways in politics. You hate each other, everybody knows it.It is not true. It is a footy match. On field, it is a tough and robust - sometimes, it gets a little bit over the top. But afterwards, if you were to see the Coalition members and Labor members, you would actually see a fair amount of having a beer in the dressing room afterwards. That is more the norm than seeing the sort of campaigning that you see on the television. Have a drink in the dressing room afterwards, that is much more the norm.It is rich for politicians to say, "We have to stop calling each other names" when next week he will be doing the same thing.What Kevin was identifying there was that Tony Abbott's policies actually aren't - I mean he is a bloke that wants to demolish the national broadband network, something - a piece of infrastructure that this country desperately needs to make sure that we are well positioned into the future. His excuse is, "I'm no Bill Gates, I don't understand these things". He should come to an understanding that will future- proof our health delivery, education system. That is what Kevin is talking about. He is making a point. You know, Tony looks backwards. The Labor Government is moving forward in policies and protections for the Australian economy.It sounds like you are getting firmly behind Kevin Rudd.Ha! (Laughs)What has happened to you?!No, I think Kevin is doing what former prime ministers should do, backbenchers should do, out there campaigning against Tony Abbott.The term 'Misogynist' has made news for the last week or so. Be careful how you answer this. In your terminology, your definition, what is misogyny? Look, I probably - I was a bit surprised yesterday when I heard another definition. I probably would have the more traditional definition on it.Ha, you cannot get away with that! What is your definition?Misogyny is a term usually - and has been in the past - though the words evolve and have different definitions and different meanings. But misogyny is traditionally a hatred of women.We will get you get away with that one. We will ask every politician that - seeing as it is in the forefront of everyone's mind. We didn't work in the beans thing. So you miss out on dinner!Ha! Miss out! (Laughs). Karl, thank you very much.Most Clicked is next. We meet the dog getting ready for work! This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to the show. It is time for the Most Clicked items on the net. Remember the kid in ET - Henry Thomas, who played Elliott. Take a look at this tape of his audition for ET. The Government is bigger than you are Elliott and I really - I have all the authority to take him and I gotta tell ya, I'm gonna take him... You can't the take him.Oh! Now, I'm afraid I have to take him, son.You can't take him away, he's mine.The President asked me to come here and get him.I don't care what the President says - he is my best friend. You cannot take him away!OK, kid, you got the job! (LAUGHTER) Oh! What an actor! Whoa! I know! That is heart breaking! Incredibly, he was improvising - is everyone OK in! He says he tooks his inspiration from his pet dog! Oh.Who, unfortunately, had passed away. Tpwhou he is 41, not the dog, but him. Now he is 41, not the dog, but him. He says he still cries when he watchs the end of the movie. It is hard not to.Who was the director of that film.Spielberg. Was that his voice, giving him the job? Maybe. It was the theme music. Da, da, da, da...No,That is not ET. No, it is something else, apparently.It is Star Wars?'Close Encounters'. I've had a mare. Remember - we all remember this, the YouTube video of Charlie - "Charlie bit my finger." That internet fame has landed them their very own ad. Have a look.Charlie bit my finger...Yep.My parents just kept filming and 2500 million people saw it. Charlie bit your finger, like your rabbit a possum, but dad kept on filming! Because he thought it was awesome! Oh! Raghu! Brilliant! America's favourite pasta sauce. Charlie is all grown-up!I love the connection. Imagine being the songwriter, "We need you to get the song happening." He did well! Check out how this cat outsmarts its canine companion with a swift ninja move!What in!Oh, wow! Check it out! Cats always win.This dog's morning routine - is it anything like yours?!

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Welcome back to the show. It is good to have your company this morning. Coming up - the best apps to help you with your grocery shopping.Now the news, at 6:30. Good morning. A Queensland yachtsman has been reunited with his parents, after he was rescued from his stricken vessel in a major search-and-rescue operation 500km off the NSW coast. The mast on Glenn Ey's yacht broke in rough seas on Sunday. The 44- year-old continued on with motorpower, but when that ran out, he began drifting out to sea. So I started cutting all the ropes, I started undoing all the fittings, and you have to understand it is a complete mess. It is pitch black. You are in an enormous storm. You're on deck. The waves are coming over you.A police launch reached Glen's boat yesterday and this morning they arrived back in Sydney. Two commercial jets helped in the search, with passengers using binoculars to help find the jatsman. Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said Australians don't care about political name-calling or the gender war. He has called for both sides of politics to start debating issues, such as hospitals, education and the economy. Yesterday, Mr Rudd proved he was popular when he was mobbed in south-western Sydney. Banchers, particularly former prime ministers, should be out there campaigning on these issues.I don't have a problem with Kevin campaigning against Tony Abbott 24/7.Mr Rudd's appearance will be unnerving for some senior Labor figures, who believe he needs to be "crushed" before the next election. The founders of one of Australia's biggest properties launched a bid to buy back can Cubbie Station before it was sold to a Chinese consortium. According to News Ltd, administrators rejected a $$250 million offer six months ago. The families who founded the station say they will make another officer if the controversial Chinese contract crashes. The Foreign Investment Review Board pre- approved the sale in August, in a move that Independent senator Nick Xenophon described as extraordinary. Lance Armstrong has been dealt a double blow. Minutes before he bowed out of his as chairman of Livestrong, he was dropped by Nike. It said that it could not ignore the mounting evidence. The disgraced cyclists stepped down to avoid any negative effects on the Livestrong. David Hicks should be grateful he's not still in Guantanamo Bay - that is according to ex-Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, despite a News court ruling which could see his terror conviction overturneder's comments come as Hicks threatened to sue the Australian Government. He claims they knew the system was unfair after he was left imprisoned without trial for five years. The US Court of Appeal threw out a similar case to that of Hicks, which could waive the way for his conviction to be quashed. A look at finance now:

Well, to sport now with Ben. Where do we start? What about some rugby league. Cameron Smith - the accolades keep on coming up for him. He took out the International Rugby's Player of the Year award. His team-mates are drawing criticisms from within the Kangaroos side. NSW players are fuming after Saturday's test win overNew Zealand when the Queenslanders sang the Maroons Team song. Roach described it as disrespect 68ful to the Australian jumper. Glencadam Gold's horror barrier draw doesn't worry the jockey. The Gai Waterhouse stayer drew barrier 21 but remains favourite for the $2.6 million race. Last year's Melbourne Cup winner Dunaden is firming among the bikies, despite drawing barrier 22. IPL champions, the Kolkata Knight Riders have been knocked out of the Twenty20 tournament. They needed to win against the Scorches. But the match was washed out mid-way through the first innings. Today show T-signs. Jeremy and his buddy Hayden. That is one from a local park in Canberra. John from Victoria sent in this photo of himself at the Royal Melbourne Show!Oh, a show bags T! In front of the Today show sign there.John - all over it! 8-year-old Flynn made us this very creative T-sign. What is going on there? Meccano?A future V8 mechanic!I think so!Good carpet too! Thank you, Fordo. Coming up - Dicky is checking out woody Allen's new film.It is Free Fuel Thursday. We could call you with a $10,000 BP fuel voucher.We meet ruby, the first little girl after four generations of boys in the Conole family. Do you think he will be spoilt?Just a little bit! Well, there is a sun rise if ever you saw one! We are at the Eureka Tour in Melbourne today. As firefighter Scott McGraw makes his way up the stairs of the building, in an attempt to climb the 31 times. We have come up to the top of the Eureka Power. It is a rare privilege for us to enjoy some absolutely magnificent views of one of the best cities in the world. 300m above the city streets of Melbourne. We will take a look at the weather, and see what is happening at your place right about now.

Well, that is the delightful city that is Melbourne. All of its assets as well. You can see the cathedral, moving on to the Yarra River, of course, the MCG, the sporting precinct, including Melbourne Park, and all the new stadiums. You move on to Government House, and, of course, the Shrine of Remembrance as well. Hot-air balloons up here in Melbourne this morning. It is an absolute pearler of a day. They have got the best views to take in with absolutely sublime conditions to enjoy them in. So true.It doesn't get much better than that.Let's get some entertainment. Thank you very much. It is movies today. If you like a big-budget sexy action-packed feast of blood and suspense...Yes,Please!Then Oliver Stone is your man and blake Lively is your lady! Up next, we meet some savages. This program is not captioned. WOMAN: B.B. B.B? B.B. Australia's number-one
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Good morning, again. It is Movie Day today - always a big week when either Oliver Stone or Woody Allen has a new film out. Throw in a horror and indie release - and it is a big day. First up, Laguna beach to meet some savages.MOVIE REEL: Just because I'm telling you this story, doesn't mean I'm alive at the end of it.John is a former Navy SEAL. Ben, Aaron Taylor Johnson, is his best friend, and the lady, who completes the love tielg, is O - or Ophelia, played by Blake Lively. It is the three of us now.MOVIE REEL: Yes, I'm with both of them. It is quite a set-up, which gets even more complicated when O gets kidnapped by the drug cartel The boys are doing business with. Yeah, that is Del Toro who works for the boss, played by Selma Hayek. Yeah, she is scary! And look who is in there as well, playing the dodgy law enforcer, John Travolta.MOVIE REEL: You come to my house! You threaten my daughters!Look, it is a fascinating game of cat-and-mouse, deceit and betrayal, Skype and double Skype, and, of course, love! MOVIE REEL: There is something wrong with your love story, baby. It is the latest from Oliver Stone. If you like them big, glossy punchy and maybe overwrought, then check it out, it is called 'Savages' - it is a jungle out there, 3.5 stars. Alright, next up, the quirky comedy about a magazine writer and a couple of interns who decide to do a piece on someone with a tantalising season.MOVIE REEL: Someone to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. You will get paid when we get back, safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before.It is off looking for the character to give them a good yarn with a little time travel thrown in.MOVIE REEL: Do you sell guns here, something sexy, affordable, killing power.An ex problem?If your ad was written properly...ItIs wildly imaginative and deliciously bent with a breakout performance from aubbury Plaza, called 'Safety Not Guaranteed', a refreshing festival favourite - again, for completely different reasons, 3.5 stars.MOVIE REEL: My hope is that if you are watching this video, something incredible has happened.Woody Allen continues exploring Europe after dissecting New York and having affairs with London and Paris. This time we're in Rome, where we follow four parallel storylines with an all-star cast. MOVIE REEL:

The young couple on their honeymoon, the funeral director, who sings in the shower, a regular bloke who wakes up and discovers he's a star, and an architect tourist who finds love when he least expects it. MOVIE REEL: Come on. I make great espresso.Look, I will make it easy for you - if you like Woody Allen, if you like him directing and acting, you will enjoy this, even if it is not his best ever. It is called 'To Rome With Love'. The man is a genius. Three stars.MOVIE REEL: I don't want to do it here.You will screw your best friend's boyfriend. Does it matter the venue?You will never understand women!It ha 9 been proven!There you go! I'm not sure we are allowed to say that on air. 'Paranormal Activity 4' is out - they are milk that franchise! Pink concert tickets are gopg through the roof. If you are one of the thousands, jube lated because you have tickets, or sad because you don't have tickets. The current last show is August 17 in Melbourne. With extra shows expected to be announced, she could be here Christmas next year! It is huge! Why would she leave?!It is 32 concerts, think about. There's a lovely little French film that I saw on the way back from overseas call 'The Intouchables' - one of the best films I've seen. It is sensational! But there are advanced screenings this week.Yes. Georgie and I and some friends saw it a couple of weeks ago.Couldn't stop talking about it.It is a word-of- mouth film. It will - it is very different, but real quality piece. When can viewers see it?Advance screenings this weekend. Then it opens nationally next...ThatMeans we have a Dicky remove this time next week.Jot it down!Coming up after 7, we hear from a yachty plucked from the high seas off the coast of NSW.Stevie Wonder hit No. 1 on our charts back in 1984. Remember this cracker!# What it is Ms. # Is something true # Made up of these three words # That I must say to you # Ms.

# I just called # To say I love you # I just called # To say how much I care #

# I just called # To say # I love you! # And I mean it # From the bottom of my heart # This program is not captioned. MAN: (GERMAN ACCENT)
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See you soon.

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Every Friday we are giving away $10,000 Coles voucher. All you need to do is pick up the phone within five rings and say those magic words "I wake up with Today".

You hear that tune and you know it's Downie Friday. Over to you, Ross.The principal deal between Nine and its bankers makes you pause and wonder how they went from $3.3 billion of debt to having no debt whatever the next. Imagine if you could do it with your home loan. Nine's management didn't actually own the entertainment company. They are look building managers looking after a block of flats. CBC have been wiped out after paying $5.6. It's now worth about $2.2 billion. That's a big haircut. So the bank has foreclosed on loans and took control of the assets. That's like stopping owning your mortgage and you are thrown out. You don't own it anymore and that's what happened at Nine. For management it's a great move. There's no debt. They are in a more powerful position to negotiate new programs and think about taking over other media companies. It only came about because of an unwholy mess in the first place. That being said - effectively we have new owners now at Channel Nine. So what will they want out of this?A return. They will want aggressive returns and the business to grow and that's the reason they've done it. Ultimately, they will sell Channel Nine in three or four years time and want to make $1 billion profit or so. What about rumours of floating. That is how it could happen or a trade sale. The whole thing of private equity is they take 3-5 years to make money quickly and there will be pressure on you, Karl, particularly to try and make a few been for this place.Step up, season.It's within all of our interests.I was buoyed yesterday but no longer so.I think it's better than the alternative. Richard Reid, how is it all going on over there? Rob and Kristen Stewart, what's the latest for 'Twilight'? That Christian had moved into Rob's home. No, she has bought her own mansion. OK. The star let has plopped down $2.2. A deal of the stentry. The house was on foreclose your, five bedrooms and five bathrooms, spa, outdoor patios. It's only 1km away from Rob's place. If you go on the patio and take out glasses you could totally spy down on him.She'll probably do.No screening room a as of yes. There is room if you want to expand.Mel Gibson has a new girlfriend. This one will keep him on his toes.Oh, yeah. She snows taekwondo. Check her out. 32-year- old. She's a little bit of a looker. She's not only a Hollywood stunt woman, so she's used to getting into car accidents and rumbling. But she's also a championship swimmer and black belt and they've been seeing each other about a month now and a couple of Mel's children are said to give their stamp of approval.Megan Fox finally, did she have the little baby?Oh, she had a boy that's right. This is the end of it seems like everybody was pregnant for a while. She has her son. Noah Shannon Greene, a very I think classic name, biblical you have to admit there. She and Brian, she kept it a secret. She had the baby the end of last month and has kept it quiet until now. She's not spilling any secret that one.She could be starting a name to name your child after a Russell Crow movie.Oprah knows a best seller when she sees one. She's all over this 'Fifty Shades of Grey'.She doesn't have her book club but has given her stamp of approval. Not that it needed it. She said in an interview, "Me and my best friend Gale we sit around and giggle at the juicy parts and read 'em to each other when driving around town."She knows a best seller. Remember when everything she used to mention used to go through the roof?Yeah.You are right on top of everything over there. Thank you. We'll check in with you later on. Here are the top stories on Today. Deadly pursuit - an investigation is launched after a motorcyclist dies in a police chase. Back on dry land the yachtman rescued after days at sea. She gets down and gets up again and signs a trade deal in India. The Australian behind the greatest jump of all time. And win yourself $10,000 worth of fuel as we launch Free Fuel Thursday Thanks for joining us here on Today show. A missing yauchman is back on dry land this morning after an extraordinary and dramatic rescue operation in stormy seas. Water police, merchant ship and commercial airliner were involved in the search. This is what Glenn had to say when he landed in Sydney. I wasn't sure whether the flare would work or not. I went below and waited. About 90 minutes later I heard a plane go overhead. At that point it was absolutely wonderful and beautiful. They flew overhead and I thought that's rescue aircraft.He has a story to tell. Alison Ariotti joins me. It was an extraordinary rescue effort wasn't itIt certainly was. That first plane which got there was a commercial flight from Air Canada which had flown from can kufr and was ready to land in Sydney when they were alerted to the missing whereabouts of this yauthman. They were at 38,000 feet at the time. The pilot said he had to keep going down. They descended to 3700 feet. He put the call out to ask anybody onboard who had bin oculars to get them out. Six or seven people had them out. The crew and passengers were looking for the yachty. They could then direct police and everybody else to exactly his location. It must have been incredible for those onboard that flight.As we approached the area I made an announcement over the PA. It's very difficult to find anything down at 5,000 feet, which is nearly a mile over the water. The first officer said he saw what he thought was the boat. We proceed right over almost exactly where they had told us it would be.It made a long-haul flight even longer for passengers. An incredible few days for Glenn.Absolutely, Karl. His adventure as it certainly is known now began two weeks ago when he set sail from the Northern Beaches towards the south coast. Storms which lasted three days. In start of the storms is when his mast was broken into three pieces and then again and it was suddenly in four pieces. He weathered the storm for days and thought he may be able to find his own way back to land. He got all of the water out of the boat. He had enough diesel for 100 miles. He thought if he headed west he would find his way back to Sydney. After nine days he realised that he didn't know where he was. He had got stuck in a current and got swept out to sea. That's when he was 270 nautical miles off-shore. What an incredible effort for him to try and find his way back to shore alone. He spoke I guess of the thanks that he had for the sophisticated professional rescue effort. These guys have been extraordinary. Australia is very fortunate to have people like this. It's amazing. Everybody has been involved from the commercial aircraft, the planes, water police, central coordination, it's extraordinary. Really, really amazing.Mum and dad live on the Central Coast normally in the hinterland up there - Karl. They had flown down and were very delighted to be able to hug their son this morning who is looking forward to a shower and first meal. Certainly grateful to be back on dry land. It will probably be a little while before he heads out again.He tried to put off being rescued as long as possible and get himself out of the situation. Well done and thank you.The cities of Melbourne and Sydney was united over the death of Jill Meagher. In a letter to the people of Melbourne the mayor thanked them for the support. Melbourne's Lord mayor was delighted for the recognition. He added that there may be plans for a graffiti tribute in the CBD. More than 500 children in Melbourne are being forced to find a new school after their private college went bust. We are at Acacia College in Mernda in the city's north and joins us now. We understand parents were told of the closure at a meeting last night. I imagine there would have been a loft aner.Good morning, Georgie. That's right. Parents were called to a last minute meeting last night and told as a result of debt of up to $10 million as well as ongoing legal disputes, that Acacia College will be closing on December 14. Not only will this effect the 540 students from preparation to year nine. It was a moderater who broke the news last night. She described it as heart wrenching. It is believed that parents reacted very angryly to the announcement last night. They believe the school has known that they could possibly shut down for several months and are angry at the fact that they have been given only eight weeks before the end of term four to try and find a new school for children next year. The principal has said that parents will receive a full refund of next year's school fees and parents say again this has not been enough notice. The principal said he would provide them with a list of available schools in the area that have some vacancies. Parents say they are going to struggle because it's simply too late. The sad thing about this is that Acacia College is only two years old and it's grown significantly since it opened in 2010 with only 120 students. It was expected that by 2015 they would have up to 1200 students at the cohe had school. At this stage it's not going to happen.Human remains were found on the Gold Coast. Two bush walkers found the remains around midday yesterday. Police are refusing to say if the discovery is related to the disappearance of a man last week. M former skming legend Lance Armstrong has been dropped by Nike in the wake of his alleged doping scandal. He also stood downas chairman of Live Strong. The company made the decision because of insurmountable evidence that Lance Armstrong was a sports cheat and mislead the company for more than a decade. A motorcyclist has been killed in northern scales. Police have launched an investigation. What do we know about this incident so far? Deb, we know it began after 8:00 last night here. Police spotted a motorbike rider and began a pursuit, we don't know why at this stage. It was only a short pursuit lasting 1 minute or so before the 42-year-old motorbike rider lost control and hit a tree heavily and tragically died at the scene. Police have launched an investigation. There was a crime scene established here for several hours last night, a investigation investigater was called in. Several questions are to be answered, why police were chasing the motorbike rider and what speeds they reached. As you can see, the road is long and windy. NSW Police say an independent critical incident team are now vetting this incident.Australia and India agreed to forge stronger military ties during talks. And a prisoner exchange program was flas flagged. Julia Gillard confirmed Australia will begin selling uranium to India. Meantime, here at home, Kevin Rudd has called on politicians on both sides to end the explosion of name-calling in the recent row over sexism.This sort of stuff doesn't add up to a row of beans. And the sooner we get past passed the personal attacks on all sides of politics the better. We spoke to Steve 'Costa Concordia' earlier and told me that personal animosity didn't have to be part of politics.

politics.This is more the norm than seeing the campaigning that you see on the TV. The sort of have a drink in the dressing room afterwards, that's more the norm. That's fine but they can't say to stop calling each other names.I think what Kevin Rudd was identifying there was that Tony Abbott's policies, the bloke wants to demolish the National Broadband Network, an infrastructure we need to make sure we are well positioned into the future. He says he's no Bill Gates gates because he doesn't understand these things. He should come to an understanding. Tony Abbott looks backwards and the Labor government is moving forward in policies and protections for the economy.A warning from doctors this morning of a new superior bug that's arrived in Australia and many cases are being missed. Today Dr Rick Gordon joins us. It's called Dificiel.It lives in your gut. There are different strains of the bug. This is named 244. It has got a hold on in Australia in the last year or two. It comes from overseas and is commonly found in nursing homes and a lot to do with personal hygiene and the spread of it through aged facilities.What are the consequences if you have it?It's a difficult one to pick up. It's not done as a routine test. This is what most of the publicity is about at the moment. You need to look for this specific strain T causes temperatures, inflammation of the bowel and can be quite devastating for an elderly person. So quickly - the best way to avoid it?Personal hygiene it's about washing hands and food appropriately.More positive news - research has come out claiming that multivitamins can be a cure for cancer. You are often quite sceptical of mult vitamins.It's another piece of information to digest. This looked at 15,000 U sufplt doctors followed for 11 years and they fill out question nairs. Some people got sugar tablets. Some people got multimit they looked at the incidents of cancer 11 years later and they found a small and modest decrease, 8% decrease in cancer in this group of people. It's hard to work out. We take multivitamins when we think we're not getting everything we should be in our normal food. This data suggests there may be an additional benefit that's preventative in the development of cancer. It's watch-this-space. At least it's a positive finding rather than a negative one.Over to you, Ben.Marine biologyists are trying to work out why more and more seals are being washed up on beaches in the Gold Coast. Some seals are being nursed back to health. Mitchell, good morning to you. First of all, why? Do we know why this is happening?Good morning, Ben. No, we don't know why. We don't know where these animals are from. This little guy Micky is from New Zealand but could have come from one of our southern states. That's one of the things we need to try and understand.We hear this thing about whales beaching themselves. Is there any similarities there?Not as far as whales go. We see a lot of these very small animals like little Micky here who we believe wean from their mother. It's time to grow up a little and leave mum. They start seeing the world. They find their way north some of them for many different reasons. They may just get disorientated during storm season and keep swimming north. They may get into the current that runs up our seaboard. And some of them find their way to Queensland. How do they find their way to you? Do people spot them and call you guys and you come and pick them up? What will you do with Micky? Members of the public will see these guys. We try to respond, have a look, if we see significant injuries and they are emaciated from lack of food we'll try and collect them and bring them back. If they are in great condition, it's a monitoring process. We hope to be able to see that where they go from there. That was part of the workshop that we just had for two days to try to find out what's the best course of events. We think maybe tagging, monitoring, getting data on these guys, collecting DNA to find out where they're from. That can help us in the long run to treat these guys. We may be able to bring them back in, get them back to the best health that we can and release them.Micky will be released back into the wild?With Micky we may not have the ability. He had quite severe injuries. I'm not sure if you guys can see. On the back of Micky's head there is a healing scar. That was a very large shark bite. And he had a significant one on his chest as well. So with that comes a lot of treatment. A lot of human interaction. So he can become quite human-orientated. When you go to release an animal like that. You don't want an animal that's likely to run up onto a beach and try to elicit food or attention from a human.Thanks, Mitchell. For the front pages here's Deb. Thank you. The 'Daily Telegraph' reports Sydney schools could be sold to property developers to put apartments and shops alongside new classrooms. The kur yell mail says shock and awe as er gone energy goes on sail.

goes on sail. Damien ol liver road to victory yesterday amid claims that he bid $10,000 on the same horse in 2010.Good morning, Emma. Good morning to you. We are tracking the progress of firefighters this morning as they make their way up the stairs of the tower in Melbourne 31 times today. I have to say I'm a little bit disappointed with his efforts so far. His first time up those 1642 steps was a pretty tardy 12 minutes 40. I was expecting a sub-12 time. He may have to lift his aim. His heart rate is sitting at 175 beats per minute which I just don't think is high enough. I think we need to rev him up. We're expecting him to come through this passage way any moment to go down the lifts.Down the lift?I'll tell you more


I think the man himself is coming through for his fourth lap.Hello sailor.Good morning to you. You are a very sweaty man.You are on your fourth lap.You are going down a lift in between lapse, which is OK, because, Karl, it is the fastest lift in the southern hemisphere. No elevator music, rest time. How are you feeling?Good. We'll see you soon. We'll check his progress a little later in the morning, Karl. I'm very sweaty now. I may need a little bit of a spruce up.He has one of those energy highs.The adrenaline is just rushing through the body. Most Clicked is next. We meet the dog getting ready for a hard


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Welcome back to the show. Good to have your company today. Across Australia it's time for Most Clicked. Remember the young fellow from ET? If you haven't shown your kids ET there's something wrong with you. Check out the tape of the audition for Elliott.The government is bigger than you are, Elliott. Really, I have all of the authority to take him and I have to tell you, I'm going to take him. You can't take him.Well, I'm afraid I have to, son.You can't take him away. He's mine!He's not my choice. The president asked me to come here and get him.I don't care what the president says, he's my best friend and you can't take him away.OK, kid, you got the job. So the young fellow was improvising that whole thing and henry is now 41 and he still cries when he watches the end of the movie. What a horrible kid to parent though. Imagine if he started crying you wouldn't know if he was real. Some kids are very good at that. Remember the YouTube video of Charlie bit my finger. The brothers were so good and they were so taken with them that they've now made an ad. Look at this.Charlie bit my finger. My parents just kept filming and 500 million people saw it.How good are the ads in the States.It just makes you want to eat Ragu.A bit of finger in every jar. Good advertising.Check out how this cat outsmarts its canine companion with a swift Ninja move. Check this out. # A little bit fright I think in. Video cameras at the ready. How to prank somebody by stealing their mobile phone.

mobile phone.What's going on here? Clearly, they've asked to borrow the mobile phone to make a quick call and then off they've gone. It's one of those university things. The guy running away.Or was it one of the twins that came up with the idea. And then that's him running off with the twin's idea.Lastly at number whatever we're up to. Is this dog's morning routine. Is it anything like yours folks, talk to me.Shirt ready. Brushing of the teeth.Going to do the shave?I wonder if they use that toothbrush later.What a funny mixed breed it is.Pancakes, that's right.I wonder if they're watching Today? They'd have to be surely.Oh, messy. Can the dog watch TV though, that's the question. We'll find out in This program is not captioned. (TRIUMPHANT MUSIC) Dynamo, Australia's
number one laundry liquid, has been maximised
for even better stain removal. New Dynamo Maximum - our most advanced clean yet.

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How would you like to live it up in Los Angeles and join the A list at black tie galla dinner from

A man has been arrested in New York for attempting to set off a 450kg bomb. He had been set-up by undercover officers and the explosives were not real. The public was never in danger. A missing yauthman has made it back to shore a week after he was reported missing 450km off the Gold Coast after the boat was damaged in a wild storm.The boat flooded w