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This program is captioned live. Fight-back - Barack Obama lands blows on Mitt Romney in a fiery second debate. He has a one-point plan, and that is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules. Diplomatic stumble - Julia Gillard's big trip in India. Final journey for a royal - Sihanouk's body returned to Cambodia. And Cycling Australia fires Matt White over the drugs scandal.

Good evening and welcome to the program. I'm Kathy Novak. US President Barack Obama is tonight back on track in the race to the White House. A powerful performance in the second of the presidential debates after his lacklustre display in the first seems to have him edging ahead in the battle with his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney. But, as SBS senior correspondent Brian Thomson reports, with just three weeks left to go, the outcome of the election is still way too close to call.

Barack Obama spent three days of intense preparation for the debate. Boy, did it show? He said he was feeling fabulous tonight. One would imagine he was feeling good as he left. He finally put in the performance that his supporters wish he had put into mac weeks ago. -- Putin two weeks ago.

Obama verses Romney round two. Team Obama had promised a passionate performance by the President. And within minutes he came out fighting - in stark contrast to his lacklustre delivery during the first presidential debate. Governor Romney says he has a five- point plan. He doesn't have a five- point plan. He has a one-point plan, and that is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules.The former Massachusetts governor hit back aggressively, accusing his rival of a litany of failed promises and a poor economic record.We've gone from $10 trillion of national debt to $16 trillion of national debt. If the president were re-elected we'd go to almost $20 trillion of national debt. This puts us on a road to Greece.The candidates spend as much time attacking each other as they did explaining their policies. This is what we did. There were a whole bunch off while companies. How much did you cut them by? -- of oil companies.They question is where a wide ranging. Gun control, Libya, unemployment. One light- hearted moment.Mr President, have you looked at your pension? You know I don't look at my pension - it's not as big as yours. It doesn't take as long Fulstow up he attacked Mitt Romney on his notorious comments.-- take as long. When he said behind closed doors that 47 % of the country considered themselves the victims, people who accused personal responsibility, think about who he is talking about. Mitt Romney insisted he would be a president for all Americans.I care about 100 % of American people. I want everyone to have a bright and prosperous future.Many analysts gave the debate to Barack Obama. One said he barely showed up last time but this time he showed up Mitt Romney. His performance will halt the panic in their Democrat camp. Three weeks from election day, the race remains tight.

If there be several days before the fast reliable polls appear. Snap surveys indicate that Barack Obama won the debate. His campaign team said he turned in the performance he was expected to two weeks ago. Mitt Romney's team insists he has maintained momentum. Across the US, millions of people tuned in for the debate. Barack Obama's supporters were delighted with his performers. Their man had redeemed himself.He had all of the boys. We think he has demonstrated tonight that he deserves a second chance.Mitt Romney's supporters stand by their man.I have faith in it wrongly. I stand by him. I stand by his beliefs. -- have faith in Mitt Romney.46 % of respondents thought Barack Obama had won, with 39 % backing the former governor. A CBS poll also handed it to be president. The biggest talking point was the dramatic change in his performance. Night and day compared to his performance over a week ago. He looked like he wanted to be there. He looked edgy. He was combative.A strong Barack Obama did not mean a week Mitt Romney. Analysts say he did have a shave off strong moments. Effective on jobs. He said he had not created enough. He got some good momentum at the beginning.The third and final debate will be held in Florida. He is likely to concentrate on foreign policy and America's role in the world.The debates matter more than people thought they might. People thought it was a foregone conclusion with Mitt Romney and likely to win. They have become a factor.The final debate is in five days' time. The consensus tonight is that Barack Obama is back in the game.

Australia's relations with India are heading to a higher level tonight. The same as those with the US, Japan and China. Julia Gillard has also signalled closer defence ties with India and the possibility of joint naval exercises. But the Prime Minister wasn't as sure- footed, as she might have hoped.

It was all caught on camera. Julia Gillard lost a shoe and fell flat on her face. She was not harmed. She blamed the perils of wearing high heels.If I wore boots, that would cause fashion critics!The fall was big news in India.Quick to get back on her feet.A more dignified appearance when she was given a full ceremonial welcome at the presidential palace. She was greeted by her Indian counterpart. It came ahead of talks one uranium sales and prioritising relations full stomach NDR is at the forefront of our thinking.-- prioritising relations. India is at the front of our thinking. Just the same as our relationship with the US, China, Japan, Indonesia, career. The visit is about elevating the relationship. -- Korea. They are looking to increase the engagement with the sub-continent. There was a similar theme when she addressed business leaders. She spoke of a compelling case for stronger ties. She said Australia and India are innovators at business collaboration is vital. Getting down to business on the final day of the 3-day visit. She met key political figures, including the president. The external affairs minister was also there as well as the opposition leader. She also met Sonia Gandhi, the head of the Congress party full start later, she laid a wreath at her father's cremation site.

Coming up after the break, debt free - a deal done to save Channel Nine.

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Well, last night we reported that Channel Nine was on the verge of saving itself from going into administration. Tonight, it's a done deal with Nine Entertainment debt free but in the hands of two American hedge funds. A day after the meeting began and the birth of his first son overnight, Nine Boss David Gyngell emerged from the marathon talks a happy man. We have got a deal. We are back. $3.3 billion of debt was wiped. The company saved from administration. We have a powerful balance sheet. Rock and roll for next year.It gives the channel more firepower.A terrific position to compete and acquire new programs and operate more profitably.His secures the deal with the NRL, ahead of negotiations to secure cricket broadcasting rights.That will come up at the end of the season. We will be in a stronger position now. That is valuable property.A switch for the hedge funds. Now they are looking to get money from equity, not dead. The lenders become the owners. Goldman Sachs will acquire 4.5 percent of the company. The senior lenders will emerge with around 95 %. Channel 10 looked on. It has its own problems. There she has slumped to a record low. The sale of its outdoor advertising business fell through. This deal will cause it along with Channel Seven to examine their own balance sheets and consider their own debt levels. You may find with Ten for instance, people like Lachlan Murdoch, Bruce Gordon or Gina Rinehart, moves to privatise Ten can't be disounted at this point. They will unveil their results tomorrow. Let's check finance. And the Australian sharemarket rose to its highest level since July last year with fresh hopes that debt- ridden Spain will ask for financial aid. BHP Billiton rose as it tipped improved iron-ore output this year. News Corp rose as Rupert Murdoch was re-elected as chairman. Telstra added 2% as lower interest rates push investors towards high- yielding stocks. There were good gains in Tokyo, as the yen continued to weaken. Markets in Europe are higher in early deals. Strength on Wall Street, too, overnight.

The Australian dollar

The Australian dollar was mostly stronger in line with improved investor confidence. Schneider's get Spain's debt above junk-bond status. -- Schneider's kept.

The body of Norodom Sihanouk has been flown home from Beijing. He

been flown home from Beijing. He
died from a heart attack on Monday. Thousands of mourners watched the motorcade winding through the streets of Phnom Penh. A homecoming fit for a giant of Cambodian history. Amid pomp and pageantry, the body of Norodom Shianouk arrives in Phnom Penh. Tens of thousands of mourners have now lined the streets, paying their last respects to the man revered as the King Father. And from earlier, some were clearly inconsolable with grief. To many Cambodians, Shianouk is remembered as the flamboyant, endearing young leader who in the 50s won freedom from the French colonial yoke.

Two others, including historians, he was a Khmer Rouge puppet during the genocide will tear of the 1970s. His ill-fated forays into politics contributed to 30 years of war. Both young and old did not discuss that today. Earlier, at the hospital where he died, family members paid their respects. Roads were clear. The flags were lowered to have massed in Tiananmen Square. A decorated coffin travelled to the applaud. -- half mast. Then, an elaborate funeral will take place. The mourning period begins. The government says no joyful programs should air on TV or radio. Then the scenes at least, it looks like no one needs encouragement. David Hicks plans to take legal action against the Australian government and appeal against his conviction at Guantanamo on terrorism-related charges. That's because a US court of appeals has overturned the conviction of another Guantanamo Bay detainee and given Hicks' case new life. David Hicks' future is based on what a US court of appeals said about this man's past, Salim Hamdan, known to be Osama Bin Laden's driver. Hamdan was jailed at Guantanamo Bay, and a convicted by a military commission for material support for terrorism which stood until this week. The appeals court threw out Hamdan's conviction because it said the charge at the time of his alleged offences wasn't a war crime. In fact the law was created five years later. David Hicks was charged with and later pleaded guilty to that same charge. Terry Hicks says he's confident the turn of events in the US will confirm what he's been saying about his son David for years.He never was a terrorist. He was never properly convicted in the first place.Prosecutors disagree. They say he trained with the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001. He has never denied that. He was jailed in Guantanamo for six years before the plea deal. In 2007, Hicks was flown back to Australia where he was sent to jail in Adelaide. He was released four months later. Dr Tim Stephens teaches international law at Sydney University. He says Hamdan's case gives Hicks legal ground to get his conviction overturned, even though he pleaded guilty. And that's not all.It opens the way for him to commence with proceedings against Australia, seeking damages for, essentially, imprisonment contrary to the law.His father is not spoken to him about the ruling. His lawyer says he is working on trying to get the conviction overturned. That does not appear to be enough for his client. The plans to take action against the Government. There are calls for an urgent rethink of ways to prevent the spread of HIV in Australia after a sharp increase in the number of infections. They've jumped to their highest level in 20 years. 12 years after he bounced his way to a silver medal at the Sydney Olympics, gymnast Ji Wallace has spoken of his latest challenge - a positive test for HIV. I was not scared I was going to die. I was scared I would be treated differently. I was worried my friends and family would not accept me any more.A conference as shared he is one of more than 1,100 per trillions who were diagnosed last year. That is an 8% increase. -- 1,100 Australians.We need a new strategy.What has been dubbed the Melbourne Declaration is calling for a change to strategy. Preventative treatment and rapid testing have been requested.It will make a difference in encouraging people.The latest sadistic come as a surprise and a wake-up call. -- the latest at his sticks. The ability to comply with the declaration is important. A 50 % reduction is wanted by 2016. On the current trend, it could be the reverse.We may not achieve that. There must be actioned. Action by the Commonwealth government and the state and territories and communities. We must turn this around.There are concerns about drug abuse and HIB in indigenous communities. -- H I V.16 % are getting it through intravenous drug use.And that the Golan, there is some positive news on the research front. -- amid the doom and gloom. Human cells will be used against HIV in a new research. Coming up, the weather. And dumped over a drugs scandal. Matt White.

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Cycling Australia has sacked national team coach Matt White after he admitted to involvement in doping earlier in his career. White is a former teammate of American Lance Armstrong who is in disgrace after a damning investigation in the US. The latest move comes just days after White himself said he would step down. In the end, there was little choice. The decision was announced this evening. The men's co-ordinator and selector has been sacked.Matt White's contract has been terminated.Over the weekend, he admitted to past involvement in doping. He stood down from his posts. A former team-mate of Lance Armstrong, he was recently implicated in doping in a US investigation. White had already been fired from one coaching job for his use off a doctor who has been banned for life for doping. Cycling Australia says it was diligent. Days you ask if he had taken drugs?We did not ask.One commented as says his role was untenable. He will be missed. -- one commentator.He is known for being a first-class team director. He is very articulate and very professional for a stub tough questions remain for -- professional.Tough questions remain. There may have been a case for them and took not make the appointment. Today, he released a state went looking to the future of coal on -- the future:

Green cap baggage will decide what to do with them until the investigation is over. That Green Edge. Gangnam Style hit the streets of Sydney today - in the person of K-Pop sensation, PSY. An unlikely hero of the internet, perhaps, but absolutely, a worldwide phenomenon. It could be the catchy tune and flashy colours or that everyone from Britany to Bangladesh have busted out his moves. Now it appears Gangnam Style fever has infected Sydney.I'm so obsessed with him. Ever since I saw that YouTube video, I've been practicing. We woke up at quarter to five and came on the bus.All to catch a glimpse of PSY. Arguably the biggest name in pop music right now. Just to give you an idea of how popular this guy is, but also the speed in which he became this popular. He's got one of the most viewed YouTube videos of all time, almost 500 million views. Now there are some other big names in that category. They took a year, two years to get those kind of clicks. He took three months. And his popularity has given rise to new, different kind of tune - Korean or K-Pop.

K-Pop.I'm very proud to be Korean in the last five months with him around.How has this guy become so famous?It is about the Internet than any individual song. It has all the hallmarks of the Internet. It is cured, and baffling. People are unsure what to make a bid. -- it is cute and baffling. People are not sure what to make of it.How did you manage to catch this?It has slipped off someone's hand. I picked it up.It seems everyone wants to take home a piece of PSY.

To the weather, and a low pressure system will see cloud over the south-west while there are shower clouds over the south-east. Frontal cloud is moving across the Tasman, but high pressure means clear skies for most of the country. In the major centres, showers for Perth and Hobart. Overcast in Melbourne and Sydney. Fine for Cairns and Canberra. Looking further afield, showers in Auckland and Wellington. Rain in Nadi and Samoa. A few showers for Tahiti. In South East Asia, storms over Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Wet in Port Moresby and Phnom Penh. Slightly overcast in Denpasar. Further north, there'll be fine weather in Seoul and Beijing. Clouds in Taipei and Hong Kong and a few showers affecting Manila. Heading west, warm and fine in Delhi and Mumbai. Some cloud in Baghdad and Riyadh. Cooler though in Tehran. To Europe, rain for London and Moscow, fine in Warsaw and Belgrade. Warm and sunny in Rome and Istanbul. In Africa, fine weather in Addis Ababa and Cairo. Storms for Lagos and Johannesburg. Showers in Nairobi. In South America, there'll be rain in Bogota, Caracas and La Paz, with a little sun in Santiago. And for North America, rain for Toronto and Chicago, cloudy in Mexico City and Miami and fine in Los Angeles.

Also find in Washington. That is all for now. Goodbye.

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