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This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw, welcome to ACA. We begin tonight with a dramatic development in the feud between Warwick Capper and his former manager. Martin King has this report.

former manager. Martin King has
this report. You're under arrest. For obtaining property by deception. He stole my Lamboghini and jetski worth more than a quarter of a million-dollars.It's got the lot. The missing flashy car, the ever present flashyer females - a faded former footy star.How much is the deal worth? Never you mind. We will keep that quiet between you and me. Just a handshake and meat pie.And dodgy deals by the dozen.Nobody elseing you for money?When you saw our story, what was your reaction? Mate, I was shocked. I was just - I was in disbelief that he of all people could be so stupid as to go on national TV after all the people he has ripped off and accuse someone else of ripping him off. That was just - mate, just incredible. I couldn't believe it. Just like Fred couldn't believe it when he got this surprise pick-up at Melbourne airport after a holiday in Thailand.So here is your pride and joy, your Lomborghine - worth? 240,000.What can it mean to you?Everything. I wanted to own one as a teenager. Had posters on my wall. Finally I bought one.When police said they couldn't help Mike he helped himself to a citizen's arrest, handcuffs and all.Yes, absolutely, that's right.With a set of handcuffs?That's right. We went and arrested him.What was his reaction?He was in shock. He thought it was a big joke, thought his mates had come to pick him up at the airport. The reality set in once I told him I had made a formal report to the police and asked him where the hell it was.The Gold Coast's Warwick Capper is asking a similar question of his former manager - where the hell is my appearance fee from 'Celebrity Apprentice'. Both men are in dispute over fees and commissions. You have heard of 50 shades of grey. He is 200 shades of grey. Don't go near him.You have dumped him? Completely.So he is off your books?He has been a nightmare. Glad I got rid of him. That's why he is trying to say bad things about me - put down the celebrity and make some money.Looked like a kidnap we told him he was under arrest. Did you feel sorry for him? Not at all. At all. But on completely himself. He took decisive action to steal my property and not only to steal my property but to refuse to answer my phone calls. To jump on a plane to go overseas to disappear. I don't feel sorry for him at all. He is an idiot. Mike and Fred were friends until he went overseas and said can I use your flash pad to film some adult entertainment - if you get my drift.I had known the guy five years at that stage. Never heard any of the stories that are coming up now.What was the Rex when you walked in the garage and they were missing?I was in absolute shock. Couldn't believe it. I come home, pressed the buzzer on my garage door, it's gone up and it's not in there.A lot of people saying it's all gone after dealing with Fred. Craig says he is owed $60thuk over a car deal. Peter says he is owed $50,000 over a car deal with Fred. Loves a car, Fred. There is John who says he is owed $15,000 after setting up a website for Fred and he hasn't been paid. There is even a porn star from the Gold Coast who says she has not been paid. Do you have good character?As a person I think I'm a decent person with a big heart.Do you have prior convictions?I have.What are they? That's past history.Don't be ashamed, Fred. Just tell me.Just past history. Did some stupid things when I was young and stupid. Dishonesty offences.Yeah.Are you an honest man?I think I am an honest man.You are now?I am now. You weren't back then?Not back then.I know about a dozen people personaly I have been in contact with who have been screwed over by him and ripped off by him.And the Lamborghini?He said he ummed and ahed about it, that everything is safe and it's all under control. Does a leopard change its spots?It does.A professional debt checker has confirmed he is pursuing Fred on behalf of several clients.

has confirmed he is pursuing Fred
on behalf of several clients. It's believed they are chasing him for several hundred thousand dollars. Now to our ongoing investigation into Peter foster. He was about to embark on his biggest sting yet until we blew it wide

embark on his biggest sting yet
until we blew it wide open?How do you have the audacity to make these allegations.Officer, arrest this man. It's harassment.No, Peter, it's called exposing Australia's most notorious conman once again. You resigned because you got it wrong.They wouldn't let me resign because I did such a good job of exposing you. I got you on Sensislim.The brainchild behind it, he was setting up a mega scam worth tens of millions. While defending himself in court over the $6 million slimming scandal he had been busy scheming from his luxury Gold Coast home.You can't do teas any more.The tea is ready for a comeback. It's 25 years. Slimming tea is ready for a comeback.If there is some dodgyness about it you will do it. There are plenty of questions about a company with an online gambling website that has Foster's trademark all over it. Here is how it would work. Punters pay $65,000 to buy into the self- proclaimed exclusive club. They would have thought their cash was going into a betting pool but everything points towards lining foster's pockets. Our investigation indicates the money would have been sent to Hong Kong.It's mischief making. You're so bloody gullible. Our first inkling appeared three weeks ago.Ago. Tra private sports trading group. Most astute sports traders in the world, made up of mathematical geniuss. Never had a losing year.But it's all an illusion designed to fool punters driven by conman Foster.I want to know about this SportsBeting, this secret private club that you have supposedly established. You spew out fake press releases to give it authenticity.You're the most gullible man I have ever met.Local radio identity AJ confirmed to ACA that he presented a promotional DVD video from inside this garage where he says there is a makeshift studio. What he didn't know was that the garage belongs to a house being rented by the Foster family. When he found out those details he ran away from the project.They wanted me to read prepared scripts to camera, which I did, to promote people to join the club online. Emails to the respected Gold Coast radio announcer Adrian JJ Johnson confirms the footage was destined to be used to promote the dodgy website.Hello, AJ, I'm currently in London but have had an opportunity to show it to our UK head office. Everyone is very pleased.AJ says after we exposed the scam he has not been paid and doesn't want a cent.I don't want anything to do with them. I have never had anything to do with Peter foster in the past. Nor will I.If there is no studio in the garage then the information provided to me is incorrect.Just like it was about the boat? I will take you there if you're prepared to resign. Are you prepared to ring your executive producer?If I resign I can't keep on your back and stop you ripping off the mums and dads of Australia. And Foster has stung plenty of them over the years, whether it's tea, dodgy creams and sensislim or even leading Sam Fox astray he has made millions. Caught you out again.You have caught me out on nothing.The company website accidentaly went live and published its content. Foster's hands again. A web person has just happened to put Sensislim stuff on the website. How would that happen? Specially since have you nothing to do with it. How would that happen? Seriously, you can't see when you're being set up.Despite all the evidence Foster remains as usual defiant.See if you have a conscience.I'm in the racing industry. I think you realise that. In racing parlance you are a group 1 conman. You are the best.I'm doing the public a service by harassing Peter foster. Trust me, boys.Can I borrow your taser.

harassing Peter foster. Trust me,
boys.Can I borrow your taser.For the record, Foster's lawyer told us today he has nothing do with Sportalist and continues to deny having any involvement with Senslim. Now to the incredible police videos catching drug dealers in action.

On the ground now.Go, go, go!

On the ground now.Go, go, go! Police!One of the most dangerous police operations is raiding the homes of suspected drug dealers. Police search warrant. Police search warrant! Go, go, go!Senate people were arrested when New South Wales police conducted simultaneous raids across two states over the alleged supply of illegal drugs. Hitting nopls Richmond, Albury and Wodonga they found shotguns, cannabis, ice and power tools.We found 830 grams of cannabis, 136 grams of amphetamine - a street value would be around $100,000. It was a surprise to find he had the quantity in the premises at the time.Obviously that's a good troult get the drugs the drugs off offIt's an excellent result from the boys and girls of the squad. Police allege the operation smashed a highly organised drug ring that police spent 10 months investigating, from the alleged supplier to the seller on the street.It's a clear message to anyone who wants to deal in this commodity: you might be transient but so are we. It was necessary for us to gain entry there fairly quickly to ensure there was no disposal of any exhibit or the prohibited drug.The same squad then moved on to this house in Sydney's west. This dramatic entrance was filmed just yesterday as officers raided a home looking for illegal drugs. Detective inspector Graham Wright's team arrested a 45-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman on the spot. Officers then seized cannabis, method get means and a range of stolen property which they allege was payment for drugs.High-grade watches and chaens. Once again, - chains, once again a property receiver taking receipt of that property in exchange for drugs.In Queensland police recently raided homes in Brisbane and Logan, ceasing more than 2,000 cannabis plants with a street value of $15,000. The mature plants were almost ready for sale. In a massive sting 25 people were - were arrested and charged with 98 offences.We're pleased to remove those dangerous drugs from the community particularly leading into significant events such as schoolies.When police raided this home in Raymond Terrace on the New South Wales Central Coast, it served as a warning to others involved in illegal activity while living in public housing.We found heroin, large calibre ammunition and several thousands. A 45-year- old female was arrested and charged in relation to the ongoing supply of heroin in a residential address at Raymond Terrace.The woman was charged with 14 offences. Back in Queensland police hit the jackpot when they raided a storage facility in West End.There is at least a number of kilos of white powder substance and as I said, multiple millions in Australian bank notes. Police also seize method amphetamines, cocaine and steroids and fiend a shotgun, pistol and taser.Don't know if it's the largest one but it's the largest one in recent memory, yeah.Arrests like these serve was a warning to drug dealers but also reassure the general public that any kind of illegal drug activity in our suburbs no matter how big or small, will be busted.Police will not tolerate the selling or supply of illegal drugs and we will be out there looking for you if you participate in that activity.It shows the community we are out there, we are fighting it and we

there, we are fighting it and we
are winning.Some dramatic scenes there. Now to the grandmother accused of costing taxpayers $1 million in ambulance fees after claims she faked more than 300 emergencies to triple 0.

claims she faked more than 300
emergencies to triple 0.They treat me like a dog.Crocodile tears or the real deal? What proof do you have of your medical ailments?What do you mean?Tonight, the old age pensioner forced to defend herself. Valerie, you are being essentialy accused of faking your ailments. Ehaven't faked anything.After being accused of faking more than 300 emergencies to triple O and treating our ambulance fleet like a taxi service. You have been charged with 302 counts of improper use of the triple 0 service. Do you accept that?No.We maintain a register of the false calls we receive.That's a lie.But a magistrate court has heard the only liar in this case is 67-year-old Valerie, dubbed is - a serial pest and accused of wasting more than a million dollars in taxpayers' taxpayers' one call is one too many.Getting to court is an extreme circumstance.You have wasted more than a million dollars in emergency service costs.What a load of crap.Valerie was brought before the court facing 302 charges of improper use of the emergency call service. It was over a nine- month period and the charge sheet is over 28 pages long N just one day, Valerie called triple 0 ten times. Most shocking of all, this mother of three and grandmother to four, has a long history of making hoax callsment as far back as 2009 and for those previous offences she got away with just a good behaviour bond. Do you know how often that would have happened?There have been a lot of cases brought to court for hoax calls but I have never come across one where the one person involved has made over 300 calls.Lawyer Sam is appalled.The court has to do something to send the message out there that you can't do this sort of thing. Valerie has been arrested twice. In the first instance she was handcuffed and brought here for questioning at her local police station. The second time was over the weekend when she was in trouble yet again for breaching her bail conditions and making nuisance phone calls to triple 0 as recently as last week. Why not call a taxi instead of the ambulance?I don't have $100 to pay for a taxi. Emergency services are there for people in an emergency.Radio commentator Garry Hardgrave.This is actually very serious. She frankly should probably go to jail for it.It's up to me. Heart failure. Dementia. Not dementia, what do you call it? Anxiety. Valerie says she is on numerous medications but wasn't able to provide us with any medical proof of her ailments. And while she has carers help her around the house, Valerie doesn't qualify for a disability pension because she doesn't suffer from a disability. While we were interviewing her, she even claimed to suffer a md call emergency. Valerie...Oh!Are you in pain now, are you?In the back. Take a second if you need to.There is a cry for help.Psychologist Susan Dicampo.Someone who is doing this is doing this because they can't get their needs met in a normal or functional way.Today on bribey island residents of all ages reacted strongly to Valerie's bad behaviour.Somebody could have died. It should be a crime.Valerie has now been banned from calling triple 0. What are you going to do now, Valerie, if you can't call them? Die. That's all I can do.

Valerie, if you can't call them?
Die. That's all I can do.And Valerie is set to appear in court again at the end of next month. After the break - the fight for your shopping dollar turnsfestive. If you're already shopping here it's aned aed bonus. If you're This program is not captioned. SONG: # Everybody, hang back
Get back, ooh # Take it in your stride... # When you're on the go,
carry on with KFC Crispy Rods. # Run, baby, run # Baby, run
Run, baby, run... #

This program is not captioned.

Christmas.Christmas is an expensive time of year. You need to plan ahead to afford the giant feast. But Aussie supermarkets are about to unleash a series of gimmicks to get you

gimmicks to get you through the door. Will $20 help out at Christmas time?To get the things you wouldn't get every week.Hard to believe they are already selling Christmas in the supermarkets. The big chains are about to do whatever it takes to win your festive dollar. Would it help at Christmas time? Yeah, it would definitely.Today Woolworths is laufpbling et cetera cash for Christmas campaign. Do your regular family shop over three weeks and they will give you cash back.In simple terms, spend $100 a week for three weeks and we will send you a $20 card and Christmas card.Is this just a gimmick to get us into your stores?It's about rewarding loyal customers and giving something back at a time it's needed in the festive season - back to customers that shop with us regularly.The cash back offer is only available to Everyday Rewards customers and you have to register online to be eligible.If you're already shopping here it's aned aed bonus. If you're not shopping you get something extra in the pocket for Christmas.At the end of the day it's 20 bucks. Is it worth all of the trouble?If you talk to customers, everything they are telling us is really about the increasing cost of living in Australia. Every cent counts for our customers. This is about making it that bit easier and rewarding the loyaltyy from so many great customers across the country.I would probably spend $100 a week and getting something back for it. Anything you get back is good. But it doesn't really go that far to be honest.Would $20 make a difference to some families at Christmas time? I don't think so. You spend $300 to get 20 - to me it doesn't work. Will promotions like this give you an edge over Coles?We're focused on our customer and our business. This promotion rewards our loyal customers. At the end of the day that's what we're

that's what we're really focused on. Now to the results of last night's Facebook poll. We asked you: should public housing tenants be forced to pay a bond to cover property damage? The overwhelming majority of you thought they should with 96% voting yes. Up next, left for dead, one mother's incredible tale of survival.That's when I This program is not captioned.

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SONG: # Doo-doo, doo-doo, doo
# Monday, Tuesday... # WOMAN: You know how they say a mother can hear her baby
amongst the others in the ward? (CRIES)
# I love you I can hear our trucks
five minutes before they pull up. (TRUCK ENGINE RUMBLES)
Here's one of my babies now. Over here, darlin'! Mama's got ya! # Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday # I love you. #

Tomorrow night - a mother's incredible tale of survival. (VOICEOVER) Slashed with a machete and doused in petrol.I started skreeping. (VOICEOVER) The innocent mum attacked by a crazed neighbour. Her husband fled but her brave six- year-old dragged her to safety. Told him to keep running.That report tomorrow night on ACA. Before we go, some big news for the Nine network today with the arrival of Edmond McKinnon Gyngell in the early hours of the morning. We wish the family all the best. It's just lucky he arrived on a quiet day at the office for his dad! That's all This program is not captioned.

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live.
Tonight on Big Brother...Ewants to win the money.All eyes on the prize.He needs to get rid of people like me and people like Ben. As the game gets serious.I do trust him? No. I do think he is playing the game? Yes.And Leila's message from a very important person.Hello, housemates.Julia Gillard.Leila, I welcome you.

(Baby cries)There is no sleeping in this morning, not with Big Baby in the house.Where are you going, Michael?Come on, Ben.For this week's task the housemates have to respond to the baby's needs within 30 seconds of it crying.What fun will the baby bring for the day. Oh, the baby.

A change is as good as a holiday. ( Baby

Big Brother has declared it father's day in the house, which means the dads get their breakfast cooked for them.I can't wait till mum's day.Yeah.I definitely have a new-found respect for my mother. Yeah.Now I realise why she doesn't like me.Oh, that's right, uncle Ben will lift you up, you good little girl. Off comes the left. In comes the right.Bit chilly, isn't it. Freezing.We will get you quickly put into your lovely little...Oh, this is nice.It is truly fabulous.Michael has one of those at home.I think I do but in a little chambre. We know how much Michael loves his chambrae.Two men and a baby.Two men and a baby.How good is this? Best dad ever - this shirt is so cool.I will leave this one to Ben. It's the smallest. Oh, so funny. That is amazing.Oh! Little baby.Big Baby, you are truly the sweetest thing.

truly the sweetest thing.Who wants breakfast because you're a daddy. Wake up.You have T-shirts.We got