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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Head to head - the US Presidential candidates fire up for the second debate. Mr President, have you looked at your pension?I don't look at mine, it's not as big as yours. (LAUGHTER) Julia Gillard's Indian trip - the red-faced Prime Minister stumbles. The bizarre plea of Radavan Rakadzic. Battle against bankruptcy, crisis talking save Channel Nine.We got a deal. Channel Nine is back. From SBS, this is World News Australia. Good evening. Also tonight - why waiting for the Booker Prize is like waiting for a bus. Well, I don't know. You wait 20 years for a Booker Prize... (LAUGHTER) Two come along at once. And World Cup rivals battle it out. US President, ls battle it out. US President, Barack Obama, has come out fighting against his Republican challenger, Romney in their second debate. After a passive performance in the first debate, Mr Obama removeded his gloves and Governor Romney fought back hard. As SBS Senior Correspondent, Brian Thompson, reports, with three weeks left t race remains tight. While President Obama spent three days of intense preparation for tonight's debate and boy did it show, he said when he arrived tonight he was feeling fabulous and one would imagine he was feeling pretty good as he left. The President finally put in the performance that his supporters wish he had put in two weeks ago. Obama v Romney, Round 2. Team Obama promised a pass yait performance by the President and within minutes he came out fighting, in stark contrast to his lacklustre delivery in the first debate. Governor Romney says he has a five- point plan? He doesn't have a five- point plan, but a one-point plan. That plan is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules.But the former Massachusetts Governor hit back aggressively, accusing Obama of a litany of failed promises and a poor ed promises and a poor economic record. We've gone from $10 trillion of national debt to $16 trillion of national debt and if the President were re-elected we would have $20,000 of -- $20 trillion of national debt. The candidates spent as much time attacking each other as they did explaining their policies. Governor Romney, here is what we did. There were a whole bunch of oil companies.I had a question and the question was how much did you cut them by.You want me to answer it? The ten questions by the audience were wide-ranging, gun control, Libya, immigrationgun control, Libya, immigration and unemployment. Amid the feisty confrontations, a light-hearted moment. Mr President, have you looked at your pension?I don't look at my pension. It's not as big as yours. (LAUGHTER) not as big as yours.
(LAUGHTER) The President attacked Governor Romney on the notorious comment he made at a private fundraiser, an attack many were waiting for in the last debate. ting for in the last debate. When he said behind closed doors that 47% of the country consider themselves victims who refuse personal responsibility, think about who he was talking about. But Governor Romney insisted he would be a President for all Americans. I care about 100% of the American people. I want 100% of the American people to have a bright and prosperous future. Many analysts gave the debate to President Obama. Last time he barely showed up, said one, this time he showed Romney up. At the very least the President's performance will halt the panic in the Democrat camp, but three weeks from election day, the race remains unpredictably tight. Brian Thompson watched the performance from the debate venue and with the tussle so closely fought, he says a clear winner was much harder to pick this time. Well, it's really hard to say. Both men put in really strong performances. This was not the repeat of the last time. President Obama spent days in preparation for this debate and it showed here. He was passionate. He looked like he really wanted to hold on to his job. I think you've got to say he had the slight edge tonight. If you were probably a Republican, you might say it was a draw, but I think if draw, but I think if you were an independent voter you would look at both, particularly in light of how poorly President Obama performed last time round, you would probably have looked at this one and thought, yeah, well, perhaps he was the winner. This is key, because after the last debate the polls started to narrow here and he needed to stop that happening here tonight. He needed to put in a top performance to stop the polls narrowing in places like Ohio where they have been over the past few weeks and I think he's probably done that. So I would imagine the spruikers - we're in the Spin Room - and the various partys have their spokesmen here, and I would imagine that the Democrats are saying without any doubt whatsoever that their man won here tonight. Let's keep our focus on the polls. Do you think this debate will have anywhere near the impact that we saw in the first one?Well, it's hard to read some of the polls. Sometimes the polls are national and they don't really have much meaning. The polls you want to look at are you want to look at are in the swing states and you don't want to look at one poll, you want to look at the polls overall. In Ohio, polls overall. In Ohio, let's take a key state. President Obama, most of the polls seem to indicate that he is still ahead there. So if he can just hold on to he can just hold on to his lead in places like that, he's doing really well. I think what we can say without any doubt is that thout any doubt is that he will have rested the advances that Governor Romney had been makeing in the past few days but it will take a week - it took a week after the last one before we know what the pub lick out there as a whole have made of all of this. Brian will be back later with more from the debate. On to other news. Australia's elevating relations with India to the same level as those with the US, Japan and hose with the US, Japan and China. Julia Gillard says India is now one of a handful of countrys that matter most to Australia. In a day of talks can Indian political leaders in New Delhi, there was a prime ministerial stumble. Oh! It was all caught on camera. Julia Gillard lost her shoe and fell flat on her face. She was unharmed and blamed the perils of wearing high heels. There was a more dignified appearance by the Prime Minister when she was given a full ceremonial welcome at the Presidential Palaceat the Presidential Palace. Ms Gillard was greeted by her Indian counterpart ahead of their talks with uranium sales and giving higher priority to relations on the agenda.Independentelations on the agenda.Independent ya is at the forefront of our thinking and the forefront of our relationships in the world. Just like we put at the forefront of our thinking our relationship with the US, with China, with Japan, with Indonesia, with Korea. Julia Gillard's visit is about reaching out to India and elevating the relationship.dia and elevating the relationship. Australia is seeking to broaden and deepen its engagement with the subcontinent. India is also taking notice of our politics. Julia Gillard's blistering speech in Parliament last week, accusing Tony Abbott of sexism and misogyny drew questions and admiration here. Madam Prime Minister, as a woman politician, how do you look back on your political journey? Has it been difficult for you?Thank you for that question, a top call one, really. Ms Gillard was surprised to find the speech went viral in India. At a youth forum she was asked if she like or disliked Mr Abbott.I bear him no personal ill-will. I hope that he is leader of the Opposition for the rest of his life. (LAUGHTER) he rest of his life.
(LAUGHTER) On a more solemn note, the Prime Minister today layed a wreath at Gandhi's cremation site.

David Hicks plans to take legal action against the Australian Government and appeal his conviction on terrorism-related charges in the US.That's because a US Court of Appeal says -- has overturned the conviction of another detainee.David Hicks' future is based on what a US Court of Appeal said about this man's past. Hamden is known to be Osama bin Laden's driver. He was jailed at gan Dan mow Bay and convicted -- Guantanamo Bay. The Appeals Court threw out the conviction because it said at the time of the alleged offences it wasn't a d offences it wasn't a war crime. The law was created five years later. David Hicks was charged with and later pleaded guilty to that same charge.A long time coming.Terry Hicks says he is confident the turn of the events in the US will confirm what he's been saying about his son for years.He never was a terrorist. He was never properly convicted in the first place. Guantanamo Military Prosecutors disagree. They say Hicks trained can with the Taliban in 2001 with the Taliban, which he never denied. He was jailed for six years before the plea deal. In 2007 he was flown back to Australia where he was sent to jail in Adelaide. He was released four months later. This decision has major impacts.Dr Tim Stephens teaches international law at Sydney University. He says Hamden's case gives Hicks legal grounds for the conviction to be overturned though he pleaded guilty. I think it opens the way for Mr Hicks to commence civil proceedings against the Commonwealth of Australia seeking damages for imprisonment contrary to law. Terry Hicks says he hasn't spoken to his son about the latest court ruling. He says he will wait for David to contact him. Let him have a bit of time, think about the processes and what he wants to and what he wants to do. But Hicks' lawyer says he is working on says he is working on trying to get the US conviction overturned. That doesn't appear to be enough for his client who says he also plans to take legal action against the Australian Government. Former Bosnian Serb leader Radavan Karadzic is accused of carrying out some of the worst atrocities since World War II. He is facing charges of genocide and crimes against humanitarian. At the beginning of his defence at the War Crimes Court, he said he should be rewarded for trying to avoid war. He brought his own war time certainties. He showed not a hint of self-doubt. a hint of self-doubt. He said he should be praised, not prosecute zbau he never allowed everyone the smallest crime. He said he had reduced suffering and shown mercy. He was not, he said, an aggressive man. In the public gallery, survivors shouted "lies, lies". Karadzic went on. The notorious concentration camps were faked he said for the foreign media. This man was in one such camp. He left the public gallery in tears.I feel sad and humiliateed to hear this. It's not true that what happened to us in that camp was faked. In 1994 a shell killed 68 people in a Sarajevo marketplace. Karadzic said this was faked. He said some dead bodies were shop window mannequins. TRANSLATION:A shameless orchestration. Obviously some people got killed by the explosion, but we saw android mannequins being thrown on to trucks. It created this show for the world. And at Srebrenica in 1995 where 8,000 men and boys were murdered, there were, he said, no indications that anyone had been kill. He had given an order all civilians were to be protected. His case is that the Serbs had no choice. They were a people who knew their history, he said. They'd been faced with genocide before, and were threatened with genocide again. All members of the international community came, he said, with enormous prejudice against the Serbs and there was nothing we could do to get the truth across. So many of the crimes he is accused of, that they did happen is beyond doubt. Some of his closest lieutenants have been convicted. Can he prove his eninnocence when the guilt of so many others is already established? Radovan Karadzic was arrested in 2008 after almost 13 years on the run. We will hear from Australian Bosnians a little later. A British man accused of the biggest military hacking has won a ten-year fight. In the first intervention of its kind t British Home Secretary blocked the move on human rights grounds. He couldn't speak. He literally couldn't speak.Gary McKinnon's mother revealed how his son reacted to the news.It's so emotional. The joy and relief of a parent who's been fighting the US Government for a decade. We've won it. We won for the little person, not just the elite, but for the little person. Gary McKinnon, who's not appeared today, doesn't deny the US charges. From a room at his girlfriend's aunt's house in London ten years ago he carried out what one US prosecutor described as the "biggest military computer hack of all time". His supporters say he's a young man with a form of mild autism, who was simply looking for information on UFOs. David Cameron raised his case with President Obama, as the Home Office asked experts to reassess his medical condition. They said mcKinnon was at serious risk of suicide if forced to attend trial in the United States. The decision to extradite would be incompatible with his human rights. I have withdrawn the extradition order against Mr McKinnon. Hear, hear. Cheers and claping in the Commons, but today's announcement will have been greeted differently at the Pentagon N the months before and after 9/11, McKinnon hacked into 97 US computers.

The United States is disappointed by the decision to deny Gary McKinnon's extradition to face long overdue justice in the United States. We are examining the details of the decision. It's not the end of the road for Gary. The Home Secretary's made it clear he could face charges in this country. The Home Secretary announced she wants to reform the extradition process to make it speedier and fairer, one measure would be for a British court to decide if someone facing extradition should be tried in this country or overseas. Two weeks ago, the Home Office was celebrating success in getting Hamza and three other citizens deported to the United States. Like Gary McKinnon, one of the four was accused of computer-related activity and suffered from aspergus. Those 97 computers he hacked into across 13 months shut down a network of 2,000 computers in Washington for mputers in Washington for 24 hours. A quick look at the other stories. An Italian court is preparing for a third day of hearings in the case of the capsized Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia. The court heard that the captain had ample opportunity to manoeuvre the vessel to safety. uvre the vessel to safety. 32 died in January. Lawyers for some survivors are blaming the company, alleging negligence. Families of the 96 Liverpool Club fans who died in the Hillsborough disaster have welcomeed plans for fresh inquests. A damning report last month found police altered 160 witness statements to deflect blame. British Attorney-General, Dominic Grevae, said every death should be considered afresh. The body of King Norodom Sihanouk has been taken by motorcade on route to Cambodia. Mourners paid their respects. 89-year-old Sihanouk died of a heart attack on Monday. An 11th-hour agreement saveed the owners of Channel Nine from administrators. In a major deal, Nine Entertainment will be debt free but largely controlled by but largely controlled by two American hedge funds. A day after the meeting began, and the birth of his first son overnight, Nine Boss, David Gyngell, emerged from the marathon talks a happy man.We got a deal. Channel Nine is back.$3.3 billion of debt wiped from its books. Nine was saved from administration.We've never had a more powerful balance sheet. We're ready to rock and roll for next year.Analysts say it gives Nine more fire power.It puts Nine in a trifk position to compete, acquire new programs, to operate more profitably.It secures its billion-dollar deal with the NRL ahead of negotiations to renew the cricket broadcast rights. Thafrpblgts is due to be renewed at the end of the current cricket season. Nine can will in a stronger position.For the hedge funds it means a switch from looking to get returns from debt to equity. It is understood the equity. It is understood the deal means Nine's lender also be its owners. Goldman Sachs will require 4.5%.

As Network Ten looked on, it had its own fresh problems to deal with. Ten shares slumped to a record low today as $145 million sale of its iCorp advertising business fell through. The Nine deal will force it along with Seven to reconsider their own debt levels. You may find, for instance n the case of Ten, that with people like Murdoch and Gordon as major shareholders, Gina major shareholders, Gina Rinehart there on the board, moves to privatise Ten can't be fully discounted at this point. Ten will unveil its full-year results tomorrow.

You're watching World News Australia. Coming up - calls for urgent action following a spike in HIV rates. Shortly Australia's Bosnian community reacts to the defiant testimony of accused war criminal, Radovan Karadzic. And later a British novelist captures her second Booker Prize.

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There are calls for a rethink on HIV prevention strategies because of a dramatic increase in the number of infections. They have risen to their highest in 20 years prompting demands for better tests and improved treatments. 12 years after he bounced his way to aville ser medal at the Sydney Olympics, JaiWallace spoke of a positive HIV test.I wasn't scared I would die, but scared people would treat me different. I was worrieds and family wouldn't accept me. A national AIDS conference heard he is one of 1100 Australians diagnosed last year. It's an increase of more than 8% in the number of new cases. We need a new national strategy. Under what's dubbed "the Melbourne declaration", health groups called for changes to HIV strategies, including the introduction of preventive treatment and rapid testing.We think that will make a difference in encouraging particularly gay men, people at risk.The latest statistics are a surprise and wake-up call. The figures put in serious doubt Australia's ability to comply with last year's United Nations Declaration which commits countries to a 50 per cent reduction in HIV sexual transmissions by 2015. On the current trends, it could be quite the reverse. We may not achieve that and continue to have rises unless there are actions, actions by the Commonwealth Government, actions by the State and Terrys and by community, to really turn this around.There are concerns about drug abuse and HIV in indigenous communities.About 16% of people who are acquiring HIV, are Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islanders do so injecting drug use. In the general population it is 2%. There is positive news on the research front. Melbourne scientists developed cow's milk that can defend human cells. To other stories in the news around the country - thousands of passengers had their flights delayed at Melbourne Airport was a security breach shut down the International Departures Area. Management refused to detail the breach but there was no risk to public safety. After two-hour disruptions, airport operations reseemed. -- resumed. A Victorian taxi company sparked controversy by hiring private security guards to protect drivers. 13 Cabs will employ three trieinger teams to respond to distress on Friday and Saturday. Senior police have cautiously supported the move but there are fears it could promote vigilantes. The Australia-China Business Council put on a lavish dinner in Perth to celebrate 40 years of diplomatic relation40 years of diplomatic relations. More than 1,000 guests, mostly from the mining industry, turned out to celebrate the milestone. A Senate estimates committee heard Fair Work Australia spent more than $1.7 million on external advice as part of the investigations into Craig Thomson and his former union. A large team of lawyers was assembled to defend the sexual harassment claim by James Ashby. The Government amassed a small army of solicitors for its legal battle with James Ashby - all up, 17 lawyers were involved.I have never heard in my association with the AGS that number of lawyers in a Commonwealth case. That is extraordinary.I agree.Why?This was a significant matter. The Government's legal costs are at least $730,000, but it settled with James Ashby for $50,000.It shows that the Government that voted every possible -- devoted every possible resource to ensure Slipper and Ashby's case did not see the light of day.Last night a comaitty couldn't question any of the 17 lawyers. They were banned from giving evidence.AGS lawyers are not voluntarily made available by AG SFOR questioning.I'm not asking you to volunteer them. I took the trouble to write to you to tell you witnesss are required. Instead a lawyer had to whisper advice to those allowed to give evidence. The Opposition wasn't impressed. It's becoming a little bit of a farce, don't you think? But the committee learned the Commonwealth made three offers of settlement to Mr Ashby. First no money, then a $15,000 offer before they settled for $50,000. Taxpayers have been digging deep for the investigation into Craig Thomson. Fair Work Australia spent more than $1.7 million on external advice for the case. A Senate committee has been told that since 2009 it spent $1.3 million on legal advice. The bill doesn't include the costs of suing Craig Thompson in the court.I've mpson in the court.I've been given estimates. The way these things play out...I accept this is like asking how long a piece of string is.The first hearing will be in December. Dutch police are hunting thieves who stole seven paintings from a Rotterdam museum, which include works by Picasso and Matisse worth hundreds of millions. Authorities have not explained how the heist was pulled off but say the thief appeared to be well-prepared T works belong to a private clek that was being shown for the first time.

Mr More on the US debate. SBS's Senior Correspondent, Brian Thompson, spent time talking to the movers and shakeers of US politics, seeking their views on who won. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so, too, success. You join us in the Spin Room after the debate. The candidates, spruikers, behiepbld us, trying to tell the media that their man won. A short time ago I spoke to Florida Congresswoman, Debbie Wossurman- Shultz. She was in in no doubt President Obama won. Why would wroi say he won?I think he decisively won this debate because he talked clearly to cause he talked clearly to the American people who are, most of the questions were the economy and jobs, that's the most important issue for voters. President Obama made the case about how far he brought us and acknowledging we have a ways to go, but 31 straight months of job growth in the private sector. We need to focus on reducing taxes for the middle-class and working families, making sure when it comes to economic equity for women that women get equal pay for equal work; when it comes to health care, if you don't have your health, you don't have anything, we continue to make sure insurance companies can't drop us companies can't drop us or deny us coverage for preexisting conditions and we don't need to go backward to failed policies that Romney would take us back to that crashed the economy. Well, even Republicans are conceding that President Obama had a better night tonight. A short time ago I spoke to former Pennsylvania Governor and former Homeland Security Secretary, Tom Ridge. Why do you think your man won?I think the President of the United States for whom we have a lot of great respect didn't articulate a new and better way. It's the same vision for the next four years. It's that vision that had the deficit going up 50%. And it will double in four with his budgets. It's the same vision that has more unemploy, not less t same vision that has less income in people's pockets, and the same one that means health care cost also go up instead of down. Governor Romney talked about ernor Romney talked about a specific plan and how he was prepared to deal with the economy. He talked about his experience. The first four years are not supposed to be on the job training. The President talked about his next four years, he will deal with the deficit, deal with energy, but deal with energy, but Mr President, you had four years. ent, you had four years. Time is over. These old ideas don't work. More taxes, greater involvement, it's not the way to empower people to create jobs.Who do believe? President Obama supporters certainly believe he put in a stronger performance tonight. The sort of performance that they wanted to see in Denver two weeks ago, but a strong performance, too, from Governor Romney. Both men still very much in this race for the Presidency. Anticipation is building for the third and final debate. Go to the website to find out more analysis. There's a behind the scenes of the debate as well. As we reported, former Bosnian Serb leader, Radovan Karadzic has cast himself as a tolerant man who tried to prevent the bloody Bosnian conflict. An estimated 100,000 people died in the 90s to in what's referred to widely as genocide. Over the past 20 years, 38,000 Bosnian Serbs and Serbs are thought to have settled here.

This man has written widely on the impact of what he calls genocide and he is in Australia. He recently visited the places where Radovan Karadzic's army allegedly killed non--Serb civilians. In his book, 'Places of Pain 'come, he does not doubt the key role of Karadzic and he is not surprised by his defence. I know he is known for being a notorious liar as well. He repeated some of the old lies. For example, those relating to massacres, in Sarajevo, when scores were killed queueing for bread. Of course, these massacres were caused by shells fired by his artillery.It's taken 17 years to get Karadzic to trial in The Hague. Many in the Australian bossian community are relieved it's happening. His Bosnian ning. His Bosnian Serb forces have been accused of ruthlessly working to oust Muslims and corrosions from regions claimed to be Serbian. Widely referred to as ethnic cleansing. We have a paradox call situation in that most of the victims of his crimes apbldz atrocities are wishing him good health. They don't want to see him suffer the same fate as Milosevic, to die in the trial. They want to see the final verdict issued. Thousands of Bosnian Serbs fled to Australia in that time. Many witnessed the murder of family members. Some in the Australian Serbian community still have faith in their former leader and don't trust the tribunal in The Hague. The Hague, it's politically- motivated as an institution because the framework and the judicial framework and processes that underpin The Hague would not be accepted by any country that has a mature judicial system, such as Australia. If that is the case, and it is with The Hague, then we cannot expect anything but a political but a political outcome.Both sides of this bloody conflict will have to wait until 2014 to find out if their former leader is guilty of genocide and war crimes.

The former Bosnian Serb Army Commander, Mladic, is also on trial at The Hague. On to happier news. Hilary Mantel has become the first woman and first British author to win the prestigious Man Booker Prize twice. She won for her novel, 'Bring Up The Bodies' the second instalment in a planned trilogy about the life of Thomas Cromwell. The winner of the 2012 Man Booker Prize for Fiction is 'Bring Up The Bodies' by s 'Bring Up The Bodies' by Hilary Mantel. An historic moment. Hilary Mantel is the first woman and first British writer to have won the prize twice. Ship's the first to do so with a sequel.Well, I don't know. (LAUGHTER) You wait 20 years for a Booker Prize... (LAUGHTER)Two come along at once. (LAUGHTER) This book follows on from Hilary Mantel's 2009 novel. Continuing Thomas Cromwell's story of life in Henry VII's Court. We judged six extraordinary proses and the finest piece of prose offered to us was 'Bring Out The Bodies' written by arguably our greatest modern English writer. The book had stiff competition, not least from 'Umbrella' which was some bookies' favourites. Last year they looked for readability and a notion that this year's panel seems to have abandoned. This book has an opening sentence that is six-and-a-half pages long and this one... Has no chapters and very few paragraphs the entire text. Some would say it's about unreadability but they are really rewarding novels, the sort of ones if you stick with them, you have your world horizons enlarged. 'Bring Up The Bodiessome' is the second part of her trilogy. Could it be when the next book comes out it is also awarded the prize, making her the first author ever to win three times. It could happen. The book focuses on the period when Thomas Comwell's dirty work allowed Henry VIII's sonless second wife Ann Bolyn's second wife beheaded for -- beheaded for treason. Archie Thompson scored an important goal to complete a stunning Socceroos' comeback. And Korean sensation, Psy, brings 'Gangnam

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More business news now. Rupert Murdoch survived another bid to oust him as News Corporation chairman. Shareholders re-elected he and his sons to the board despite pension and investment funds opposing his dual role as CEO.

The Australian dollar rose in line with improved investor confidence.

Also today, Queensland Regional Clek tristy Supplier says they will axe 500 jobs. The positions to go include permanent fulltime and contract positions. They provide power to 97% of regional Queensland. Sport now with Mike Tomalaris. The Socceroos won, but a big sigh of relief? A great escape. Good evening. It was anything but easy. Thanks to Tim Cahill and Thompson's late heroics the Socceroos are placed in second spot behind Japan. It looked so different when Iraq took the lead against the run of play.

After a week-long training camp the Socceroos lined up in Qatar determined to put right the wrongs of last month's loss to Jordan.

The captain wound back the years with a surging run and Tim Cahill put the visitors in front.

The Socceroos captain was booked. He will miss the next match. Iraq took a 77th minute lead.

Cahill powered home a header. He handed the visitors a lifeline. Then Archie Thompson drove home a hit.

It's back in our hands again. We've taken the pressure off ourselves a little bit so far as everybody thinking it's do or die.I have to give credit to the entire team and never -- they never let themselves down. They fought back and they never gave in. They showed the true Aussie spirit. showed the true Aussie spirit. With the halfway point of the campaign t clouds of doubt have started to lift. Australia next face Oman in March without the suspended Neill and Valeri safe that there are no more trips to the Middle East.

If you mised the match this morning a replay will be screened.

Meanwhile there was a host of other World Cup qualifiers around the globe with an eight-goal thriller in Berlin -goal thriller in Berlin wh Sweden shared the spoils against n shared the spoils against Germany. Spain was held to any. Spain was held to a draw at home to France.

This was a game of incredible contrasts. Germany and Sweden have a rich football history between the two nations, but the result was seemingly all be over within the opening half ver within the opening half hour. A double from Miroslav Klose was followed by a third from Per Metesacker. When Mezut Ozil extended Germany's t Ozil extended Germany's lead to four, it seemed the full-time whistle wouldn't come quickly enough. Rather than raise the white flag, somehow the Swedes produced a remarkable comeback. Three goals within the Three goals within the space of 15 minutes kept Sweden in the hunt. The equaliser arrived in dram circumstances three minutes into time added minutes into time added on.

It's the first time in history Germany has lost a four-goal lead. Spain's incredible run of 24 consecutive wins run of 24 consecutive wins in qualifying matches which date back to 2007 has ended. Sergio Ramos's first-half lead against France was cancelled by a last-minute header from Olivier Giroud. Lionel Messi was in an unstoppable mood for Argentina's road trip to Chile. The 2-1 win keeps Argentina on top of her South America group. A race row erupted in England's Under 21Euro Qualifier against Serbia. Defender Danny Rose gestured monkey noises were made towards him by the crowd before he was sent off. Cycling Australia sacked Matt White from all responsibility after he admitted to dopeing in his time with Lance Armstrong's team between 2001 and 2003. White had already stood down as Orica Greenedge Sports Director and his position as high performance cord they ter was untenable. Cycling Australia sent a clear message.To communicate clearly to our members and the public the stand we take against doping. It was a no brainer. Cycling Australia says the sport's world body has not done enough in the fight against performance- enhancing drugs. The proposed cheats announced -- amnesty has been dropped.

been dropped.
Levi Leiphimer has been sacked by his Quick Step team after admitting to taking banned substan stances. The current Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins has r says he's had enough of answering questions about Lance Armstrong.I think balls to all that. At the end of the day we're in Cam Ben celebrating a success story that isn't biplt built on sand and it will never crumble, not in ten years. That's brilliant. That is something to be celebrated, which is why which're here. His team Sky has adopted a hard line anti-doping approach. Finally, in horse racing, under- fire joky, Damien Oliver won the big race, the 1,000 Guineas at Caulfield.

He lost his ride in the Cox Plate after allegations that he placed a $10,000 bet on a horse in a race where he was riding. He commanded 'Commanding Jewel' to perfection. That's all the day in sport. Coming up - the weather and - inconceivable: theather and - inconceivable: the new landmark turning heads in an English seaside town.

The English seaside resort of Ilfracombe in North Devon is home to a new resident. Naked, heavily pregnant, more than 20 metres tall, and tipping the scales at a whopping 25 tonnes, 'Verity' is already polariseing local opinion. It I'm awe-struck. It is amazing.I thought it was awful. A horl thing to depict Ilfracombe with natural beauty. That's the ultimate ining that beauty, a pregnant woman?No not with half the insides hanging out. It's not nice. The giant bronze sculpture is the work of Ilfracombe's most famous resident, controversial artist, Damien Hirst. Who else? We'll check the forecast now.

Who else? We'll check the forecast
now. The low pressure system will see cloud over the south-west. There are shower clouds over the south- east. Frontal cloud is moving across the Tasman. High pressure means clear skies for most of the country.

A few months ago you might have been forgiven for not having heard of Sy, possibly. If you haven't heard of him, perhaps it's time to ask one of the hundreds of millions who have. In Sydney you may get a chance to ask him. One of the world's biggest pop sensations is in town. He's breaking out the moves. They've brought him fame all around the world. # Woopam gangnam style! All but everyone to Britney to Bangladesh have busted out his moves. Now it appears 'Gangnam style' has infected Sydney.I've been practising.We woke up at quarter to five and came on the bus. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) They all want to catch a glimpse of Psy, arguably the biggest name in pop music right now. To give you an idea of how popular this guy is, and the speed at which he became this popular, he's got one of the most viewed YouTube clips of all time.

There are other big names in that category gri. They took a year, two years maybe to get those clips. He took three months.

His popularity has given rise to a new different kind of tune -- Korean or K-pop.All the way from South Korea. II'm proud to be a Korean. In the last five months or so, it's turned around. Yeah! Yeah, baby. So what is it about this guy? How has he become so famous so quickly? I think it's more about the power of the Internet than the power of any individual song. I mean, it has the hallmarks of everything that catch on. It's cute, it's something that people are not sure what to make of.Australia one in a host of countries he's set to visit. Not that he kept the souvenirs. How is it you managed out of all these people to catch this thing? It managed to slip off someone's hand.My hand! I picked it up. It seems everyone wants to take home a piece of the Psy.

Looked like a lot of fun. Eat your heart out, Hilary Mantel. Check out SBS Pop Asia for more on the visit. Barack Obama has jumped back into the Presidential campaign aggressively challenging Romney in a tense second debate. Many are now calling next week's third and final debate the decider. Julia Gillard was left flat on her face, falling in front of cameras when her heel was stuck in a New Delhi lawn. She wasn't hurt. David Hicks' case against the Australian Government has receiveed a boost. The US Court of Appeal overturned the conviction of another Guantanamo detainee. Members of Australia's Bosnian community dismissed comments from accused war criminal Karadzic who says he should be rewarded for seeking to reduce human suffering. That's the world this Wednesday. Our next bulletin at 10.30. You can go online. Good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Hyna in Kenya...

Every night he likes to come
and sleep on our bed,

play with us

and I think we're his family,
he probably would never leave us.

Shaka in South Africa...

He's my friend since I was three.

And Krao in Canada...

All three of these animals one day
had a unique encounter with a child.

So began a relationship
in which they chose Jack,

Michaela and Neal as their friends.

Kenya's Amboseli National Park,
at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Twelve-year-old Jack lives in
this wilderness with his parents,

who run safaris,
and his sisters Cora and Saska.

His best friend is a male hyena

that Jack has known
ever since he was a cub.

Hyna, as he is called,
lives mostly in the bush,

but he comes to the house regularly
to see Jack's family.

Humans generally fear hyenas,
and often kill them.

But they are actually
quite a timid animal.

In the wild,
their numbers are dwindling.

Good boy, Hyna.

We found him when he was
about a week old.

And his mother was dead,
up in the hills.