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(generated from captions) calf enjoying the harbour view. We had an early maximum of 23 degrees in the city. That is 9 degrees above

A weak trough will bring showers and storms to northern NSW tomorrow and South-East Queensland as a high keeps the rest of the country high. Another trough will trigger a few showers in WA. Capital cities:

Thank you. That is Nine News for this Wednesday. I am Pete over over. From us

Tonight ... An opinion poll puts Universit
pollies in their place. The cre
University of Canberra, takes its Canberr
credentials to Melbourne. And i
Canberra' s coffee craze - how much even
is it worth to the economy? Good Canb
evening, I' m Danielle Post. The h
Canberra Liberals have been dealt a th
huge blow just three days out from t
the election. An opinion poll shows twice
the Chief Minister is more than
twice as popular as Zed Seselja. It bee
s revealed both parties may have T
been running misguided campaigns. twen
This poll gives Katy Gallagher a knew
twenty eight per cent lead. We knew Katy Gallagher was popular, bu t
we were a little taken aback about the magnitude of the lead she has. Territory
A survey of twelve hundred The
Territory voters, commissioned by f
The Canberra Times, has found fifty four per cent prefer Katy Gallagher Le
for Chief Minister. The Opposition cen
Leader - 26 per cent. Fifteen per woul
cent of Liberal voters said they
would prefer the Labor Party leader s
She has a very likeable persona, individua
she' s a very down to earth individual. Constituents were als be
questioned about what issues they an
believe are most important. Health well
and education the clear winners, t
well above rates and jobs. I don' t share the analysis of the Canberr
Times on this. The biggest pol one
is Saturday and that' s the only takin
one that counts. +y Seemingly majo
taking a cue from the poll, both po
major parties announced new health Liberals
policies today. The Canberra mor
Liberals outlining their plan for We'
more surgeries and more beds. li
We' re announcing a war on waiting hundre
lists. In the war chest, two dolla
hundred and twenty four million
dollars for five and a half thousan hun
extra elective surgeries and one an
hundred and thirty beds at Calvary m
and Canberra Hospitals.There was no nurses.
mention of any new doctors or right
nurses. If we get the culture t
right we' ll both attract the staff sta
to Canberra and we' ll retain the still
staff to Canberra. There' s still glaring omissions, there' s n hea
mental health plan, no community children
health plan, no women' s and
children' s beds. Labor promised pae
dedicated child waiting area and Commonwe
paediatric nurse at TCH. The contribu
Commonwealth has promised to dolla
contribute close to six million dollars. This is really respondin to a specific need in the ACT. +y

A street in Mitchell was shut down smo
today - a fire at a car yard sent worke
smoke billowing into the sky. A wh
worker suffered burns in the blaze
which Worksafe ACT is investigating afte
Blackened ruins. What' s left w
after fire ripped through this tiny d
workshop. It was a pretty average of
day until about an hour ago. A bit pas
of excitement. At about quarter tripl
past ten this morning, multiple triple zero calls reported flames a wa
City Car Care Sales.Local workers ha
watched on as three pumpers and an blaze
hazmat crew worked to bring the
blaze under control. Just seen ou q
the window there was all smoke. We going
quickly ran out to see what was do
going on and noticed the shed next outsid
door was on fire. I walked in
outside and all the flames were up from
in the air. They could be seen captu
from kilometres way. Canberrans
capturing the eruption. On arriva vehic
we found the carport and three in
vehicles were well alight. +y Also Th
inside, two drums of recycled oil. f
The heat causing major problems for crac
firefighters. So they were the Ther
cracks and popples we heard. o
There was a small amount of run off oil and water mix that has gone int c
the storm water system. The EP are currently jamming that water supply busine
further down. For many local to
businesses, today was a flash back fir
to last year' s Mitchell chemical -
fire. It wasn' t nearly as dramatic w
- but there was still concern about
what could go wrong. I thought ou factory was going to set on fire. thousan
Damage is estimated at fifty we
thousand dollars Nearby businesses with
were evacuated for several hours r
with power out. At this stage we' ta
re still investigating we haven' t at
talked to all persons concerned so
at this stage we don' t know how it firefigh
s happened. At this stage accide
firefighters believe it was an hi
accident. The worker with burns to Hospital
his hand remains in Canberra Hospital under observation.

Strong wind gusts up to one-hundre Em
kilometres an hour kept ACT State overnigh
Emergency Service crews busy call
overnight. There were thirty-one Melb
calls for help. One household in cras
Melba was woken when a tree came po
crashing down on a shed and nearby s
powerlines - cutting electricity to surrounding homes. Firefighters wer a
also called out, with several fire t
alarms going off around the city at natur
the height of the winds. Mother conditi
nature has delivered a mix of
conditions in the past week. Snow a Viney
Wamboin on Friday, had Lambert t
Vineyard on alert. Fresh buds, just coatin
ten days old, received a heavy this
coating. Under closer inspection the
this week, there was no damage to rele
the vines. CCTV footage has been is
released of the man police believe assaul
is responsible for an indecent appr
assault. Two women say they were wer
approached from behind while they Fri
were walking in the Acton area on repo
Friday night. A third woman also walked
reported being followed as she
walked through the city. The footag Rydges
of the man was taken from the weari
Rydges Lakeside carpark. He was da
wearing a dark coloured hoodie and end
dark pants. After a disappointing Uni
end to negotiations with CIT, the University of Canberra has turned t
another institute. UC is partnerin TAFE
with Australia' s fifth biggest TAFE, based in Victoria. It will se an
degrees offered in both Melbourne and Brisbane. The agreement is th first of it' s kind in Australia. ins
Holmesglen is one of the largest offe
insitutions in the country. They degr
offer at the moment up to twenty has
degrees in their own right. +y UC bra
has announced it will establish a Holmesg
branch campus, located at the will
Holmesglen Institute of TAFE. It Vi
will see eleven courses offered in busine
Victoria from next year in IT, v
business and interior design. We' t
ve actually been doing this kind of fo
thing in China and South East Asia other
for many years as have a lot of
other universities. In a strange wa we' re doing nationally what we' v already been doing internationally hund
The take-up should be several tw
hundred students, growing to about b
two thousand in coming years. The po
business case for this is strongly th
positive. We' ve already developed succes
these programs we deliver them opportu
successfully here. This is an somewhere
opportunity to deliver them af
somewhere else as well. It comes betw
after talks to expand broke down between the ACT Government, UC and Technology.
the Canberra Institute of Adria
Technology. CIT Chief Executive Melbou
Adrian Marron has stressed the fr
Melbourne partnership is from
from those considered in Canberra. c
Mr Marron also said in the current o
climate collaboration with a number h
of partners is a growing trend. CIT agreem
has recently signed an updated Th
agreement with the university. The good will is there and if there intere
s something which is in their Territ
interest, our interest and the ha
Territory' s interest, we' ve been happy to do it.

In this week' s business report we
take a look at Canberra' s lucrativ i
coffee market. Over ten years, the industry has grown by fifty percent It
generating millions of dollars. ove
It' s hot, it' s tasty and taking as
over the Territory. Coffee, as far years
as the eye can see. In recent dr
years the coffee sector' s changed dramatically we' ve gone from coffe bein
being a commodity to coffee now coff
being a speciality Canberra' s coffee market has more than doubled Boutiqu
in size over the past decade. in
Boutique stores, some specialising target
in their own blends and others changing
targeting niche markets, are
changing the landscape -and bringin in the big bucks for the Capital. mo
It would certainly be millions of economy
money for our economy and our mea
economy' s booming from it and it consume
means that not only do we the consumers get a choice of coffee bu empl
it means those coffee shops are Take
employing people form Canberra It
Take for example Coffee Matters 2.
It' s a portable service establishe Ti
four years ago by Suzi Stefanack. Tired of sticking to the constraint mobilise
of a conventional cafe, she the
mobilised, taking her business to fu
the people. It just seemed a bit g
fun and it was just something I was fi
going to take on my own it was the o
first time I actually had something s
on my own as opposed to working for mo
someone else +y It' s a profitable w
model - and one that allows Suzi to Mocan
work when, and where she wants. a
Mocan and Green Grout opened a year ow
ago at New Acton in the city - its
owners haven' t looked back and hav popularity
even had to expand due to precin
popularity. This being a new first
precinct and we were one of the first businesses into the are there
was obviously challenges in that bu cliente
we have a very strong repeat increa
clientele who is local and co
increasingly we' re getting people fo
coming to us as a destination So short
for coffee lovers - there' s no m
shortage of places to purchase that morning buzz.

Coming up next on WIN News ... A hosp
daylight robbery, a man taken to top
hospital. And, ... Which party is edu
top of the class when it comes to This program is not captioned.
education?The message to older wome imp
to have a mammogram is having an impact. Fifty-five per cent of wome who attended BreastScreen Australi betw
were in the target age group of o
between fifty and sixty- nine years in
of age. Participation is highest lowes
in the outer regional areas and canc
lowest in remote areas. Breast affe
cancer is the most common cancer two-thousand-and-
affecting women. In mor
two-thousand-and-eight there were di
more than seven thousand new cases occur
diagnosed. Early intervention sy
occurs when women may not have any can
symptoms and that' s also when we
can detect more small cancers. Smal t
cancers are associated with better survival
treatment options and better survival. The owner of a Dickso for
Indian restaurant has been fined premise
for having cockroaches on the premises. Taj Agra was shut down fo after
six days in February last year b
after health authorities discovered saf
breaches of the Territory' s food he
safety laws. The Magistrates Court
heard associated cleaning costs wer up to twenty-five thousand dollars fift
and the restaurant lost another fifteen thousand in earnings becaus Din
of the closure. Magistrate Peter hu
Dingwall fined the owner eighteen- th
hundred dollars but said damage to the popular restaurant' s reputatio
could well be more onerous than th ha
fine. A lunchtime robbery at Hume has left a man with facial injuries Police were called to Tralee Stree a
yesterday after reports two men in w
a silver BMW had tried to rob a man while he was sitting in his car. On of the offenders, smashed a window money.
with a metal pole and demanded Canber
money. The victim was taken to Canberra Hospital for treatment. Th Mon
duo left at high speed along the bo
Monaro Highway. Two peak education electio
bodies have weighed in on the ca
election debate - producing report
cards for each of the major parties A perfect score was hard to come b - the sector suggesting politician try a little harder. It' s one o Saturda
THE issues that could decide wa
Saturday' s election- and students Incl
want education to sway voters. a
Including CIT, students account for popu
about 20 percent of the Canberra ho
population which when you consider how much coverage student issues ge
on pre- election commitments there s a bit of a misconnect there +y I the build up to the election - bot the
the ANU students association and have
the Parents and Citizens Council majo
have held public forums with the demand
major parties. Outlining their They'
demands and assessing policies. card
They' ve now come up with report c
cards - so who is at the top of the t
class? Labor has to. They' ve put targeted
the most money there in well educatio
targeted programs for public w
education It was very close and poss
we did try to be as objective as
possible but it does look like mayb nos
the Greens edged people out by a wei
nose The student' s association cam
weighed up eight options. When it came to addressing student housing L
the Greens got a B. Both Labor and Liberal scored Cs. Labor won when i Gree
came to access and equity - the re
Greens were graded a B and Liberal s
received a C. Transport was an even wi
score - B' s all round. Students
will be able to look at this and se b
where each party stands on several students
basic issues that represents assess
students Nine key areas were incl
assessed by the P and C council, r
including commitments to the Gonski a
review, school canteens and traffic around schools. An average grade wa scori
awarded - with the Labor party L
scoring a B, a C for the Greens and conc
Liberals third with D. If your
concern is public education you nee to have a look at our score card

Tonight - we start breaking down electi
your electorates, ahead of the
election. Molonglo is the Territory fastest
s largest - and arguably the held
fastest growing. It' s currently Liberal
held by three Labor MLAs, two -
Liberals and two Greens. Molonglo subu
- 108,194 voters, spread over 60 contest
suburbs. Of the 74 candidates vyin
contesting the election - 24 are se
vying for one of Molonglo' s seven I
seats. That' s 14 less than 2008. candidate
I think perhaps independent candidates
candidates and minor party s
candidates are wondering why there' popu
s any bother. Molonglo' s most followe
populated suburb is Ngunnawal by
followed by Narrabundah , followed electorat
by Ainslie . Centres in the mos
electorate' s north have seen the ar
most growth. Policies for families c
are appealing to many: Always the
cost of living - I' ve got a family li
Schools, hospitals, fast rail link between Canberra and Sydney +y much
Aged care. I haven' t seen too much on that at all but particularl s
rates and cost of living, they' re and
still going up. +y Rates, roads families
and rubbish Services for families and particularly intereste big
in the light rail network. The thou
biggest boom is yet to come - 55 f
thousand dwellings have been slated for Molonglo Valley - Wright, Coomb t
and North Weston will be the first demographics
to be built. In terms of south
demographics: The electorate' s p
southern pocket - Weston Creek - is than
popular with families, and, more reside
than a quarter are middle-aged is
residents. Gungahlin' s population la
is younger While the electorate' s
largest suburb, Narrabundah, is mor M
evenly spread. The electorate of Palm
Molonglo has lost the suburbs of t
Palmerston and Crace, they' ve gone Caroline
to Ginninderra. Greens MLA vi
Caroline Le Couteur was a surprise looking
victor in 2008 - the party is L
looking to hang on to its two seats li
Labor' s three current members are -
likely to be re- elected. This year Br
- the Opposition leader' s move to
Brindabella, sees Assembly newcomer Steve Doszpot running in Molonglo. G
I don' t think the fact that Katy
Gallagher sitting in Molonglo prove resu
that there' s going to be a big fact
result in Molonglo for Labor. In the
fact, I think that' s going to be night
their achilles heel on election night.

Achilles heel wasn' t an issue for -
the Bullet Train for Canberra group
- who today laid the foundations fo const
a fast rail link. They started b
construction on what some hope will We
be the network' s first station. track
We' ve decided to lay the first s
tracks of the bullet train at Civic th
station. We' ve been listening for gover
thirty years to politicians and thou
governments talk about it and we actio
thought now' s the time to take it
action and we' re the people to do cand
it. The dedicated Bullet Train pr
candidates are confident work will
progress quickly, despite just thre d
builders on the job. We' ll work campa
day and night as we have on the campaign, so I' d say we' d probabl wil
be finished, Sydney to Canberra, T
will probably take us six months. They' ve also given a preview of ho firs
they' ll celebrate the train' s Gan
first trip. Gangnam Style The thousands
Gangnam Style dance has had t
thousands of hits on the internet - u
the party is hoping it might get to election
use it as a victory dance on w
election day. Of course Greg - we Sat
will be Live in the tally room on lon
Saturday - from 6.30 with an hour 7.30.And
long special presentation at hock
7.30.And relief for our Canberra a
hockey team. They are on board with toda
a win, in the AHL Championships, s
today - that' s next. Plus - Ticket cric
sales booming for the Australian cricket team' s Canberra debut.. This program is not captioned. Manu
cricket team' s Canberra debut..
Manuka Oval is on track to be a sel tea
out, when the Australian Cricket team makes its debut at Manuka Oval t
next year. Less than a week, after Commonwe
tickets went on sale for the Commonwealth Bank Series game - hal snappe
the tickets have already been b
snapped up. The day-night game will Canb
be held on February Six, as part C
Canberra' s centenary celebrations. on
Construction of the lights remains Dece
on schedule, with testing due on t
December 21. The Sherrin is proving i
to be a popular football-of-choice, quick
in New South Wales. Canberra is
quickly becoming the AFL hub for th play
region, with a record number of players. t go past Andrew Dess - - exceed
The numbers are in.The result s
exceeding expectations. The game' know
s in a really good place and you ve
know people are getting exposed to hopefu
very high standard of football impa
hopefully that has a really good going
impact on participation numbers W
going forward. Southern New South
Wales recorded increases in Auskick form-of-the-
School, Club and a new- grow
form-of-the-game.. Our biggest ni
growth has been around our new AFL nines competition, which is a socia increased
format of the game, we' ve twenty-e
increased participation from C
twenty-eleven by ninety per cent. Gian
Canberra' s adopted team the GWS ta
Giants bring plenty of publicity -
taking over the streets when playin at Manuka Oval, four times a year. good
Something they' ve been really communi
good with us, is engaging the activiti
community and a lot of their activities which we' re stoked with prem
GWS will play their first AFL Manu
premiership game under lights at Saint
Manuka, going head to head with
Saint Kilda, in round three. Openin Ai
bounce from 4:40pm. In the NEAFL, Ainslie is confident out-of-contrac star Marcus Crook will re-sign wit Tuggerano
the club. While one of the Davi
Tuggeranong Hawks favourite sons He'
David Smith could be on the move. clubs
He' s in talks with a number of Queanbey
clubs, including Ainslie and wil
Queanbeyan. The reigning premiers will crown their best and fairest o Friday Night. Belconnen will do th pas
same on Saturday. Hard to look Medallist
past Shane Harris, Mulroony
Medallist, this year, but there' s B
few other smokies, I got my eye on Brendan Dess.

The Raiders pack has been boosted, p
with the signing of former Bulldogs agreem
player Jake Foster. A two year f
agreement has been reached, started has
from next season. The 24 year old maki
has only played ten games, since the
making his debut, mid-way through Rai
the twenty-ten season. Meanwhile,
Raiders fans are being encouraged t for
vote for their favourite player, Fullb
for the annual All-Stars clash. Fullback Josh Dugan proves to be th two
popular choice, lining up in the Learoyd-
two previous encounters. Tom playe
Learoyd-Lahrs and Joel Thompson l
played for the indigenous all-stars
last year. The first round of votin ends in mid-December. Only one selected
player from each club can be selected for the fixture, which kic Brisba
starts the new NRL season, in reco
Brisbane, next year.Canberra has Austra
recorded its first win, at the Championship
Australian Hockey League afterno
Championships at Lyneham this dif
afternoon. Three goals proved the Terri
difference against the Northern fin
Territory, as Canberra aims for a backy
finals appearance, in their own bes
backyard. Canberra recorded its Australia
best result at last year' s
Australian Hockey League Tournament on
There' s plenty of talk off field on how each state and territory wil generally
go. The Hockey Community k
generally is pretty tight, so we do and
know each other from other states socia
and there is a bit of banter on it
social media, so it' s good, keeps s
it interesting. Jokes-a-side, it'
s on with the job, as Canberra look fou
to improve from last years equal o
fourth place. Western Australia one of the top teams to overcome. Lot of good players there, ah Queendlan ele
is basically, they' re the world eleven for Australia, so lot of guy Victori
play there, New South Wales, +y
Victoria certainly strong as well.
+y The two week tournament is taxin w
- fitness and recovery vital. So i
we' re looking at about seven games schedul
in nine days, so pretty touch top-rank
schedule. Players form the ar
top-ranked Kookaburras are running gre
around, including Glenn Turner. A like
great chance for younger players lea
like Goulburn' s Aaron Kershaw to the
learn from the best. He' s been obviousl
there, he' s experienced it, Ja
obviously any key you can get from
Jamie Dwyer you' d take it on board footstep
In a bid to follow in his junior
footsteps. Goal is I' ve got i
junior world cup around the corner, currentl
in December, so in the squad g
currently so hopefully keep getting jus
good results to make the team and wil
just start from there. Canberra al
will battle to keep their campaign Ho
alive, when they meet the Southern Hopeful
Hotshots from 7pm tomorrow. finals
Hopefully get into the four at anythin
finals tie and as with finals anything can happen.

The pollen is dying down - stunnin conditions in Canberra. The weathe forecast is next. This program is not captioned. Have you stopped taking your
cholesterol-lowering medication? You could be at risk
of a heart attack or a stroke.

Don't leave it too late. Make an appointment today
to go back to your doctor.

This program is not captioned.

forecast is next. A sunny and mild Capit
day in the region today, In the a
Capital, the mercury hit twenty-one n
after nine degrees overnight. Right o
now it' s clear and sixteen degrees
outside. On the Southern Tablelands twent
Goulburn was partly cloudy and digit
twenty , Yass maintained double ninete
digits, with ten overnight and Queanb
nineteen today, Twenty-one for the
Queanbeyan and Braidwood. Over to ,
the coast, Nowra reached twenty-one and
, Nineteen for Ulladulla, the Bay of
and Moruya Heads, Bega with a high Coo
of twenty-three . To the Snowies, o
Cooma, a top of nineteen , freezing Thredb
overnight in both Perisher and Look
Thredbo, and fifteen in Bombala. Pat
Looking at the satellite picture, north
Patchy cloud is developing over
northeastern NSW with a low pressur pos
trough, bringing with it the odd possible shower. To the chart, Clou so
is thinning out over the state' s wil
southeast as a high builds, which rela
will keep the rest of the region f
relatively clear. On to tomorrow' s w
forecast, Cloudy on the coast, Bega s
will hit twenty-three degrees after tw
seven tonight, Moruya Heads to top
twenty , Bateman' s Bay twenty-two Ullad
twenty-one the top tomorrow in Nowra.
Ulladulla, and twenty-three in Bra
Nowra. Looking to the tablelands, ,
Braidwood will see a high of twenty three
, Queanbeyan twenty-three after a
three tonight, twenty-four in Yass, t
and twenty-two in Goulburn. Over to eighte
the Alps now, Bombala a top of tonig
eighteen , Perisher and Thredbo bet
tonight, minus one , tops ranging
between and thirteen . with Comma t nat
reach twenty-one degrees. To the much
nation' s capital, A cloudy day, much like most of the region, with twe
low of three tonight followed by da
twenty-three tomorrow. To the five fo
day forecast, A warm day predicted into
for Saturday with rain to follow t
into Sunday and Monday. And that' s
the WIN News hour for this Wednesda Post.....thanks
night. I' m Danielle Good
Post.....thanks for your company Good night.

This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw, welcome to ACA. We begin tonight with a dramatic development in the feud between Warwick Capper and his former manager. Martin King has this report.

former manager. Martin King has
this report. You're under arrest. For obtaining property by deception. He stole my Lamboghini and jetski worth more than a quarter of a million-dollars.It's got the lot. The missing flashy car, the ever present flashyer females - a faded former footy star.How much is the deal worth? Never you mind. We will