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Two dead in E Timor violence -

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There has been another outbreak of violence in East Timor with at least two people confirmed dead.


Well, to the region now: East Timor's capital, Dilli, remains tense tonight after two days of
violence. Fighting between rival groups erupted near Dilli Airport this morning. The airport was
closed and roads to the city were blocked. The United Nations says hundreds of people were involved
in the violence in and around this refugee camp. Two people were killed and several others were
taken to hospitals with injuries.

ADRIAN EDWARDS: It's probably the most serious of the events seen over the past years here, and
here the numbers involved, which are in the several hundreds or so, in reports, I think does seem
to be quite high.

TONY JONES: Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs has issued a travel advisory warning
Australians to exercise extreme caution in East Timor.