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Former Tas ministers face court on conspiracy -

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Reporter: Tony Jones

Two former Tasmanian Government ministers and a current ministerial adviser have appeared in the
Hobart Magistrates Court on conspiracy charges.


TONY JONES: Meanwhile, two former senior ministers of the Tasmanian Government appeared in court
today, charged over alleged corrupt dealings with the State's builders' accreditation body. Former
deputy premier, Brian Green, and former health minister, John White, who was a senior adviser to Mr
Green, faced the Hobart magistrate charged with conspiracy. Mr Green was Deputy Premier for less
than six months before standing down over the allegations, but there was speculation he might not
be charged, following his resignation.

PAUL LENNON: Obviously it's not a good day for the Government, but we're at this point today
because I referred these matters to the Director of Public Prosecutions myself.

WILL HODGMAN: I find it ironic, and indeed perverse, that today he is trying to point to Brian
Green's predicament as an example of his strong leadership. It's anything but.

TONY JONES: Mr White pleaded not guilty today. Mr Green and his former adviser were not required to
enter a plea.