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Vanstone won't be sacked: PM -

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(generated from captions) A report by former Victorian Police Commissioner Neil Comrie described the Immigration Department's handling of the case as catastrophic. The Opposition is calling for a Royal Commission and the sacking of Amanda Vanstone. It is also critical of the role played by the Department of Foreign Affairs. The inquiry expressed concerns about the Department's failure to take action despite having information about Ms Alvarez Solon's whereabouts. The Government's own inquiry says that Mr Downer's department didn't even bother to lift a finger to look after the interests of an Australian citizen who had been illegally deported

when they knew that's what had happened. The Commonwealth Ombudsman gave a blunt assessment of the Alvarez report. Yes, I think you'd have to say it's probably about the most damning report that's been prepared. But, it may not be the last. Immigration officials have been put on notice. The Government wants to know the full scale of problems within the department. As a result,

the Ombudsman is investigating more than 200 other cases of possible wrongful detention. In some cases the detention was less than a day. In one case, though, it was up to 1272 days. The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission is calling on the Government

to make sure adequate safeguards are put in place. The Commission is worried about the safety of people who are deported and face danger in their home country. What we're saying is, there ought to be some mechanism which is compellable and in the legislation that would enable that sort of case to be dealt with. Refugee advocates are demanding widespread change within the Immigration Department. They say the department has developed a culture of cruelty, cover up and denial. I have been reduced to tears many times by the cruelty of the officers of the Department of Immigration. It absolutely defies belief that people can be that cruel to another human being.

The Ombudsman's office has announced it will carry out regular audits of the Immigration Department to make sure the Alvarez case is never repeated. The Government is left to deal with the political damage. But the PM is determined that there won't be any ministerial casualties. Sally Sara, Lateline. As we've heard, the Treasurer's challenge to Australian bosses and workers to adapt to meet the growing competition from China comes ahead of an announcement this Sunday which will detail the Coalition's planned changes to the nation's industrial framework. The Government is keen to generate public support but already there's mounting concern

about how the new laws will affect Australian families. Family First senator Steve Fielding had a rude rebuff this week when his request for an inquiry along these lines was rejected. But there will be plenty of pressure on other fronts. There's more than enough evidence that Australia's culture of long hours is eating away at family life and having an adverse effect on the lives of children. In a new book, Professor Fiona Stanley examines the paradox of our immensely prosperous economy