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NY boosts security following terror threat -

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(generated from captions) from various intelligence sources. City officials won't confirm it, the threat originated in Iraq. but one US network reported in a US sweep like this one. After being picked up apparently spoke about a plot a suspected insurgent onto the New York subway. to carry briefcase bombs apparently downplayed the threat, Senior intelligence officials have but some security analysts say to take any chances. the city can't afford because it's a very specific threat They have to take this seriously to be a terrorist and it's from someone who we know and who was captured in Iraq. It may only be coincidence, in New York but the timing of the security alert for the US President. couldn't have been better It came as George W. Bush - again - for the war in Iraq. tried to reverse a slide in support the President says, If the US were to pull out now, could be lost. the so-called 'war on terror' controlling one country The militants believe that will rally the Muslim masses, moderate governments in the region, enabling them to overthrow all a radical Islamic empire and establish that spans from Spain to Indonesia. in Iraq Despite an ongoing insurgency the President's approval ratings, that continues to drag down to remember progress is being made. the White House says its important and our partners Overall, the United States al-Qaeda terrorist plots have disrupted at least 10 serious

since September 11, to attack inside the United States. including three al-Qaeda plots president's positive message. But Democrats aren't buying the the President's actions I do not believe that on the war in Iraq and his mismanagement have made America safer. front and centre in London. The war in Iraq was also at his side, With the Iraqi President wasn't backing down British Prime Minister Tony Blair helping arm insurgents, over claims Iran has been multinational forces. providing weapons used in attacks of the UN-backed Iraqi Government. We're there with the support or any other country, There is no justification for Iran, interfering in Iraq. With the bloodshed going on, on a draft constitution next week, with Iraqis preparing to vote the stakes are as high as ever. Norman Hermant, Lateline. in the Bali Nine drug case, In a new twist

have initiated legal action two of the accused Federal Police. against the Australian and Scott Rush Lawyers for Renee Lawrence Police acted illegally claim the Australian Federal to Indonesian authorities by handing information

a potential death penalty. because the alleged crimes carry Scott Rush's father, Lee, also claims that after he told federal officers to commit a crime, his son may have gone to Bali informed he was under surveillance he was assured Scott would be

committing an offence. to prevent him accused of smuggling heroin The trial of the nine Australians begins in Bali next week. Peter Costello, The Federal Treasurer, of rising oil prices on inflation, has raised concerns about the impact to the Australian economy. saying it's the greatest threat

Mr Costello says reforms are critical, that's why industrial relations release long-awaited details indicating that the government will this weekend. of its proposed IR changes of the inflationary threat Mr Costello's assessment

to that of the Prime Minister, differs radically posed by oil prices. who today played down the risk Rachel Carbonell reports. on top of the economic agenda Inflation has been in the United States this week, sparking a slump on Wall Street to the Australian share market. which flowed through

has performed more strongly The Australian share market

any other share market than just about to make comparisons. with which it's fair that would not be surprising. So if there were some adjustment,