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Latham call goes unheeded -

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(generated from captions) processes of reform and engagement. talking about bottom-upwards I think you've really you're up and down, you're better off moving aside out and neighbourhood level. to do it properly at community speech at Melbourne University The former opposition leader's this week laid out a 10-point plan their community, for young people to engage with rather than join a political party. and there's no response You can do things of your reform. and it negates the whole purpose the core of the problem You need to go to

in the long term. and see if that can be reflected Which is what I'm saying is

from 11 years in the Parliament. my bottom-line conclusion Mr Latham cites attacks and the loss of privacy, the impact on family, personal plus the rise of machine politics, from running for parliament as discouraging young idealists from the other side of the house, but former parliamentary colleagues, says more about him say Mr Latham's negative manifesto Australia's political system. than it does about Of the things that he's said of a whole variety of people, to impugn and damage the reputation arguably the most damaging is that you can't make a difference. to suggest to young Australians that I continually have One of the concerns they're being forced to adopt values is that young people feel they think they're going to get, for the world the world they actually want. rather than adopt ones for of aspiring politicians. Universities are a key nursery of student politics The rough-and-tumble aspirations, makes or breaks parliamentary to avoid party politics but Mr Latham's call hasn't had much of an impact march to political representation. on those at the start of the long a very sad thing I think it would be the government because the quality of the people involved in it is only going to be as good as involved for the right reasons, and if you lose the people getting

Australia a better place, who want to help people make are the hacks and the crooks. then all you've got left his message But at the same time, within both political parties that the less savoury elements anyway - have a pretty significant ascendancy it's not a message you can ignore. experience with the party system. I understand that he's had a bad experience with the opposition. I understand he's had a bad meaningful change But that way in which you achieve to get involved. is to drive more people Brendon Nelson, senior parliamentarians, like many in the current crop of in student activism. whet his appetite for politics is an essential qualification He maintains that idealism entering politics. for anyone thinking of to nurture it all the time, Protect your idealism, you can make difference to constantly believe in this country because there are people and existential despair, who live lives of quiet desperation who are relying on idealists who hopefully have that idealism to make a practical difference. coupled to the capacity by saying Mark sort of pre-empted this at the university, if he met a 22-year-old "What was this tosser on about?" they'd say, I wouldn't say that to Mark. institutions he's talking about I think what I'd say is that these politics, representative democracy, when he's talking about government young people getting involved in it, that they are strengthened by strengthened by the organisations. by bureaucracy Young people aren't daunted they get involved, and I think the more the better we can have a democracy, the better the party operates. the lacerating 'Latham Diaries' As the impact of from the body politic, slowly begins to fade may have fallen on deaf ears. his advice to young idealists Hamish Fitzsimmons, Lateline. telling a Senate committee overnight Despite US military commanders will be secure enough that they hope Iraq next year, to begin withdrawing troops continues. violence in the war-torn country to the north and south of Baghdad Separate bombings 100 people in the past 24 hours. have claimed the lives of more than In the most recent attack, at least 10 people were killed in a vegetable market when a car bomb exploded in the town of Hillah, 100 kilometres south of the capital. The blast comes bombers blew themselves up just a day after three suicide in a marketplace in central Iraq. within minutes of each other Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, The al-Qaeda leader in Iraq, the majority Shi'ite population declared all-out war on two weeks ago referendum on Iraq's constitution, in an attempt to wreck the to be held on October 15.