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US gets new chief justice -

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(generated from captions) President Bush still has to nominate a replacement for retiring justice Sandra Day O'Connor, a choice which may prove to be more controversial. Earlier this week, Mark Latham made his only public appearance to promote his diaries, outlining to a Melbourne University gathering 10 reasons why young idealists should be discouraged from running for parliament. The former Labor leader argued people should engage with their local communities rather than the party system, which he says is corrupt and dominated by insiders. But his call seems to be going unheeded in the thick of student politics. And former political opponents say Mr Latham's comments reveals more about him than Australia's political system. The Latham Manifesto - whatever you do, don't join a major political party if you want change. But I really think it's a bottom-upwards process. That's what I'm saying - I spent a lot of time in the top-down system