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Water reactors not part of N Korea nuclear ag -

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(generated from captions) other parties are not happy.

TRANSLATION: At the conclusion of

the six-party talks, Dell greats

expressed their intention to acress

the light water nuclear reactor

issue only after North Korea had

returns to the nuclear

non-proliferation treaty and the

IAEA. In view of this, North

comments are unacceptable. Cautious IAEA. In view of this, North Korea's

optimism had greeted North Korea's

decision yesterday to dismantle its

three nuclear weapons and programs. After

three years of ABCTUE÷dip loem nuclear weapons and programs. After

circumstances it seemed there was a

breakthrough. North Korea has

agreements in the past. And we must breakthrough. North Korea has broken

therefore be cautious. But, after a

lot of discussion, this is a very

positive development. What we have

said is great. That's a wonderful

step forward. But now we've got to

verify whether or not that happens.

But now there may not be any

verification required. The US says

North Korea's statement could be

bluster and it will wait to see

what the next few weeks bring.

experts believe it's a sign of what the next few weeks bring. Some

what's to come. TRANSLATION: North

Korea has no intention of

nuclear weapons. That is because Korea has no intention of abandoning

they are economically bankrupt and

militarily very weak and need a

bargaining chip stronger than their

actual intraent. In last than 24

hours New York has undermined its

nuclear deal. It's showing how

difficult a nation it is to

negotiate with. Another round of

six-naiths talks is scheduled for

November in Beijing. TRANSLATION:

The meaning of the Beijing

is important but rather than anl The meaning of the Beijing agreement

idesing the meaning what follow-up

measures will be taken is more

important. China has called for all

sides in the talks to stick to

commitments. It believes sides in the talks to stick to their

joint agreement is not dead, at commitments. It believes yesterday's

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