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Ponting defends leadership -

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(generated from captions) What were your thoughts on the way home? I think the thoughts were the same as when the last ball was bowled

on that Test match. It's obviously a disappointing result for us, taking nothing away from England, in today's "West Austrailan" And fast-bowling legend Dennis Lillee's comments in today's "West Austrailan" ensured a none-too-smooth landing for Ricky Ponting's return. In his column for the paper, Lillee suggested the team would be better led by Shane Warne.

Getting into Sydney this evening, no-one had told Ponting about the comments before his press conference. I'm not concerned about those things. I can't worry about them, I can't focus on them.

As long as I'm doing the right thing in the dressing room with my team. Ponting was also asked about Lillee's comments

that Shane Warne was already the team's psuedo-captain. I like to talk to a lot of the guys out on the field. I'll go to Gilly a lot as well,

The way I think is not always

going to be right all of the time,

but that's the way I do it.

Shane has got a good a contribute

mind as anyone around. You

mind as anyone around. You wouldn't agree he's the psuedo cricket

captain? No, I wouldn't. And the team's senior players rallied around their captain. How do you feel about the comment Shane ought to be captain? Where have they come from? Dennis Lillee, sorry. Is it?

Umm. Well, Ricky's still got my full support. Shane's got a great cricket brain, just look at what he's done for Hhampshire. As captain and across everything else, so he would definitely do a good job, but at the moment Ricky's got my full support. I'd be really disappointed

if this turns into some sort of public slanging match over who should or shouldn't be leading the team.

Ricky's been an outstanding captain up to this point On a stopover in Singapore, the team saw video of the final Test.

agree he's the psuedo cricket captain? No, I wouldn't. Scenes

that proved too much for at least

one fast bowler. I saw bits and

pieces of it. I tried not to watch

it. But, yeah, at the end of the

it. But, yeah, at the end of the day they played some pretty dent

contribute, so, you know, they are

celebrating at the moment and they

probably deserve it. The team will take a week off before starting training for next month's super series. To the markets now.

Now to the weather.