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Fuel prices put brakes on charities -

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(generated from captions) over the couple of days from a lot of services was that they're finding it mush more difficult to attract new volunteers when they talk about the level of reimbursement they get for the use of their cars. People on the ground are seeing the effects of the price hikes. Seeing that most volunteers are like myself -

pensioners on a fixed income - it certainly has an impact and if anything goes up, it certainly it does have an impact. But regional areas are, as usual, feeling the pinch even more acutely. Outside towns and cities, Meals on Wheels volunteers often travel long distances to deliver just one meal. Now, the organisation is looking at reviewing its budget structure to cope with the extra costs.

Some of our volunteers, not just in our area, but the region are covering territories in rural areas 75km, some even 100km, to do one run with the reimbursement of maybe $5-$15 to cover their petrol. This may mean for some of them

that they're dippping into their own pockets to cover that expense.

NSW Meals on Wheels has intiated talks with the State Government It's incredibly frustrating because our client base gets bigger and bigger and I know in the future its going to really be difficult for us. Stephanie Harris runs Echo Neighbour Aid Service in Sydney's eastern suburbs. It caters to people with disablities - those who are housebound or have no-one to take them out of the house. I'm concerned that eventually the price of petrol

We use our own cars and we don't have any funding from the Government to to have cars, We use our own cars and we don't have any funding from the Government to to have cars, it's becoming very expensive for us to go out and do our home assessments, to do crisis work with our clients.

Charity organisations which rely on volunteers using their cars hope they can hold out until petrol prices fall or they say they'll have to find more funding to keep services going at their current levels.

Hamish Fitzsimmons, Lateline. In Jakarta, a second Islamic militant has been sentenced to death over last year's Australian embassy bombing. Ahmad Hasan was found guilty of helping to build the bomb which killed 12 Indonesians and also of helping to plot the attack.

Yesterday the same court handed down a death sentence to the militant known as "Rois". He was described as the field co-ordinator behind last September's suicide bombing. In New York, the Prime Minister has expressed his disappointment at a watered down deal on UN reform. He says it's weak on terrorism and, like the curate's egg, is good in parts and bad in parts.

The UN Secretary-General announced a dramatic last-minute deal as 150 of the world's prime ministers and presidents

arrived at UN headquarters for their historic summit.