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Gaza withdrawal deadline looms -

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(generated from captions) Iran could send them even higher by simply turning off the taps. I really would consider that it would be best for Europe to think twice before moving towards any action that would be deemed to be coercive because that would be a course of action that would end in a situation where everybody would lose. Washington and Tehran aren't just staring each other down over Iran's nuclear ambitions. The US has been talking loudly in recent days about the Iranian links to the insurgency in Iraq. The Pentagon says large numbers of weapons from Iran are making their way into insurgent hands. You only know what you know. It's a big border and it's notably unhelpful for the Iranians to be allowing weapons of those types to cross the border. Whether its the war in Iraq or the latest nuclear showdown, the US and Iran appear to be on a collision course. Norman Hermant, Lateline. Well, with Israel's deadline for its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip now just days away the exodus of Jewish settlers has begun in earnest. While many people have resigned themselves to setting up new homes inside Israel hard-liners remain intent on disrupting the evacuation hoping to cause maximum discomfort for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Middle East correspondent Matt Brown has this report on the last days for the Gaza settlers. Tens of thousands of Jews are still praying for divine intervention, still hoping their government won't still hoping their government won't withdraw from the Gaza Strip and hand it back to the Palestinians. They're hope. But in the Gaza settlements only appropriately-marked homes will be spared. These are the homes of settlers who've already left and settlers who've already left and the majority are preparing to leave without a fight, moving trucks are backing up in the streets. The average removalist around Gaza is

emptying three houses a day. I think that all the people know that they will go. I don't think that it will be a big fight. Aron and Galia and Elei Sinai in Gaza's north are getting ready to go north are getting ready to go before the soldiers come to force them out. I have to start my life again, everything - school, to build a house and start again from the beginning. The dislocation won't be easy, and it will leave lasting scars. Every day you are hearing that this family moved to another place and this family went to another place and you're like another place and you're like losing your family and this is the most difficult thing of everything. Opponents of the withdrawal from Gaza are hoping to ensure that Gaza are hoping to ensure that this trauma is felt for years to come, that it's remembered as a betrayal of the Jewish people. Hardline settlers and their supporters have succeeded in getting thousands of people into the Gaza Strip over the last few months. People they hope will aid their effort to thwart or slow down the withdrawal. slow down the withdrawal. Thousands more are being turned away at checkpoints on the way to the settlements. Cars are stopped, IDs are checked and would-be infiltrators find themselves left infiltrators find themselves left by the side of the road. Settlers in the south of Gaza are also the south of Gaza are also preparing to leave. This woman at the Elei Sinai settlement are worried Palestinian militants will choose this demanding time to launch an attack. "It's true the terror attack. "It's true the terror level has been raced here lately," she says "the soldiers can't evacuate and defend us. " Armoured tanks and defend us. " Armoured tanks are maintaining watch. This is the killing zone. Palestinian snipers shoot at Israelis travelling into the settlements and in return Israeli soldiers will shoot to kill if they see a Palestinian crossing this territory. Muck mood Abbas