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(generated from captions) I would definitely still come and tube down the river for fun or kayack.So there is no reason for tourists not to come here now?No. If you really want to drink you can grab a couple of beers and do it a bit more sensibly.What do the locals think?They love it. Everyone is so happy here all the time.

Steve at the Aussie Bar is optimistic that Vang Vieng will return to its former glory as party central.I would say give it another two months and it will be back to 80% what it was last year. Probably another year's time it will go back and probably get bigger and bigger.The only deference being the swings and slides and some of the objecting success on the river will be a bit calmer?Yeah. Once they control it properly the tourists will come back.

properly the tourists will come
back.It looks like a stand-off could be coming between the Laotian communists and backpackers. I'm not sure who I would be backing. Next week, Teddy bear activists take to the skies. When a plane dropped of all things teddy bears it was a protest over the right to free speech in a dictatorship.Free speech in Belarus is hopeless. We thought we would do something about it. It's too bad to be left alone. And the unorthodox protests continue. Plus the battle for the heart and soul of Egypt. Hard line Islamists want the pyramids covered and men and women segregated on the beach.

But the tourist industry which provides one third of the nation's income is fighting back.

Big money.

That's all for this week. Stay tuned for

This program is captioned live. Batting for better relations. The Prime Minister on her visit to India. Radovan Karadzic's taste -- case for the defence at his war crimes trial. And Channel Nine's latest cliffhanger. The network is getting close to a deal to avoid administration.

Good evening. And Kathy Novak. It has been quite a day for Julia Gillard on her visit to India. She has been to a slum in Delhi. She has announced India's greatest cricketer will receive Australia's highest honour. Some serious talking ahead. The question of a deal to sell Australian uranium to India. From the battlefields of Afghanistan to the slums of New Delhi. A warm welcome for Julia Gillard that this committee. Australia is supporting projects here. The Prime Minister handed over a cheque to support projects helping lift slum-dwellers out of poverty.I am delighted to make some new resources available to help with the work.Earlier, she dropped into a cricket clinic to help disadvantaged children but did not a good or herself.Never pick up a bat in India in front of our friends from the media.She announced that Sachin Tendulkar will be awarded membership of the Order of Australia.It is a special thing to do for a special triggered a.This plays well in India. -- special cricketer. India is a nuclear state with nuclear weapons. It wants our uranium. Future uranium sales could start during this visit. Julia Gillard played down concerns about regulations and safety.We can negotiate this because we have done it in the past on the basis that Australian uranium is only used for peaceful purposes.She was Australia to help meet their energy needs of the sub- continent and be poised to benefit from the rise of India with its booming economy and growing middle class. In the air is Australia's 4th biggest export markets. -- India. They want to expand trade and economic ties. Julia Gillard stressed that message at an CEO forum.We are open for business. She went to a jointly funded malaria Research Centre. She found time in her packed program for afternoon tea with malaria researchers. Julia Gillard is in India. She still has Tony Abbott in her sights. She has accused him of cowardice of file on his own overseas trip. He has met the President of Indonesia. He did not tell his full plan to turn back asylum-seeker boats. Tony Abbott wants to build a stronger relationship with Indonesia. He has promised a no surprises approach to policy announcements that affect the country if he wins the next election.The Coalition government will try to deal with Indonesia as a candid friend.Labor says he is not candid enough. He failed to raise the issue of his plan to turn back asylum-seeker boats. The foreign minister confirmed that the matter was not raised.That's specific possibilities, know. -- that specific possibility, no. He does not have the guts to mate with international leaders and discuss what he calls important issues.The policy has been, as I fully understand, discussed with the relevant minister.Indonesia has rejected the plan. They said it was impossible.They had made it crystal clear that they will not so cooperate. Tony Abbott did not raise it because he will not like the answer.Another boat carrying six asylum-seekers Court of Christmas Island. Tony Abbott wants to appear like a prayer minister- in-waiting. Perhaps unsurprising that, the Prime Minister is playing down the to go because. -- appear like a Prime Minister in waiting. It is routine for the leader of opposition to mate with counterparts overseas for of Bob Tony Abbott says it is the visit of an opposition that takes Indonesia seriously.-- counterparts. Radovan Karadzic has told the war crimes court that nobody thought there would be a genocide in Bosnia during the war in the 1990s. The 60s 7-year-old has begun his defence against charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. -- 67 euros. He has denied all charges, including one relating to the massacre at Srebrenica in 1995. The judges are coming into court to hear Radovan Karadzic. He wanted 600 hours to present his defence. He was granted 300. He began a few hours ago with a long personal statement describing himself as mild and tolerant. A psychiatrist and a literary man who should not be UN trial.TRANSLATION: I should have been awarded for the good things I have done. Namely, I did everything in human power to avoid the war. I succeeded in reducing the suffering of all civilians.He also succeeded in evading capture for more than 10 years. When he was finally arrested in Serbia, he was disguised and working as a practitioner of alternative medicine. He has listened to his accusers in court for three years. Now it is his turn to defend the charges against him. One is genocide, related to the Srebrenica massacre of July 1995. Almost 8,000 Muslim men and boys died in what remains the worst atrocity when European soil since the Second World War. He has also been prosecuted for his role in atrocities in Sarajevo between May 1992 and November 1995. More than 10,000 people died. Also on trial before the court, and Goran Hadzic, a former Croatian-Serbian rebel leader. He has been charged by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. He is facing the judges for his role in the slaughter of some hundred -- 260 Croats and other non- Serbians taken from a hospital in 1991. Goran Hadzic, like Radovan Karadzic, has pleaded not guilty to all charges. The owners of the Costa Concordia cruise liner are in the spotlight on the second day of the preliminary hearings into the disaster of the Italian coast earlier this year. The much- criticised captain is still the one who is facing the music. Slipping into the back entrance of an Italian theatre turned court house, Francesco Schettino joined more than 1,000 survivors, are victims a positive mac relatives and their lawyers for the hearing. Will he stand charges -- trial for the charges laid against him?

He shook hands with some of the survivors before listening intently to the closed-door proceedings. Lawyers representing the victims agreed he was by no means the only person responsible for the tragedy which claimed 30 delays. Costa Cruises and its parent company have also been blamed. As claimed 13 lives.

Audiotape came from the black box voice recorder confront that he ordered the crew to turn the boat one-way valve the second in command ordered the opposite. -- turned the boat in one direction file Full Stop the lawyer's for the company claimed that they did not act its intake -- incompetently.

The report did, however, note that all the crew did not speak Italian and many were not knowledgeable about evacuation procedures. Both the trial is unlikely to happen before next year. Coming up after the break, a pre- trial hearing that the alleged 9/11 Mastermind.

Evidence to prosecute the self- proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks are under way. -- efforts. Khalid Sheikh Ali is in court, one decade after the attacks. -- Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed held up a piece of paper inside the court. Keith Fairben passed parents did outside. They have waited for this day for more than 11 years.We must continue his legacy. His memory. We are his voice.Their son was one of the almost 3,000 people killed when hijacked planes slammed into the World Trade Center buildings and a field in Pennsylvania - a co- ordinated attack that prosecutors say was orchestrated by Mohammed. Ali Abdul Aziz Ali, Walid Bin Attash, Ramzi Binalshibh, and Mustapha al-Hawsawi are all accused of providing funds or other support for the people who crashed the planes. Legal challenges and politics are the two biggest reason that has taken so long to prosecute these men. The Bush administration wanted to try them in a military accord. One year later, Barack Obama shot that plan down. He chose civilian courts. The men were arraigned later that year. No-one could decide where to try them. A plan to do them near the site of the World Trade Center buildings was scrapped. The defence wants to prevent Barack Obama's administration from arguing that the alleged torture endured by their clients before they were sent to Guantanamo Bay is classified for national security.It is unquestionable that the Government would maintain that it could be discussed.Prosecutors may provide any information. It has been described as highly classified by the CIA. They have waited so long for this day. Keith Fairben does not defence -- Keith Fairben's parents do not want anything to go wrong.They must not come up on appeal. People can slip out of than this.The news that they are referring to his the death penalty. -- noose. Hillary Clinton has taken the blame for the handling of last month's deadly attack on the American consulate in Benghazi was killed four Americans, including the US ambassador.I was very much working to try and make sure that we intervened with governments and did it the thing we could to keep our people safe. That is my responsibility.The words are being seen as an attempt to take the pressure of Barack Obama as the election gets nearer. Special coverage of the crucial presidential debate tomorrow. That is live in most Eastern States. Check your local guide for details. The shooting by the Taliban of a 14-year-old Pakistani girl shock the world. Now doctors in Britain say Malala Yousafzai has every chance of making a good recovery. She has been referred to the UK for special treatment. She campaigned for the right of girls to go to school. 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai leaves a hospital after almost one week of emergency treatment. Her destination, Britain. This afternoon, she arrived at the airport. The ambulance drove slowly through the city streets. But the riot that crane Elizabeth Hospital. A large number of doctors were on hand. They have years of experience. They're treating her very well. She was well known for speaking out against the militant group, the Pakistan Taliban. In particular, the campaign to stop girls going to school in the SWAT Valley. She started writing a diary for the BBC Three years ago when the Taliban controlled the valley. Last week, the militants took their revenge. They shot her in the head. The attack has sparked angry demonstrations in Pakistan. People here and around the world are horrified that the targeting of such a young girl. There has been a wave of public revulsion in Pakistan and around the world. This is an attempt to obstruct the education off that region. We stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Pakistan. We want to make sure that young people get a proper education and the support her. He also emphasised that the Pakistan government would pay for all of the treatments. The girl could dared to take a stand against the Taliban in Pakistan is dependent on the skills of British doctors for her recovery. Doctors say the treatment could last for several weeks. Back home, the entertaining chief of Channel Nine says he is quietly optimistic that the deal would be done to stop the network falling into administration. It follows talks involving the company and lenders who are disputing the deal. It is all about who gets what in the deal. TV and Channel Nine are in his blood.We want to keep the company. It will be in good condition.The chief executive is locked in marathon talks with lenders. The issue is, will they lead the debt be restructured or throw the network at the feet of administrators? The dead was partly inherited by CBC when it bought out James Packer in 2006. As the debt. It was blown up by the global financial crisis. What we are dealing with these, who will deal with the debt burden? Make no mistake, the television company is a significant asset. Tonight, he says he is quietly optimistic. The deal seems close between the warring tribes of lenders. Two hedge funds on one side and Goldman Sachs on the other. They want to convert debt into shares. The hedge funds or objected when Goldman Sachs agreed to swap $1 billion of debt for a 7% stake in the Channel. They were insisting on to present. Talks will resume tomorrow. Some analysts think there will be further drastic cost-cutting even of collapse is avoided.Other channels have emerged from receivership like businesses. Channel Nine is carrying a lot of bad.Receivership will scare off advertisers and put contracts in doubt. The Rugby League deal is one of them. Also, rides to the deal with cricket Australia. -- rights.

Let's check finance figures. The share market ended slightly higher. New signals that interest rates may fall further. Fortescue Metals gained. There are plans to boost production. They are recovering iron-ore prices. Telstra was steady.

production. They are recovering
iron-ore prices. Telstra was steady. Dividends will not change. The Nikkei rose strongly. Investors picked up stocks that where sold off last week. Markets in Europe by advancing an early deals. Wall Street rebounded on better-than- expected earnings from City Road. The dollar is higher against the major currencies. The Reserve Bank and from the reason why it cut rates this month. It will back in mining investment and the darker economic outlook. -- a pullback.

A study beginning in Australia and New Zealand is looking into a possible link between a lack of vitamin D and multiple sclerosis. It follows research showing a greater prevailing soft NS in areas which receive less sunshine. -- higher instances of multiple sclerosis. This Fourteen-year-old was asked about her upbringing.He was from Hobart. He said the symptoms sounded like MS. The diagnosis was positive.Hobart has the highest number of cases in Australia.More NS in Australia and Queensland by about five times.A lack of vitamin D is one reason why patients develop the disease. It affects the brain and spinal cord. If we could reduce the risk by 30- for the present, that would be 30- 40 % less people developing it. That 30-40 %. It would be massive. 160 patients will take part in the trial.We should be able to tell whether vitamin D prevents multiple sclerosis. But it does, of which is the best does to use?At this stage, we all take vitamin D but we do not know how much to take. We know it is safe but we will know more after this trial. Responsibility for those back when the disease.It is hoped this trial can unlock some of the mysteries of the disease. Finding the answers, if not the cure, will have significant benefits. Do I spend enough time outside?I do not know. Anyone with a diagnosis with this will look retrospectively to think what they could have done differently.One of many questions being asked about this enigmatic disease. Coming up, the weather. Also, making life tougher for cycling's drug cheats.

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More fall-out from the Lance Armstrong scandal. The president of the Australian Olympic Committee has called for stronger investigative powers to deal with drug cheats. He has proposed the Federal Government take action. Details of Lance Armstrong's sophisticated doping methods where the field in an explosive television reported last night. -- were revealed. This man 1 Celsius Federal Government to invite witnesses and produce evidence. Former anti-doping researcher Michael Ashenden was one of the first to reveal Lance Armstrong's gawping ways. And -- drug cheating ways. It was money based. They wanted to bring him down. His past was well known. He says the SA government has a case to answer. I am satisfied that the Government brought him out here to promote the sport and reap financial benefits, regardless of his background. World cycling is piecing up the -- picking up the pieces of a bad past. Its commitment to the sport will continue for the Overseal future. Be remain committed to say killing at the grassroots level, an Australian level. It is a great sport with a fantastic future. We are right on board.SBS has exclusive broadcast rights for the Tour de France until 2017.

A ridge of high pressure extends from the Tasman Sea on to the east coast. Showers in the south-east will stop the Queensland coast is affected. Brain early on. Showers over Aubade and Darwin. Looking further afield, rain in Wellington. Showers for Christchurch. Showers for the islands. Rain are thunderstorms for Bangkok and quality and poor. -- squalor Limpar.

Rain over Seoul and Taipei. Cloudy 4 to ban, Jerusalem and be rude. Rain for London, Moscow and Paris. Thatcherism and Beirut. Sunny in Athens and Berlin. Thunder in Lagos. Cloudy scars for Nairobi. Inside America, lots of rain or showers over this region. A foggy start for Rio. Santiago's sees some sun. Far north America, some showers. Fine for a New York and Washington. Cloudy 4 Vancouver and Toronto. That is all for now. Goodbye.

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