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(generated from captions) which was one of the biggest races
in the world at that stage, and Phar Lap died two weeks after. He of course won
the Melbourne Cup, two Cox Plates, 19 other weight-for-age. Was born in New Zealand, which is why there's some of him
in New Zealand. Oh, OK. He came across
and became the 'Red Terror'. Was fantastic and, of course, his...heart is up in Canberra
and his body is in Melbourne. He's all over the place.
He's all over the place. They reckon bits of him are still
actually over there in the car park, they believe,
outside what was then the racetrack. Oh, I'm sorry, Miki.
That's OK. So close but guess what -
you won $1,000! Well played!

Miki Wilson won $1,000. I'll see you next time in
the Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by
Red Bee Media Australia

With the images do not show - the 30 passengers and the driver getting off safely.There was a bit of panic. It was very dangerous.In the end the fire brigade put out the blaze, but not before it destroyed the reception of the bus. Transport investigators will now look to try and find the cause of this fire and see whether it is can -- whether it is connected with other fires that have damaged buses in previous months. Today's emergency involved the DC power -- a diesel-powered bus. The union says they should be included in a fit out of fire protection programs. Let's get serious about safety. Staterooms at say these buses have been on the road for 20 years and the 61st ever fire.

Police have been called to a brought in my camber. There are reports of up to 30 people involved in the fight. Officers have made a number of arrests. The street has now been closed off. The future of the Nine Network is in the balance tonight as bankers and management try to thrash out a last-minute deal to prevent the business from falling into bankruptcy. We go live to Albert -- Finance Editor. What is the latest? The latest is that the talks between management and the Danes were suspended around an hour ago. It is my understanding that Gordon Sacks was given a new deal today which would see it end up with $100 million worth of shares in the business. They have suspended the talks for the day and we think about it overnight. If there is no deal done in the next day or so, the company built up and up in administration.

For the second time in two decades, Channel nine faces insolvency, but this time it seems there is no Kerry Packer coming to the rescue. It has more than $3.3 billion worth of debt takes to CVC buying out James back at the height of the economic boom. The main deck his own to American hedge funds.

Today, the company is worth billions less than it was bought for. CDC has been wiped out. Its former boss sacked. The banks control the future of the company. Everyone is trying to get the upper hand. The management and directors will be back into a corner at some stage. Despite all the publicity about it going broke, D one thing that is less likely is that your screens will turn black.Channel 9 is highly profitable after the interest bill is deducted. That is the reason why bankers and other investors have been queuing up to buy, but only at the right price. But not James Packer, the man who sold the company. He seems content with his casino assets. If there is no deal between the bankers, nine will and administration.We are doing our best.There are risks. Massive contracts like and mac rights, the cricket and Hollywood deals could be in jeopardy.If the company goes into administration, those contracts are likely to be terminated automatically.We are hearing from media buyers that they would like the situation to be resolved.TV stations are no strangers to broker owners. Both 10 and seven filed for receivership in 1990.

Fadi Ibrahim's trial on charges of conspiracy for murder could be delayed because he has stomach trouble. A Sydney court has heard beat younger brother of John Ibrahim has had surgery for an abdominal blockage and is still in hospital. A taxi driver has been charged with assault after allegedly attacking another driver with the hammer in the inner city. Police claimed the fight started after the cabbie was accused of driving erratically in Haymarket. The injured man is in a stable condition. A treble -- trouble keeps piling up for Malcolm Naden. He was today charged with breaking into Dubbo's sued during his seven years on the run. He has already been charged with the murder of two of his cousins and attempted murder of a police officer. She may be on a state visit to India but that hasn't stopped Julia Gillard taking a swipe at Tony Abbott in Indonesia. She has branded the opposition leader a coward for failing to raise his asylum seeker policy with the country's leader. Tony Abbott stepping onto the world stage for a meeting with the infusion -- Indonesian President. 30 minutes face to face at the presidential palace. They discussed asylum seekers, but like last time they met, the standard did not raise turning back the boats, a policy unpopular in Jakarta.This is a very cowardly approach from Mr Abbott. He beat his chest at home but when he is overseas he does not have the guts to raise them.The sensitive subject was sidelined to a meeting between Jordi Bishop, Scott Morrison and the Indonesian Foreign Minister.There is any one question that matters and that wasn't raised.Julia Gillard is on a state visit to New Delhi. She will meet the Prime Minister and the Indian President tomorrow. She may not be a cricket tragic, but in cricket-mad India, an academy of cricket from the New Delhi stunts - - slums was her first official duty. These children are given the chance to improve their lives and potential with the help of Australia.This is a fantastic program of change, reaching out right across India.By John Howard was keen to roll his arm, Julia Gillard couldn't be coaxed into a bat or ball. There was a special announcement - Sachin Tendulkar was given the Order of Australia.A very special honour and a very special recognition of such a great batsman. A man accused of pointing a blinding laser at a police helicopter faced Campbelltown court today. What happened? He only appeared in court very briefly and he didn't answer any questions as he left. His lawyer told the magistrate that it was like he would plead guilty when he next appeared before the court. He is accused of fly it -- firing the laser at the helicopter in May, potentially causing harm to the helicopter and the person inside of it. He is going to undergo a treatment program for somebody with drug or alcohol problems as part of his bail conditions. It is not the first time that the police helicopter has come under attack from laser beams. These are pictures that we can show you that it captured in 2010 as it flew over all them. You can see a group of men firing lasers at the helicopter. Police on the ground caught up with them pretty quickly. A celebrated yacht designer from Sydney's Northern Beaches has been found dead in the Philippines. Joe Adams was famous for his yachts which raised in the Sydney to Hobart in the 1980s.He was an inspiration to many people and he was a mentor to many people in the yachting community.Authorities are investigating the his death is linked to a financial dispute. Craig Thomson has come out swinging, speaking publicly for the first time about civil claims lodged against him. If the allegations that he used union funds to pay for prostitutes are proved, he may have to fork out close to $1 million in fees, fines and compensation. The allegations suggest Craig Thomson is morally bankrupt. Now, the fight to clear his name could send him broke.I am responsible for much bigger fees and we will be fighting these matters.Fair Work Australia is seeking compensation over claims he used the Health Services Union credit card to pay for prostitutes. This time he will not have the Labor Party to fund his defence.Given that they have already paid $300,000 for what has happened so far, it will be more than that, closer to $400,000.The fee loses he could face a further $450,000 in fines and compensation. As it's a civil case, the Central Coast MP would not be kicked out of Parliament.The sooner he goes, the better.He hasn't been proven guilty yet, has he?Still, the Government will continue to accept his boat.He can vote on behalf of his constituents.The case against Craig Thomson will reach the Federal Court in December, but he says before he even begins his defence, he will take the first opportunity to have the entire case thrown out. He has already had a small wind - Fair Work Australia conceding some of their claims are to world to be brought up in court. Is there any truth to the allegations?Of course not.We are more likely to see a federal election before we see a Federal Court ruling. Four days ago it was snowing, today the mercury soared to 34 degrees. Their extreme spring weather took a turn towards summer today and Sydney siders took full advantage. We knew it was coming, we just didn't expect it to be quite this spectacular. Crystal clear water, picture perfect sunshine and a chance to embrace our beautiful city.It is amazing.The Mercury jumped all the way to 34 degrees in the city and 33 degrees in the West. The temperatures pushed up by a warm north-west of the winds. Unsurprising the be flocked to the water. For some it was all about getting that beach body back into shape. For others it was an opportunity to get some colour. Then there was the young family just happy t taking the harbour. But it was Bondi that had the biggest audience today. With a view like this, it is not hard to see why. The scenes could not be in starker contrast to the last week and a half. From rain and winds to fire and snow, Sydney is fast becoming known as the place of extremes. The forecasters say these conditions are not unusual for spring. As we revelled in the heat, a warning about being prepared for the dangers that come with it.We have to go over the bushfires survival plan today.It tragedy can happen and the best way to avoid it is to prepare.But the hot tip at the moment - so it all up while you can.

A hot day and I can see people still in the water. They are indeed. Right now it is still a balmy 26 degrees. Plenty of people have taken a dip today. Swimming is still only for the brave. Water temperatures were 17.5 degrees on the beaches and 18 degrees in the harbour. It will stay very warm tonight. It could still be 24 degrees at midnight and I'll be back a little later with the full look ahead. Coming up: Who killed this man? A mother's desperate plea for help. Plus, are you being overcharged on your water bill? The fake readings and 40 meat is costing you hundred. End Korean pop star This program is not captioned. Because they light up our lives, here's something
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A Sydney mother has pleaded for help to find her son's killer. He was shot dead at his home in Rapira last October. Police today released security video of the 43-year-old on the day have his murder.The hardest thing for me is not knowing what happened to him.Police are looking for a man seen leaving his apartment just after the shooting. A Pakistani schoolgirl there were shot in the head by the Taliban has arrived in the UK for specialist treatment. Malala Yousufzai was targeted by the group after campaigning for girls' education. They have threatened to attack her again if she returns home or stop Sydney Water estimates 200,000 bills every year, so double- checking yours could save you hundreds of dollars. The company has been forced to apologise for wrongly charging one customer twice in just a mite -- just a matter of months. There are hundreds of troops in Sydney.I can stand up for myself, but there are thousands out there and a getting estimated bills. It is not feared and they are inaccurate.In made the Labor MP taught us how he was sent a bill for $194 for a house he owned in Leichardt. No-one lived there at the time. It was then sold and not down. According to Sydney Water, the taps were running. On Friday they did it again.I got a bill for a house that didn't exist twice. This is proof that Sydney Water still has a problem dealing with its customers. At a time with the State Government has confirmed that it has cut the amount of money they spend fixing up or replacing faulty meters.200,000 families are you get estimated bills. I suggest they check their bills.Highly embarrassed, the company refused to be interviewed but blamed the Department of lambs for the latest mistake and says cases like this are rare. If you're concerned about receiving an estimated bill and UN are happy with Sydney Water's response, then the energy and water ombudsman can help resolve disputes.

This cute little dark is dangerous. This centre is a tiny timebomb. Just some of the toy cigarette lighters bend following a raid by Fair Trading officers on Sydney's markets. They have been declared a safety threat to children. The board has agreed to recall the full range of products. Can half a billion people the wrong? No according to beat them to turn debt to welcome Psy to Sydney today.This is my very first time visiting here. This is nice. Signature song 'Gangnam Style' has had 490 million hits on mine.

At last we see what the flat is all about. Sport is up now. Michael Clarke unveils the world's ultimate cricket kit. You will not believe how much it is worth. The Roosters new boss has some interesting new thoughts on the signing of Sonny Bill Williams. And surf contest has suddenly got very, very fishy. This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Like these walls,
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This program is not captioned. MAN: (GERMAN ACCENT)
We are Opel, from Germany. In our 150-year history,
we've never been to Australia. Well, one of us has - Astra. It missed Australia so much,
it just had to come back. And this time, it's bringing
with it the rest of the family.

See you soon.

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While everyone's predicting a showdown of the fast bowlers in the Test series against South Africa, Michael Clarke doesn't totally agree. He says that spinner Nathan Lyon will be a crucial member in his squad. While the South Africans will bring suitcases of challenges, Michael Clarke is already ahead of them. Today he unveiled a trunk he helped design in Paris. A Luis Vuitton one-off, the mother and father of trunks. It will be auctioned off. Its conservative value - $170,000. This is for the people who thought I would take this into the changeroom. That won't be happening. Michael Clarke and wife Kylie visited the youngsters the money raised will benefit most.Stay positive. Keep smiling.Definitely. While everyone is talking up the quicks for the test series, Michael Clarke says spinner Lions Lynn will get his chance.He's done a great job. He will play a huge part. The South Africans arrive and it's the number one test nation in the world. They ripped that mantle off England and when they take on the Aussies, they are expecting to move further ahead. Both team also be aggressive - it makes them tick.I think it will be about the batteres; about which top six can adapt better. The new Roosters football boss, Brian Canavan says Sonny Bill William also be a welcome addition. None of us were inside Canterbury at that time. Canavan returned to the club yesterday after Steve Noyce was sacked. If the Socceroos struggled to climb advertising to the heat of Qatar, spare a thought for their opponents. Iraq played in icy temperatures in Sweden four days ago. They lost 6-0. They remain upbeat. Their coach says the Australian team is past its best. Saia Faingaa and Dom Shipperley have been added to the Wallabies' list. There was better news with dp drew Mitchell and WycliffPalu returning. Jockey Damien Oliver was in no mood to talk about the illegal betting allegations in Melbourne. Gai Waterhouse has the favourite in Saturday's race. The small swell meant a few surfers were in action in Portugal. A school of sardines kept Damien Hopgood company inside a barrel. He kept his head down to avoid the flying fish and completed his ride. They all got on well. No-one was rejected. Thank you. To finance - the Stock Market closed eight points higher.

Natalie is at Brighton-le-Sands. What a stunning evening?A gorgeous day. There is a cool change on the way. I will tell you when it will hit Sydney.

details next. Next on WIN News... so
the Brumbies moving to Canberra' s fol
south - will other sporting teams wai
follow suit, And elective surgery
waiting times, have they improved i det
the Capital? Join me for all the details next.

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You could tell summer is around the corner with those dry north- westerlies pushing temps above the average, climbing to 34 degrees in the city today. It was 31 in Cambpeltown.

Warm north westerlies ahead of a low pressure trough from the west and a cooler south westerly change will arrive tomorrow as the trough moves east. The heaviest falls tomorrow are Tasmania and WA as a low pressure trough moves through.

Another warm night on the way ahead of cool change tomorrow morning. We will look forward to that. That is Nine kz news. Good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

Tonight ... A multi million dollar Elec
sporting hub to rival the A-I-S. stil
Elective surgery waiting times - L
still the worst in the country. And leas
Lauren Jackson, ruled out for at m
least a fortnight. Good evening, I'
m Danielle Post. A new multi-millio dollar hub could see the Universit Cap
of Canberra rival the AIS as the facil
Capital' s centre of sport. The facility will be the new home of th Brumbies - the ALP has pledged fiv Sat
million dollars if re-elected on
Saturday. It' s the latest part o like
UC' s growing empire. I would i
like UC to be the sports university announceme
in the country. Today' s way.
announcement puts it well on the loca
way. An elite sports hub will be millio
located on the campus. The ten share
million dollar price-tag evenly I
shared between UC and the Brumbies. In an Australian first, it would se Bruce.
the Super Rugby Club based at that
Bruce. The association ensures the
that rugby now has a home base in sta
the region that' s keeping to the standard of professional sport in al
the country. The Labor Party has extr
also come on board, promising an pro
extra five million dollars to the room
project, which would help create ACTS
room for community facilities. an
ACTSport currently operates out of
an old primary school in Hackett an nu
all of their member affiliates, a cla
number of them operate out of old t
classrooms. The plan is for a new perfor
training oval, gymnasium, high prof
performance and recovery centre, office
professional kitchen and admin w
offices. Those involved say it' s a Having
win for sport, and eduction. worki
Having this facility on campus, wi
working closely with the Brumbies, a
will be a huge boost to our courses als
and research. The University is bod
also in talks with other sporting whi
bodies, both elite and community, U
which could use the facilities. The Canb
UC sponsored Canberra United and
Canberra Capitals among them. Thi n
is the latest in a series of major bigges
new announcements from UC, the of
biggest of which is the University of Canberra Public Hospital. Stephe w
Parker says there' s more to come, late
with another event scheduled for hin
later this week. The sports hub Brumbie
hinges on the approval of the
Brumbies' plan to turn their curren unit
headquarters at Griffith into a unit block.

The police have again been called The
to step in on the campaign trail. Feder
The ACT Greens, joined by their wou
Federal Leader, pledged the party
would work at all levels to secure fo
fast train and light rail network fantastic
for Canberra. It would be ne
fantastic to see a very fast train network across Australia and you' l o
only get it with Greens in balance cau
of power. +y The announcement has can
caused some concern amongst other Poli
candidates, who went to the City
Police station to lodge a complaint p
We need to report the theft of a thi
policy. We looked in our backyard bulle
this morning and found that our bullet train policy had disappeared Part
Prime suspect is the Greens as
Party. No word from ACT Policing l
as to whether any charges have been Sat
laid. And you can join us, this spe
Saturday, for Canberra Decides, a f
special WIN News presentation, live you
from the tally room. We' ll bring
you the results as they come in. Yo twitt
can be part of our coverage on Canberra
twitter - using the hash tag 6.
Canberra Decides. We' re live from presentati
6.30, with an hour special surger
presentation at 7.30. Elective i
surgery waiting times have improved lon
in the ACT but they' re still the re
longest in the country. A national patien
report has found a majority of
patients wait on average sixty-thre N
days to be admitted to hospital. Nearly double the national average. days,
The median waiting time is 36 ACT
days, in the ACT it' s 63 days. cases.
ACT Health blames a backlog of nu
cases. As we actually reduce the number of people that are waiting t long and we' re doing that then ou depart
figures will come down. The