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This program is captioned live. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine kch news -- News with AmeliaEd a zams. The financial future of the Nine kl network is hanging in the balance with delicate negotiations to save the organisation from falling into administration. Key players, including Nine's Chief Executive met with represents from the banks and we will have more details with our Finance Editor after five o'clock. A man has been refused bail after facing court, charged over the seizure of millions in cash, drugs and weapons from a Brisbane storage facility. For the latest, let's go to Ashleagh McDermott. What happened in court?32-year-old Arian appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court dressed in standard prison browns. He sat calmly in the dock, taking off from a random traffic stop was his undoing because when police raided his home they were led to a storage shed full of weapons. Today the court heard staggering figures - $4.1 million of cash was found in shopping bags and suitcases, so much money that police had to enlist a bank to count it. 2.8 kilos of meths were seized and cocaine, ecstasy and heroin. Three assault rifles were found. He's been charged with a string of drug and weapons offences. His court appearance was delayed this morning because they kept charging him with more offences. Let's listen to what his lawyer said outside court. Can you explain the drugs, the cash?Again, that's confidential. He's instructed me to contest the charges.Prosecutors fought against this man's release?Yes, that is right. His lawyer applied for bail, saying that he had a serious health condition, but police said these charpbgs were serious and that he is currently on parole for trafficking. He was sentenced to seven years' jail for that. The magistrate eventually denied him bail, deeming him too big a risk of running away and possibly committing further offences. He will be back in court by video link next month. Thank you. For our Queensland viewers, Nine News will have the latest developments on that story at 6 o'clock. There are new warnings about fire safety equipment on buses after an explosion caused major panic in Sydney. Up to 30 passengers were on board when flames broke out on the back of the bus on busy Oxford Street. Fortunately everyone was able to escape before the blaze spread and we will cross live to our reporter for the details a little later. A taxi driver has been granted bail following an apparent road rage attack in Sydney. A motorist claims the cabbie cut him off before hitting him on the head with a hammer. He was taken to hospital for treatment while the 43-year-old taxi driver was charged with awe sauplt. -- assault. Julia Gillard labelled Tony Abbott a "coward" for failing to talk to the Indonesian President about turning back asylum seeker boats. For the latest, we cross to Canberra. Good afternoon. Some pretty strong words from the Prime Minister.They certain certainly were. The PM was damning in her criticism of Tony Abbott's r's failure to bring forward the key part of the half hour face to face meeting. While they discussed people smuggling, Mr Abbott did not talk about turning back the boats. That was left to The Shadow Imtkwraigs-Immigration Minister and Julie Bishop who held talks with the Foreign Minister in Indonesia. Labor said Mr Abbott's policy is in tatters. This In is a cowardly approach from Mr Abbott. It means that he doesn't have the guts to raise with international leaders issues he says are important. He beats his chest at home but overseas he doesn't have the guts to raise them. On another issue: we heard from former Labor MP, Craig Thomson regarding those court proceedings. What has he had to say?He's rubbished the Fair Work Australia allegations which relate to his time as a union boss at the HSU and include a number of new fraud allegations that he used member funds for escort services. The ALP insist they won't be bank-rolling the Independent MP who is facing the prospect of half a million dollars in fines and compensation. That is on top of legal fees. Rpblgts I'm confident that this case will be thrown out. I think this is about face-saving. This is about being pressureed by the Opposition.Now, it's likely this court action won't be finaliseed before the next Federal election, and even Fair Work Australia concedes that half the charges could be thrown out on the grounds that their Statute of Limitations has been reached. Mr Thomson says he expects the matter to be dealt with by the end of this year. Up to $20 million of can bris crops have been seized in Melbourne.

In is the 48th home that police have raided across Melbourne as part of Operation Taxer. It is an investigation aimed at dismantling and disrupting cannabis-growing homes here in Melbourne. At this property there was an estimated value of $900,000 of drugs and growing equipment. Police say since the operation began in total around $20 million in cannabis seizures have taken place. Officers have arrested 20 people. Several more are likely to be arrested. Officers believe most of them are linked to Vietnamese syndicates.I suspect a lot of these addresses are bought specifically for cannabis. When you look at the way they've been set up there's a lot of investment put into them, t power's been by-passed and the equipment put in there, I don't think anyone's been living here permanently other than someone filling in, looking after the crop. All of these homes appear normal, they are located in residential areas. You can imagine the shock of neighbours to find out what's been going on.I've seen a car drive down here and the garage door shuts. Scared. A little bit worried. That's all.Cultivating cannabis in homes in residential areas is clearly very risky, but obviously lucrative as well. Police say the operation is ongoing. It's the catchy song and dance extravaganza that's taken the world by storm. Now the South Korean rapper behind 'Gangnam Style' arrived in Australia. Psy touched down at Sydney Airport this morning. Welcome to Australia. Are you glad to be here?Yeah. My first visit here.The troupe couldn't have come at a better time with his video well on its way to being the most- watched YouTube trip of all time. Hab Gangnam

He will now embark on a promotional tour of Australia. Still ahead - emergency crews rush to one of our major airports. Also - the finishing touches ahead of tomorrow's crucial second US Presidential debate. After a man sky-dives from the edge of space - what's left to conquer for This program is not captioned. Because they light up our lives, here's something
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Emergency crews rushed to Adelaide Airport last night amid fears a Virgin Plane would be forced to land with no nose wheel. It experienced difficulties forcing the captain to abort the landing. The plane landed safely in a second attempt. Final preparations are under way for tomorrow's second US Presidential Debate. The latest hol shows enthusiasm among Barack Obama supporters is falling and Mitt Romney's followers are riding a wave of new energy. A glimpse of President Obama this afternoon in a rare break from marathon debate prep. I brought some food!He emerged briefly yesterday to offer an upbeat status report.It is going great.A far cry from his grim attitude two weeks ago.They're keeping me indoors.That was followed by a performance that conveyed that he thought the debate was a drag. It's a performance whose toll is clear: a new Gallup Poll has President Obama trailing in the key battleground states. Puker down at a luxury resort in Williamsberg, the President knows he needs to show he's ready to fight.No-one is a harsher critic than the President. He viewed the tape. I think he will make adjustments on Tuesday.The President's been holding mock debates at a set on Long Island, New York. While students have been playing candidates as the President's advisers have been playing real voters, they will ask questions tomorrow. Voters can throw challenging curve balls.I'll one -- I'm one of your middle-class Americans. I'm exhausted of defending you.The President held one town meeting while Romney held 23. The Republican is working to hope to avoid moments like this from 1992 when President Bush was caught glancing at his watch. Romney's had notable fumbles when hanging with reel people, joking that he, a multimillionaire, is unemployed. Austrian skydiver, Felix Baumgatner amazed the world when he jumped from space. We call them "daredevils" because they are daring the devil, forming a suicidal stunt and getting away with it. In this case the stunt was seen before only in a 'Star Trek' movie. Hollywood fantasy made real - no wonder we're all transfixed. Harry Houdini, Evil Kinevil - but what separates daredevils from stuntmen may be the back drop. The tight rope Walker over Niagara Falls is as compelling now as in 186ve76. Or a blij or a building. -- a bridge or a building or a pair of buildings. The man on the wire who flight of fancy is all the more poignant because that wonder has gone. Felix spent years planing this jump. Others are now planning what may be the next great frontier - journey to the centre of the earth. Jewels -- Jules Verne for real. Pilots used to be daredevils. Boundaries were pushed that we take for granted. Without Neil Armstrong there would be no Felix Baumgartner. Of course, his giant leap didn't defy gravity. He submitted to gravity. He submitted all the way down. Still to come - calls for action after a growing number of crocodiles were spotted in residential Queensland. Also - airbags put to the test with some surprising results. And - they've still got it - The Tonight - a bus explodes on a busy Sydney street. We have exclusive video of the emergency - and how it could have been prevented. The future of Channel Nine hangs in the balance. A last-minute deal is being thrashed out right now - what it means for your favourite TV shows. We're live from Campbelltown, where a man is accused of pointing a blinding laser at a police helicopter. They look like kids toys - but we'll tell you why these are extremely dangerous. And from snow to soaring temps - what's causing Sydney's spring extremes. See you at 6:00.

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X There are concerns about the growing number of crocodiles spotted at popular beaches in Far North Queensland. A Cairns tourism operator is calling for the crocs to be culled while the surf life savering community says lives could be taken. Crocodiles are a hot button issue here in Tropical North Queensland because of a recent spate of incidents involving crocodiles attacking dogs and some of the popular Northern Beaches here in Cairns. One dog was killed. Now, to get a feel for how things are, we went for a tour along the Baron River that runs alongside Cairns' Northern Suburbs. Within 20 minutes we saw three crocodiles, one over three metres long. This is what is generating all this concern wver the community here. We caught up with a spokesperson from the Surf Life Saving and a spokesperson from the Palm Kove Tourism Association. We're concerned we will lose a child on our beaches and besides the crocs that we've been seeing we saw a 4m croc last week at the beach. It could be an adult that's taken. We're concerned about the safety of human beings on our beachings. -- beaches.The problem has reached a point where we have to do something significant enough to eradicate the risks. They need to be culled, removed... There are two sides to the story. The people at the Hartley's Croc Adventures say it's about education. People need to learn to live with these ancient creatures. Here is what they had to say.Northern Australia, there's crocodiles. That will be a fact of life. Education for people moving up here, locals especially, there needs to be, everyone can work together and live together. It's not impossible. While this issue of safety and the pref lens of crocs in beaches along here is causing community concern, you can see it really is a difficult issue to deal with. The State Government is conducting a review and that review is expected to be complete by the end of this month. New research from Monash University says airbags significantly reduce injurys in some serious car crashes. Experts say if they were made standard in all cars side-curtain airbags could save dozens on our roads each year. The Rolling Stones are hiting the road for a series of special concerts to mark their 50th anniversary. The band will perform four shows at venues in Britain and the US in late November. Making the announcement in an online video, the Stones hinted the concerts may feature special guests. Four gigs, four nights, with the Stones.Maybe a few friends joining us.See you there.Lit be the first time in four years that the Stones have reunited for a live performance. Still to come - CEO David Gyngell speaks about the future of The Nine Network amid fears the organisation is bound for receivership. Commuters flee as a bus explodes on one of Sydney's busiest streets. Move over Nicole and Marylin Monroe - the unlikely new star

Good afternoon, The Brumbies are Universit
expected to relocate to the with
University of Canberra next year mi
with the announcement of a fifteen s
million dollar sports hub. Elective t
surgery wait times have improved in fro
the Capital according to new data Heal
from the Australian Institute of Ste
Health and Welfare. And in sport, returning
Stephen Moore is hopeful of Wallabi
returning from injury for the the
Wallabies Spring Tour. Details in
the best hour of news in the countr tonight from 6. This program is not captioned.

The interior designer made famous by Oprah Winfrey is on a mission to prove regular home owners can also live like stars.These were bracelets that I bought in South Africa.At home Nate surrounds himself with things that he loves. They are for a line backer. Things that hold meaning.That's a note from Oprah. That's the first one. This is a Louis suitcase.Right alongside those are swanky home if you are fishings that the home makover guru designed himself for Target.From the bedding to the pattern, snake skin finishes. It's jewellery for the home..A lot of people would say it's cheesey or you're selling out.You can tell the Target piece on the table? Where is it?This is part of the collection.In his new book the Things that Matter he illustrates his simple design philosophy, that no matter how much money you have the objects in your home should tell the whole storey. Should we all become horaders?If you don't know what is in your home that's by definition hoarding. If you appreciate everything in your home you can be a minimalist and love everything in your space.He recently transformed his apart into a work of art worthly of - worthy of next month's Architect's Digest. He became famous helping transform homes on Oprah's show over the past five years. But it was the infamous tsunamiy that struck the coast of Sri Lanka that changed his life forever. He was on vacation there with his boy Fernando when the wave hit.He said it's not over and I felt his hand slip away. And - sorry.Nate reached deep into his psychy to find the heart of a survivor. He was dabbling in Hollywood, all the while hosting his show out of New York, which ran daily for two seasons though it was cancelled earlier this year. A lot of people think your show was cancelled, that must have been horrible.No, I didn't see it that way. I don't think I was well suited to that. I love television. I believe in the power of television, but I would like to do it in a way that is much more edited, much more focused.But for now he is focusing his energy on building his empire off screen. Do you see yourself dethroneing Martha Stewart someday?I wouldn't be sitting here for you if not for Martha Stewart. She was the first person who empowered people with ideas and got everyone in the country fascinated by design. To me that's like all of the stuff swirling out there, who is going to dethrone Oprah? You know what, no- one.You're watching Nine's afternoon news. Last minute negotiations are under way to prevent Channel Nine from going into receivership. Dramatic scenes on Sydney's Oxford Street as a bus bursts into flames. 30 passengers on board escaped unharmed. And Ambulance Victoria apologises to hundreds of patients given tap water instead of a pain killer after drugs were stolen. Now for the details. Two men have been arrested after a powerful pain killer used by paramedics in Victoria was replaced with tap water. Hundreds of patients have been affected. Brett McLeod is following developments. Good afternoon, Brett. How did it happen?That's the subject of a police investigation as we speak. But the fact that Ambulance Victoria says hundreds of patients were affected indicates hundreds of viles of the drug were either stolen or swapped for water. They do have what is meant to be tap approved packaging including a plastic seal, another steel cap underneath but they still have to be injected in order for the drug to be removed. It appears that has happened and in some cases been replaced with water. Since the story broke two men have been arrested, one earlier this month and one today. A 40-year-old man from South Melbourne alongside a 40-year-old man from Donva, will e, we believe a man with more than 20 years' experience as a senior paramedic. Am ambulance Victoria has apologised to affected patients who would have had no pain relief for some time. But they have said it was also a very rare incident. We know other national ambulance services have had a similar issue. It's extremely rare, but some people are unable to overcome their desire to miss appropriate drugs. This type of incident is extremely rare. The community should be assured they are safe. Our paramedics with the exception of at least one are utterly trust worthy. So what action has Ambulance Victoria taken to make sure this doesn't happen again?They say they have changed the familiaring on the viles. The old sort is no longer in use. They have some new ones that are meant to be tamper proof. They have CCTV and swipe security security access but they sew say what pleased them is they found out through other paramedics reporting their suspicions about drugs going missing or being tampered with. That sort of surveillance is something they are hoping to rely on if this sort of thing happens again.If you're in Melbourne Brett will have all of the latest developments in Nine News at 6. The Nine network's chief executive as addressed the into eda this afternoon about today's negotiations to stop the organisation from going into receivership. Let's go live to Nine's finance editor, Ross Greenwood. What did he have to say? The negotiations, according to David Gyngel, are ongoing. It suggests that the deadline that management was imposing on its bankers to come up with a deal, otherwise the management would be forced to put the company into add distribution - administration - it seems the deadline is at least not tonight. Negotiations have gone on throughout the day to try to address the debt crisis. It has $3.3 billion worth of debt. If the bankers can't come to an agreement very quickly, the management will be forced to put it into the hand it's of - hands of administrators. You never know until the final result. We're doing our best to keep this great company in as good a condition as it is. I think it will be well into the night but my wife is about to have a baby so that's the most important thing to me.What is likely to happen if the network goes into administration? Interestingly, you would imagine the bankers would not want to do anything to damage the value of the business because ultimately they might get even less. The whole point p any organisation that goes into administration or receivership is often the contracts can be opened up that they have got, including cricket contracts, contracts with the NRL which have recently been signed and even with some say for example big suppliers of programs to the Nine Network from the US. You have two and a half men. You have '2 Broke Girls'. Big programs that clearly need massive deals to go with them. This is one reason why these negotiations are so sensitive for the network and why indeed an enormous amount of effort will be taken to try to prevent the company entering any form of administration or receivership.We are all watching closely. Thank you for that. Ross Greenwood will have the latest on those negotiations in tonight's news at 6. There has been major panic in a busy Sydney street after a bus exploded into flames with 30 people on board. What happened?It was pretty frightening for everyone. The bus was more than half full and heading into the city at around 9.40 this morning. The whole area was pretty busy. Some passengers smelt smoke in the rear of the bus and saw it and told the driver, who managed to pullover very quickly in busy Oxford Street. He managed to get everyone off the bus safely. That was a very good job. Then the flames really took hold of the bus. People grabbed fire ex-sting fire ex-sting ers from nearby buildings and tried to put out the blaze but it continued to burn. Witnesses say they heard several explosions.You know, exploding and sparks from behind the bus, and very smokey.There are now calls for better safety equipment?This is not the first time we have seen a bus fire in recent times here in Sydney at least. Last October there was a gas operated bus that exploded, and the government was forced by the union to fit what is called a fire suppressent system into every gas bus to stem a fire if there are problems. But today a's fire involved a diesel operated bus. State Transit says there are only 49 of these buses on the roads in in New South Wales. They say they have been on the roads for 20 years and have never been a problem. They say today's fire as a one-off. Indian cricket great Sachin Tendulkar is to be made an honorary member of theEd or of Australia. Julia Gillard made the announcement on day 1 of her first trip to the underian capital as Prime Minister. This is an important visit for Julia Gillard, her first here as Prime Minister as the two countries try to forge closer ties politically and economicaly. The Prime Minister will have two days of top level talks with business leaders, government ministers, the President and the Prime Minister. Today, though, it was about culture and sport. With a visit to New Dehli's slum district where Australia is funding a cricket centre for the country's poor with the help of some of our own Indigenous cricketers.It's also been great to hear the story of the Magic Bus people where young people in slums become mentors for younger children and they participate in physical activities including cricket, but importantly all of that is paired with them finishing school, getting vocational education and training and getting on with the job. This is a fantastic program of change, reaching out right across India. India is our fourth biggest export market. There is potential for so much more. Closer business trade and business ties will be key topics. Also the uranium trade, though an agreement is yet to be negotiated. There will be more culture and colour tonight when the Prime Minister opens the Australian Culture Festival to run over 18 cities in the country.It markets itself as one of the world's most iconic female fragrances. Now Chanel number 5 has announced Brad Pitt as the new star of its ad campaign. He is the first male star to advertise for the company, pocketing $7 million for the stint. Wherever you go, there you are. My luck,my fate, my fortune. Chanel number 5.But the ad hasn't won the hearts of all of the critics with some labelledding it a little over the top. That's probably fair enough really.It's bordering on creepy!We're talking footy. There are some rule changes?One of the privileges of being in the AFL is that you can change the rules as you please and not worry about other countries. We're told ruck men should be noting the rule changes carefully. Damien Oliver is back in the saddle despite serious allegations. Plus, well, the fish are jumping and This program is not captioned. Morning, guys.
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The AFL has baulked at a recommendation to place a cap on interchanges but only for the time being. A new system will be trialled during the NAB Cup with rotations limited to 80 a game. If successful, there will be a permanent change during the 2014 season. The league has also ban finished the bounce from stoppages while ruck men will no longer be allowed to wrestle at throwins and ball-ups.We don't apologise for making changes. Who says you should put a moratorium on rules for five years and revisit them?Former Socceroo Vince G relleelle to play in the A-League with Melbourne Hart. And the Socceroos are not letting their guard down despite turmoil in the opposition ranks.That's it, no more training and no excuses - the Socceroos are ready to go against Iraq.We have prepared very well. Now it's up to us to let our football make the statement.They have spent a week in Qatar preparing for the match, opting not to have a friendly game. It's all business.We know exactly why we are here. We're here to play a tough game, a strong team.I'm pretty confident that the work of recent days will pay off tomorrow. The Iraqis say the Socceroos are scared. Despite a 6-0 hammering by Brazil in Sweden and their coach effectively volunteering so far this year.Have you been paid?No. Since when?Five months.A Brazilian legend he has also been burnt by Australia before. He was masterminding Japan's charge at the 2006 World Cup when they were hit by cyclone Cahill.Many times Australia lose.Football Australia yesterday signed a deal with Nike to manufacture their attire until 2023. Now the Socceroos need to "just do it" against Iraq. Wallabies hooker Fianga has broken his hand at training and is out of Saturday's test. Exciting backs Adam Ashley Cooper and Drew Mitchell hope to spur the team on to a big performance against the All Blacks. Cooper is in for injured danger Man U ane. The All Blacks are chasing a 17th straight test win. Facing serious allegations and losing rides, jockey Damien Oliver has been at the one place he feels comfortable - on the racetrack. Nine's Tony Jones has the details. Although he has been revealed - relieved of his Caulfield Cup ride he was taking part in track work and didn't look like he was under any pressure as a result of these allegations into an alleged 10,000 bet made on a race in which he was competing. That said he wasn't ready to discuss it. It certainly looks like business as usual.The real focus here at Caulfield was on Southern Speed, the defending Caulfield Cup champion. She worked on the course proper and her trainer was pleased with how she went. But he is sweating on a favourable draw. There has been suggestions from the connections if she draws wide again tomorrow they might bypass the Caulfield Cup and go straight to the Cox PlatementHas she come back about theer this year?We thought she had until the Toombul Stakes. But before that she was going better than last year.The big fancy for the Caulfield cup is Glencadam Gold. She worked him on the track proper this morning and was upbeat about his chances heading into the big race.You're never 100% confident going into the big races, they are hard to win. But he hasn't done anything wrong and he can stay all day.All of the action live here on Channel Nine on Saturday.Australian cricket coach Micky Arthur says while everyone is talking up the showdown between the fast bowlers in the coming test series against south after can, they don't hold the key. He believes it's the top ortd batsmen who will determine the winner.Both top 6 are in for a baptism of fire. It will be a really good opportunity for some of our top 6 to test themselves against two really world class bowlers. Australian captain Michael Clarke had other things on his mind today as he visited patients at the Sydney children's hospital. Australian golf legend Craig Parry says the Perth International will take off. Although things didn't quite go to plan as he gave young players some tips today.Watch out, dad!It's alright.Absolutely. You have some world class players. Once the guys come down and see what WA has to offer and has to offer and will go away and tell their mates and suddenly next year you will have even a better field.The eevent is co-sanctioned with the European tour and has a prize pool of $2 million. Lance Armstrong is not the only big name cyclist fating in the face of evidence. One of Cadel Evans's fierce Tour de France rivals frank shrek is trying to clear his name. He has told a hearing in lux burying he doesn't know how diuretics got into his system. David Hopgood has had to put up with some locals dropping in on his wave. Some sardines shared a tube with him in round 3 and Hopgood had to duck to avoid them. If Kelly Slater was there would they be bigger fish?At least they weren't sharks! See you tomorrow. Some breaking news now - Schapelle Corby's half brother has been jailed after pleading guilty to an assault. James Casina was 24 when he stormed the home in November last year. All of the details at 6. After the break, all of the finance and latest weather with Livinia Nixon. Hard to believe it was snowing last week.It sure is, from the Pilbara where it reached 40 degrees, the warmth has been extending across to to
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Today a cold front is moving across the south-east producing patchy rain and there have been a few thunderstorms in Victoria. Ahead of it has been warm with strong northerly winds. Sydney had a top of 34, which is 12 above average and warmer than any day during January or February. Only one day this year has been hotter and that's the Friday before last. Tonight a warning for damaging winds in eastern

winds in eastern Victoria. Tomorrow the cool change will track up the east coast. Sydney will be 11 degrees cooler than todayment a high will clear the rain in the south-east early in the day. So rain in these areas over the next 24 hours. In Melbourne, showers tonight. Tomorrow, becoming dry with the sun breaking through in the afternoon and 18. Sydney, lighter winds and 23. Brisbane, mostly sunny and warm and 30. Sunny also in Canberra, 22. And Adelaide, 21. Hobart, a possible afternoon shower and 15. Perth, sunny and a mild 23. An afternoon shower in Darwin and hot again in Alice Springs and over 35 for 10 days in

a row.Let's look at the finance figures now. The share market has closed higher buoyed by US markets and the possibility of another interest rate cut. In currency the Australian dollar is worth 102.7 US cents. That's Nine's everyone afternoon news for this Tuesday. Our next bulletin is at 6 o'clock. I'm Amelia Adams. Thanks for your company. Have a great evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - This program is not captioned.

Hello, everybody.
Welcome to the Millionaire Hot Seat. Hey, we're gonna give away
$1 million tonight, aren't we? Yes! (CHEERING) I hope so. Come on - it's time
to give the million dollars away, or at least a lot of money
to hopefully change somebody's life in the next 15 to 20 minutes or so,
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change somebody's life. That'd be good, wouldn't it?
Very. Are you sure?
Yep. Don't seem too excited.
MAN: Give it to me. Oh, give it to you!
OK, no worries at all! What do you reckon? Will we
change somebody's life, everyone? AUDIENCE: Yeah!
That's more like it. Come on!
Let's meet our contestants tonight. They are: Meg Sawyer knitted her way to the finals of
the Australian Wool Fashion Awards. Norman Deutsch
worked on the fibre network from the base of the Himalayas
to Shanghai. Tiny Steph Rogan
danced the tango in a musical with someone wearing stilts. Oh, no! Miki Wilson rode a bus wearing
only a T-shirt and her undies after locking herself
out of her house in London. Inventor Adam Gauci
has created a new handshake called 'feeding the chickens'. Oh, yeah. If it wasn't for
Steve Armstrong's sailing skills, his friends would still be
stranded on Sydney Harbour. Well done, Steve. Good stuff.

Alright, we've got a great bunch
of people tonight ready to go. Meg? Yes.
Let's go!

Hello, Meg Sawyer.
Hello. You've brought your knitting.
I did. You gonna stick to your knitting?
I am. And did you knit that dress? I did.
Fantastic. Meg Sawyer
is knitting in front of me. I can't believe this! She's an avid knitter, obviously.
Very muchly. She designed and knitted her way
to the finals of the Australian Wool
Fashion Awards in 2009 wearing... Is that the creation
that got you there? It is. It is.
How long did it take to knit that? Um, actually, it was about a month, but I didn't do anything but knit
for that whole month. Is that it? I didn't eat, I didn't sleep -
I just knit! Just knitted? And what are you
knitting at the moment? This is actually gonna be
a top for my little boy. Oh, fantastic.
How old's your little boy? He's two.
And what's his name? Xander.
Is he Alexander? He's Alexander Julian Philip. My boy gets called Xander as well. Oh, OK. It's unusual, but, yeah.
There we go. Two Xanders. Toby is your partner.
Yes. He's not with us today.
He's working. You've been together on and off
for 20 years. What happened there? You used to be
old school pals, did you? He used to follow me home
from school in Year 7 and we were on and off
all through high school.

I went overseas
on exchange for a year. He went and worked in London
for a year and..., we finally got our act
together about five years ago. Good on you.
Five years ago, so, what...? 15 years we've been together and we sort of decided
to make a proper go of it. Um, 18 years after we first met,
he asked me to marry him and we're still not married,
so maybe, maybe if we win... You've got to close the deal
completely. ..we can afford a ceremony! But you've got little Xander
as part of it. Oh, yeah. Yep.
That's the way. Hey, in between,
you were in the navy as well. I was.
Were you the face of the navy? I got asked to do
some recruitment shots... I was... They were paying for me -
my way through university. So I did a few recruitment shots and in Sydney a couple of years
after I did the shots I got on a bus
and I was riding the bus six times. (LAUGHS) Fantastic. Hey, now, I like this -
what are you doing? Stitch purl
and all that sort of stuff? This is just garter stitch.
Oh, yeah, what's that mean? It's the first thing anyone
who learns to knit learns, usually, and it's just very easy, so I can sit here and knit
and talk to you and... You're just gonna knit and go. They're funny old needles,
aren't they? They're circular needles. What do circular needles do? They go around in a circle...
Oh, thank you! you can knit circles
if you want. Right, OK. Thank you, Meg.
Ask a silly question! (LAUGHS)
Lorraine is your mum. Hi, Lorraine. Hi, Eddie.
Did you teach her to knit? No, I think my mother actually did. Yeah, did it skip a generation,
did it? No, no - I knit too. Oh, OK! (LAUGHTER)
She's got her knitting too! You may as well get your knitting
out and keep going as well. Gee! It's like being in a circle
here, isn't it? Everyone just knitting away.
Fantastic. Meg, you ready to go for $1 million? Hope so! (LAUGHS) Let's play Hot Seat! Go!

100 bucks. 100 bucks. (READS QUESTION)

I'd have to go with A, knees, there. The bee's knees is locked in. Correct for $100.



I'm gonna jump straight in
and go C on that one - a protractor. Protractor's in. It's correct for $200.

It was actually made - invented -
by a naval man too. Did you know that? Did you learn
protracting in the navy? No, we used...
got to play with sextants and a lot of digital or electronic
things these days that you use. 1801 it was.
Joseph Huddart, a US naval captain. $300. (READS QUESTION)

I know this one, probably because there's
a lot of pubs named after him. St George.
And a bank as well. Locked in.
Yes. St George and the dragon,
right for $300.

Pretty handy rugby league team
as well. $500.

Which of the following
best defines the word 'conquer'? Oh, sorry - 'concur'.