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(generated from captions) What is 36 + 25?

61 - correct. True or false? Some species of starfish
can turn their stomachs inside out.

True it is. A 2011 movie starring Adam Sandler
is 'Jack and...'?

ALL: Jill.
Correct. True or false? San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge
is more than a kilometre long.

True it is. What is 99 - 24?

75. True or false? The galah is found naturally only
in New South Wales and Queensland.

True. Captain? Er...false it is. It's found throughout Australia, so those points do come off
for Minchinbury. Good finish. Good game. Illawong - Hana, Christian, Taylah, have finished third today
on 230 points in a close one. Andrew, Vanessa and Jacob
from St Anthony's have come second. They finished well. 260 points. Our winners, though,
right throughout the show - Princess, Caitlin and Aniket -
290 points. We hope you can join us again
same time tomorrow. Bye for now. Supertext Captions by
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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - powerful drugs stolen
from Victorian ambulances. Crisis talks under way to decide the fate of the
debt-ridden Nine Network. The Prime Minister calls
the Opposition Leader a coward. And get ready to dance - Korean superstar PSY
arrives in Sydney.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Samantha Armytage.

Good afternoon. Police are investigating the theft
of hundreds of vials of a powerful painkiller, stolen from Victorian ambulances. The thieves replaced the drugs
with tap water. Laurel Irving has the story
from Melbourne. Sam, Fentanyl is
an incredibly powerful drug. It's 100 times stronger
than morphine. It's very dangerous
and highly addictive and it's gone missing
from Victorian ambulances. One paramedic has been stood down. Police are investigating and hundreds of patients
have been told that what they thought
was pain relief they received might actually have been water. Fentanyl is actually
administered nasally so Ambulance Victoria says
it would have been completely safe with just water
going into the nasal cavity but it obviously raises
some alarming questions about some of these procedures and
protocols within Ambulance Victoria and it's promised a full review. This type of incident
is extremely rare and the community should be assured
they are safe. Now, the vials themselves
are now being swapped over for vials that are more secure. They are being replaced as we speak,

Channel 9 bosses have been locked
in crisis talks with creditors today over its $3.2 billion debt. It is feared the company
which owns the Nine Network could be placed into receivership
if a deal isn't struck. Adam Walters has been following
today's talks.

Sam, I am standing outside the
offices of the Channel 9 law firm, Gilbert + Tobin, where a corporate battle
of epic proportions is taking place. At stake - the immediate future
of Australian media institution, Channel 9.

The giant US investment bank
Goldman Sachs is going toe to toe
with two hedge funds from America - Apollo and Oaktree. The hedge funds
are the senior debt holders and Goldman Sachs
is a second tier lender. Goldman Sachs
has accepted an offer from the Nine Network executive
for a 7.5% stake in the company in a debt-for-equity swap. The two hedge funds say
that is way too high - it should be more like 2%. Negotiations have been intense - a lot of shouting, a lot of swearing
according to insiders, such is the intensity in his battle
to keep the Nine Network surviving, Sam.

30 passengers had to evacuate
their bus this morning when the engine burst into flames
on Sydney's busy Oxford Street. The fire started around 9:30 after passengers smelt fumes
at the back of the bus and the driver noticed sparks. That's what I heard
from the bus driver. He said that he saw sparks
at the rear of the bus so that's when he pulled over
and everyone got off the bus. Several shops were also evacuated when crews arrived
to douse the flames. An elderly widow has died
in a Melbourne house fire which was fuelled by rubbish that
had been hoarded inside her home. The fire broke out
in the Blackburn North property before dawn. The 81-year-old's body was found
near a bathroom when the flames were put out. It appears that, inside, there's quite a lot of debris
being kept by the resident and that this
might have actually assisted with the fuelling of the fire. The woman lived at the home
for more than 50 years. Julia Gillard has labelled
Tony Abbott a coward for failing to discuss
the Opposition's policy of turning back asylum seeker boats during talks
with the Indonesian President. It was just one of the issues dominating the Prime Minister's
visit to India. Alex Hart has more.

Well, it just wouldn't be
a trip to India without taking part
in the country's favoured pastime and that's exactly what
Julia Gillard did this morning. Accompanied by a group
of indigenous cricketers, she visited a local slum
here in Delhi where the Australian government
is part-funding a program called Magic Bus. It's designed to help young
underprivileged Indian children learn and develop through activities such as cricket. This is a fantastic program
of change reaching out right across India and we have met with
some delightful young people today from the most impoverished
backgrounds you could imagine but determined to make a life
for themselves. The locals was certainly keen
to make a song and dance about Ms Gillard's arrival
yesterday afternoon on her first visit to India
as prime minister. Over the next couple of days she will take part in
several cultural and business events aimed at celebrating and developing
the Australia-India relationship. She will also spend plenty of time discussing her government's
controversial decision to allow uranium sales to India during her talks with the country's
president and prime minister. The thing that would have to
happen next is the negotiation
of a comprehensive civil nuclear cooperation agreement. Perhaps inspired by
this morning's cricket match, Ms Gillard couldn't resist taking
a swipe at her political opponent, Tony Abbott, over his efforts
at international diplomacy. The government is highly critical
of his failure to raise his controversial
'tow back the boats' policy during his meeting
with the Indonesian President in Jakarta last night. It's because Mr Abbott is pedalling
a myth to the Australian people. He knows the Indonesian government will not
agree to facilitate tow backs and he's trying not to be exposed as telling the Australian people
something that can't and won't work. The shadow immigration minister,
Scott Morrison, has put out a statement saying the Coalition's full suite
of asylum-seeker policies, presumably including
towing back the boats, were discussed
during a later meeting between him, the deputy
Opposition Leader, Julie Bishop, and Indonesia's foreign minister. Sam.

Besieged MP Craig Thomson
will have to pay his own legal bills after Fair Work Australia
began civil proceedings to recoup funds it believes
he stole from union members. Political reporter Mia Greves
joins me now. Good afternoon, Mia. Craig Thomson spoke to Seven News
this afternoon?

Yes, Sam. Good afternoon. Craig Thomson says
he wants his day in court, saying Fair Work Australia
is only pursuing him to save face after taking years
to investigate his activities when he was boss
of the Health Services Union. Fair Work's civil claim
includes 62 breaches alleging Mr Thomson spent hundreds
of thousands of dollars of union money on prostitutes, travel
and on cash advances. Labor has cut him loose and Mr Thomson now faces
a costly legal battle but he maintains his innocence. I have done no wrongdoing, maintained my innocence
as I have throughout this issue and look forward to the opportunity
should it arise to defend these matters in court. There is no intention to provide
legal or financial support to Mr Thomson. The members of this union which
are affected by these allegations deserve to have their day in court. They deserve to have all
the legal processes exhausted. And exhausted it will be - and the likelihood of it being
resolved before next election are slim and that's good news
for the government. Thanks, Mia. Mia Greves, there in Canberra. South Korean pop phenomenon PSY
is in Sydney preparing to perform
on Seven's 'X Factor' tonight. The man behind 'Gangnam Style'
arrived this morning and was greeted by an airport media
and fan crush. Sarah Coates was there.

Sam, if PSY's star power
was ever doubted, then just have a look
at this entrance. The Korean singer, who has clocked more than
470 million hits on YouTube for his song 'Gangnam Style' arrived here in Sydney
this morning. He came out a special exit door and was greeted by a throng of media
and fans who all just wanted him to perform
one of his signature dance moves. Have you got a bit of
'Gangnam Style' for us this morning, PSY? This morning? It's so early! (LAUGHS) They raced PSY to a waiting hire car where he was whisked away
to his hotel for some much-needed rest. Oh, my heart was beating
and I was really nervous. Oh, my God,
but I got to see him. I go to see him pretty close
with his Mickey Mouse shirt. Oh, my God!

Sam, PSY has a few shows on
while he's here in Australia. Two of them
are actually on Channel 7 - one on 'The X Factor' tonight and the other special performance
tomorrow on 'Sunrise' in Martin Place.

After the break,
world-first trials in Australia to try to stop
a debilitating disease. Also, what Felix Baumgartner saw - the space-suit camera
that captured his plunge. And a rare interview
revealing Kennedy thoughts during the Cuban missile crisis.

Australian researchers are leading
a world-first trial into the effects
of Vitamin D on Multiple Sclerosis. The $2.5 million study
will involve up to 240 patients suspected of having the disease. The aim is to establish
whether Vitamin D can reduce the risk
of people developing MS. It could possibly lead
to a prevention strategy for MS, that's really a crucial breakthrough
we want. People who live further from
the equator are at higher risk. A young Pakistani girl who
was almost killed by the Taliban has been flown to Britain
for specialist treatment. The 14-year-old was shot
in the head and neck last week for daring to ask for an education.

Handed over to doctors more accustomed to treating
injured British soldiers, Malala Yousafzai is another
casualty of the Taliban. She wasn't fighting in Afghanistan,
she was just trying to go to school. Her desire to be educated as a girl
meant she clashed with the Taliban.

Respected ambassador, I will request you that
if you can help us in our education, please help us. The punishment -

to be singled out on her school bus
and shot in the head. Staff from Birmingham's
Queen Elizabeth Hospital were working in Pakistan. When they saw Malala's injuries, they suggested she should
be transferred to Britain. The doctors, some of whom were people from here
and the Children's Hospital, believed that she has a chance
of making a good recovery because clearly it would be
appropriate on every level, not least for her, to put her through all this if there was no hope
of a decent recovery. The 14-year-old
has always ignored intimidation.

Despite anger about the attack, it will be very difficult for Malala
and her family, due to join her here soon, to ever live safely
in Pakistan again.

The widow of assassinated
US politician Bobby Kennedy has given her first
television interview in more than a quarter of a century. Ethel Kennedy recalls
the dramatic moment 50 years ago when her husband took a family vote at the height
of the Cuban missile crisis. We were just saying
our evening prayers and Bobby said
to each of the children, "This might be the end. "Do you wanna go out west
or you can stay here? "It's your choice." And each one of them said,
"Stay here." Bobby was JFK's brother
and closest confidant at the time. New video shows the view
Felix Baumgartner had during his record-breaking skydive
from 39km above Earth. The images are from a camera
attached to his space suit. The video captures the frightening
35 seconds he went into a wild spin when he feared
he would fall unconscious. The pressure built up in his head as he reached a top speed
of more than 1,300km/h. His jump was watched live
by 8 million viewers on YouTube. The Rolling Stones
are returning to the stage to celebrate their 50th anniversary. The Stones will perform
four concerts - two in London
and two just outside New York later this year. It'll be the first time they've
hit the stage together since 2007. Is everybody ready?
Is everybody ready? Are you ready?
Yeah. We're ready. You must've guessed this was coming. The band is also releasing
a new greatest hits collection.

Also, is Brad Pitt's new perfume ad
a stinker? Plans disappear, dreams take over. And in sport,
crunch time for the Socceroos in their quest to qualify
for the 2014 World Cup.

An Australian Olympian
is undertaking an 1,100km horse ride to raise awareness and funds
for people with depression. He is recreating one of our most
famous horse racing legends, the journey of Archer,
who won the first Melbourne Cup.

Ed Fernon is a mounted man
on a mission. That a boy! He crossed the Murray into Victoria following in the hoof steps
of Archer. Legend has it that Archer, winner of the first Melbourne Cup
in 1861, walked from his hometown near Nowra all the way through the high country to Flemington for the big race.

Historians dispute the story but Ed's harnessing the story's
power over his 1,100km trek to raise money for
and awareness of depression

It's intensely personal. My mum is the main inspiration
for this journey. She suffered severe depression
for a long period of time. For Ed, it's eight or nine hours
a day in the saddle through some of Victoria's
most treacherous terrain. Ed competed in the pentathlon
in the London Olympics but says
this challenge is more gruelling. I think Archer really captures
what this whole country is about - the sorta, the long journey - it kinda parallels what a lot
of people who live with depression have to deal with.

Time to check the financial markets. Australian shares closed higher -
the ASX 200 gained 8 points.

Brad Pitt's new advertisement
for Chanel No. 5 perfume has been unveiled and it's not what you'd expect. Plans disappear, dreams take over. But wherever I go, there you are.

He's apparently talking about the
rich history of the famous perfume.

Sport shortly, but first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

Hello. Coming up in Sydney tonight - We speak exclusively to a passenger
forced to flee a burning bus after its engine caught fire
this morning. All the dramatic pictures. A safety warning
to all Sydney bus commuters.

Hello.. The family of an accused
people smuggler .. have been granted another week to explain
why their protection visas shouldn't be cancelled. shouldn't be cancelled. The man .. known as Captain
Emad fled in June .. after Four Corners revealed he'd been
living in Canberra public housing. ACT Health's admitted
Canberrans still wait too long for elective surgery ..
but welcome the 13 day for elective surgery ..
but welcome the 13 day improvement on wait times. Calls to increase the
Newstart allowance .. after an Anglicare survey
found 3 out of 4 adults on the program.. didn't
have enough money to buy food. About 30 Canberrans
took part in the survey. ACT Labor's promised 5
million dollars for a new sports hub at Canberra Uni .. to host
community sports.. and be the sports hub at Canberra Uni .. to host
community sports.. and be the Brumbies' new headquarters. While the Libs say they'll
ease car park headaches at Calvary Hospital .. with half a
million dollars for a hundred new Calvary Hospital .. with half a
million dollars for a hundred new parks. And Brumby David Pocock's not
sure if he'll be fit enough to join the Wallabies in their spring
tour of Europe .. after his knee surgery in August. More 7.30

when the veteran returned home
from this year's series in the West Indies to be with his ill daughter.

Matthew is obviously more
for the future, but we're very focused on who
deserves and who will do best against South Africa. Cricket Australia also defended
its decision to force Shane Watson to return home
from the Twenty20 Champions League. Rugby league, new Roosters boss Brian Canavan
is adamant the club can be a force next season. Seven News was there as new coach Trent Robinson met with
Canavan to plan their resurgence. We're starting
with a very blank page, let's say, and that makes it exciting that
we'll be able to shape our future. Meantime, the AFL has delayed
the introduction of a cap on interchange rotations and will instead, trial the rule
change in the pre-season NAB Cup. Waratah Wycliff Palu will return
from injury at number eight in place of Radike Samo in Saturday's Bledisloe Cup test
in Brisbane. Meanwhile, injured stars
David Pocock and Stephen Moore are thrilled the Brumbies will build
a $15 million training centre at Canberra University. Their current base has just
three showers for 30-odd players. We don't shower together or anything
if that's what you're asking. But under coach Jake White they are all required
to have a 2-hour nap each day. The Socceroos take on Iraq tonight in a match that has the ability
to shape their World Cup destiny. Coach Holger Osieck is demanding
his big guns lead by example and that's exactly
what they're planning to do. We're not seeing it as any more
pressurised than any other game. We know what we have to do.

With just two points
from three matches so far, a loss tonight
could prove disastrous. Gai Waterhouse is chasing
her first Group One win of the Melbourne Spring Carnival, in this weekend's $2.5 million
Caulfield Cup. Racing's First Lady
will saddle up the favourite, with her imported
stayer's preparation. You're never 100% confident
about any of these big races, they're so hard to win, Waterhouse says Cox Plate favourite
Pierro has recovered well from his shock defeat
in the Caulfield Guineas. There will be more sport at six o'clock. After the break, we'll get the national
weather forecast with David Brown.

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SONG: # Everybody, hang back
Get back, ooh # Take it in your stride... # When you're on the go,
carry on with KFC Crispy Rods. # Run, baby, run # Baby, run
Run, baby, run... #

Good afternoon. David Brown with your weather update
from Brighton Beach in Melbourne on a cool and cloudy afternoon, with some patchy rain
sweeping across the suburbs. There was a

There was a change that is going to bring showers later this evening.

Adelaide, a sunny afternoon Sydney, hot and clear. Brisbane, pleasant day. As we move on to the
latest satellite information a pre-frontal trough is driving
patchy rain over the south-east corner ahead of a cold front sweeping
in from the Southern Ocean. It is a change is moving through Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier at the moment as the cold moves a cross and there will be gale-force wind effect in Tasmania and Victoria and eventually it will push up the NSW coast and sweeping to Sydney in the early part of tomorrow morning.

South Australia,
fine and clear. Brisbane tomorrow,
sunny. Sydney, fine,
sunny and mild. Canberra,
fine and mild. That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, Sam. Thanks, David.

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Samantha Armytage. Enjoy your
evening. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media

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