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Blair unveils new changes to immigration laws -

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(generated from captions) While the Australian Government considers what steps it might take, the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has unveiled sweeping changes to immigration laws in response to last month's bombings in London. Mr Blair has also responded to threats of more attacks made by al-Qaeda's second in command in a video broadcast yesterday. That video also warned the US that it faces more horror in Iraq - a warning that's been dismissed by President George W. Bush. Norman Hermant reports. Yesterday, London saw one of its biggest security operations ever. Today, the British Government unveiled some of its biggest changes ever to immigration laws to combat terrorism, starting with new rules for deportation.

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doubt the rules of the game are changing. And this, says the Prime Minister, is why. The attacks of 7 July have shifted British public opinion, he says. Opposition to tougher security and immigration measures has largely melted away. I such violence. Let no-one I think such violence. Let no-one I think to such violence. Let I think to be such violence. Let I think to be frank such I think to be frank what such I think to be frank what has such violence. Let no-one be in any

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but real. Tony Blair was speaking only a day after the al-Jazeera network aired what appears to be a new video from Ayman al-Zawahiri. al-Qaeda's second-in-command blamed Britian's role in Iraq for the July 7 bombings, telling the British people Mr Blair's policies: Today, the British Prime Minister responded.

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The killer of holy innocent people in Afghanistan, innocent people

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live by the rules of democracy

live by the rules of democracy and that's why when they try to use

that's why when they try to use Iraq or use Afghanistan or use the

Palestinian cause as a means of

saying, "We have justification for

what we do" it is a complete obscenity.

Osama bin Laden's top lieutenant wasn't finished. He also threatened the US over Iraq, promising: The comments by the number two man of al-Qaeda make it clear that Iraq is part of this war on terror, and we're at war. It's a war that has been costly this week for the US Marines. Today, the first pictures emerged of the armoured vehicle blown apart two days ago in western Iraq. An insurgent bomb, transforming a vehicle like this... ..into this. 14 Marines died. The President says that won't shake US resolve. We have had these kinds of clashes before and we have prevailed. We have prevailed because we're right. Goerge W. Bush is not backing down. Niether, it seems, is al-Qaeda. Norman Hermant, Lateline.