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Qld to ban mining on 'strategic cropping area -

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The Queensland Government is preparing to introduce legislation to protect prime farming land from
mining but farm lobby group Agforce says they are not going far enough.


ALI MOORE, PRESENTER: The Queensland Government will introduce legislation next month to protect
prime farming land from mining.

It means developments that permanently damage the land - such as open cut mines - will be banned
from regions deemed "strategic cropping areas". There are a few exceptions.

ANNA BLIGH, QUEENSLAND PREMIER: There is no other state that's ever done this. It is a brand new
area of law reform, so of course we wanted to get it right. We've been out consulting with farming
groups, we've been out talking to the mining industry. We now have the legislation drafted and
we're bringing it into the Parliament.

ALI MOORE: State Opposition says the legislation is long overdue.

JEFF SEENEY, QUEENSLAND OPPOSITION LEADER: For five years they haven't moved to protect the state's
major strategic cropping land assets. The result of that failure, the result of that delay, has
been an enormous amount of angst and concern in the community.

ALI MOORE: The farm lobby group AgForce says it would also like to see grazing land protected.