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President Bush offers support after London at -

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President Bush offers support after London attacks


TONY JONES: US President George W Bush addressed the media outside the G8 summit at Gleneagles.
He's pledged his full support to Great Britain and to maintain the so-called war on terror.

GEORGE W.BUSH, US PRESIDENT: I have an opportunity to express our heart-felt condolences to the
people of London. People who lost lives, I appreciate PM Blair's steadfast determination, his
strength. He's on his way now to London from the G8 to speak directly to the people of London to
carry a message of solidarity with him.

This morning I've been in contact with our homeland security folks and I instructed them to be in
touch with local and state officials about the facts of what took place here and in London and to
be extra vigilant as our folks start heading to work. The contrast between what we've seen on the
TV screens here, what's taken place in London and what's taken place here is incredibly vivid to

On the one hand you've got people here who are working to alleviate poverty, to help rid the world
of the pandemic of AIDS, working on ways to have a clean environment and on the other hand you've
got people killing innocent people. The contrast couldn't be clearer between the intentions and the
hearts of those of us who care deeply about human rights and human liberty and those who kill,
those who've got such evil in their heart that they will take the lives of innocent folks.

The war on terror goes on. I was most impressed by the resolve of all the leaders in the room.
Their resolve is as strong as my resolve and that is we will not yield to these people. We will not
yield to the terrorists. We will find them, we will bring them to justice and at the same time we
will spread an ideology of hope and compassion that will overwhelm their ideology of hate. Thank
you very much.