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British Home Secretary confirms London bomb a -

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British Home Secretary confirms London bomb attacks


TONY JONES: The British Home Secretary, Charles Clarke, has appeared before the House of Commons to
confirm at least four explosions in London. This is some of what he had to say.

CHARLES CLARKE, BRITISH HOME SECRETARY: As the House will know, Mr Speaker, there have this morning
been a number of terrorist attacks in Central London. The situation is developing and I'm not yet
in a position to give a conclusive account of all that has happened but I wanted to keep the House
as fully informed as possible.

I want to begin by expressing on behalf of the whole country our sympathy for those injured and the
friends and families of those who've died. I'm not in a position at this time to give precise
details but what I can say is that four explosions have been confirmed. First on a Tube train
between Aldgate East and Liverpool Street. Second on a bus in Woven Place. Third on a Tube train
between Russell Square and King's Cross and fourth on a Tube train at Edgware Road station.

As yet we do not know who and what organisations are responsible for these appalling and criminal
acts. Of course our first responsibility is to protect and support the public at this time. The
metropolitan police are an operational command using well-established and tested procedures. The
health services are providing first-class care and support.

On transport, the underground is closed and will remain so for some time, but certainly closed
today. There are no buses in Central London. Transport for London will decide when to resume
services later today. Overground services are subject to substantial delays. Most stations are
open, but some are closed. Network Rail will try and reopen them as soon as they can. Airports are
operating normally.

People are strongly advised not to travel into Central London as the Emergency Services must be
allowed to do their work in the most effective way that they can. Mr Speaker, the Cabinet was
informed this morning and since then I've chaired COBRA meetings to ensure that the whole
government commitment is properly coordinated and any necessary support is provided. The PM is
returning from Gleneagles to chair a COBRA meeting later today. I will continue to keep the House
fully informed.

TONY JONES: That was the British Home Secretary speaking to the parliament.