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'Sustainable change' in Indigenous employment -

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Miner Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest has told an employment forum there has been a sustainable nationwide
change towards higher Indigenous employment.


ALI MOORE, PRESENTER: Gambling boss James Packer has told an audience in Melbourne that he will
personally mentor an Indigenous businesswoman.

Mr Packer made the pledge at an employment forum called to discuss Indigenous work prospects.

From Melbourne, Jeff Waters reports.

JEFF WATERS, REPORTER: Since it was launched three years ago, the Australian Employment Covenant
has seen thousands of Indigenous Australians given work. And now the movement's founder, Andrew
"Twiggy" Forrest, says 57,000 jobs have been promised by businesses across the country.

ANDREW FORREST, FORTESCUE METALS: There is a sustainable change under way which will live long past

JEFF WATERS: Joining him at a Melbourne University forum was businessman James Packer, who pointed
out the difficulty of finding jobs for Indigenous people in major cities.

JAMES PACKER, BUSINESSMAN: But finding a way for the 70% of our Indigenous brothers and sisters who
live in the cities to get work is, you know, obviously ... the numbers speak for themselves.

JEFF WATERS: So Mr Packer, whose companies won awards for Indigenous employment, is promising 2,000
jobs by 2021.

James Packer is in a good position to make that pledge, because he says Crown Casino is the largest
single employment site in Australia.

But part of the covenant involves mentoring. And Andrew Forrest wants Chief Executives to take up
that challenge.

James Packer nominated somebody at the forum: Madonna Beattie runs a small employment and youth
support company.

MADONNA BEATTIE, NYAARLA PROJECTS: I would hope to gain some insights into how you act, what you
do, how you speak.

JEFF WATERS: But the new protégΘ says it's a two-way street.

MADONNA BEATTIE: I hope that he has an insight into what it is like out there to be me.

JEFF WATERS: Andrew Forrest says now the movement's surpassed its pledge for 50,000 new jobs, it's
time for governments to step up with job-targeted training programs.