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Hemp -

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There are two main types of cannabis. The illegal drug cannabis indica, AKA marijuana, pot, grass,
dope, weed, hooch, mull, Mary-Jane and so on. And its cousin, cannabis sativa, or agricultural

Despite the lack of nicknames, it's way more useful. While marijuana contains much more THC, the
active ingredient which makes it popular with Rastafarians, hemp contains very little THC but has
much better quality fibre.

In the fourteenth century, artists painted on hemp canvas. William Shakespeare wrote on hemp - no,
he wrote on hemp paper. Today, it is used in thousands of products including cosmetics, ice cream
and dog food. Hemp fibre is strong a durable, it is fast-growing and needs less water and
pesticides than cotton. You could say it grows like a weed.

If Mary-Jane hadn't given the cannabis family such a bad name, hemp could be Australia's
eco-friendly super-crop. Now that's what I call a green industry.