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(generated from captions) MAN: Like that, don't you, Abi?

Mmm-hmm. Say it.


15,000 new dopple wardrobe options

launched last week alone.

Which effectively translates
as 15,000 new ways

to kill time in your cell
before you explore an afterlife,

which doesn't exist anyway.

With any luck it'll take your mind
off those saddle sores.

You know, the only thing stopping me
from slashing myself open right now?

I might not die right away.

And, before I went,

they'd find a way to charge
my twitching half-dead cadaver

20,000 merits
for swabbing the walls clean.

(Laughing) Yeah.

hang on in there,
if you must.

We're all in this together,
they say.

Yeah, right!

Farewell forever!

Till the same time next week.

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SONG: # You can blame me,

# try to shame me,

# And still I'll care for you.

# You can run around,

# even put me down.

# Still I'll be there for you.

# The world may think I'm foolish.

# They can't see you
like I can.

# Oh, but anyone

# who knows what love is

# will understand.

# Anyone!

# Anyone!

# Oh, they will understand.

# Anyone!

# If they try love,
they will understand.

Captions (c) SBS Australia 2012

This program is captioned live. The Prime Minister arrives in Delhi for controversial uranium talks. Landmark agreement - a step toward peace in the Philippines restive Midanao region. The death of Cambodia's former king - a key figure through decades of upheaval. And remembering the fallen - Aussie veterans return to El Alamein.Even though you don't want to, it keeps on coming back. Good evening and welcome to the program. I'm Manny Tsigas. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has arrived in India for three days of meetings. A key component of those talks will be Australian uranium sales to India.We are open to selling uranium to India. We need to negotiate a comprehensive agreement that would go to civil nuclear arrangements.She will also work to restore the relationship which was damaged after attacks on Indian students. She made a surprise visit to Afghanistan. She held talks with the mid- Karzai and had dinner with Australian soldiers. -- Hamid Karzai.

-- Hamid Karzai. They served up the best in Australia for her. One year since her last unannounced visit, she has told Australians that their service and sacrifice is a more than noted back home.I am here today to say a big thank you to you. Bankia and B have of the Australian nation for everything that you do. -- Bankia on behalf of.

-- Bankia on behalf of. I had been breached and the absence of hot showers. The commander is the commander. It was a bit harsh.

commander. It was a bit harsh.
These have been tragic and disturbing incidents. They have been designed to corrode morale. Everything must be done to deal with the insider attacks.Sheep were into the air base in a helicopter. -- she flew into the abyss. She raised that issue as long and of others. And she is demanding greater transparency in how Australian aid money is spent. That is both at a national level and a provincial level. She praised the new governor's plans for reform. Australia is about to take full responsibility for security in this province from the United States. It will stay there until 2014. The Prime Minister also called on the American commander of all the Coalition forces for a briefing on what they call transition and others call withdrawal. As always, Australia's involvement is acknowledged with thanks.He you have made a magnificent contribution to this campaign.

contribution to this campaign.The leaders of the international security Assistance Force, including embedded Australian Roger Noble, believe though coalition forces provide the tools, Afghans must construct their own future.It will be an Afghan house, built by Afghans. Federal opposition leader Tony Abbott has told Indonesian business leaders that the Gillard government has outsourced its immigration program to people smugglers. Abbott made the comments at a luncheon in Jakarta.As things stand, Australia has partially sub contracted its immigration program to people smugglers. That is why stop and the boards is so important and fight the next government will not rest until the borders are secure. -- stopping the boat.Bear earlier, he met with the President. He did not raise the policy of turning back the boats. Fair Work Australia has begun legal action against Craig Thomson over allegations he misused hundreds of thousands of dollars in union funds. In May, a report by the workplace regulator found the former Labor MP used the money to pay for escort services and fund his election campaign. The case will be heard in December. The independent MP maintains his innocence and says he will vigorously defend the claims. One man has apologised and another has paid for the damage he caused during last month's violent Sydney protests. 23-year-old Benjamin Homan pleaded guilty to affray and resisting arrest. 18-year-old Omar Halabi pleaded guilty to smashing a police car's windscreen and offered to pay the costs to repair it. Two others, Mohammed Issai and Abdullah Traljesic, have pleaded not guilty to rioting and resisting arrest.

to rioting and resisting arrest.
The demonstrations followed world wide protests by Muslims after the release of a video that insulted the prophet Mohammad. The Filipino government has signed a landmark peace deal with the largest separatist group in the country's restive Mindanao region. The conflict between the predominantly Christian government and Muslim rebels on the island chain has killed up to 150,000 people over four decades. But experts are warning against too much optimism. Calling time on 40 years of bloodshed, a historic peace deal between the Philippino government and the seperatists of Mindanao. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front will drop its bid for outright independence of the island group, in return for limited autonomy in some Muslim-majority areas by 2016.

some Muslim-majority areas by 2016.
We commit to peace.It replaces a 1996 settlement signed with the MILF's smaller rival, the MLNF, called a 'failed experiment' by the President. Joined by Christians, different ethnic groups from Mindanao - united by a shared Islamic heritage - took to the capital's streets to back the deal We believe that this is more comprehensive, and it would answer the grievances of the decade-old problem of the Bangsamoro people. We believe it is comprehensive and well as of the grievances of the problem.But it's unclear to what extent the more militant MLNF will back the plan, and drop its arms. Added to the mix, three soldiers were killed over the weekend - the army blamed jihadist group Abu Sayyaf. After the fight in can come peace. Other successful peace agreements in the region could provide a template.People are tired of the conflict and want to move beyond violence. There must be a degree of goodwill.Whether this countryside remains a breeding- ground for violent resistance is ultimately a decision for the people who call it home.

people who call it home. Norodom Sihanouk has died. He was an influential figure over the last few decades and was the former king. Eating one spot a plane -- the tin and President boarded a plane at to collect the body off Norodom Sihanouk. He was the first of many underestimated men. After leaving his successful campaign for independence from France, he stood down as King after realising he could exert more power as a politician. For 15 years, he ruled Cambodia, trying to unite the ideas of Buddhism, socialism and democracy while carefully balancing relations with the United States and communist China. Actions he says made him an icon in the eyes of his people.He held with the roads and transport. He established many universities. He encouraged the teenagers of the country to go to school.In 1970, he was overthrown. He took refuge in Beijing. He was invited to form a government in exile. He found himself the head of the Khmer Rouge. He joined was royalist and communist forces. They took control of Phnom Penh, allowing him to return as head of state. Within one year, he was under house arrest. 1.7 million Cambodians died under the rule of Pol Pot. Many believe he had a part in creating this role. To this day, he has never apologised for what he did.He fled again when Vietnamese forces invaded in 1978 and did not return until 1991. That was when a peace agreement was signed with the help of the UN. Helping to organise elections, he reclaimed the throne. He signed a new constitution which officially made Cambodia a constitutional monarchy. He was to do for cancer and diabetes. He stepped down as King in 1984. He died of a heart attack in Beijing, leaving behind an eventful but mixed residences. The Pakistan is still well short by the Taliban has been sent to Britain for treatment. The 14-year-old was transferred from a military hospital for her flight to Britain. Doctors say she is making good progress but will require prolonged care to fully recover. The shooting has been denounced around the world. Turkey has forced out another plane bound for Syria which was crossing his airspace. It was bound for Aleppo. The plane was to vetted for a security check. Last week, Turkish jets forced down a Russian plane bound for Syria. Just one day after Syria banned all Turkish civilian flight so busy airspace, Turkey has returned the favour. Another sign that tensions between the two countries, like the violence on the border, is escalating. A rare piece full crossing along the border which has become heavily guarded. - - peaceful. This area has become increasingly violent. Several people were killed after the border town was bombed. At the other end of the border, Syria's were brought to a Turkish hospital. -- Syrians. Some were well enough to acknowledge the crowd and others were visibly worse. The foreign ministers seemed happy to respond to the announcement over the weekend that all Turkish civilian flights were banned from Syrian airspace. He used the occasion to announce that Turkey had returned the favour. All Syrian civilian flights were banned from Turkish airspace.

Amid increasing violence, an international human rights group said it has got a new evidence that cluster bombs are being used. They are out loden many countries.It is very dangerous. They are less likely to detonate on impact. The buds that are left on the ground remained dangerous for weeks, months, sometimes years.The group says more than 30,000 people have been killed and the conflict. It continues to spell the borders. Many towns are heavily guarded. Coming up, World War II veterans mark the start of their changes back to the battlefield.

VOICEOVER: If your kids are around water and they can't swim...

..they're not safe.

MICHAEL KLIM: The only thing better than seeing your kids have fun
in the water... (CHEERING) knowing that they're safe
in the water.

that run the Australian Unity To find your local school, go to the Swim Australia website.

21 Australian Second World War veterans are on their way to Egypt to retrace their steps on the battlefield at El Alamein. The Allied victory in the desert of North Africa was one of the turning points of the war. Today the veterans began their journey at Sydney's Anzac War Memorial in Hyde Park. Each falling star represents one of the Australian men who lost their lives in the Battle of El Alamein, in North Africa. The soldiers who survived are preparing to relive that battle, 70 years on.Even though if you don't want it to, it keeps on coming back and unfortunately I was in the infantry unit and a lot of chaps got killed and I have a little cry.

and I have a little cry.
The 21 Australian Second World War veterans will depart for Egypt on Tuesday as part of a commemorative journey marking the 70th anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein and the For some of the Veterans here today it's their first time returning to North Africa since they served their in 1942 in a battle that saw many killed but ultimately caused Germany to abandon their campaign.

Despite being hailed a success, the major offensive at El Alamein saw more than 1,000 Australians killed and 3,500 wounded. 200 were listed as missing.

as missing.On that date, 1,000 guns opened up. Unbelievable. Any body that was there would never forget. It kept going for quite a while. With the flashes, it was like delayed.Bill says the thing that kept him going was friendship. They continued to Dave. They are on a pilgrimage to Egypt that will make that bond even stronger. Australian troops in Afghanistan are being issued with guages to help identify internal or brain injuries caused by roadside bomb blasts. The gauges measure an explosion's pressure wave and light up red, amber or green to indicate the danger of an injury. Soldiers will wear three devices - one on the chest, shoulder and on the back of the helmet. About 400 soldiers deployed to Afghanistan have already been issued with the devices. It is right and proper that the start of finding more data. We must find out what happens.

find out what happens.A police assault on the slums of Rio de Janeiro at resembled an armed invasion. They are trying to eliminate the drug gangs that control the for Bella's. The makeshift roadblocks were no match for the heavier machinery. Inside, a specialised police units tries to take control from the drug gangs which dominate. The support from a bar of was more than 1,000 police officers. It was an overwhelming display of fours. Residents stayed in their homes. They're going door- to-door or through a narrow alleyways, seeing a of the drug gangs are still here. They had encountered very little resistance.

At least 30 people were arrested. The drug bosses that got away will be tracked down elsewhere. The operation was a success because there was no violence. This is the latest part of the pacification program that has reached over 30 slums. This country has seen strong economic growth in recent years. Officials say the process has nothing to do with the World Cup or the Olympics but critics say the military-style operation is heavy handed.

handed. A major figure in American politics has died. A former senator from Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter served 30 years playing a pivotal role in many legal battles. He served on the war commission. He helped to develop the single bullet theory. He was elected to the Senate as a Republican in 1980. He was a fierce interest and a par full voice on the committee. He infuriated his own party.With all due respect, you put in the rabbit in the hand for Elstob he angered Democrats. I am asking questions will stop -- questions.He infuriated Republicans by supporting Barack Obama's stimulus bill. He lost the support of his party and became a Democrat. The Pennsylvanian Democrats have not return the favour and he lost his bid for a 6th term in the primary. He worked in the Senate the whole time. He was in another battle with a brain tumour. He was a passionate advocate for medical research. He lost his final battle with cancer at the age of 82. The 2012 Nobel Prize for Economics has just been announced. It has gone to two Americans. Let's check the finance figures. And the Australian share market has closed lower ahead of European Union leaders meetings later in the week. In the resources sector, major miners BHP Billton and Rio Tinto were down. Origin Energy fell after production resumed at its Yolla gas project in the Bass Strait. Fairfax Media reached a fresh all-time low on Friday, after 26 million shares changed hands. Tokyo's Nikkei rose 0.5% after late bargain-hunting. Markets in Europe are stronger in early deals.

early deals. Coming up, the weather. And Felix Baumgartner breaks the sound barrier as he leaps from edge of space.

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A cold front is crossing the say these. Cloud over WA. High pressure bringing clear skies to the eastern seaboard. A cold front will see showers over Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide. Wet in Darwin. Others sent to see some sun. Showers for a Tahiti and some more. Wet conditions for Auckland and Wellington. Similar condition is for South East Asia. Showers in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. For the north, at typhoon and east of Thailand. Rain affecting Manila. It is fine in Tokyo and Seoul. In the west, fine and sunny in the Middle East. A cloudy day in Islamabad and Delhi. Stockholm and Moscow have rain and cool conditions. Thunderstorms for Rome. In Africa, showers For Algiers and Casablanca. Rain for Lagos. Some Sonny Borat is above. -- sunny in Egypt. For North America, reigned for Washington DC. A few showers for the northern and eastern cities. Find out west in Los Angeles and

Find out west in Los Angeles and
Denver. An Austrian extreme skydiver has broken the sound barrier with his body alone. He jumped from the edge of space. Felix Baumgartner leapt from a capsule more than 38 kilometres above the earth. He reached a top speed of 1342 km/h. Cheers mac from his crew and tears from his mother. He began his journey to the age of space. For 2.5 hours, he floated to an astounding 24 miles up. He was when hundred and 28,000 ft above the Mexico desert. He opened his capful, hung his feet but the door, was reminded to an baton his seat belt, saluted and he just jumped. Right into the record books. He plummeted at an inconceivable 833 miles an hour. So far as the only way to see him was infra-red camera. He is the first human to break the sound barrier with just his body. No jet, no rocket. He tumbled out of control for a few seconds but righted himself and made a sound. It was enough for his mother. The entire way out, he heard only one voice. It was the voice of experience. The 84-year-old held the record for the highest freefall for 52 years. Today he taught Felix threw shattering of the record by more than 25,000 feet. High wind last night. Nothing could keep him from the stratosphere. He returns to Earth on his feet. He has a record that is simply out of this world. You become so humble. It is not about breaking records it is about coming home alive. We know he will be in the record books. He may well be in science books as well. Researchers will study what happened to his suit today. They think they can design stronger and safer as it's for the astronauts of the future. I am busy just by watching that. -- say pursuits. The first man to travel faster than sound was 58 years ago today. That is all for now. Goodbye.

What do we have here?
(BOTH SPEAK INAUDIBLY) Two entrenched views.

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