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(generated from captions) And it looks like we will also be able to enjoy a dip
in the ocean tomorrow as temperatures heat up.

Last night was
a pretty chilly one in the western suburbs. Gosford, Richmond
and Campbelltown all had lows
of 6 degrees. Then today those
winds swung to the north pushing temperatures
close to 30 away from the coast. We have some cloud
building across the south thanks to a cold front but ahead of that we've got hot
dry desert air being pushed our way. And that will push temperatures
up well above average in Queensland
and New South Wales tomorrow. Around the nation, wet in Melbourne
and Adelaide. On our waters:

It will stay clear this evening as we dip to 14 before heating up
to a very summery 32 tomorrow. The weather along the coast will only be a little bit cooler
than the west tomorrow.

33 in Homebush and Gosford.

A cooler change will move through
on Wednesday, dropping temperatures a little, with some cloud brewing on Thursday. Looks like a nice spring weekend
on the way, Chris. And that's Seven News
for this Monday. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight', the campaign to take on
the big banks and how you can join
the people power protest. That's next.

Good evening. Thanks for your company as we kick off another week
on Today Tonight. Shortly a new campaign
to get truth in banking to find out how much you lose when the banks don't pass on
interest rate cuts But first the return
of 'Dancing Tracey', the woman who shuffled off
with a compensation payment for a permanent disability that
didn't disable her all that much. Now she's back,

allegedly taking money off a man
with a terminal illness. Laura Sparkes has more. Do you remember Mick Dodd?
He might be dead by Christmas. Don't assault me. I'm not assaulting you. She remembers Mick
and we remember her. Tracey Hanshaw,
aka 'Dancing Tracey', is at it again. Can't go out dancing.

I can't just bend over
and pick something up.

I can't lift both arms up
above my head.

I don't go shopping.

I can't drive now so I have to rely
on people to take me.

This time, she's pulled the wool
over a dying man's eyes. Can you believe
she's done that to you? (SOFTLY) No. How much was it? I know what I got. How much was it? Excuse me. Take your hands off me, Tracey. I'm just getting my groceries. For a woman to take money off a man
who is about to die

is hard to fathom. Mick Dodd is just 54 and he's dying but his tears of anguish
aren't about that. Instead, he's crying over what,
he claims, this woman has done to him. So, what about the $4,000? There is no $4,000. You know what, Laura? And zoom in. She tells lies. She believes
naughty people that tell lies. No, Tracey, you tell lies. So, what's going to happen
to Mick Dodd? He dies at Christmas. He's a liar. He's a dying man. No, he's not. Yes, he is.

He has motor neurone disease. His body is disintegrating. Diagnosed just three months ago, he's since lost
half his body weight. (SLURS) She doesn't have a heart. She doesn't have a heart?
No. Mick speaks like this because the disease is attacking
his throat, tongue and vocal chords so his son Nathaniel
has to speak for him. "Three months ago,
I could talk properly "and now I can't and it's getting
worse very quickly." (SLURS) It's frustrating.

And it's frustrating.

A year ago, Mick was a well man. Father to 10-year-old Jemma. Tracey was a friend. When Mick found out his
rental property was about to be sold he claims
she offered him a solution. She offered... She offered for him
to buy her son's house with her and he would move in
and pay for the mortgage. And what did you pay her? (SLURS)

She asked for $4,000 to pay for the legal costs
for the sale of the house. Did you actually get the house? No.

Did you ever get the money back? No. What could that $4,000 be used for
now? He would have used the money
for medical bills. Hello, Laura. How are you? Good. How are you going? But when we caught up with Tracey,
she denied it all. Laura, I've never borrowed a cent
off that man. And that man... I helped when he was homeless
and his daughter, took him in, never took a cent from him,
never borrowed from him, that's it. Why would he say...?
Because he's a liar. She is convincing but, unfortunately, Tracey
has made statements to us before that we have ended up questioning. And this is how you're walking
on a daily basis? Yep. And this is a good day. How good does it get? This is it, hon. It doesn't get any better than this.
No. It all began when we believed her tearful pleas
for an insurance payout four years ago.

It's $167,000. It's enough to save my house. I just want the claims officer
from Tower to approve it. Two days after
Today Tonight rang Tower Insurance, Tracey got her payout.

She ungraciously accepted the
payment from the insurance company. That claims officer
needs a kick in the pants and I thank you for that payment. It was the last straw
for the neighbours.

Where's your neck brace today? I've just taken it off earlier. Where's your walking stick? Remember when you told me
this is as good as it gets? It's not the only time Tracey
has tried to make a claim. , Today she was back in our Sydney office to notify us of her intention to sue us for defamation. She still seems to have flexibility to shove the papers under the door. It's not the only time Tracey has made a claim. She unsuccessfully pursued $ claim. She unsuccessfully pursued $1 million against Westfield, the place she claims she slipped, not once but twice on the same day. This year, she turned to the New South Wales Supreme Court she turned to the New South Wales
Supreme Court seeking Supreme Court seeking $5 million in compensation for an unfair termination against a scrap booking company she was a dream stay tore for. Her case was dismissed. Are you a serial pest. You're the pest, because you tell lies. Even her own family backed her story. For a very long time, she had me fooled. It hurt, betrayed that she had lied to her had lied to her own son about her injuries and what she was doing. She fought everyone, me and the family. Her sister received these threatening text messages from Tracey just before a family funeral, soon after our storied aired. I'm going to stab the bitch. She is a good actor. She can twigs things around for the benefit of

Serious assault charges
laid by Debbie against Tracey were dismissed in court but Tracey was found guilty
of the text messages. She happily sang and displayed her disability sticker
that day for our cameras. (SINGS) # And I've been down there
on the floor... # Fast forward 2.5 years. I never lent the man any money. She's still proud
of her disability sticker. Mick, unfortunately,
can't take the matter any further because it's Mick's word
against Tracey's. He just wishes he was more careful. It angers me very much. We know he's not going to get
the money back but it will tie up all the lose ends and make sure he has peace of mind
before he passes. In the meantime, he's left explaining
his tragic future to Jemma. What's going to happen to Dad? He's going to get worse
eventually. How do you feel about that, darling? It's pretty upsetting
because I wanted him to be around.

Friends and family have started
a fund to help with Jemma's future. There are details on our website. There's a blame game being
played out on our roads and police have had enough of it. Drivers caught on camera
for speeding or going through red lights
are passing the buck, using family or friends
to take the rap. As David Richardson reports, police are now making sure
the real offenders are made to pay.

, Every flash means a loss of points, a loss of cash but some people are resorting to a blame game to save their licences. The blame game is outrageous and it has to stop. This 23-year-old blamed his 74-year-old grandmother. This 26-year-old said his sister did it. While this girl blamed an older man for her speeding fine. This is definitely a Nat This is definitely a Nat problem and we have seen a huge spike right across the country in this sort of

Criminal lawyer and road law
specialist Dennis Miralis sees more drivers blame
someone else for offences but risk even tougher penalties
by lying. Even first-time offenders,
who have no criminal record, will, and do, get sent to jail
for declaring falsely that they weren't the person
who committed the offence.

Behar yaw There is a thriving blackmarket in selling points on your licence to preserve someone else's. Interest Internet shopping bizarres, dealing in demerit points, again falsifying statutory declarations. You could lose not only your licence but then your job and your house. Tell me that doesn't make you desperate enough to pay someone else for their

, Some , some The whole interest national licence system is a joke. The points are just the tip of the iceberg on how broken that is. It's a cash co-. It's absolutely a cash co-. These people are deriving an anything from selling their points. International drivers don't lose points, they just pay fines. It's opened a massive blackmarket in the sale. And dozens of sites even boost its impossible to get caught, yet we found these sites and sellers in seconds. I no, the police. No. It's little wonder P platers and celebrity when celebrity when celebrities open brag about it in radio. You can't drive at the moment. Why did you lose your licence? A loss of points, I took some for my friend and then it kind of all. That's illegal. But not long after, she tweeted to all, she had made the whole story all, she had made the whole story up..Just to clarify, I never took any of my friends' points. I said it in sarcasm, end of story I just made a mistake and it was fatal mistake. It was very serious mistake.

Former justice Marcus Einfeld
was sentenced to two years jail. He was caught speeding -
a $77 ticket - but named someone else and got caught out, proving no-one is safe
from detection. It's just not fair on anyone to have people irresponsibly
substituting their relatives or friends. New South Wales Finance
and Services Minister Greg Pearce has declared war on
the blame game players and point sellers and buyers. We are going to get you,
so stop substituting.

The pressures
of celebrity marriages are again in the spotlight after news that the 9-year marriage of Russell Crowe
and Danielle Spencer The couple confirmed
the separation this morning and like a lot of celebrity splits, distance and time apart
is being blamed. Lynda Kinkade has more. Every now and then,

there's just a look on her face
or something like that, when, you know, she's talking to me and it's just like, I want her to
look at me like that all the time. It was considered one of the
most solid marriages in Hollywood. Now nine years on, the shock split, concerns for the kids, and questions over how
their multimillion-dolar fortune will be carved up. It was a shock. I think showbiz land
is reeling from this split. But should it come
as such a surprise? Many speculated Danielle's decision to perform
on 'Dancing With The Stars' was a show of independence - an attempt to resurrect her career. She was the runner-up. I really did as much as I could. I didn't win and I'm fine with that. But it was not her dancing
making the news - rather speculation
of how close she was with dance partner Damien Whitewood. Entertainment commentator,
Craig Bennett. Many dismiss that as just, scuttle butt or perhaps hype but I've got to say, in view of the split now, perhaps there was something to those very subtle rumours that many didn't pick

, Crow was overseas on working on films.

During the course of the marriage,
Danielle has worked but her work
has suffered significantly because of her role as a mother
and looking after the home. She'll be compensated for that. Russell Crowe first met the
singer-songwriter 22 years ago. it was like "This is someone I want
to discover some things about." But long separations while he
tried to make his mark in Hollywood saw Danielle Spencer
end the relationship and focus on her singing.

# Why don't you stay the same? # I do love you # But I love my freedom too. # Crowe had a brief but a high-profile
relationship with Meg Ryan before he rekindled his love
with Danielle, the pair tying the knot
in a custom-made chapel at Crowe's farm in 2003. Shrouded in secrecy, Crowe's choppers and police
keep away the prying eyes in what was touted
the wedding of the year. In an interview with Andrew Denton
that year, Crowe spoke of his love for Danni.

A Danny that is very trusting and very loving.

The couple have two boys,
Charles, 8, and Tennyson, 6 who are generally kept away
from the limelight. In the times they have spoken, they appear to be tough
little critics giving their dad a blunt assessment
of his blockbuster 'Robin Hood'. My eldest turned around and said "Dad next time you make a movie -
why don't you just make a cartoon?" There's no doubt the Oscar-winning
actor has made headlines Crowe has earned
about $150 million making films in the years since the couple wed with six new blockbusters
about to be released. They also have $50 million
worth of property including a Rosebay mansion, the only one purchased
in both names as well as a share in the Rabbitohs
Football Club, a gym and his premium Black Standard Beef
production business. The couple reportedly signed
a prenuptial agreement before marrying. David Galbally QC says a judge will determine
how the wealth is split. The factors that a judge
will take into account are the length of the relationship, who contributed what in that
relationship, what the prenuptial agreement said and the change in the relationship
over a period of time. There are also reports
of a $3 million dollar trust fund for each child they had together. It's the latest marriage
melt-down and follows other Hollywood
heavy-weights including Tom Cruise
and Katie Holmes and Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

Since 'Dancing with the Stars',
she blossomed profile wise and has been much in demand and maybe that was a contributing
factor too. Maybe Danielle woke up and thought
"Heck I've got a life now." # Why don't you stay the same # I do love you # But I love my freedom too. # Stay with us. After the break,
can we really get truth in banking? The campaign
to pressure the big banks. And facing a $1 million fine. The very expensive fight
for a flag pole. I am terribly upset over it because,
yes, it does mean so much to me. We've got an outcome - next.

Have you stopped taking your
cholesterol-lowering medication? You could be at risk
of a heart attack or a stroke.

Don't leave it too late. Make an appointment today
to go back to your doctor.

Welcome back. To some welcome news
on a story we did a few weeks ago. 77-year-old Enid Robinson
was in a fight with her council over a flagpole and had been threatened
with a fine of $1.1 million and a further $110,000 for every day
she failed to take it down. I am terribly upset over it because,
yes, it does mean so much to me. We spoke to the mayor of
Shellharbour Council, Kelly Marsh, who promised
the fine would not be enforced. Can you reach a compromise? Absolutely, and that's what
it's all about. She won't have to drag it down? Oh, no, no, no. And I hope one day

Mrs Robinson and I can have a cuppa
under that flagpole. Well, it has all been sorted. Enid had to fork out $500
for an inspection by an engineer and $250 in council fees before her flag pole
was given the all clear. Now to the campaign
for more truth in banking. The organisation that brought you
the Big Switch campaign to get power companies
to lower their charges is now taking aim at the banks. it's about harnessing people power
to put the pressure on. That's a lot of money.
A lot of money, yeah. It's better in my pocket
than theirs. Home buyers ready to take on
the might of the banks. We reveal how much
you're actually losing when you don't get
those official rate cuts, like engaged couple,
Elysha Harris and James Ferris, and mum of two, Peggy Lowrie. They're taking more and more
each year. The Reserve Bank slashed official
interest rates again last week by 25 basis points - or 0.25% - to a low 3.25%, and, yet again, the big four banks
and other lenders chose not to pass on the full cut.

All we want to do is shine a light
and tell people what the cost, the impact to them of their bank
not actually passing it on actually is. Christopher Zinn of
consumer network One Big Switch is tomorrow launching a massive
Truth in Banking campaign, recruiting 25,000 home buyers
to go to war against lenders, especially the big four.

That 5 basis points
that they're not passing on, that actually ends up
having an impact on you. Over the past four years, the gap that's accumulated from the banks not passing on
the full amount to borrowers is from 0.97% with the NAB to 1.10% Westpac. Imagine the savings
you could have made. I was shocked, really. Put in your basic information. 'Truth In Banking's website allows you to calculate
the interest rate gap with your mortgage.

Elysha and James
are about to face the truth - how much they've forfeited on
their loan of $325,000 with the ANZ.

That's massive. Total interest rate gap - $10,347. So, that's over
the four years? Over one year of their loan, Elysha and James have forked out another $623 approximately not getting the full cuts. It's building up to $100 a month. Over the past four years, that would amount

to a massive $10,347. We'd love to have that money
each month to spend on groceries. You're paying another 1.1%
in interest because of cash rate cuts
that haven't been passed on. Doing the calculations... Did you expect it was that high?
No. ..Peggy's been forking out
another $154 a month, $4,600 over four years, by not getting
the full interest rate cut. I think with a tool like this definitely we would be
in a better position to actually bargain our way
to a better home loan rate.

Whether it will actually
pressure the banks into actually giving everybody
a great deal, there's a big question mark. Peter Switzer, founder
of Switzer Financial Planning, says the banks blame
interest rates they pay on savings account deposits. There's a real competition
for savers funds and banks are paying a lot
to get them so as interest rates come down, they have to cut the rate
on deposits but it's a very
competitive environment. I just wanted to know if we can get
the further 0.05% passed on to us. So how do James and Elysha fare when they try their luck
with their bank. I've got figures in front of me
to say I've worked it out. I won't just lie down and let them
talk their way out of it. The couple's now got the ammunition
and there's hope - the bank's promised to call back
by tomorrow afternoon. You can do it all by yourself. Just go to and fill in some details and then you will find out exactly
what the cost to you has been. if you're not satisfied,
take action. Find out what the gap
is costing you, ring your bank, and ask them
what they're going to do about it and if they're
not going to do anything, you should look at moving. It's a big program and for the banks to pay attention
it needs a lot of people behind it. For more information, head to our website where you'll find the details
on how to sign up. There'll be more on this campaign
on 'Sunrise' in the morning. More after the break
on Today Tonight.

I really love getting outside
in Canberra. It's a very healthy place to live. I think Canberra
could be better connected using a whole heap of
different transport options. Yeah, light rail -
there's an option for Canberra. I'd save money if I didn't always
need the car. What if we had free wifi
in our public spaces? And what about better
health services? Mobile health services
that come to the house. Yeah. VOICEOVER: The Greens
share your vision for a healthy, liveable,
better connected Canberra. Vote Greens to make
your voice count.

Tomorrow night our story
on a husband who can lay claims
to be Australia's best. His wife thinks he is and when you see
what he does for her, you might be inclined to agree.

She has never had to wake up at night. She sleeps until 8. She has an afternoon spa. She has never had to push a supermarket trolley. She to push a supermarket trolley. Greatest husband, greatest father. Greatest dad. I've never been happier. That will start a few arguments. Hope you can join us

Hope you can join us
again tomorrow night. But that's it for now. Have a great evening.
Goodnight. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

My name's Kyle.

Your father was also my father.

(GROANS) I'm your brother! The thing is I've got two brothers and you spent a week
torturing one of them. Have you got any idea what it's like to have to share your dad
with another family? And to know he cares more about them
than he cares about you? Casey, he won't bother you again. What does that mean? It means I've told him what'd happen
if I ever saw his face again. I'd like to say goodbye to Tamara,
that's all. She has a name now? Case, we've talked about this.
There was no girl. Mate, I've been trying to call you.
Why were the police here? Rocco...he's gone. We're here to grieve
for Bianca and Heath.

And say goodbye to Rocco. I can't be around him. but because of him,
I believed in something. I believed that we could be a family
and now that's gone.

Righto, boys.

Yeah, sun's up. We should probably make a move. You coming? I reckon I might hang around here
for a bit. Go for a surf.

Be careful.

If you need anything... You know where we are. Cheers.

Should I wake her up? No, love. Leave her sleep.
She could do with a rest. She went straight to her room
last night. I might as well not have stayed. Well, I think the fact
that you're here is enough. Anyway, girly,
you've got your first big exam today so I want you to concentrate on that
and forget all about this, OK? Hi.
Hi, darl. Brekkie's ready., I'm fine, thanks. Ah, coffee? No, I'm just gonna go for a walk. Why don't I come with you? Ah, no. You'll do no such thing,
but I'd love to join you, darl. Ah, I'm fine on my own, thank you. Um, good luck with English.

Once upon a time, she would've been throwing
revision questions at you and sharpening your pencils. At least she remembered. Well,
now the funeral's come and gone, let's just hope
she's ready to open up to people. Anyway, girly, you gotta eat.
Come on. CASEY: I could smash
a plate of bacon. See what's in the fridge.

I reckon the boys did us proud
last night, eh.

Looked like it did Heath some good

Is this for real?

Yeah, that's not for you. No, it's about me. It's a final notice for 30 grand
from the lawyers. Yeah, and I'm handling it. You want two eggs or three? What, $10,000 for services so far and 20 grand
for a bail infringement fine. What're they talking about?
I'm back. It should be cancelled. It will be. It's just,
we've gotta find Kyle first so we can prove that
you didn't break bail by choice. Well, what if you can't find Kyle? We will find him. It's just with the funeral
and everything else, we're a bit behind with the search.

I wish you'd told me. Why? This is not your fault. We will get onto this today but first, I just -
I wanna have some breakfast.

The carnival's on
in a couple of days. Look, if you can't send
the variations through today, I might have to find
another insurer.

Do you think they'll bring
their quote down? Well, they'll flamin' well have to. I mean, we can't have a surf
carnival without public liability. What was Palmer thinking? This should've been
his first priority. What can I do? Haven't you got your hands full
with the wedding? Oh, I can take a day off. Well, I can help you.
Aren't you working today? Oh, yes, I'm working now but I can help you
later on this afternoon.

Right, order me around because
you may never get the chance again. Roo's a good hustler.
Maybe she should talk to sponsors. Mmm.
What's the deal? Well, they're threatening
to pull the prizemoney 'cause we haven't got
enough competitors. Oh, well, that's lovely, isn't it? What happened to their
community spirit? That's what we want to tell them,
except we're too nice. There's a compliment in there
somewhere. What's the number?
It's right here. Oh, thanks love. That'll free me up
to go to the printers. Let me know when you're done and
I'll help you distribute the flyers.