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This program is captioned live. Tonight, chaos on the M2 after a crane crashes into a tunnel entrance. A Greenacre mother talks about the moment she was caught up in Sydney's gun war. Julia Gillard's flying visit to Afghanistan. Guilty plea for the CBD riotor filmed in the act. And what caused the end of Russell Crowe's marriage to Danielle Spencer. Good evening. Sydney drivers are facing a 7km queue on the M2 tonight after a major accident involving a crane. It smashed into a tunnel nearly six hours ago, and emergency crews are trying to clean up the mess. A mangled billboard hanging dangerously over the M2. It was struck by a crane under the Pennant Hills Road overpass, the collision causing the boom to snap off. Crews worked to secure the sign and clear the crane, they closed all westbound lanes. Drivers were diverted on to Pennant Hills Road, with lunchtime traffic queues backed up for kilometres. It was a delicate operation as crews worked to lift of the billboard off the M2, and on to a bus lane. With diesel spilled on the surface, the clean- up job is still under way. Westbound traffic now moving slowly along two lanes of the eastbound section. Dan joins us from the M2 at Beecroft. How is the traffic flow?The westbound traffic is flowing OK. It's the city bound traffic that is facing problems. Where we are standing, the one city bound lain, which is all they have on the M2, is banked back 7 kilometres all the way to the start of the M7. The westbound traffic - since the contraflows is in place, is flowing OK, not too much worse or different to any other commute on the M2. The traffic management centre is advising motorists to avoid the M2 and any other access points around here while the clean- up takes place. It is ongoing down on the M2 surface besides me. They have lifted the main chunk of the wreckage to the bus lane. There's a lot of work going on, it could be an hour, two hours or longer before it's cleared.A special police strike force has been set up to hunt for the gunmen that shot dead a man in a Greenacre street. Investigators hope to interview a witness who is recovering in hospital. A man's anguish at the loss of a relative in an apparent gangland killing.What are youse going to do.He had to be held back by Riot Squad police.You can't. You're not allowed toxI'm sorry. 27-year-old Yehye Amood was gunned down in a Greenacre street. He was a passenger in a Mercedes, driven by 32-year-old Bassam Hijazi, who was also wounded. Both men are known to police.Looked at his eyes, they rolled back, I realised he was dead.Tania Latash was first on the scene.The driver said "Get in the car". He said "He's been shot". She said her kids could have been caught in the middle and couldn't sleep last night.If the kids were outside near the driveway, they could have been hit.Plies cordoned off the crime scene in Greenacre Road.This area has trouble.Both men are linked to a Muslim gang called Brothers For Life. The luxury car had the numberplate BFL. Simon Bouda is in Greenacre. What do you know about the gang Brothers For Life.I know it's a predominantly male gang of Muslim men, set up by a convicted murderer and kidnapper, by Basam Hamzi. He's in the Supermax jail in Goulbourne. Followers get tattoos signifying membership of the group. Police will look at that.Fair Work Australia has laid several charges against Craig Thomson, with new allegations he used money from a union account for escort services. The suspended Labor MP says Fair Work Australia has bowed to political pressure from the Coalition. If convicted, Craig Thomson would be liable for more than $100,000. The matter will be heard in the Federal Court in disease -- December. Julia Gillard made a flying visit to Afghanistan to deliver encouraging words to our troops. The Prime Minister asked for an assurance from the country's President that everything is being done to prevent insider attacks on Australian soldiers. Surrounded by Aussie faces.South Australia first and Victoria second.A giant Aussie cake and Australian guns. Prime Minister Julia Gillard back in Afghanistan. A whirlwind trip of helmets and body armour, military planes and helicopters delivering the PM to a meeting with President Hamid Karzai in Kabul.Greeted by US General John Alan. Thank you to Australia and the leadership of your great country.Then into the main base at Tarin Kowt. Meeting the Governor of Urazgan Province.I congratulate you on the work you are doing.Rubbing soldiers with the diggers. Aware of the dangers from inside attacks.Clearly these have been tragic and disturbing incidents. Talking to the troops today, morale is good.The Prime Minister reassured next year's handover is on track. But an Australian partnership behind that. A continuing role for Special Forces.A key job - fighting the Taleban drug trade, a visible sign of success, coinciding with the visit, 20 tonnes of opium going up in flames. Julia Gillard's next move brings her to New Delhi, her first visit as Prime Minister. Uranium sales to India sure to be a key topic on the table. Sydney rapper Jelal Edmonds is making a strong recovery after being stabbed in the heart. The 19-year-old is no longer critical and has been able to talk to family and friends.The first words coming out of his mouth was "Can I still rap?".Two young men have been charged over the attack at Paddington, early yesterday morning. A month after the religious rites that shocked Sydney the court heard the first guilty pleas. A young man apologised to the community, another offered to pay for damaging a police car.This was Omar Halaby smashing a milk crate into the Wind shield of a police van. Part of an uprising in Sydney. Today he ran away from court where he pleaded guilty for malicious damage, offering $500 to pay for the Wind shield he tried. Two others, Mohammed Issai Issaka, and Abdullah Traljesic pleaded not guilty to rioting and resisting arrest. He pleaded not guilty.Among the offences, assaulting a police officers and an act of cruelty towards a police dog. The violence that shocked Sydney was sparked by anger over an obscure film protesters claimed insulted Islam. Another man who pleaded guilty to affray admitted he had not seen it. Benjamin Homan, a convert to Islam, wrote a letter to the court saying he realised he should have walked away from the violence, and apologised to the community and police for his actions. I understand that it was totally the wrong thing to do and I'm embarrassed and ashamed. Breaking news - a 9-year-old boy has been hit by a car while riding a bike at treg ear, and he is in the Children's Hospital at Westmead. The driver was taken to Mt Druitt suffering shock. A Toddler has been rescued from a locked car in Bell roes. Customers noticed the 3-year- old girl and called for help. It took authorities an hour to free her. She did not need medical treatment. Sydney's public transport is ranked among the worst in the world behind Mumbai, Moscow and Istanbul. That may not be a surprise to commuters here. Today we saw work begin on a long-awaited transport project. Demolishing the doubts that the North West Rail Link is a promise. These offices are being bulldozed to make way for the NOR west station which will be underground.The demolition will be a couple of weeks. It will take years.Baulkham Hills will recognise the site. It's across the road from the shops and the Hillsong church.The feedback is hurry and build the damn thing. Patients and a lot of it is needed. Trains may be running by 2019 if all goes to plan. Underlining the need for improvement, a report ranking Sydney the forth worst global city when it comes to buses and trains. Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, and Johannesberg in South Africa are the only ones worse than us. There's been a decade or two on underspending on transport. We are starting to catch it up with the North West Rail Link. Other cities improved the systems. Sydney is looking worse.Sydney has the dishonour of having the most expensive train service - explained in part by the large size of the city rail network and the high Aussie dollar. It's the most nerve- racking time of their young lives. Thousands of students across the state beginning their HSC. They were part of an experiment, a radical change to the starting time. A giant sigh of relief rippled across Sydney this afternoon, the higher school certificate under way. After two hours, love it or hate it, the first exam, English, was over. It was easier than I expected.I prepared for the wrong topics.You have a moment when you are fine and it hits you and you want to cry.It didn't really bother me - it's another exam.Students had all day to sweat on it after a controversial decision to start this year in the afternoon.To give kids a chance to get themselves together and settled in the morning. Doesn't matter when it is, the adrenalin kicks in.Come 4:00 the student at Greystanes High were glad it was over for today.Once you start it's easier. You keep going and finish the week.You have to try to find a way to destress. Over 18 days more than 7,000 students will sit HSC exams. The pressure is huge, and it's a turning point, the beginning of life after school. It may have been a small step for man kind, but it was a giant leap into the record books for skydiver Felix Baumgartner. The 43 leapt from the edge of space, breaking the sound barrier with his body, on the way down. The man who fell to earth so fast touched down, dropped to his knees and very probably said a little prayer.When you stand up on top of the world it's so humble. Earlier a 55 story high helium balloon lifted Felix Baumgartner to the top of the world. Then a last- minute safety checks.A little further forward.Taking him through it was 84-year-old Joe -- Colonel Joe Kittinger's whose 1966 record Felix Baumgartner was out to break. Start the cameras.No turning back. At a record 39 kilometres up, he stepped into the void and blasted towards earth at 1,342km/h, faster than the speed of sound. Then he started to spiral out of control. He needed to stablise or he'd fall unconscious.I had a lot of pressure in my head. It didn't feel like I was passing out. I think I can handle the situation. I did.He did, indeed. Coming in for a perfect landing. And a sigh of relief from mum and dad. Next in Nine News - thinking of taking a sickie. Beware your boss could be watching you. News on the Alan Jones exodus. When will they be back? This program is not captioned. Because they light up our lives, here's something
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This program is not captioned.

Bosses are going to extraordinary lengths to catch out staff taking sickies. Public sector workers use an average 7 days of sick leave a year. Some employers are using secret cameras to spy on them. This is Tony working on his Yagoona home renovations. It's not home video and was not filmed with his consent. It was shot by a private investigators, hired by his employer, RailCorp, after Tony used a WorkCover certificate to take 10 days off for a knee injury.I was not a cripple. I was injured.Over the course of three days Tony can be seen bending, squatting and lifting as he helps builders at his home.I was on heavy medication given to me by my doctor.This is all the proof that RailCorp needed to dismiss Tony from his job as a cleaning manager, claiming he was fit to work. In a statement to Nine News, RailCorp said they are responsible for managing public's money. They are not the only company to be keeping an eye on employees.It's evident to employers that it's common place for a small element of the workplace to abuse a good system. Tony is not working. He may lose the family home and can't afford to have the operation he needs on his knee. He has this advice for anyone else thinking about taking a sickie. Stay in bed. Do not walk out of the house. I'm living proof of what can happen to you.Advertisers will return to the Alan Jones 2GB breakfast show tomorrow. Radiobosses suspended all ads as they dealt with the fallout from Alan Jones's comments that the Prime Minister's father died of shame. A busy work schedule is blamed tore ending Russell Crowe's 9-year marriage -- for ending Russell Crowe's 9-year marriage to Danielle Spencer. Danielle Spencer cut a lonely figure this morning. Some say that has had a lot to do with the breakdown of her marriage. Effectively Danielle Spencer has been a single mother for most of the year. She has two beautiful sons, it's difficult for anyone. Russell Crowe's separation from his family is the price of success.He has six or seven films coming out in 2013. He simply has not been here.The couple married in 2003. Mr and Mrs Crowe.They tied the knot in a chaple Crowe built on his farm near Coffs Harbour. Two children followed before the first hint of problems. In June Danielle Spencer was photographed arm in arm with her partner from 'Dancing Wtih The Stars'.Russell wasn't very impressed. Went into damage control. Crowe flew to Australia and made a surprise appearance on the show.He came on the set and he was in his tuxedo. The couple was last seen in public three weeks ago at a Rabbitohs game. They hardly looked together. Rich lists estimated Crowe's wealth at $65 million, and he's destined to hand over half of it.In any marriage with kids, the starting point is equal division. Time for sport with Ken. Good evening.Our cricketers are looking sharp for the summer ahead. Ricky Ponting tells us how long he plans to play on. The captain and coach are gone. The Roosters continued their clean-out. Our swim Tahs on show in Bondi. I'll tell you about the summer temperatures in Sydney this week. This program is not captioned.

A refreshed Ricky Ponting is ready to defy critics who say he's past it, and play in the next two Ashes series. Ponting joins Michael Clarke in the launch of Summer of Cricket. Besides Sydney Harbour, the first signs of summer. Ricky Ponting's enjoy. Of being in his cricket whites was clear.My love for the game and contest has not waivered one bit in 20 years.Ricky Ponting credits that attitude to escaping the game for months. No longer a member of the short-form team. He pushed himself through a 12 week fitness program.It's the first time I had a chance to have a preseen. I've played for a long time, and never had a preseason. I've always been playing.The 37- year-old is looking forward to next year's Ashes battle and beyond that. Look, I would love to play in another Ashes series or a couple. It will depend on how good a player I am.With recent good domestic form Ricky Ponting's position is safe. Michael Clarke and others met this afternoon to discuss the rest of the test team, and how to look after a nonstop Shane Watson, burnt out before last summer began. The Aussies are already looking sharp, dressing up for a lifestyle fashion shoot.It's the lighter side of T you can have fun off the field, it's not always serious.They've lost their captain, coach and the Roosters complete a rare trifecta, sacking CEO Steve Noyce. Former Roosters boss, Brian Canavan returns to the club to take on football operations. Socceroos Mark Schwarzer laid down the law to team-mates heading to the World Cup qualifier against Iraq. Australia lost to Jordan in the last match and Mark Schwarzer said that performance was not near good enough.Obviously I was not happy. I made sure everyone was aware of that, that I was not happy, and they shouldn't be happy about anything that went on in that game. Australia has not won a match in this game of qualifying. Some of Australia's Olympic swim stars hit Bondi for a swimwear shoot. Libby Trickett talked about the pressure they face following Ian Thorpe's revelation that he battled with depression and alcohol.So often we are seen as larger than life, and strong and courageous, and, you know, like nothing would worry us. The honesty is that we are real people.The swimmers are waiting for the release of a review into the London Olympics. And at the shaping high Masters Novak Djokovic won a tense final against Andy Murray with the Serb destroying another racquet in the process. The rallies were long, and the tennis brilliant. Novak Djokovic fought off five match points to win his 13th Masters title. He shouldn't do that to racquets. He's a great fighter. In every respect. To finance, and car sales were top in October. On the market:

Nat is next with the weather. Tomorrow will be a beautiful day.
That' s tonight. Next on WIN News.. c
The Chief Minister goes to police, li
claiming she was harassed by young hi
liberals. A woman dies after being prop
hit by a car, and the solar farm proposal causing concern in Royalla Join me for all the details next.

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It was a garagous day across Sydney, with two whales -- gorgeous day across sphi, with two whales putting on -- Sydney, with two whales putting on a show at Coogee Beach.

A high pressure system directing onshore winds to Queensland and Northern NSW coasts. Heaviest falls in Victoria as a cold front moves through.

A cold front will move through on Wednesday.

A lovely day on the way, but very

A lovely day on the way, but very warm That is nine news for this Monday. Hope you have a

Tonight ... The Chief Minister Can
calls police after campaigning in rise
Canberra' s South. The road toll whil
rises to nine , a pedestrian hit
while walking her dog. And: Floriad exceed
over for another year, did it I'
exceed expectations? Good evening, Ministe
I' m Danielle Post. The Chief c
Minister has called police, about a campaign incident which she believe Galla
was targeted intimidation.Katy weari
Gallagher claims a group of men were
wearing Canberra Liberals shirts thro
were harassing her, as she drove P
through the Territory' s south. ACT m
Political Reporter Luke Dufficy has cla
more. Well these are worrying the
claims, less than a week out from s
the election. Katy Gallagher claims
she was campaigning at Chisholm whe w
two cars pulled up, the men inside wearing ' Team Zed' t-shirts. One o Your
the cars also towing a ' Triple
Your Rates' banner. The C-M says th tr
men did laps of the shops, before follo
trailing her as she drove off - carpark
following her into a deserted h
carpark in Kambah. Here' s what she o
had to say earlier today. I was ev
on my own in a car. I drive myself chi
everywhere. I quite often have my goin
children in the car and I' m not pr
going to be put under that sort of call
pressure. The Chief Minister a
called the police but didn' t lodge will
a formal complaint. She says she v
will if it happens again. I was co
very aware that they were going to pu
continue to follow me, so I had to c
pull off the road. I got out of the made
car and I stared them down and I with
made it clear I wouldn' t put up Oppositi
with that behaviour. The awa
Opposition Leader says he wasn' t the
aware of the incident, and claims I'
there' s been an overreaction. what
I' m going to necessarily accept th
what Katy Gallagher has said about e
this. I think five days out from an goin
election I would expect there' s
going to be some around on this. t
The Canberra Liberals were also on today
the defensive about rates again on
today. A UC researcher, who worked reject
on the Quinlan tax review, has wo
rejected the party' s claims rates Government
would triple under a Labor tab
Government. Ben Phillips says his Liberal
table, which is being used in misr
Liberal advertisements, is being tripl
misrepresented. There is no s
tripling of the tax rates. +y It' tha
s really a more complicated story tabl
than what' s in that very simple t
table, which was never really meant
to represent policy. +y We' re no relying
relying on one table. We' re reform
relying on the entirety of the
reform. With just four full day like
left before the election, it' s part
likely the bickering between the parties will only continue.

This afternoon police responded to
a person defacing this Liberal Part ol
sign on Parkes Way. A twenty year assisti
old student from O' Connor is enquiri
assisting officers with their b
enquiries. Racist remarks have also ca
been written on posters of Liberal Vadak
candidate for Ginninderra Jacob person
Vadakkedathu . He' s the first person of Indian heritage to run fo t
the Assembly.The Territory' s road pedestri
toll is now at nine, after a
pedestrian hit by a car in Canberra El
s north, died in hospital. WIN' s Ellena Midgley filed this report. tra
Police have called this another t
tragedy on our roads. At about four sixty-nine-year-o
thirty on Friday, a wa
sixty-nine-year-old Cook woman was it
walking her dog off the leash when chased
it ran across this street. She chased after it and was hit by a ca travelling around this bend, throw suffering
into the car' s windscreen She
suffering critical head injuries. Canberra
She was later treated at the yes
Canberra Hospital, but died early in
yesterday morning. There' s no an
indication the driver was speeding wi
and the driver is assisting police
with their enquiries. Police ar details,
yet to release the woman' s t
details, while she is well known in loca
this area officers are trying to locate her family. This is the nint th
death on ACT roads this year, and Cars
the second pedestrian death. a
Cars on roads do take time to react n
and distance to break so if you are s
near a road just take care and make
sure other people can see you on th wi
road. It' s a timely reminder te
with today the start of the school for
term. Motorists must slow down to eig
forty kilometres and hour between