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(generated from captions) That's tickets and plenty of money
left over as well. You've got about 10 grand after you pay for tickets. That's a good start to a holiday,
isn't it? That's OK. So, had we played on... 8 or 11?

Number 11. Rita? You thought you had $50,000 before,
what do you think you have now? I'll stick with the 50,
but I'll go $50. So, congratulations, Cheeky.
$50! Alright. It's... Hey! Good on you, Cheeky. Yeah! Getting out of it
by the skin of your teeth. That's why they call you Cheeky. So, Zo, for an extra 500 bucks,
what is it - $50 or 5 grand?

You've got 5 grand, baby. Do I? I think so too. OK. 5 grand.
Let's look-see. Yeah!
5 grand it is, making it $21,500. You only started with $50. With the exchange rate,
that's even better! Let's see the money! Whoo! I got the feeling Europe's about
to become just a little bit wilder, don't you, ladies and gentlemen? Cheeky and Zo-Zo! Bon voyage! Auf weidersehen! Hasta manana, etc. Thank you, Katie Mac. And thanks for being with us,
everyone. Lovely having your company,
of course. See ya!

This program is captioned live. Tonight - debris strewn across the M2 as a crane crash closes
part of the motorway. Craig Thomson
sued by Fair Work Australia. Can he now stay in Parliament?

The thousands banks
are short-changing homebuyers. How to calculate your losses. Fearless Felix breaks records
and the sound barrier, falling from space to Earth. Plus, Danielle goes it alone after her shock split
from movie star Russell Crowe.

Good evening. The operators of Sydney's M2
motorway have taken drastic action, trying to avoid chaos for drivers
heading home tonight. Damien Smith
is on the motorway at Beecroft. Damien, is an earlier crane crash
still disrupting traffic? , As you might be able to see behind me, the flow arrangements are working pretty well. The back up towards the city, only about 1-2 kilometres. Different story if you are travelling into the city, east bound, back about 6 or 7 kilometres to the M7 motorway. That all happened just after midday as a crane crashed right into an crane crashed right into advertising billboard at the pennant hills underpass. Now, these pictures captured exclusively by Seven News, four hours later, workers can be seen to be using oxy tore chest to bring that sign down with a thud.

Now, the 20-year-old driver was taken to hospital with what we understand to be pretty minor injury, just a garb to the fore head. Some drivers were angry. Others philosophical. All of. Somebody is not awake in what they are doing. I'm pissed off. He has to watch out next time. We have utilised the east bound carriageway. We have got one east bound and two west bounds. The cin ha been working on the motorway widening and was on its way to another job when the incident occurred. Tonight it is drivers going slowly on the M2 for at least another hour, probably two. Chris. Ild Thank you,

Controversial Labor MP Craig Thomson
is facing fresh legal action with Fair Work Australia suing him over the use
of a union credit card. It is the He's vowed to fight the claims
worth more than $100,000 It is the only the intensive care that is including alleged payments
to prostitutes. that is preventing the deadliest three

three days of the year on Commenting on three days of the year on our roads from getting even worse. Craig Thomson saw today coming. from getting even worse. A 28 - year-old man remains in a critical condition with head injuries and police are still trying to We may have some
in the civil court. police are still trying to contact his relatives. And now he does.

62 alleged breaches filed in
the Federal Court in Melbourne today accusing him of spending several hundred thousand dollars
of union money on prostitutes, entertainment,
travel and electioneering. The claim lodged
by Fair Work Australia after a controversial
3-year investigation into the Health Services Union. also seeks to recover a large number
of cash withdrawals, averaging $390 a week
for five years, a total of more than $102,000.

In a statement this afternoon,
Mr Thomson maintained his innocence.

The case will go before court
on December 7. Craig Thomson is now an Independent but the Government still relies
on his vote for his survival. It's unclear whether the case will
be completed before the election, due next year. The Government hopes it won't. Well, obviously now
the matter's before court and we should allow those matters
to proceed.

We as a Coalition believe that Mr Thomson should not be
in the parliament.

One of the Muslim protesters
involved in the violent riots that shut down parts of the CBD
last month has apologised to the community
and police for his actions. Four men faced a Sydney court today,
two of them pleaded not guilty.

Faces covered, running from the cameras. These accused rioters seemed ashamed
to be in court. Not like last month when they're accused of protesting
loudly and violently against an anti-Islamic film. Omar Halaby was the 18-year-old
accused of smashing a police windscreen. Today, he pleaded guilty to that
charge and handed over a money order
to cover repairs. While 43-year-old Mohammed Issaka
pleaded not guilty to rioting and resisting police. He's pleading not guilty. The matter will be heard in court
in due course. Do you have anything to say,
Mr Issaka? He's got nothing to say. 40-year-old Abdullah Traljesic
will also fight his charges which include cruelty
to a police dog. Do you have any comments
from the case today? The only one to plead guilty
to all his charges today was a recent Muslim convert described by his lawyer
as "impressionable". 23-year-old Benjamin Homan
apologised to both the police
and the community in court. Prosecutors asked for a suspended
sentence for Homan whose lawyer admitted
he hadn't even seen the film which sparked the outrage. He'll be sentenced on Thursday. The others to face court again
next month.

A Greenacre mother has told
how she tried to help a man who'd been shot while sitting
in a silver Mercedes yesterday afternoon. 27-year-old Yehya Amoud died,
his friend was wounded. Hugh Whitfeld is
at Liverpool Hospital. Hugh, how is the second
victim tonight? Chris, 32-year-old Bassem Hijazi
has had emergency surgery and is stable.

We can reveal the men have links
to the Brothers for Life gang, founded by one of the state's most
dangerous convicted criminals, Bassam Hamzi. Just last month the same Mercedes
was used as a wedding car for a couple in Heckenberg. Yesterday, Amoud and Hijazi
were shot getting into the car in Greenacre. Some residents have told us
they've seen the car before but yesterday there was little
they could do to save Amoud, shot in the torso. I saw blood coming out of his chest and then the neighbours came running
towards me saying "Move away, he's been shot." And I moved away from him
and went and called the ambulance. Tonight the gunman is still
on the run, Chris.

A young Sydney rapper
stabbed in the heart outside a Paddington nightclub
has woken from a coma. The former 'X Factor' contestant
is lucky to be alive but surprisingly that wasn't
his biggest concern.

Friends and family feared the worst after Jelal Edmunds
was stabbed in the heart but when he woke, his biggest fear
wasn't losing his life, it was losing his voice. And the first thing
that came out of his mouth was, "Can I still rap?" Jelal and his singing partner Panapa
competed on last year's 'X Factor'. They didn't win
but have big hopes. (RAPS)

The duo was at Paddington's club
Eleven on Saturday night, launching their new single,

A fight broke out.
Jelal was attacked. I go, "Bro, what's wrong?
Tell me what's up." He just laid down
and he's just saying to me, "Bro, I can't breathe." Facebook and Twitter are flooded
with fans' support and concern. Jelal is still in intensive care but his family's thrilled
with his progress. They say he'll make it through and he's even belted out
a few tunes. It's gonna take him some time
to recover. But as I say, he's a tough boy.
He's got an iron heart. He will be fine. There's too many people out there that have to bring the guns,
the knives, that sort of... It's just, yeah, horrific. Two men in their 20s
have been charged over the fight.

A Seven News investigation has found banks have been short-changing
home loan customers by thousands of dollars. For the average Sydney borrower, it's nearly $12,000 extra cash
they've kept by not passing on interest rate cuts
in full. Tonight, find out what you've lost as we launch our campaign
for Truth In Banking.

With a $500,000 mortgage, Safdar Iqbal has keenly watched only to see his bank
not passing it all on. When you look at the other hand, their profits going up
faster than ever before. He wanted to know what difference
it made in dollars and couldn't believe the result. If my bank kept up with the RBA, I would have saved close to $3,000
in the last 12 months. He's left wondering
what a difference that money could have made. For us, it's a pretty good
decent holidays. The banks once moved
in step with the Reserve but since
the global financial crisis in 2008, the gap between them
has been growing.

There's currently more than 1% extra
which the banks have held onto through not passing on
cash rate changes.

OneBigSwitch has calculated
on a $400,000 loan, banks not giving the full rate cut has cost you around $10,000
over the last four years, leaving you paying
around $300 extra a month. For an average Sydney home loan
of nearly $422,000, the cost has been almost $12,000 and means an extra $445 a month.

RateCity estimates
that variable borrowers would have saved
a combined over $18 billion in the past five years. The bank knows exactly
how much extra you're paying and what the benefit is to them but as individuals we don't know
what the cost is to us. But that is all about to change with the launch of
the Truth in Banking campaign and it begins with giving you a way to calculate how much
the interest rate gap has cost you. An online calculator created
by OneBigSwitch. Safdar Iqbal tried it today. It revealed he's paying
an extra $248 a month. I'm willing to walk away from them
and find a better deal. Find out the impact on your loan
through our website.

Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner
has set three world records in a spectacular free-fall skydive
from the edge of space. Cameras recorded
the extraordinary achievement, as he travelled faster
than the speed of sound on his return to Earth.

Not even more weather delays would stop Felix Baumgartner
and his 55-storey balloon from rising out
of the New Mexico desert. Everything looks green
and you're on your way to space. three times higher
than any commercial jet, altitudes where without
a pressure suit, human blood boils. This is the highest any human being
has ever gone in a balloon. 2.5 hours later
he opened the capsule door, stepped out on a ledge and marvelled at the curvature
of the Earth 39km below. I know the whole world
is watching now and I wish the world
could see what I see. Then he jumped. Infra-red cameras show
the next frightening few seconds as Felix,
with little air to support him, spun dangerously. It appeared
he was plummeting to his death. The 43-year-old almost blacked out
before gaining control and smashing through
the sound barrier, 1,300km/h. A fogged-up helmet visor forced him
to deploy his parachute early but not before completing
the highest free fall ever, landing gently on his feet. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) After five years
of hard training and preparation, Felix Baumgartner returns
to mission control after achieving what
no other man could for 52 years. What was the speed
of sound like? It was hard to tell. It was so fast. It was hard to gain control,
you know, so I cannot tell. Even Felix admitted feeling scared
as he stepped out into the unknown. The only thing that you want
is you want to come back alive. After a jump
that was out of this world Felix now says
he's a retired daredevil.

Still to come tonight
in Seven News - HSC exams begin. We have the verdict from students
on today's English paper.

Demolition starts to make way
for a new Sydney train station. When will it open? And how Danielle's doing following her split
from Russell Crowe. That's next.

I served over 10 years with the Australian
and British Special Forces and now I'm going to show you one of the most life-threatening
things I've seen. If your doctor prescribed tablets
to lower your cholesterol, here's what could happen
if you stop taking them. See how plaque builds up
inside your arteries, until your blood
can hardly flow at all, and you could have
a heart attack or a stroke. But if you see your doctor
and start again, you could help prevent this.

Work has officially started on Sydney's long-awaited
North West Rail Link. A disused building
is being demolished to make way
for the first of eight stations but it'll be eight years before
commuters get a chance to use it. In a matter of minutes, this office block
is reduced to rubble. Excavators make light work of it, crashing through the roof and tearing down the walls.

As this worksite
is transformed to become this, the Norwest station, one of eight on the North West line. The feedback we've had is,
"Hurry and build the damn thing!" A bit over a decade ago this was
a cow paddock and a brick yard. In 10 years there will be
a train station here with more than 25,000 office staff working in
the surrounding business park. 45% of the working population actually work
in the Norwest Business Park but we have an enormous amount
of people coming in from areas
like north Sydney. Commuters had been promised trains
linking Rouse Hill and the city but now they'll terminate
at Chatswood with passengers to forced to change
for a city connection. There's modelling that already says the bus will be faster
from the Norwest than the train. The Government remains keen on
building a second Harbour crossing despite its infrastructure advisers rejecting the Chatswood
to Redfern connection. And people are entitled
to their opinion but as a government
we believe very strongly that our future lies
in a second Harbour crossing. One down, 18 days to go
before the class of 2012 completes its HSC exams. Chris Maher is at Burwood Girls
High School. Chris, what are students saying
about today's English paper? Chris, they're certainly relieved
it's over although students we spoke to here
said the exam had some surprises. Over 73,500 students sat today's
first English paper making it the biggest in HSC history and for the first time ever
it's been held in the afternoon. The paper had a theme of belonging and asked students to write
analytical and creative pieces. while referring to both literary
and everyday texts. English is the only compulsory
subject of the HSC and the Board of Studies described
today's exam as tough but fair. This was the reaction from students
as they came out. I saw the question,
"Perceptions of belonging." I was like time,
the one thing they had to ask. What they chose wasn't...
It was a surprise. Bit relieved that that one's over
but still a lot more to go. Parents can help by encouraging students
to get plenty of rest, eat healthily and put
too much pressure on themselves. There's a long wait
for results, followed two days later
by the University Entrance marks. Chris.

After nine years of marriage, Russell Crowe and his wife
Danielle Spencer are reportedly calling it quits. It's believed Russell's hectic
overseas filming schedule is at least partly to blame.

Danielle Spencer
wasn't giving anything away as she emerged
from her Sydney mansion hours after news broke of her split
from husband, Russell Crowe. The claim is
they've separated amicably and try and remain civil,
positive, helpful, for the sake
of their two young sons. The news comes just months
after the singer was snapped on a night out with her
'Dancing with The Stars' partner, Damien Whitewood. But rumours of a rift
were swiftly denied with a very public
display of affection in front of the paparazzi
days later. This afternoon
Spencer was staying tight-lipped. Back, back, back. Thank you. It's believed Russell's hectic
overseas filming schedule is the reason for the split. Russell told me about five years ago he was gonna cut back severely
on work and for a period there, he did. He had a couple of months off
between each movie but for the last three years,
it's been back to back. It's believed
the couple's two sons - Charles who's eight,
and Tennyson who's six - will stay in Sydney.

Sport now with Jim Wilson. And Shane Watson is being sent home
early from South Africa. Chris, its bizarre timing just days after he arrived there
for Sydney's Twenty20 campaign but Cricket Australia says it's all about making sure he's fit
and ready for a big summer. We'll have the latest
from today's season launch. Plus, PSY mania hits the F1 circus. And Novak's brain snap
at the Shanghai Masters.

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Shane Watson
has been ordered back home from the Sydney Sixers'
Twenty20 campaign in South Africa just days after arriving there. Watson won't be allowed
to complete the tournament after Cricket Australia demanded
he return to Sydney to prepare for the first test
against South Africa.

Cricket is back, less than three weeks
before a test series against world number one,
South Africa. You want to be the best player
in the world, you want to be
the number one team in the world, you've got to beat the best. It's a tough challenge
but I know we'll be ready for it. Clarke wants Shane Watson ready after he missed every test
last summer with injury. Cricket Australia says it always planned
for Watson to return home after the Sixers' first three
Champions League games. I don't think it's a tough call
on him, I just think it's really
smart management on Cricket Australia's behalf. The captain's address
included embracing history, calling for past players to pass on knowledge
in the dressing room. The past players who have played
for Australia should never feel uncomfortable about coming back
into that change room. Clarke challenged his team
to inspire junior players and catch up to the growth
in women's cricket, driven by our Twenty20
world champions. The captain's scars
are from a gardening mishap at a new property in Berrima where he plans
to build a junior academy. It'll be a first class facility that I'd love to see young kids
have the same opportunity as me. Ricky Ponting remains determined
to be by Clarke's side through next year's Ashes series
in England. I know what I want to do, yeah. I want to be
a successful Australian player in a successful Australian team. It's all I've ever wanted to do. If he performs
the way he did last summer, I think he averaged
over 100 against India, he can play till he's 45
if he keeps batting like that.

Roosters chairman Nick Politis
has continued the clean out with CEO Steve Noyce joining
coach Brian Smith in being sacked. A new era too
at rugby union's Waratahs with incoming coach Michael Cheika
taking his first training session. The fans have been sick of losing. You got a guarantee for them? There's no guarantees in life but I'll guarantee that
we'll be giving them 100% not to, that's for sure. And ahead of the All Blacks test, fill-in flyhalf Kurtley Beale says he hopes friend Quade Cooper
is not lost to league. Corey Brown will ride
Gai Waterhouse's star Pierro in Saturday week's
$3 million Cox Plate. Pierro retains favouritism depite a shock defeat
in the Caufield Guineas. Meanwhile racing officials continue to investigate top jockey
Damien Oliver over a betting scandal. Of course you feel sorry for him. We're all competitive and we want
to beat each other on the racetrack and that

but we're all human beings. Allegations he bet on a rival runner have already cost Oliver
Caufield Cup and Cox Plate rides. Mark Webber has finished second
behind team-mate Sebastian Vettel at the Korean Grand Prix but the star of the show
was pop sensation PSY who waved the chequered flag. He even gave Webber and Vettel
their very own dance lesson. Vettel is now back on top
of the drivers championship.

Finally, a dummy spit that's right up there
with the worst meltdowns in tennis. It happened in the final
at the Shanghai Masters. Novak Djokovic missed a volley
and took it out on his racquet.

Djokovic regrouped
and beat Andy Murray in three sets.

, A grand slam not to be proud of.

Sally Bowrey's next
with Sydney's weather. And we're going
to feel the heat tomorrow?

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I really love getting outside
in Canberra. It's a very healthy place to live. I think Canberra
could be better connected using a whole heap of
different transport options. Yeah, light rail -
there's an option for Canberra. I'd save money if I didn't always
need the car. What if we had free wifi
in our public spaces? And what about better
health services? Mobile health services
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Picture perfect weather
across the city today with the clear skies
making it the perfect weather to spot some whales off our coast
from the Seven News helicopter. Not one but three pairs
of mother and calves were seen swimming off Sydney today. One pair spotted off Bondi Beach,
the other two off Coogee. And it looks like we will also be able to enjoy a dip
in the ocean tomorrow as temperatures heat up.

Last night was
a pretty chilly one in the western suburbs. Gosford, Richmond
and Campbelltown all had lows
of 6 degrees. Then today those
winds swung to the north pushing temperatures
close to 30 away from the coast. We have some cloud
building across the south thanks to a cold front but ahead of that we've got hot
dry desert air being pushed our way. And that will push temperatures
up well above average in Queensland
and New South Wales tomorrow. Around the nation, wet in Melbourne
and Adelaide. On our waters:

It will stay clear this evening as we dip to 14 before heating up
to a very summery 32 tomorrow. The weather along the coast will only be a little bit cooler
than the west tomorrow.

33 in Homebush and Gosford.

A cooler change will move through
on Wednesday, dropping temperatures a little, with some cloud brewing on Thursday. Looks like a nice spring weekend
on the way, Chris. And that's Seven News
for this Monday. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Ahead on 'Today Tonight', the campaign to take on
the big banks and how you can join
the people power protest. That's next.

Good evening. Thanks for your company as we kick off another week
on Today Tonight. Shortly a new campaign
to get truth in banking to find out how much you lose when the banks don't pass on
interest rate cuts But first the return
of 'Dancing Tracey', the woman who shuffled off
with a compensation payment for a permanent disability that
didn't disable her all that much. Now she's back,

allegedly taking money off a man
with a terminal illness. Laura Sparkes has more. Do you remember Mick Dodd?
He might be dead by Christmas. Don't assault me. I'm not assaulting you. She remembers Mick
and we remember her. Tracey Hanshaw,
aka 'Dancing Tracey', is at it again. Can't go out dancing.

I can't just bend over
and pick something up.

I can't lift both arms up
above my head.

I don't go shopping.

I can't drive now so I have to rely
on people to take me.

This time, she's pulled the wool
over a dying man's eyes.