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(generated from captions) Close. Illawong still have the lead.
250 - just by 10 points. Final round - Beat the Buzzer.
Questions start now. What is 39 - 17?

22. Correct. Crimson rosella -
bird, insect or fish?

It is indeed, Joseph. "Get ready to feel the thunder" is a line from the movie
'Kung Fu...?

Panda - correct. True or false?
The Great Sphinx of Giza faces east.

False. Say it.
False. True. What is 28 + 17?

Correct. Where is the southern reef squid
naturally found - Africa or Australia?

Africa. Australia is the answer. Beginning with 'G', contributors to climate change
are greenhouse WHAT? Out of time. 'Gases' is the answer. Let's check scores for today.
Very good game, kids. Well done. St Anthony's -
Melanie, Suruthi, Claire - 230, have tied for second place with Jessie, Joseph and Alexa
from Minchinbury. Winners - they cleared out
in that last little segment, Dennis, Christina, Zac - Illawong. 270 is your winning score. Please join us again
same time tomorrow. Bye for now.

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This program is captioned live. In this bulletin - Prime Minister Gillard makes
a surprise visit to Afghanistan, raising concerns
about insider attacks. Police hunt the gunmen who left one man dead
and another wounded in Sydney. A man appears in court, charged over a high-speed joy-ride
in South-East Queensland. And Felix Baumgartner
lands back on Earth after his skydive
from the edge of space.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Sally Bowrey.

Good afternoon. Julia Gillard is on her way to India after a whirlwind trip
to Afghanistan. The Prime Minister met
the country's president and found time to enjoy a barbecue
with our troops.

Spending some time in the shoes
of our soldiers in Afghanistan. We're going out again in a few days,
ma'am. Wanna come? Ha! Do you reckon I'd fit in? Yeah. Julia Gillard made a secret visit
to the base in Tarin Kowt after leaving Indonesia
following the Bali Memorial service, sharing a meal
and mingling with our troops. Nice to meet you. Can I get a photo? Sure, no problems. The Prime Minister told the soldiers
Australia appreciates their work in sometimes difficult
circumstances. It makes me remarkably proud. Just, in fact,
should all blow us away, the strength of these people. Ms Gillard also met
Afghan President Hamid Karzai who says the mission to hand over
security control to local forces is on track.

Welcome, Madam Prime Minister.
Welcome. The leaders also discussed
the recent insider attacks where Coalition soldiers have been
killed by their Afghan colleagues. Sought an assurance from him that everything that can be done
is being done. The Prime Minister
is now on her way to India, which is our fourth biggest
trading partner. The countries' leaders
will discuss plans to sell Australian uranium to India after Labor dropped
its long-standing opposition to the deal. But not everyone's happy
about the plan. Australia should not be
selling uranium into a country with unregulated, disorganised
and unsafe power plants. It's Ms Gillard's first trip
to India as Prime Minister and the first since the relationship
between the two countries was strained by racist attacks
on Indian students in Melbourne. Tony Abbott is also overseas. The Opposition Leader
is in Indonesia where he'll discuss
his asylum seeker policy to turn back the boats with the country's president.

There's been a new development
in the Craig Thomson case with Fair Work Australia taking
the suspended Labor MP to court. Seven's political reporter
Sarah Wiley joins us from Canberra with the details. Good afternoon, Sarah. Why has the department
taken this action? Good afternoon, Sally. Fair Work Australia says
the decision to lay civil charges is the result
of its extensive investigation into claims the former Labor MP
misused union funds when he was the head
of the Health Services Union. The department filed charges
in the Federal Court this morning. It claims Mr Thomson broke
industrial laws and union rules. The claim included 37 alleged breaches of general duties imposed on
officers of registered organisations and 25 alleged breaches
of HSU rules. The maximum penalty Mr Thomson
could face is around $250,000. We should keep in mind that if an MP is bankrupt,
he can't remain in parliament. Mr Thomson has released a statement. He says he's disappointed but
he's not surprised by the action. The MP is maintaining his innocence and will defend himself
against the claims. Sally. Thank you, Sarah.

A man charged
over a high-speed joy-ride through South-East Queensland has been refused bail. Two people allegedly
reached speeds of more than 160km/h in a stolen ute.

Erin Edwards has the details.

Both teenagers allegedly involved in the dramatic joyride across South East Queensland will spend a night behind bars. 16 and 18 years old, they accused of stealing a City Council car and going across 16 suburbs, three police regions and fight motorways. We watched as they ground cars out of the way, weaved in and out of traffic at high speeds, allegedly doing up to 160km/h. I spoke to a witness earlier today who was on a motorbike. He said this white you'd got within one foot of the handlebars of his motorbike. An extraordinary part of this story is that the 18 -year-old driver was only sentenced in July this year to a 12-month intensive corrections order for another joyride across South East Queensland. That happened in April. If it involved a white BMW and it was her at high speeds across South East Queensland. Police at that time could not pursue. We have what is called the no pursuit policy. If police suspect a juvenile is on board or the car is driving dangerously, they are simply not allowed to pursue the vehicles. That legislation is under review at the moment. These teenagers will appear in court next month. are calling
for his alleged attackers to be charged with attempted murder. Former 'X Factor' contestant
Jelal Edmonds was just minutes away from death but doctors were able
to keep him alive. Jelal Edmonds's family and friends keep vigil outside
St Vincent's Hospital where the young rapper was rushed
on Sunday morning in a critical condition. The 19-year-old has recovered enough to be brought out
of an induced coma. The first thing that came out
of his mouth was, "Can I still rap?" Later, he became involved
in a scuffle outside and was stabbed in the chest. They glorify this type of lifestyle,
they glorify... There's kids are probably out
somewhere bragging to their mates that they did this and that they need to realise,
you know, that their actions in situations
like this have consequences. I'm not trying to blame security but if they had done their job, like, if they'd checked that guy,
if he had something in his pocket, that could have been avoided
so easily. Doctors have told how the knife pierced
the left side of Jelal's heart which in most cases is fatal. They say
he's extremely lucky to be alive and is expected to make
a full recovery. They were saying
when they brought him in that night that it was one of
the worst stab wounds he's - they've seen here in eight years. Two men have been charged
with affray and will face court next month. And while Jelal's road to recovery
will be tough, his family say he's tougher. He's got an iron heart,
he'll be fine.

Police say the murder of one man
and wounding of another in a shooting attack in Sydney
on the weekend was a targeted attack. The survivor
has now undergone surgery. Hugh Whitfeld has the details.

The gunmen East still on the run after what was a brazen shooting in broad daylight here on Greenacre Road in Greenacre in Sydney south- west yesterday. 27 -year-old and the 32 -year-old were targeted with at least eight bullets. He was it in the leg and torso as the pair tried to climb into an expensive Mercedes sedan here on Greenacre Road. Neighbours heard the shots and shouting between the two men. They tried to do all they could to save the younger man but there was little love a good I sort of nudged him
and said to him, "Are you OK?" and then I realised
he wasn't moving, his eyes had rolled back
and he was dead.

One man remains in hospital in a stable

stable condition. He has an emergency surgery in their last 24 hours. Both men are known to police with links to the criminal underworld. It is still traumatic for their families. The brother visited the crime said last night. He had to be physically restrained by police. He was so upset. They want to speak to anyone who has information of. The number for Crime Stoppers is 1800333000. Four men have faced court in Sydney, accused of leading a violent protest
against an anti-Islamic film. 23-year-old Benjamin Homan
will be sentenced on Thursday after apologising to police
over the September 15 riot. Two other men
facing a string of charges are maintaining their innocence, including 43-year-old
Mohammed Issaka. He's pleading not guilty. The matter will be heard in court
in due course. An 18-year-old man also pleaded
guilty to damaging a police car, offering $500 towards repairs.

Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner
has smashed the sound barrier

Police have uncovered a
mountain of cash in a Brisbane shed after chasing
an accused drug courier. Several million dollars was found after police chased the suspect
on a motorcycle from Kangaroo Point
to Fortitude Valley last night. There's so much cash, investigators say a bank
will be called in to count it. Weapons were also found in the shed. A 32-year-old man is facing drug
trafficking and weapons charges.

Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner
has smashed the sound barrier during a free-fall skydive
from the edge of space. He set three world records but says, while on top of the world,
all he wanted was to come home. Mike Amor is at base camp
in Roswell, New Mexico. Sally, this was quite literally
a feat that was out of this world and it came with all the drama
and suspense you'd expect from someone
jumping from the edge of space. Some weather delays overnight, but eventually that 55-storey
balloon had a beautiful take-off from the desert of New Mexico, taking about 2.5 hours
to reach 39km above Earth. The view from there,
absolutely spectacular as Felix climbed out onto the ledge. You couldn't quite hear
at the telecast, but he said, "I know the whole world
is watching now. "I wish you could see what I see. "Sometimes you have to go up really
high to see how small you are." And then...he jumped.

MISSION CONTROL: Jumper away. But there was drama on the way down as Felix appeared
to spin out of control. I feared for a moment we were all watching a man
plummeting to his death, but he managed
to pull it under control and then not only broke the sound
barrier, but smashed it - 1,340km/h. He also created the record
for the highest free fall and the highest
manned balloon mission. He said he was frightened that his
parents would watch him die today. Let's listen
to what he told me later. You become really humble. When you're standing out there,
you only want to come back alive - that's all that matters
at that moment. So, lots of relief,
lots of celebration. They've been popping
the champagne corks since Felix arrived back here
safely. And for the record, Felix says he's officially retiring
from the daredevil business. I guess you could say
he's gone out on a high. Sally.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - the death of one of
the most mercurial characters from South-East Asia.

And the handbrake is finally put
on the space shuttle 'Endeavour'.

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For example, Apia customers driving
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a rewarding experience.

10 fire crews were needed to bring a large factory blaze
in Sydney's west under control overnight. The fire broke out in an engineering
supplies business in St Marys just before midnight. A crane was brought in
to help fight the blaze as flames shot 5m above the roof. A large amount of plastic
was inside the factory. Firefighters managed to contain
the blaze to just the one building.

Thousands of Year 12 students
across New South Wales Cambodia is in mourning
for its former king who suffered a heart attack
while receiving medical treatment in China.

King Sihanouk has died aged 89 after marrying 6 times
and fathering 14 children. Cambodia's king led his country
through turbulence during an era of dramatic change. The country gained its independence
in 1953 only to become entangled
in the bitter Vietnam War.

After the war, Sihanouk was deposed
by a US-backed coup in 1970 that fuelled a bloody civil war. The Cambodian communist,
known as the Khmer Rouge, took control of the country,
changing the name to Kampuchea, abandoning cities, sending millions
to work in the countryside. They imprisoned Sihanouk and killed several members
of his family, as well as causing the death
of more than 2 million people in what was known
as the 'Killing Fields'. Eventually, Vietnam invaded and
overthrew the Khmer Rouge in 1979.

Sihanouk returned to the throne
under a United Nations peace process that led to 1993 elections.

He took the title of king but his powers were limited
by the constitution. Sihanouk's son later was elected
head of state, but was deposed by a coup in '97. Despite that, the king, who was an accomplished filmmaker
and composer, remained
the country's most popular leader.

In just a few hours, the captain of the 'Costa Concordia'
will face his victims as a criminal inquest
into the disaster opens in Italy. 32 people died when the luxury cruise ship crashed
into rocks and sank off the coast of Tuscany
in January. The captain is expected
to face trial and could be charged with
multiple manslaughter offences. The final salvage operation
to re-float the ship will begin later in the week. It's a delicate task
that will involve 450 workers, including 100 divers.

It took much longer than expected, but the space shuttle 'Endeavour'
is now at its new home. The baby of the shuttle fleet
spent the weekend rolling slowly
through the streets of LA. The trip was slower than planned, taking two days
to tow the ship 19km. It's now at
the California Space Center.

A fireworks display has showered
spectators with burning debris in eastern China. Amateur video caught the moment the pyrotechnics sent fireballs
into the crowd. More than 100 people
suffered injuries including burns to their faces
and ears. The display was being held for the
opening of an industry exhibition.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - A-list couple Russell Crowe
and Danielle Spencer separate.

as Shane Watson is ordered home
from South Africa.

The wife of movie star Russell Crowe has emerged from her Sydney mansion after news broke
of the couple's split. Danielle Spencer is separating
from the Oscar-winning actor after nine years of marrriage. His tough overseas filming schedule
is being blamed for the break-up. Russell told me about five years ago he was gonna cut back severely
on work and for a period there, he did. He had a couple of months off
between each movie but for the last three years,
it's been back to back and because the kids
are now in school, they haven't been able to
get uprooted and go and join him so I reckon it's a major factor. The couple has two sons - 8-year-old Charles
and Tennyson who's 6. There's speculation Spencer
could be in line for a settlement of up to $25 million.

Time to check the financial markets and the ASX 200 finished
the day slightly down, dropping 3 points.

Sport shortly. But first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

Making news.. A war of words has
erupted.. as this weekend's ACT election draws heats up. The Liberals've been slammed by a
Canberra Uni economist.. who claims their campaign about
Labor tripling rates is based on misinterpreted
information.. While Chief Minister Katy Gallagher's gone to
police.. after she says she was harrassed by young Liberal
campaigners.. on the weekend While..there's been a bunch of
election promises too.. While..there's been a bunch of
election promises too.. 20 more buses'll be put part of ACT Labor's plan to improve public transport. They'll also fork out 250 million
for planned health projects They'll also fork out 250 million
for planned health projects like new wards at Calvery Hospital. While the Liberals wants
to create more new town centres.. if elected. Paramedics from stations
like Queanbeyan and Goulburn will refuse to work
overtime and turn their backs on non urgent transports
this Saturday .. to protest controversial
new roster changes. And.. the Capitals've headed
back to training.. after back to back losses against
Townsville and Logan on the weekend. More at7.30.

Cricket is back and Australia has less than a month
before a massive test series against the world's number one
ranked side, South Africa. The summer was officially launched
today with the help
of some stars of the future. And already, selectors and team
management have caused controversy over the contentious
player rotatation policy, ordering Shane Watson home from the
Twenty20 tournament in South Africa. Former Australian captain
Ricky Ponting says it's a good decision to make sure Watson
is fit and ready for the first test. We

We saw what a break did for Shane before the World Cup. He had a break leading into that so we had to make sure we get him right for the start of the Test summer. The test series against South Africa
begins on November 9 in Brisbane. Champion jockey Damien Oliver

won't be riding
in Saturday's Caulfield Cup as the fallout
from his betting scandal continues. Oliver has lost the ride
on both My Quest For Peace and Cox Plate contender Green Moon. Racing Victoria stewards
are investigating allegations Oliver bet $10,000 on a rival horse in a race he was riding in
two years ago. Meanwhile, Gai Waterhouse
will name a new jockey for Cox Plate favourite Pierro today after Craig Williams
opted to ride Green Moon.

Rugby league and
the off-season cleanout continues at the struggling Sydney Roosters with chief executive Steve Noyce
shown the door. Just a month
after he sacked coach Brian Smith, club chairman Nick Politis
ended Noyce's 4-year reign. Former boss Brian Canavan
who was there with Ricky Stuart returns
as head of football operations. Having finished 13th, the Roosters will have a new coach
in Trent Robinson who's yet to appoint a captain to
replace Tigers-bound Braith Anasta.

Mark Webber has finished second to
Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel at the Korean Grand Prix. Formula 1
got a taste of pop sensation PSY waving the chequered flag. He even gave the Red Bull duo
a personal dance lesson. The win puts Vettel back on top
of the driver's championship.

Novak Djokovic is on track to
reclaim the world number one ranking after winning the Shanghai Masters. Djokovic struggled early
in the final against Andy Murray and his frustration
was plain to see. But he turned things around, saving five match points
on the way to a 3-set victory. It

It how aboutPsy. He is on television all week. Look at the flag-waving. Maybe he can teach us when he's here. I will need a lot of work. After the break - we'll get the national
weather forecast with David Brown.

SONG: # Looks like I'm growing # I'm growing up beside you... # DR HARRY COOPER: Supercoat - nutrition tailored to the needs
of your growing kitten.

Good afternoon. David Brown with your weather update from the
Royal Melbourne Observatory on this warm and windy afternoon.

It's been
a warm and sunny day in Brisbane.

Sydney -
clear blue sky.

And in Adelaide - another warm and sunny day. A change tomorrow.

A weakening trough slipped across
the south-east corner today, producing the odd
teasing drop or two. It's warming up ahead of that trough
tomorrow over the eastern half
of the country with dry desert air
streaming in from the north-west. A strong change is closing in fast triggering areas of rain
and isolated thunderstorms.

In the west, it's looking fine and warm. Forecast in
Brisbane tomorrow - another warm
and sunny day. Sydney -
warm and sunny. Canberra -
fine and mid 20s. Melbourne -
some rain developing. Adelaide -
a shower or two. That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, Sally.

That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00, Sally. Thanks, David.

That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Sally Bowrey.
Enjoy your evening. See you tomorrow. Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

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