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Tom Cruise biography withheld in Australia -

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TONY EASTLEY: In just a few hours, the much anticipated unauthorised biography of the Hollywood
actor Tom Cruise will be released in the United States.

While the book is reported to contain large references about Australia, it's going to be very hard
for Australians to buy a copy.

The Australian distributor, Pan Macmillan, has refused to release the book because of fear of legal

Brigid Glanville reports.

BRIGID GLANVILLE: Tom Cruise isn't afraid of taking legal action against media outlets he says are
lying about his life.

So it's no surprise there's been talk about possible legal action over the latest book about the
famous actor.

The talk hasn't worried the publisher, St. Martin's Press, in the United States. But the Australian
publisher, Pan Macmillan, has refused to release the book.

Independent bookshop, Gleebooks, in Sydney is waiting the arrival of the much anticipated work.

Co-owner is David Gaunt.

DAVID GAUNT: Had Pan Macmillan had an injunction slapped on them after they'd released the book, or
a legal action had been made, then, you know, absolutely, without fail, they would advise all
booksellers to remove copies from their shelves.

This is different in that there is two publishers for this book and they're both owned by the same
company, and yet one company appears to have pulled the book and the other one doesn't.

And while ever this other one hasn't pulled it, I don't know what out legal situation is, but I
would imagine that we would have to be told formally, but we have had nothing.

BRIGID GLANVILLE: The book contains a number of startling allegations, including that Tom Cruise
discovered his former wife, Nicole Kidman, was creating "problems in his life" after taking a
Scientologist course in 1999.

There are also allegations about his marriage to Katie Holmes and the birth of their daughter,

Dymocks is one of Australia's largest book sellers. It won't be stocking the biography.

The chief executive of Dymocks is Don Grover.

DON GROVER: Dymocks can choose to buy the book, but our view at the moment, which is a commercial
decision, is that it is subject, or will be subject, to a defamation case, and until that is
cleared, we will not purchase the book for sale.

BRIGID GLANVILLE: Pan Macmillan declined to be interviewed by AM and said it had no comment.

Independent publisher Henry Rosenbloom says more and more larger publishing houses are being scared
off by possible legal threats.

HENRY ROSENBLOOM: There's been a really chilling effect on the publication of current affairs
matters, for instance, and in each case, it really, it virtually stops you from publishing a book
that you think runs a real risk of incurring a defamation action.

BRIGID GLANVILLE: The Church of Scientology also didn't return any of AM's phone calls.

TONY EASTLEY: Brigid Glanville reporting, and St. Martin's Press, which is publishing the book in
the US, says it's been told it can't sell the book overseas.