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Two killed in Bahrain pro-democracy protests -

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TONY JONES, PRESENTER: The King of Bahrain has appeared on television to express his condolences to
the families of two protesters shot and killed during days of protests.

Thousands of demonstrators have again taken to the main square in the capital Manama, calling for
political reform and demanding the resignation of the prime minister, who is the King's uncle.

KING HAMAD OF BAHRAIN (voiceover translation): With regard to reform, as we always say and do,
reform is a continuous process that will not stop.

TONY JONES: But the King's words appear to have had little effect on the protesters.

MURTHADHA BADER, FORMER MUNICIPAL MANAGER (voiceover translation): From the King's speech, he wants
the protests to calm down, but we won't accept it.

TONY JONES: Yesterday, the main Shiite opposition party announced it was withdrawing from the
country's Parliament.