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Sea Shepherd harassment suspends Japanese wha -

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TONY JONES, PRESENTER: The conservation group Sea Shepherd is hailing a major victory in the fight
against whaling.

The Japanese Fisheries Agency has told the ABC it's temporarily suspended its Antarctic hunt. It's
citing harassment by activists as one of the main reasons for the decision.

The Sea Shepherd says its strategy to stop the hunt is clearly working.

PETER HAMMARSTEDT, SEA SHEPHERD: We speak the only language that these poachers speak and that's
the language of profit and loss. And every day we prevent these guys from whaling, they're
literally losing millions of dollars a day in profit. This year has really been our most successful
campaign to date.

TONY JONES: Japan says it will make a decision in due course on whether it will cut short this
year's mission.

The Sea Shepherd says one tenth of Japan's annual quota of whales have been killed so far.