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Darwin braces for Cyclone Carlos -

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TONY JONES, PRESENTER: A tropical cyclone has formed near Darwin and is predicted to intensify

The storm has already caused extensive damage around Darwin and residents are preparing for things
to get worse.

Ishkandar Razak reports.

ISHKANDAR RAZAK, REPORTER: Darwin has been lashed by wild weather, ripping trees from the ground,
some ending up on homes. Roads have been cut by flash flooding and thousands of homes have been
left without power.

WAAZA ROSE, DARWIN LOCAL: We were having a nice little sleep till about half past two when both the
trees came down, landed on the roof. That sort of woke us up a fair bit.

ISHKANDAR RAZAK: In the past 24 hours more than 430 millimetres of rain has fallen on the city,
leaving many cars stranded, and things are expected to get worse.

JULIA GILLARD, PRIME MINISTER: The summer of hardship for Australia is not over yet and my thoughts
are with the people of Darwin and the Top End as they prepare for this.

ISHKANDAR RAZAK: Tropical Cyclone Carlos is tonight menacing the Top End coast and predictions are
it's likely to intensify. Many in Darwin have begun stockpiling food and fuel.

VOX POP: We're just going to buckle down and hopefully it doesn't turn out as bad as what they

ISHKANDAR RAZAK: Cyclone Carlos is forecast to either go west out to sea or whip around and give
Darwin another lashing.

PAUL HENDERSON, NT CHIEF MINISTER: There is a heightened level of anxiety around as a result of
tropical Cyclone Yasi. We are in no way in any comparison to what Queensland was facing.

ISHKANDAR RAZAK: As conditions intensify, coastal suburbs are at the most danger of flash flooding
and damaging winds and police have already begun doorknocking, warning residents of potential

The Government has also opened up extra shelters in the area for anyone who feels they need extra
protection during the storm.