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Inverbrackie a 'red carpet': Abbott -

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The Federal Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, says the Government is rolling out the red carpet to
asylum seekers with its Adelaide Hills detention centre.


TONY JONES, PRESENTER: The Federal Opposition Leader says the Government is rolling out the red
carpet to asylum seekers with its Adelaide Hills detention centre.

Tony Abbott has met residents and toured the Inverbrackie facility just days after the Immigration
Minister made a similar trip.

Angelique Johnson reports.

ANGELIQUE JOHNSON, REPORTER: Sharing a cuppa and a chat with Woodside locals, the Opposition Leader
was mostly among friends.

VOX POP: It's just that I don't agree with how the Government's handled it and I think the
community deserves better, and until we get better, I'll fight tooth and nail to try and stop it.

VOX POP II: I'm on the main street so that means they're gonna come past my place. I live in Nairne
Road. I don't want them.

ANGELIQUE JOHNSON: But some didn't appreciate Mr Abbott's hardline.

LOCAL RESIDENT: Four per cent of our migrant intake, Tony. You must know that.


ANGELIQUE JOHNSON: He argued the floodgates could open if the Government keeps opening detention
facilities like the one proposed for Inverbrackie.

TONY ABBOTT: You do not send idyllic picture postcards from Australia to the people smugglers and
their customers. And, you know, this is effectively a postcard from Australia saying, "Come on

ANGELIQUE JOHNSON: Mr Abbott wouldn't comment on whether he thought re-opening the Baxter detention
centre in the state's north would be a better idea. The Government thinks not.

CHRIS BOWEN, IMMIGRATION MINISTER: And I don't think, for example, that children and families
should be located in remote locations in high-security facilities, which is what Mr Abbott seems to
be implying.

MIKE RANN, SOUTH AUSTRALIA PREMIER: He said it wouldn't happen under him because he would stop the
boats, but he doesn't say how he'll stop them. He's gonna put up traffic lights or something.

ANGELIQUE JOHNSON: Despite Mr Abbott's show of support there's little he can do to residents
opposed to the detention centre. The Opposition has failed to establish a parliamentary inquiry
into the matter. The Government plans to move the first asylum seekers in late next month.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has appointed a liaison officer and set up a community reference
group to ease local concerns. He visited Inverbrackie on Monday and met with company
representatives, but didn't speak to locals in Woodside.

Angelique Johnson, Lateline.