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Indonesia mourns -

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Indonesia mourns

Broadcast: 29/10/2010

Reporter: Matt Brown

Burials have taken place for those killed in the Indonesian tsunami and volcano eruption, and hopes
are fading for the more than 400 registered as missing.


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: More than 400 people are now confirmed dead and 300 are still missing in
the aftermath of the Indonesian tsunami.

It was a day of mourning across the archipelago, with burials taking place for those killed in both
the tsunami and as a result of a volcanic eruption.

Indonesia correspondent Matt Brown reports.

MATT BROWN, REPORTER: Villagers in the Mentawai Islands are burying the dead wherever they can,
with whatever they can.

INDONSIAN MAN: What can I say, you know, everybody here is sad, you know.

MATT BROWN: The first major aid ships have reached the worst hit areas, but aid agencies say the
situation remains dire.

DALUT SABABALAT, SIKAKAP LOCAL AUTHORITY (TRANSLATION): Now there are bodies that have not been
found yet and the obstacle has been a lack of equipment for excavation.

MATT BROWN: As the scale of the disaster became more clear, so, too, the realisation there is
little chance of finding many more survivors.

Indonesia's president, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, cut short a meeting of Asian leaders in Hanoi to
oversee the rescue and aid effort. Foremost in his mind was the need for better planning.

housing that's located in areas prone to earthquakes, tsunamis and landslides. These kind of areas
are not suitable for housing.

MATT BROWN: In Jakarta, Indonesian officials have revealed significant holes in the tsunami early
warning system.

Most of the sensor buoys installed after the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004 have been damaged and are
not working.

RIDWAN DJAMALUDDIN, TECHNOLOGY: If the buoys near Indonesia is not working then we cannot send the
information to other countries.

MATT BROWN: Across the archipelago in Central Java another burial was taking place. This time for
more than 30 victims of the Mount Merapi volcano eruption.

Many of them had not followed the government's warnings to lead. They'd followed the lead of the
man considered the spiritual keeper of the volcano. But he too paid the ultimate price.

The volcano has erupted again, spewing hot ash and gas three and a half kilometres down its slope.
Tens of thousands of people are living in shelters until it's all clear to return.

Matt Brown, Lateline.