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More evidence big tobacco will sue over plain -

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More evidence big tobacco will sue over plain packaging

Broadcast: 22/10/2010


The Institute for Public Affairs has released documents it claims back up predictions that
taxpayers could eventually foot the bill for massive compensation packages to tobacco companies
over plain packaging.


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: A free market think tank says taxpayers could foot the bill for massive
compensation to the tobacco industry if cigarettes have to be sold in plain packaging.

The Federal Government plans to introduce plain packaging for all cigarette products in 2012.

Tobacco companies say the move will breach international agreements on intellectual property.

Since the debate began, the Institute of Public Affairs has been saying that scenario will lead to
court battles and potential compensation claims totalling $3 billion.

Today the IPA has released a small number of regulatory documents, obtained through freedom of
information, which it claims support the warning.

The anti-smoking lobby has accused the IPA of carrying out a public relations stunt based on
selectively quoted comments.