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Rejected refugees take Australia to court -

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LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Australia's offshore immigration processing scheme is being tested in the
High Court.

Two Sri Lankan Tamils who were refused asylum claim Australia's processing procedures on Christmas
Island are unlawful and unconstitutional.

Lawyers for the asylum seekers say offshore processing restricts legal assistance and curbs any
possible intervention by the Immigration Minister.

DAVID MANNE, IMMIGRATION LEGAL CENTRE: The Government and the Minister can't operate in an island
of power unconstrained by the courts. That is, that the Government can't make decisions on life or
death matters completely without constraint of due legal process or the courts.

LEIGH SALES: The Sri Lankan asylum seekers are currently being held at Sydney's Villawood Detention
Centre waiting to hear if they'll be deported.

The Commonwealth argues Christmas Island is beyond the reach of the Australian legal system.

The High Court hearing is expected to conclude tomorrow.