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Papua New Guinea faces its own leadership spi -

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Papua New Guinea faces its own leadership spill

Broadcast: 19/07/2010


PNG prime minister Sir Michael Somare is facing a vote of no confidence from his own deputy and the


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Papua New Guinea's prime minister's fighting for his survival on two

At a meeting behind locked gates, Sir Michael Somare was expected to face a challenge to his
party's leadership from one of his own ministers.

Meanwhile, his deputy prime minister was meeting opposition MPs at a resort outside Port Moresby.

Together they've resolved to move a motion of no confidence against Sir Michael when Parliament
resumes tomorrow.

If that happens, a vote could be taken next week.

SIR PUKA TEMU, PNG DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER: As we speak, the numbers on this side are now increasing
to a level that I am very, very happy to go before parliament to give notice of a vote of no

LEIGH SALES: The manoeuvring comes after a court ruled political integrity laws were
unconstitutional, allowing MPs to move against the government.