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Adelaide Archbishop denies sex-abuse knowledg -

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The Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide, Philip Wilson, says he was unaware of sexual abuse by other
priests in the 1970s and 80s.


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: The Catholic Archbishop of Adelaide has denied knowing about sexual abuse
by another priest in the New South Wales Hunter Valley in the 1980s. Police are investigating
complaints from victims who allege he failed to report sexual abuse by clergy against children.

An abuse victim told Lateline earlier this week that Philip Wilson lived in the same house as an
abusive priest and couldn't have avoided seeing him coming or going from the priest's bedroom.

PHILIP WILSON, CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOP OF ADELAIDE: I think that those things at that time were pretty
loose, but I had to make it clear that I didn't see anything at that time that indicated abuse was
happening. I had no inkling that that was taking place.

LEIGH SALES: Archbishop Wilson says if he had known of the abuse he would have taken it to the
bishop. He's the chairman of the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference and is widely tipped as
the next Archbishop of Sydney if Cardinal George Pell takes up a Vatican post.