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Gunman opens fire in Belgian marketplace -

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TONY EASTLEY: A shooting and grenade attack in a crowded market area in Belgium has left at least
three people dead and more than 75 injured.

Police say a man started shooting and throwing grenades in the eastern city of Liège sending
Christmas shoppers screaming and running for cover.

The city's public prosecutor says the lone attacker, who shot himself, was known to police and had
spent time in prison for firearms offences.

Europe correspondent Rachael Brown reports

RACHAEL BROWN: Liège's central square was crowded with lunchtime shoppers buying Christmas gifts
and decorations when the shooting started.

(Eyewitness speaking)

This eyewitness says he saw a man firing a Kalashnikov rifle and spraying the crowd with bullets.
"Grenades exploded", he says, "a bus shelter exploded. It was general panic."

Eyewitnesses have described seeing the man pick up a grenade and pull the pin.

"He was alone and seemed very calm", says one eyewitness.

Dimitri Degryse was driving past the market square when he says he heard two large booms.

DIMITRI DEGRYSE: I saw people running, screaming. I drive my car after the corner then I saw on the
markets all the people lying down, bleeding, between the glass.

RACHAEL BROWN: Two teenage boys and a 65-year-old woman were killed in the attack.

At least 75 others were injured by the gunman.

He's been named as 33-year-old Nordine Amrani. Police say he arrived at the square in a van loaded
with weapons.

Liege's prosecutor is Danièle Reynders.

DANIELE REYNDERS (Translation): He used a gun and also a pistol, and he had three grenades. He

RACHAEL BROWN: Ms Reynders says shortly before the shooting started Amrani had attended a meeting
at a police station about a case he was involved in.

She says he was a resident of Liège and had previously spent time in jail.

DANIELE REYNDERS (Translation): He was condemned in the past for possession of arms.

RACHAEL BROWN: Police say they're trying to find out what prompted Amrani to go on a shooting spree
but they've assured the public he was acting alone.

The Belgian King and Queen have visited the site, which was to be the scene of Christmas
festivities tonight.

Now it's deserted, except for a stationary Ferris wheel.

This is Rachael Brown in London, reporting for AM.