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Opposition accuses Government of considering -

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TONY EASTLEY: The Federal Opposition is using Dr Parkinson's comments to launch a new attack on the
Government's economic management.

The Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey says he's worried that the Treasury Secretary is preparing the
ground for the Government to introduce new taxes.

Joe Hockey spoke to Naomi Woodley in Canberra.

JOE HOCKEY: The problem is that the Government continues to spend too much money and I am concerned
that Dr Parkinson's speech is a way of preparing the ground for even more taxes.

Of course this Government has introduced or increased 19 taxes since they were elected and yet
they're still crying about the lack of revenue, and this is a concern.

NAOMI WOODLEY: But he didn't mention new taxes. He did mention spending restraint. Aren't you
verballing him?

JOE HOCKEY: No, not at all because Dr Parkinson did mention that it's going to be hard to get to
surplus and maintain the sort of surpluses that are necessary to pay off the Government's own debt,
which they claim to pay off by 2021.

Now quite obviously the Government continues to spend money on things like the National Broadband
Network, which is blowing out in costs, green funds, which is $10 billion off budget. And of course
all of this in the background that they're introducing taxes like the carbon tax, the mining tax,
the flood levy.

NAOMI WOODLEY: But you know that the NBN is not included in the budget figures. The carbon tax, the
mining tax, these are in the budget as they stand. What basis do you have for saying that the
Government is preparing to introduce even more taxes?

JOE HOCKEY: Well, because fundamentally the Government continues to borrow more money. The
Coalition is concerned that the Government keeps coming back to the Parliament to increase their
own credit card limit, which is now approaching $250 billion. And in doing so it is leaving us
further exposed to the problems in Europe.

NAOMI WOODLEY: But you yourself acknowledged in a speech in the US last week that Australia is in a
very good position compared to the rest of the world. Doesn't the Coalition have this habit of
saying one thing while you're in Australia, but when you're overseas you have to acknowledge that
Australia's position is very good compared to other economies?

JOE HOCKEY: But the problem is the Government's making it worse. How are they going to pay for a
national disability insurance scheme, which is $6.5 billion a year? And Julia Gillard says she's
committed to it but there's no money in the budget - none at all at the moment.

TONY EASTLEY: Opposition Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey speaking there to Naomi Woodley in Canberra.