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students to be tracked with ID numbers. -

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The Federal Government has announced identity numbers will track children's school performance from
year one through to year 12.


TONY JONES, PRESENTER: For millions of Australian school children, official identity will soon be a
number, not a name.

The Government's announced that each student will get an identity number to track their progress
from year one to year 12.

The Opposition calls the plan an Australia card by default and a way to commodify children.

But the Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, says it'll be very useful for children who move
schools and that their privacy will be protected.

JULIA GILLARD, DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER: The reason we need the number is so, as a Government, we
don't need the names. The number is a privacy protection.

TONY JONES: This Monday, Julia Gillard will release the draft of a new national curriculum to
standardise English, maths, science and history lessons across the country.

And there are also plans for classroom inspections to audit the quality of education.