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(generated from captions) This program is not captioned. Big Brother I think I have a crush on Sonya Krueger, is that alright shWhat makes you think that?My heart fluttering every time she is on the screen.Josh, have you had this reaction before with any of the other 100 women have you dated. Oh, good shot, big brother.I have but it hasn't been this intense. That must be exciting for you! Joshie, you did that really well. You wouldn't know it was scripted at all. I will pay you later for that one. Welcome back to Big Brother. Josh, every week there is a nomination super power. You had it last week. Before we asked you if you were prepared to give that nomination super power away tonight. Are you indeed willing to do that? Yes, I am. I have thought about it. Do we have to ask who the nomination super power might be going to? Who?I'm pretty sure everybody hit the nail on the head there. It's going to go to Michael. Michael now has the nomination super power. Each week we ask you to go online and vote for your top three moments from our nom naeted house mates' time in the house. This week we asked for Josh's. The public have votedment here are Josh's top 3 moments.

Can't you see, # You're the one for me.

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Funny, funny stuff. Remember to click on to Big and vote for your new nominee so good moments. They will be up Wednesday. What a fantastic housemate you have been for us. Don't you get upset because I will and that will be horrendous. We should probably do a bit of Oats. (SINGS) # Stick it in the pot # And put some water in it # Stick it in the pot and # Put some milk in it # Stir it all around # What have you got? # Oats ala Leila # What have you # Oats ala Leila. Sing!That's the perfect seguay for us to look at your time in the Big Brother house.

Keep it lively, keep it fun. Keep it interesting.Let's have a great time.I'm disco PJ.To be harmonious and have a good time. It's an opportunity we will never get again. My secret is I have dated over 100 women.Aur a ladies' man, aren't ya?Ladies and gentlemen, Ava.Fair to say she is right up my alley.Would you like to shred Ryan's letter.Oh, gosh, it's so stupid!Worst road trip ever. I just enjoy spending time with people and having a laugh. I don't take myself seriously.Fair to say that the Big Brother house is like a gnarley left hander. We're here for fun. We're here to meet new people. We're here to maybe learn a few things about yourself.It's time for you to choose between your footy an your woman.Oh!It's been a roller coaster of joy. Shared with an eclectic mix of people I would not have otherwise associated with. An experience I will never forget. Thank you very much. Chaurp thank you very much. Chaurp amazing, Josh. You were a huge part of Big Brother and very popular, as you can see. Your time in the house - definitely worth celebrating. So thank you for being so very - for being here tonight with us. We know it's tough. We're all there with you. It means a lot to a lot of people, all of these people included. So put your hands together one more time for Josh.


Well done, my friend. Don't forget to join us tomorrow night for the live nominations. Thank you, again Josh. I'm Sonya Krueger, we will see you tomorrow. Champ chaurp Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -


This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live.
Welcome to 60 Minutes. Tonight - the killer behind the wheel. Just one text. Just three seconds.I looked up and there was the car. How often do you say, "If only?' All of the time.Mobile phones and driving. I lost my little girl and I can't get her become. Look what happens when you try to get away with it. During that short amount of time with your eyes off the road is a lifetime. Also - switched at birth. The ongoing saga of two mums. You really miss your boy don't you? I do.Who each raised the other's child. Now, 20 years on, how it all went horribly wrong.Should you have swapped the boys back?In hindsight, yes.And Kay used to speak like this. Now she sounds French. The strange medical condition that changes your accent overnight.You sound like you could walk in a Chinese restaurant. Most of us have done it at some time or other. It's as dangerous as it is crazy. Now new research has found that texting while driving is far risker than we ever thought. Start punching out a conversation on your phone and you may as well be hurtaling down the highway blindfolded. Yes, I know it's hard to resist a beeping mobile. This story should make every one of think twice before we text behind the wheel. A few seconds of distraction is all it takes toer lives. We think it's harmless. A brief glance down to the phone. Texting a few quick words. In that moment - everything can change. Texting is an extremely dangerous activity. I believe it's one of the most dangerous things people can do behind the wheel right now. On a cold Country Victoria, Deb The weeds from one of our all too many roaded is memorials.Every day I miss her. It's a horror thing.It's here that her teenage daughter Emily lost her life. Not due to speed or alcohol but a new menace on our roads, texting.The guy that was driving was texting and coming around the corner and lost control and the car flipped and straight into a pole. Your little girl died because somebody was tebting and driving? Yeah, he was texting and lost control. Take your eyes off the road for one minute or one second and it can be all over.Emily died instantly. She was just 13. Her friend died at the scene a short time later. She was aged 14. Your life changed that night?Oh, yeah definitely changed. It's never been and never will be the same again without her.How do you feel about the driver?I'm still very angry at him. Yeah, but I try not to hold a lot in because I know it's not good for me.How long do you reckon you took your eyes off the road for? Around three seconds.All it took was three seconds?Yep.Marcus was that driver. It was his 22nd birthday. He was sober and driving six friends back to the coastal town. Spirits were high and Marcus was being teased about a text message.There was a text message on the phone and it was shoved in my face so I took it off the person who shoved it in me face. And then the concentration of the car was on that phone. Everybody wanted it. And I took me eyes off the road for about three seconds to delete it and then the young lady sitting in the front passenger seat screamed, "Corner" I looked up and the car was out of control.It was too late. I tried to correct and put the car into a full power slide. So you slammed into a tele graph pole?Yep. When did you realise just how serious it was?When people stopped coming out of the car and the emergency service personnel started surrounding the car. How clearly do you remember that night? I can remember that night like it happened yesterday. I've never left it or it's never left me.The former police sergeant was first on the scene. Years as a country cop meant he had seen a will the of misery on our roads but this accident and the cause of it was different.As we approached from around the bend you were hit with a scene of complete chaos. There seemed to be people everywhere across the road. There was a lot of screaming, it was wet, dark, raining. The only light was our headlights and the occasional car coming from the other direction. All because of one silly, stupid act. Absolutely. If you take the conscious decision to do something like that in the car as far as I'm concerned you are suicidal with your own life or homicidal with your passengers. You've had total disregard for the safety and welfare of the people in the car with you and other road users. In a legal first Marcus Johnson was jailed for cull .able driving with a judge citing texting as the cause. Having spent 3.5 years locked up, Marcus is now speaking out because he feels nobody has learnt his lesson. I would say 90% of the population text and drive. And they have no why of the possible consequences? Just naive attitude that it's not going to happen to them.Texting while driving is now an epidemic. These things have become such an important part of modern life that many drivers will instinctively take their eyes off the road when their phone beeps. Once you see the research coming out of America you'll think twice about responding the next time your phone goes off in the car. So this is one of our videos from the 100 car study. This doctor is a researcher, she and her team have had cameras installed on thousands of American cars. The cameras capture everything when the engine is on. That was a child on a bike. She must have only just missed that child. Yes. And then she continues on. And keeps dialling. Yep. How many examples of this type of thing have you seen?Hundreds. And that's why things like texting, say if you are a researcher like myself, it makes you very nervous. After an exhausttive study of this incar vision, nothing take as driver's eyes off the road longer than texting. It takes people's eyes off the roadway for far too long and they do not understand how long they are looking away.So two seconds is a lifetime.Two seconds off the roadway is half of a football field, four seconds is an entire football field.So in that short amount of time disaster can strike?Easily. And we see it all of the time.Here he's texting.The doctor has found we're five times more likely to crash when using our phone. And that number is even higher for young drivers.He just about hit that sign.I believe texting, reaching for objects, moving objects in the vehicle or reading, those are the five most dangerous types of things that you can do while driving. And the problem with texting is that really includes both, multiple button presses, eyes off the rod way. Those are the types of things we believe are the culprit behind higher crash rates.I'm a little nervous of what you are going to make me do.I'm going to discover how deadly these distractions can be.On this especially designed track I'm told to expect the unexpected.So we're recording your speed and lane position. And how hard you might brake.I'm nervous because I know something's about to happen.I know you are about it do something to me.My first task is to find a song on the iPod.As I glance down I don't see the box fall off the truck in front of me but I do have time to breack before hitting it.Over the next hour, I'm hit with distraction after distraction. And you see that truck there - we typically had it go like this.Very good.What doom? I just hit it.This time we'll do a texting text. So when I begin please type the message without using short cuts, "Meet me in the lobby at 5:00." It takes me 17 seconds to write the mess yainge. In that time I take my eyes off the road six times.It's as if I hit someone.No, you didn't.That is our inflatable deer. It's perfectly fine that you hit it. But that's how fast things happen.Writing that text was the equivalent of driving blindfolded for 100m at 80km/h.He came out from behind the truck and if seen it you could have swerved or reacted. I think that everybody thinks in their little world in that one moment that they are going to be able to do it and it's going to be OK. If they do it 999 times correctly and one time they run over a 2-year-old on a trike, that will change their life forever.That's so many lives ruined right there. And it will happen in a split second.She thought she was a princess. She used to love dressing up and stuff when she was younger. And this one she's got some spunk. Definitely. It's been eight years since Emily was killed and the passage of time has barely eased the pain for her mother Deb.Texting and driving, you can lose a life. I've lost my little girl and I can't get her back. So people out there, just take care. No message or phone call or no nothing is that important that it can't wait. Pull over or wait, call somebody back, text them when you're stopped. Don't do it while you're driving.Emily's mother says she can never forgive you. Can you understand that?Yes, I can. I took her daughter away from her.It looks like it's taken a heavy toll on you?It took a heavier toll on my two friends and their families.How often do you think back and say, "If only?"?All of the time.Three seconds is all it takes to ruin so many lives. For Deb there's no more birthdays, wedding or grandchildren from her only daughter. Just memories of a life cut short because of a deadly distraction.How do you feel looking at the cross there now?I know that she's at peace. Yeah. I know that she's at peace. So yeah. Are you OK?Yep.Tough coming back here.Yeah, it is. Very tough. Especially, you know, knowing that she's going to be 22 this year and I reckon we would have been the best of friends.I reckon you would have too. Where's my baby? Coming up. You miss your boy don't you?I do. Should you have swapped the boys back?In This program is not captioned. PASSENGER: Are we there yet?
GROUP: No. Are we there yet?
No. Are we there yet?
No! Are we there yet?!
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This program is not captioned. Imagine making a decision to haunt you for life and rip away everything you loved. Back in 1991, Sandy and Meg discovered that their 2-year-old sons had been switched at birth. That they were each raising a child that was not biologically their own. They could have swapped the boys over there and then but they didn't. For the next two decades we watched as they tried to make their bizarre relationship work. Perhaps inevitably it all fell apart. Now 23 years later there's been another and more extraordinary twist in this bitter family saga. Robyn Dawkins Sandy Dawkins Gavin Parker Megs Parker. Four people still dealing with one unbelievable event. Hurt. Disastrous. Faith. Mind- boggling. This extraordinary story began 23 years ago right here at the nieingal Hospital one hour's drive from Johannesburg on a hot summer's afternoon two women gave birth to two boys. They were the only babies delivered that day. The nurse made the most appalling mistake. The babies were given to the wrong mother. They were switched at birth. The blunder meant Robyn was raised by Sandy Dawkins who was poor, a single mum struggling to make ends meat living on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Do you ever stop and think if the swap had never happened how your life could have turned out? Hundreds. There's so many questions but I'll never know. I will never know.Gavin meanwhile was raised by Meg in a relatively wealthy and secure environment in the South African town. In comparison to Robyn, he won the lottery. Saying that I thank my lucky stars would be wrong. I have given a life which I lived and I'm still living and I don't regret anything. The mix-up was discovered when a paternity suit over Gavin led to a DNA test showing he wasn't your son.I didn't reject him or anything. You can't reject a child that you have been so close to for two years.We first met the mothers 16 years ago. Where's my baby? You knew you had given birth to something?Initially you protect the one that you have got. The first few days are shock. And then the curiosity comes. Well, hold on a second... It's not that easy, where is my baby, you know.A check of hospital records showed Meg's baby had gone home with Sandy. It was like somebody had electricity cuted me. I went hysterical immediately. You get told that the child you are looking after for the past 20 months is not yours. He belongs to somebody else. So the mothers were confronted by the impossible choice between the little boys that they loved or the babies they had given birth to. They decided not to swap the boys back. A heartbreaking decision that troubles them to this day.Should you have swapped the bys back as you look back?In retrospect, yes. In trying to avoid them getting hurt, in trying to avoid a lot of people getting hurt, I personally feel we have done a lot more damage. It would have been easier to say Meg here is Robyn, I'll take Gavin. Then the heartbreak would have been unbelievable but I think there would have been a lot less damage done.At first, the decision not to swap seemed to work. The mothers approached each other as sisters in arms. The boys happily naively accepting their lot in life.We do things together. We get up to mischief sometimes but at least we know each other. If we weren't swapped I don't think we would have had a good time because we are like brothers to each other.It's not easy. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. But by the time Robyn was 15, when I first met him, the grim realitys of his meeinger life were hitting home.It's difficult. If I ever wanted anything I have had to work towards it. I've never had it come towards me. I'm not saying I never had anything. I'm saying Gavin gets things easy. Gavin living Robyn's life was comfortable with his lot.Would you ever want to go and live with Sandy?Not really. I'm happy here. You are happy with the life that you didn'tly were given?Yeah. Do you feel sorry for Robyn?Not really.But Meg felt her biological son was becoming a lost boy. Failing hopelessly at school. Isolated, needing to be rescued from his life of disadvantage.So you do see the day that you will get your son back?I have to see that day. For that day is not there - then, it has to be. It's not knee goshable.You really do miss your boy don't you?I do.And so at the age of 15, encouraged by Meg, Robin made the life-changing decision, moving across the country to live with Meg and Gavin.

with Meg and Gavin.Leaving your mum after 16 years is not an easy decision.She's been left with nothing.Yes. With no son.I just want to know she's happy with what's she's achieved.She has ruined people's lives. There is no other way to look at it.Whose lives?Mine for starters.I can understand that. If it was me I would be devastated. But I'm not sending him back because she's sore. I'm not going to be sorry because I won. I'm dam glad that I would. Victory would soon prove bittersweet. Soon the son she fought for became the son she fought with. Over Robyn's attitude to his new school.Meg's at its worst, what was it like under this roof with Robyn?A war zone. In a lot of ways. I know that my expectations were probably too high. Having had the contact with him, I understood that he knew what was expected from him. In hindsight, I expected too much. Too soon. But I wasn't wanting it for me. I wanted it for him.I'm constantly under pressure, you'll turn me into a dragon. It's like I was in a bottle and the lid was closed.I think she was trying to cram in all of those missing years. For me to try and change in two or three years to suit Meg or keep her happy, I couldn't. I tried and I thought I could do it but I couldn't.And so when he was 18 Robyn dropped out of school and hit the road. Winding up in the far north of South Africa where he now works hand building safari rigs.It must give you a great sense of pride.Tinkering with that.I'm onto big things.But whilst Robyn forged ahead creating a new life and identity, he broke the heart of his biological mother he left behind. But when he left I almost died. I felt as if I'd died. I can't tell you. Because I worked so hard for it and I wanted it so much, I didn't want it to fail. It never occurred to me that it would fail. And you wanted to do all of the right things for the right reasons but they didn't just fit into place. When he left, I just went, I just stopped living for a while.The other big casualty was the boy's relationship. Gavin was enraged by Robyn's behaviour.For me, if you have somebody that you care about it's a matter of I'll kill you or get away from us.Why did you feel that you wanted to kill him?He hurt Meg. She felt extremely betrayed and hurt when he walked out. She had given him a home for three to four years, she was looking after him, providing for him and he walked out throwing everything back at us.The complete breakdown of his relationship with Robyn wasn't the only thing to contend with. Gavin was wrestling with where he fitted in. Three years ago via Facebook he announced that he was gay.It doesn't make any difference. I still live life the same difference as before. The only difference is hooking up with a girl is that I get with a guy. There's no difference really. The world's perception sometimes gets in the way. I can still get up there and beat the crap out of you if you have something to say if needs be.I'll take that as a warning.No, I'm not going that way. I think I was more disappointed with how to fix me rather than how to fix him. And the whole grandchildren thing with him, I say to him and he says he can adopt. We tried that little share the child thing and it doesn't work for me. Which brings us to a delightful twist in this lifelong saga. Robyn is now a father. He met and fell in love with Lisa. And when she fell pregnant they married.Hello, darling James. Aren't you beautiful. There's your mum and dad. How old is James?Seven months.And I'm Peter. I've known this man longer than you have.Oh, no. Scary.We can hand you back to dad. And with new life has come a fresh perspective on the impossible decision made long, long ago.Has it given you some understanding of about a what Meg and Sandy went through?It has definitely. If I have to find that he's not mine. There's no ways I'd give him back. But I would make a decision the not getting to know the other child because what I have got is good and keep it that way. I wouldn't want him to know. I would just keep it a secret and leave it that way. That's the easy answer. The problem is that he would still want to know about that other child.He says not. He would have no contact.If I had done that, where would he be now? Worse off.Should you have swapped the boys back?No. I still think I got the best of both worlds, even with all of the dramas.Do you still regard yourself as a winner? I don't think anybody wins.Nobody has won anything at the end of the day. We are both sitting with chaos on our hands. It's not possible to fix it up. # Don't be shy # Just let your feelings roll on by It has been an extraordinary journey, one with its share of casualties. Sandy takes no part in either of the boy's lives. Robyn has returned to Meg's family with a son of his own. And sweet baby James has helped to mend the rift between two brothers.I think he wants me. And mother and son.There we go. I think we've realised from it that there's nothing more important than family. It doesn't matter about the differences. Families stick together. They don't let issues get that big. We should never have allowed it to get that big. This little man is what we could call the bridge between you two.I guess we could, yes.A rickety bridge.No, a good foundation. Coming up - people suddenly start speaking with a foreign accent. You sound like you could work in a This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER:
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This program is not captioned. 60 Minutes.
Imagine waking up one morning and not sounding like yourself, in fact, sounding like somebody from an entirely different country. I've spent a few days with three otherwise normal women who have the medical world stumped. One day they felt sick. The next they were jab erring away with thick foreign accents. One can now pass for Russian, another has developed a French little and the third sounds Chinese. It's called Foreign Accent Syndrome. It's a condition that's as rare as it is strange.From the NSW mid-north coast the accents are Australian. But one local's voice stands out.Could I please have a latte in a take away cup, a large. Cindy is fourth generation Australian. She's never been to Europe but you'd swear she was brn there - such is her thick Eastern European accent.Where do you think she is from?I would say probably Croatia or...It's interesting that you perceive it that way. Because I'm actually Australian.E OK.I'm born in Sydney and Australia all my life.Cindy is a victim of the curious condition known as Foreign Accent Syndrome. It's rare, the causes vary. All of those affected literally wake up one day sounding exoticly different.Butter. Battery. Battery charger. Sarah from preliminary oth in England is a death so the Pom who now sounds like she's from Shanghai.I was on the way to hospital and somebody asked if I was aware like I was speaking and I thought I had a slur and I was told that I sounded like I could work in the clol Chinese restaurant.

restaurant.Kay sounds like she's flown in from a French village. They have asked on many occasions what my accent is and where I come from. And then I've explained.So they are unsure as well?To most persons here in the village, yes. These three women share an extraordinary illness that sounds like a joke but has left them frustrated, ashamed and lonely. Imagine one day talking like this. I would like to welcome to the Premier products insight video and the next having to explain why your mother tongue now sounds French. Hold on a second.I started sounding totally different from when I heard myself speak and the speech process in my head was totally different. You learn to live with it, to adapt. But it's not easy. And it never is. It's the same every day. For Cindy Hastings, life changed profoundly over a year ago. She was running a successful career development agency from her home near Port Macquarie. Then one day she suffered a series of severe epileptic sear yours and was prescribed a new medication. But there was a bizarre side effect.I had trouble word finding. To choose the right words to say.When the doctor said Foreign Accent Syndrome you must have thought what! What is that!It was a shock to us, to hear something like that. First of all, yes, OK, I speak a foreign accent so it makes sense. But for goodness sake what is Foreign Accent Syndrome.This is your business?I started it back in 2004. And it was really based on wanting to do something for the community.A local radio interview from three years ago is Cindy's one and only memory of how she used to sound and a life now lost.That's you.Yep. That's very different, isn't it?I could say what I wanted at a speed that didn't sound like I wasn't making sense.You sound like a normal, intelligent, Australian woman.I do. It's very distressing to hear that. Because from what we've been told, is that it's very unlikely I will ever return to that. It makes you emotional?It hurts. I'll never do it again.What's it been like living through all of this?The impact has been far greater than you might expect. For Cindy and her husband David. She can no longer run her business and some long-term friendships have suffered.You can see the wonder in their faces, is this the same lady, has David got a new girlfriend perhaps or. They just try and make their own mind up on the situation. Do they think you are taking the Micky out of them?At the beginning. When you tell 'em it's a medical condition, it's as a result of the wrong medication and a brain condition, they tend to take that seriously.They have some intelligence, the brain still is working in there and it's still going, it's just doesn't connect with this bit. This bit seems to have a mind of its own sometimes. (LAUGHS) What's been the worst part of all of this?I think the worst part was me, how it affected me and nobody really understands what it's like to go from being accepted in your local area, you know, and to all of a sudden everybody wants to treat you like you are deaf or brain damaged or foreign.It's so good to see you again there. Do you want to take a seat just here?It's two years since Sarah joined this rare Foreign Accent Syndrome club. Thought to number only 80 around the world.Let's try some sounds. Can you say for me PPPPPP over and over again as fast as you can. PPPPPP.Sarah was an IT specialist until a severe migrane bordering on a stroke brought the syndrome on. Can you try d do, d do? D do.Crash. Crash.Cashed.OK. Let's try reading. This doctor from England says his patients don't actually speak with foreign accents. It just sounds that way.You wish to know all about my grandfather.The listener hears a foreign accent so because for instance you might add A at the end of everything and couple that with changes to the rhythm in your speech, it might sound Italian or you can't pronounce the word or sound W anymore so you say Vater instead of water. So it sounds a bit German. You are saying these people have a speech disorder which happens to sound in the ear of the listener like a foreign accent?I think you've hit the nail on the head there.Have all of your friends and family stuck by you?Frefpbdz, no. Family, yes.Why have you lost friends?In the early days they didn't like to see what I had become because maybe it was too upsetting for them, I don't know. They're not around for me to ask, you know.So they think you are different just from your voice. Yeah. Yeah, pretty much.I make a grammatical error in speech and people would say that I stayed wrong. Sarah's husband Patrick has stuck by her. He can see why people might be put off thinking she's arrogant or rude.She used to say to me, "You do." She couldn't say, "Can you make me a cup of coffee please." She'd say, "You, coffee, now." So it sounded like a rude order now all of the time to me. Would you like me to hold this for you.In Gloustershire, English born Kay Russell sounds like she belongs in Province.(LAUGHS) You do a much better accent than I doFor Kay Foreign Accent Syndrome was also caused by a migrane but its onset was especially frightening for her and downright weird.She recorded herself in those inarticulate few days.It's not funny.I'm not laughing, sorry. Very strange.Would you like me to stop this now?I think we've got the idea.Kay was once a sales rep for a British paint company. And made a TV ad using her married name. Hello, my name is Kay Laurence and I would like to welcome you to the Premier products inside video highlighting a product that can be found...It's a huge difference. You can't blame people for saying that you've been watching too many movies.If only that were true. (LAUGHS) If you've been through this or go through this. You know jolly well there's no way of affecting it, it's impossible.Sometimes you seem to say a word in French, you just did.I say the word in the way that I can speak it from my brain through the speech process, intonation, tongue movement etc. If that sounds French to you, then that sounds French to you.I can see that the despair on the faces of a lot of the people, something's happened and it's caused me to do this. I'm not putting this on. It's not something I'm doing to get attention. It's happened to me. Please, tell me what's happened to me. Why has this happened?There we go. Hello.I'm good thank you. How are you?I've been, it's so lovely to speak to you.Being a new sufferer and the only one in Australia, it's good for Cindy to know that she's not on her own.I don't know what it's like for you, but you get spoken to like you are stupid or people really slow their speech to speak to you.(LAUGHS) So you have to get used to other people and how they treat you.So many times, if I had the money for every time somebody said to me, "Where were you born?" I would be a millionaire by now. It's incredible. It's taken more than a year for Cindy to come to terms with her new life. A life that seems to be changed forever. Because doctors tell Cindy her familiar Australian accent and the woman she once was almost certainly won't come back.I would love to still be able to do the things that I loved doing in my professional life.You don't think you'll ever get back there?Not at that level, no.So that to you is like losing a part of you?It's a big chunk of me gone, yes.It's almost an entirely different person, isn't it?It is. But I still am the same person on the inside. I'm still there. I just sound very different now. Arnold's wicked This program is not captioned. on 60 Minutes.
There was a time when it seemed you couldn't go to the cinema without Arnold Schwarzenegger lighting up the box office. Despite the early critics and there were a few, an unshakable self-belief transformed this man with an accent.I'll be back.Into America's favourite action hero.Trust me. With a name like mine, what are you going to do with that name up there on a billboard but I heard of course yes. And then said no and I heard yes. And he did. Even completing the fairy fail by maring the politically connected Maria. But he strayed in spectacular fashion by having an affair with the family's long-term housekeeper.Was that the only affair? No.So it's a recurring issue?I'm not perfect. No, he certainly is not. But there was some sympathy for the former governor, many of you admired his honesty. Woh! I was never a fan but after that interview, nothing but respect. A man's man. We need more of that honesty in men. And, "He is a role model despite his mistakes." But there was one mistake that many of you couldn't excuse. Not only did Arnold have an affair, he fathered a child with her. And for years, he hid the truth for his wife. Maria did ask you before, "Is that your child?" So you lied to her.You can say that.You say he is arrogant and controlling. "He was more concerned with not letting the media get hold of the truth than telling his wife and family the truth. And loved your movies for years, will never watch another one. Thought you were different." Well somebody had to say it. Also last week, the inspirational Terry Voe. The ten 10-year-old was playing backyard basketball when a section of wall collapsed severing both hands and one foot. The ground-breaking work at Perth's hospital saved not only Terry's life but both of his hands.I would like to improve a little bit every day.Do you feel like you are?Yeah. Terry's spirit was infectious seven years. # You gave me reason to.It's even more so today.Now 17, he has plans to study medicine.The hands are awesome, steady hands, the hands of a surgeon.There was no disagreement from you on this story. "Terry, you are a brave and inspirational young man. I can't wait to see the next instaultment featuring you as a doctor." Neither can we. Finally, a short word about our friend and colleague Peter Harvey. Peter is undergoing treatment for cancer. We wish him the speedest of recovers and look forward to his return very soon. We will be back with more of 60 This program is not captioned. SONG: # I've got my beginnings
I don't need no diamond rings # Where the sunlight goes, I'll follow # Oh, but will you follow me?

# Together, we can
We'll ride the wind forever # Together, we can... # WOMAN: With Lenard's creations
and your home cooking, everything just comes together. Lenard's Chicken.

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This program is not captioned.

Minutes in just a moment.It's time for us to G waiting online to answer your questions about foreign accent syndrome is Cindy Hastings who suffers from the extraordinary condition. Just go to our website: That's our program for tonight. We'll be back next week with another edition of 60. -- 60 Minutes. I'm

WOMAN: I take my hat off to you -
it must be SO hard, working, being completely disconnected
from your child. I'm not disconnected.
Uh, she's...she's connected. James, this is Mark. Oh, nice to meet you.
Yeah, husband. Sorry?
Me, I'm... It doesn't matter. G'day, Dad. G'day, Phoebe. Aren't you
meant to be in Frankfurt?

Are you having a baby?

Surprise. Uh, so we...sold the house,
which is good news. We settle in four weeks, so you've
gotta be out by then, OK? We'll be throwing
everything we can at you if you try for shared custody. Your rap sheet doesn't exactly
read like fatherhood material. Well, amazing what you do
when you find out your manager's screwing your wife. I have a court case in a month. They want full custody. They reckon I can't look after
my own kids.

Jacob? We're going now.

Jake, stop playing with that.


She leaves the baby unattended.

She lets the twins run riot. She's the world's worst mother. I want to take her for everything
she's got, plus the kids. She'll never see 'em again. Uh, well,
you always said the opposite. I'm kidding. Nicola is a good mum. Well, where did you get them?
My lawyer. It's the latest piece
of genius from him. Look at this. Rodney, eating. Wow! Rodney, talking on his phone. I mean, so what?
What is that supposed to prove? We're a week out from court
and this is all I've got - some dodgy photos.

I'm doomed.

Harmony Day -
what the hell is that? Peace, love and human kindness. It says 'harmony' not hippie. It's about embracing one culture
and reaching out to another. (CALLS) Poppy, where are you? Daddy, my zipper busted. Show me...
Daddy? I can fix it, sweetheart.
No, Daddy fixes everything. Poppy...
Mummy fixes things too. Here. Give it here.
(PHONE RINGS) Mummy...Mummy will fix it
in just a second. Hey, what's up?

I'd need to see an X-ray.

Is today Hurry Me Day?
It's not Hurry Me Day, darling. It's Harmony Day
and it's the day after tomorrow. So, check with
His Royal Hotness. (LAUGHS) OK, bye.

Someone got a fever?
Huh? 'His Royal Hotness' - is that
like a temperature thing or...? No, that's one of the doctors. You fixed it! He did, didn't he?
Mr Useful Daddy. Hey, Pop, Mummy's useful too. Mummy's gonna make you something
to take to Harmony Day. What about some Irish chippies?
Hey? What do you think? Some yummy potato chips?
It works! (SIGHS) Harmony Day. Day after tomorrow. Stell, you have to take
your national dish. But I always take pie. It's Australian,
it's our heritage. Here y'are, show us.

"Please provide a dish
that reflects "your own cultural traditions "or wear your national costume." Oh, well, she can take
my fireman's hat. Yeah, 'cause there aren't any
firemen in the rest of the world. But I don't wanna take a pie! You've made that point
loud and clear. You know what? I reckon Australia's national dish is green curry chicken
from the local Thai.

Should we foster a child?

She's an only child.
Do you think that's a good thing? Oh, I don't know. One kid you can kind of get away
with, but two or more, it's... I mean, you really are parents. That's ridiculous.
We already are parents. Well, I'd like to be
more than that some days. You are. Yeah. I wasn't really
talking about me.

Look what I found.
We have Flemish ancestry. Oh, on a laminated bit
of toilet roll. This is the Crabb family tree. Yeah, on a laminated bit
of toilet roll. Yeah, but what better thing
for Tilda to take to school
for Harmony Day than hard evidence that we have
Flemish blood lines? What's laminated? Oh, you don't need to know that.
I'm gonna cook stoofvlees. It's like a Belgian meat stew. We have something like it
every day at the hospital. That really is a family tree. Yeah. I just have to
update this bit. You know, Lewis and Gemma married. I would be honoured to be
on the laminated toilet roll. You'll have to update it
to include Fritz. Who?
Fritz! Son of Phoebe -
first grandchild of Grandpa Lewis. Grandpa Lewis?
That's right.

LUCY: Footy socks,
a whole box of them. JUSTIN: Put it here,
I'll take it to Vinnies.

What?! (LAUGHS)

The Bullhorn Club VIP Life Member. Yeah, yeah, yeah, give us that.
Give me that. I think I'm gonna take it
to the rubbish pile. No! No, hang on. The Bullhorn is a strip club. It''s
an entertainment venue. Oh, with lingerie girls
and lap dancers. OK, it's's a nightclub. Oh, did you live there?
Yeah. Pretty much.

Actually, Rodney did.
Does he still go there? Last time I looked,
it was his office. It's where he takes the players. You know what?
I should go take a look. That's a great idea - you know, get photographed
stumbling out of the Bullhorn. Yeah, maybe you're right.

Except, if I can get
a photo of Rodney there, off his face, getting a lap dance, I mean, that'd show
he's not the greatest person for my children
to be hanging out with. Like what your lawyer's
trying to do to Nicola. Except, Nicola is a good mum.
See, that's different. But Rodney...Rodney's
a different kettle of fish. He's...he's not a good mum. Then tell your lawyer
where to find Rodney doing something
other than eating a kebab. I'm sick of paying
for surveillance. You know what?
I can do a better job myself. So you ARE going back to the club.
No. I'm calling special forces. You want me to go where?
The Bullhorn? Yeah, to get some footage
of Rodney misbehaving. Mate, I can't just waltz in there.
It's a strip club. Why not? You're over 18. I mean, I'd go myself
but I can't really be seen there.'s for my kids. (IMITATES TODDLER VOICE)
Gwanpa, pwease... Don't call me Grandpa.
What? Yeah, alright, I'm in. I'm in what?
Dad's going to a strip club. Justin wants me to spy on Rodney. I'll take Mark with me. I'm supposed to find that
comforting, am I? The Bullhorn Club -
it's's a nightclub. I know what it is. It's just weird
you want to go there. Oh, we're just going
to help out a mate. Yeah, right.
Have you seen the colander? Yeah, third drawer.
Are you cooking?

Irish chippies for Harmony Day.