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The two contrasting faces
of Muslim women in Morocco

as represented by Hanane
with her passion for surfing

at expense of all else

and the stoic Milouda

striving to raise
her children alone,

powerless against
the system

that gives no entitlements
to fishermen's widows.

Women's rights in Morocco
are an ongoing struggle.

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Ths program is captioned live.

Ths program is captioned live.Good evening, I'm Ricardo Goncalves. Later, Craig Foster will join me with all the day's sport, including, Brisbane fans celebrate in style after both Melbourne Victory and Sydney FC remain without a win in the A-League.

But first, Turkey's prime minister has lashed out at the United Nations for failing to take decisive action to end Syria's civil war. Recep Tayyip Erdogan says Syria will go down in history as a UN failure. He says the Security Council is repeating mistakes which allowed a massacre in Bosnia almost two decades ago. Dust and devastation. This is the Shaar neighbourhood in Aleppo. Witnesses say a regime helicopter fired a rocket as people queued to buy bread. West of Aleppo, another video shows a regime aircraft which rebels claim to have shot down. They also say the men seen here are captured Assad forces. More than 250 members of the government's military and intelligence forces rounded up in Idlib province. What will become of them is unknown. None of the videos can be verified. Turkey's Prime Minister says Syria will go down in history as a UN failure. As the casualties rise, Recep Tayyip Erdogan slammed the Security Council's inaction caused by its veto-wielding members. A veiled reference to Russia and China.

UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi was in Istanbul meeting Turkey and Germany's foreign ministers. Behind their smiles must lie deep concerns that this civil war could turn into a regional one. Ankara is massing tanks on the border.

Turkey will retaliate again if its border with Syria is violated again and if we feel that Turkey's national security is in danger. Close to that border, battles rage inside Syria. Damascus appears to be increasing its military might near its neighbour. It's also banned Turkish passenger planes from its airspace. The decision seemingly a tit for tat after Ankara intercepted a Syrian passenger plane which it claimed had Russian military equipment on board. Russia says it was radar equipment. Turkish airlines had already stopped using Syrian airspace because it was unsafe. Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has agreed to allow state prosecutor, Abdel Meguid Mahmud, to keep his job - ending a crisis over his refusal to quit. Morsi tried to sack Mahmoud after he acquitted Mubarak-era officials on trial for attacks on protesters. In 2011, more than 20 people were killed in an assault by pro-Mubarak supporters - some riding camels. The acquittals led to violence in Cairo on Friday when supporters of President Morsi clashed with his opponents. Doctors in Pakistan say the next 12 hours will be crucial for the 14-year-old schoolgirl activist who was shot in the head by the Taliban. Malala Yousefzai is still on a ventilator and recovering from a procedure to help treat swelling to her brain. But doctors say she has been showing signs of improvement.

signs of improvement.One they used to sedation to carry out a better clinical assessment by the neurosurgeons. They happened. Malala Yousefzai did respond and she did move her four limbs.People in India have been showing their support for Malala. Hundreds have taken to the streets in protest against the attack. And a car bomb has exploded in a crowded bazaar outside an office for anti-Taliban tribal elders in north-western Pakistan, killing at least 17 people. The Taliban is being blamed. Elders have been trying to rid the area of militants in the town of Darra Adam Khel, on the edge of the ethnic Pashtun tribal belt along the Afghan border. Offices of a tribal committee the latest target of armed fighters and the Pakistan northwest. The blast from a car bomb so powerful it tore through busy market and killed and injured dozens. A place meant for talk of peace reduced to rubble.

I was in the market. A car was parked. I thought of mortar had struck in dust was rising from every shop. I came running here and saw injured people lying everywhere. These types of attacks are common in Darra Adam Khel. It is a gateway between tribal areas and the tribal capital. Local volunteers are also working with Army to fight the Taliban.TRANSLATION: It was a targeted attack as they targeted the Peace Committee and the people there at the time.Despite the army's ongoing efforts to crush armed fighters, these attacks show how groups like the Taliban can still snuff out any hint of dissent. Darra Adam Khel has been a centre for arms trading, with locally made weapons openly on sale. To Europe now and media mogul Rupert Murdoch has weighed in to the US presidential campaign, using Twitter to attack the foreign policy credentials of both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. He tweeted their re- election would be a nightmare for Israel. For the Spaniards, economic reality is grim. Nine months of punishing spending cuts from a government trying to halt off a sovereign bailout many say is inevitable. This as Spain's economic minister was painting a rosy a picture, saying foreign investors are returning and buying up chunks of crippling public debt.

Still, November is increasingly seen as when Spain will seek a rescue, following Ireland, Greece and Portugal. His protesters marked on the Lisbon Parliament ahead of another austerity Budget expected tomorrow, the IMF meeting ended with a communique on the world's economic risks. It summarised its already planned by deploying the bond buying scheme of the European Central Bank. Over three days, a major theme he has been spillover effects, from the European debt crisis and the looming fiscal cliff in the US. Growing alarm that American Budget cuts and tax hikes due to s and tax hikes due to begin next year could seriously damage the fragile recovery. This amid political deadlock over how to reduce our Budget deficit not expected to reach 1.1 trillion dollars this year.The fiscal cliff of the US and the uncertainties as to how it will be resolved as a major uncertainty that it picks her entire world.Pursuing the thing, Wayne Swan spoke about how recession in Europe and tepid US growth word impact a non-Asian region. In a speech to the IMF Steering Committee, he said while growth in Asia had masked the school stagnation elsewhere, Asia could not carry the global economy. Rupert Murdoch has weighed into the US national campaign using Twitter to attack there foreign policy credentials of President Obama and vice-president Joe Biden. He treated the n. He treated the re-election would be a night Meir for his role. The President is tonight in the swing state of Virginia. President Obama was happy to greet a small crowd of supporters at Williamsburg Virginia but he'll spend all his time there with advisers preparing for this week's second presidential debate. Before leaving Washington, he used his weekly White House address to point out the government's role turning around the US auto industry, a likely theme for Wednesday's match up with Mitt Romney.But we refused to throw in the towel and do nothing. We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt.His opponent is on the Hustings in another key state, Ohio, happy to reprise the themes from debate one, which most observers agree he won.The income of the median family has gone down by $4,300. In times like this, what is he talking about? Saving Big Bird.On the other side of the state, running mate Paul Ryan spent time helping out in a soup kitchen. The biggest political serve of the day didn't come from a politician but media mogul Rupert Murdoch on Twitter. He wrote:

Bibi is Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Joe Biden had this to say during the vice presidential debate.Now with regard to Bibi, he's been my friend for 39 years.Many conservatives jumped on that line, realising 39 years ago, Netanyahu was fighting in the Yom Kippur War. Friend yes, but according to Netanyahu's recollection not for that long. We've been personal friends for almost three decades, can you believe it's been that long? Murdoch also tweeted.

A congressional inquiry into the attack that claimed the life of the US Ambassador to Libya, last week heard Ambassador Stevens requested additional security five weeks before he was killed. That request was denied. The White House says it was never told. Now a quick look at some of the other stories making news around the world. Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel-aziz has been wounded in an accidental shooting by his own troops. Officials say a military patrol stationed alongside a road had mistakenly opened fire on the presidential convoy. The West African leader was slightly injured in his arm. The body of Mexican drug lord, Heriberto Lazcano, has been stolen from a funeral home in the northern state of Coahuila. Mexican authorities say the drug kingpin was killed in a gun battle with marines. They have since released photos of the slain Los Zetas cartel leader to dispel rumours that is still alive. Uruguayan plane crash survivors have taken part in a friendly rugby match to mark the 40th anniversary of their rescue. 29 passengers died in the plane crash in Chile's Andes, but 16 survived. They spent 72 days in the cold before being found. The men played the same Chilean rugby team they were scheduled to play before their plane crashed. Back home now and, former Australian cyclist and Orica Green Edge team official Matt White has admitted to taking performance-enhancing drugs. He made the admission after his name was revealed in the US Anti- Doping Agency report on Lance Armstrong and drug cheating in cycling. The first Australian casualty in the US anti-doping agency war on Lance Armstrong. Matt white to g. Matt white to road alongside him during his time in the US Postal Service team releasing a statement that the dove during his career.

He has also chosen to stand down from its position as team director of the first All-Australian professional team. As professional men's record made a false cycling Australia. The admissions will be investigated by the Australian Sports anti-doping authority.

It noted. Its reaction was peer pressure. The peer pressure to force any athlete to dopers are prime. Cycling Australia's yet to determine whether he still has a future within the organisation. When we have all the relevant material including any findings we will make a final determination. Matt white ination. Matt white has apologised to those who consciously choose not to vote. A selection of writers it is becoming difficult to determine. Cycling astray is backing an amnesty for riders.It would be conditional on any at leap to whom we give an amnesty coming clean, and disclosing all relevant issues relating to his conduct.Former world anti-doping agency jeepers weighed in on the date, not believing it was credible that the world body had no knowledge of doping. This was backed up by further revelation that an Italian tested positive for anabolic steroid and 2003 on the tour down under. An incident that two officials kept covered up for nine years full. And for more on the developments, I spoke with Anthony Tan - a former European-based cycling journalist who worked through the Lance Armstrong era. I first asked him - what he makes of the confessions and if he expects more riders will follow.This is a conspiracy that went over not just one man, even though Lance Armstrong was the linchpin and the mastermind, this chpin and the mastermind, this is a scandal involved many riders and many teams. I do expect a lot more riders to come out.Can matt white the believed any says he has not been involved in any formal doping since he has doping since he has ties with Lance Armstrong? By a think his integrity is in question.He only came up because a journalist from the Sydney morning Herald outdone yesterday as the none went -- on ominous nine. That caused him to question his integrity. It caused them to question the integrity of his team. They fully supported him without knowing the im without knowing the facts.Do you believe Matt White could have been a victim of circumstance and was pressured into following Armstrong's bully- boy tactics? rong's bully- boy tactics?Of course he was pressured. Armstrong did not does encourage his former team-mates to go. He demanded a dope and if they did not ope and if they did not dopey went out of his way to destroy them.Well cycling survive the two more of the past few days?Cycling will not die. The tour de France will not die its it is celebrating its 100 per birthday next year. It will survive but the ramifications of the scandal will continue to reverberate for years to come.And that was Anthony Tan, SBS Cycling Central Analyst. There's also drama in the racing industry as Melbourne spring racing gets under way. One of its biggest stars is at the centre of allegations that he bet against a horse he was riding. Racing Victoria has confirmed it's investigating an allegation that dual Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Damien Oliver had a $10,000 bet on a rival horse. After the news broke, he lost a highly-fancied ride in the prestigious Cox Plate. Damien Oliver is one of Australia's most revered jockeys. A double Melbourne Cup winner, on Doriemus in 1995, and famously on Media Puzzle in 2002, just days after his brother Jason died in a race fall in Perth. However, he's now under investigation for allegedly placing a huge bet on a rival horse. Oliver's manager, Mark van Triet, said allegations came as a complete shock. A jockey for 24 years, Oliver issued a statement this afternoon saying:

Fairfax newspapers have reported that Oliver was riding in a night race at Moonee Valley on October 1, 2010, when he allegedly asked a third party to place a bet for him, worth about $10,000, on the favourite, Miss Octopussy, which went on to win. Racing Victoria also responded today confirming that a race involving Miss Octopussy is the subject of a stewards' investigation.

That investigation is on-going.I can understand why there would be some anxiousness about this, but I'm sure Victorians understand that the Spring Carnival is a pretty special event. Today leading owner Lloyd Williams dumped Oliver as the rider of top Cox Plate chance Green Moon.The alleged bet was reportedly uncovered during Victoria's race-fixing investigation that has implicated other racing identities, including the recently disqualified jockey Danny Nikolic He's applied to Victoria's Civil and Administrative Tribunal for a stay of proceedings so he can return to riding while he fights his 2-year disqualification. The tribunal will hear his application on Tuesday. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - startling study - welfare body claims more than 2 million Australians live beneath the poverty line. Shortly, wealth and wellbeing. The pressure facing fly-in-fly-out mine workers and their families. And later - on the brink of nuclear war. Half a century on from the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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More than 2 million Australians are living below the poverty line. A snapshot of the nation's living standards has found more than a quarter of those come from non- English speaking backgrounds. The Council of Social Service has called that a disgrace for a country with the highest median wealth in the world. This woman came to Australia from Portugal two years ago to seek a better life for his son. After living in a violent she lost their rented a flat at this up wheezed with $500 a week in income and week in income and welfare payments, the struggle to make ends meet.I need other issues below feel ashamed to go to work with that.The myth that you are poor because you do not try hard enough is not the truth.The Australian Council of Social Service has released the most comprehensive report on poverty and six years. 2 million Australians are living below the international poverty line. 600,000 Dutch children.Can we do better, the answer has to be yes.We're a very generous country we need be more generous.The authors say an increase is needed to the new start announced and a national target for reducing poverty and an increase to the Commonwealth rent assistance as the housing affordability crisis grows more terrible.Sydney and Melbourne, we looked at 20,000 properties. They were 40 that would have been affordable for somebody living on you start or Roma aged pension.Research found a quarter of poverty stricken adults come from non-English-speaking backgrounds. The new migrants living below the poverty line finding employment is a major hurdle. Because so many jobs of by word-of-mouth, social workers saying building networks with employers is tworks with employers is one way to solve the problem. As a case worker with the Iranian settlement project, she says doctors and engineers are unemployed because qualifications are not recognised year.A lot of the clients get very emotional when they come to seek assistance. They say that you like a out begging. She says migrants and refugees should never feel ashamed to get help when they need it. And a global survey has found Sydney is the second most expensive city in the world. Tokyo topped a survey of 27 cities compiled by accountants Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Australia's largest city did poorly in terms of cost or transport - fourth last. But it scored well in terms of livability - securing second spot behind Paris and was placed third for health and safety. Now to other stories in the news around Australia. Australian Federal Police are investigating an alleged assault by two guards on a detainee at the Villawood detention centre. The guards employed by private security company Serco have been stood down. One man is dead and another injured after a double shooting at Greenacre in Sydney's southwest. The shooting happened about half-past-one this afternoon - witnesses say both men were in a car when seven or eight shots rang out. The driver was slumped over the car wheel - the second man got out of the passenger side before falling to the ground. The deceased man was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene. The other man has been taken to hospital. A record field has turned out for the Melbourne marathon. More than 30,000 runners taking on the 42 kilometre course, running past some of the city's most famous landmarks. The race was won by Kenya's Jonathan Chesoo. After an exhausting week of name-calling in politics, Australians may have looked for some respite today. Not so. A cabinet minister has accused Tony Abbott of being someone who leads a lynch mob. And the Greens Leader says sexism is institutionalised in the parliament. Are these images sexist? Derogatory? Or funny? Titled "the different emotional states of Christine Milne", they include "bored" "euphoric" and "determined". Senator Milne says they are sexist and nasty and she maintains women are treated differently because of their gender.There's a huge sexist element in it, and the thing about sexism is it's institutionalised in the parliament.Labor parliamentary secretary, David Feeney tweeted the memes. He says they're not about her gender - they're a statement about the Greens.If you're going to call out, you have to call out sexism on all sides, regardless of who's responsible and that includes David Feeney.Greg Combet's called for a ceasefire in what's been dubbed the gender wars so policy can be debated. But it seems there are a few more battles he'd like to wage against Tony Abbott.Look, he's a very aggressive, arrogant sort of fellow and he likes to lead a lynch mob.Julia Gillard's accused Mr Abbott of being sexist. The Opposition says it's voters who are offended.They have had a gutful of what they see as a deflection on the real issues that are hurting them.But Labor says Tony Abbott has a history of using sexist language. The Opposition's accused the Prime Minister of hypocrisy for attacking Tony Abbott but defending Peter Slipper in parliament. The Greens have revealed they also had some reservations about Labor supporting the former Speaker. Christine Milne says Mr Slipper's tweets were abhorrent.The speech was diminished because it was in the context of the speech about Peter Slipper.The debate may shift this week. Julia Gillard will visit India. Tony Abbott will meet Indonesia's President in Jakarta. It's likely asylum seeker policy will be discussed. Another two boats were intercepted yesterday, carrying 153 suspected asylum seekers.

seekers. Australia's resources sector is a major earner of export income. And Western Australia is leading the charge.

Experts are warning the light Stockwood impact the physical well- being of workers and families. Nestled among bushland north of Broome is Cameron Martin's temporary home. The 37-year-old mechanical fitter is between jobs. He works in the mining industry - flying in and out of remote workplaces.As a contractor you'd be on about 140, 150 a year, so it's hard the argue with the money. In his last job, he lived on site during the week and spent weekends in hotels in Perth, where, like many others, he also spent his pay cheque.All the other recreational things, drugs, ladies, so the money definitely doesn't go back into the communities.Cameron is one of several thousand fly-in-fly-out or FIFO mining workers in WA. It's a workforce that's expected to keep growing. That growth - say researchers - could come at a cost. Costs associated with mental and physical health of employees on certain rotations, on certain shifts but also that it might be impacting on their personal relationships as well.Graeme Ditchburn is leading a study of FIFO workers. Early findings show they're resilient but have low organisational commitment. How much their work affects their wellbeing depends on their rosters, and in some cases, their colleagues. Joe Ashby is away for four weeks at a time. He works 12-hour days as a labourer on an off-shore rig. Financial gain. That's all it was. We had a 5-year plan. Hopefully, we could get out of it after five years.It's been four years. Joe earns nearly three times what he used to. He says even though his roster is one of the better ones, balancing FIFO work and family takes its toll. And often it's colleagues who provide support.We do talk about it with each other and that helps. That's just our way of venting. It might be in a macho manly kind of way, but that's just us getting it out there.His wife also felt the strain.Extremely high stress levels of being that solo parent for 28 days, 24/7 at the time with two toddler boys and a newborn.Nicole set up a website called FIFO families which connects workers and their families with one another.The biggest issues of challenges faced by the FIFO partners are feelings of lonliness, isolation, trust and resentment. Since it began two years ago, the site's attracted thousands of users, including Cynara Stalenhoef who's husband works in a gold mine.I could have cried when I saw the website because that's exactly what I needed. I need something where I could go and see people on the weekend.The website helps coordinate group gatherings. What started as one group in 2010 has turned into 25 nationally. The biggest states are Western Australia and Queensland but demand is coming from all over the country. And from New Zealand. It's a lifestyle being adopted by more and more workers, working in one world while their families live in another.

50 years ago today, the world was on the brink of nuclear war. John F Kennedy was in the White House Nikita Kruschev was in the Kremlin. The 13-day confrontation became known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. 50 years on, Americans and Cubans are recalling the time when the world held its breath.

The future of the club may have been at stake in October 1962. Little faced Cubans. Not even the menacing sight Not even the menacing sight of American battleships on the horizon. TRANSLATION:

In the depths of the Cold War, the world was not afraid. Washington detected Moscow building weapons. Unmistakable evidence has established the fact that the series of at the series of offensive missile sites is now in preparation.A stand-off as President stand-off as President Kennedy ordered a naval blockade to stop Soviet missiles reaching Cuba.There was intense debate among his advisers. The US faced a tiny country fiercely loyal to Fidel Castro and its Soviet allies.

The leader's troops were prepared to fight to the deaf. -- death.

Among the Cuban military, no-one was in doubt about the stakes involved.

Both sides waited to see who would move first.

The tensions were reflected at the UN.Do you deny that the US it hard -- US S R has placed Ranger missals insight? Yes or no? I will wait, and so until hell freezes over.The exhibition marks the 50th anniversary of h anniversary of the crisis. It contains secret . It contains secret correspondence between Khruschev and Kennedy and the eventual compromise.Soviet missile bases in Cuba are being dismantled.The US pledged never to invade Cuba and withdrawal of nuclear arsenals from Turkey. The world outside relief. When it was all over, for decades afterwards, the nuclear es afterwards, the nuclear arms race was on in earnest.

When you think cheap knock-offs you normally think designer bags, watches and fashion. But counterfeiters can make just as much money from cheese. Now officials in Switzerland have begun cracking down on fraudulent versions of their beloved Emmentaler, using cheese DNA tests to see if it is the real deal.

These grass-fed mountain grazing cows cannot make role access. But they do produce a relatively pricey Swiss product whose global popularity has bal popularity has produced a counterfeiting problem. Cheese. This cheesemaker is fighting back with bacteria. You need it to make cheese. These crops have been genetically sequenced, making them into thousands of invisible Swiss customs agents.For us, it is a good thing. Many people copy these. With these ple copy these. With these bacteria, you can do tests to an do tests to find the original switch - - Swiss riginal switch - - Swiss cheese.The way the Swiss cheese crackdown works is like this. A consumer overseas offers a Swiss tourist on vacation cheese labelled as Swiss, but it does not taste right. He or she will contact the Swiss cheese Marketing Board to test the DNA of the sample. In this laboratory, the samples are crumbled, weighed, liquified and sequenced for their DNA to see if the cheese is really Swiss. Researchers have y Swiss. Researchers have been working on the concept for eight years. TRANSLATION: The bacterial cultures are given to Swiss producers. We changed the producers. We changed the culture frequently so each time there is a different genetic sequence.Changing cultures is easy. hanging cultures is easy. The lab stores different bacteria to es different bacteria to make Emmentaler, giving unlimited means to catch possible counterfeiters. So far, the counterfeiters court e counterfeiters court have been let off with e been let off with warnings. They could face fines. Swiss Emmentaler makes up a high percentage of production. Many Swiss will production. Many Swiss will argue, it tastes good, thanks to ood, thanks to the Curia and science. The Swiss will keep their reputation and ir reputation and market share.

Coming up next, Craig Foster with all the day's sports news. Premature heart beat - the home fans celebrate an early goal. A Wellington fight-back in the A- League. Also, it's Sebastian Vettel versus Mark Webber in a dramatic Formula One struggle in the Korean Grand Prix.

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We start off with football. Eight goal in the centre if minute has given Central f minute has given Central Coast victory over Perth. Last night, the two big guns finish on the losing side.

The Mariners were tickled pink on a gorgeous Gosford a day. They were the best day. They were the best opportunities offered. Sainsbury should have done better. This player is off the bench to break the deadlock. Here is a chance for Central Coast. Daniel McBreen!

The Hearts came out firing. But a moment's madness from the skipper had headphones seeing red. -- home fans. Last night, this was faced his worst nightmare. A Brisbane side with his side with his fingerprints all over it. Q, gold montage.

-- cue.

They face Adelaide next week. In Sydney, another bonanza. The star striker was left despondent after his side's phone capitulation.

Last week, we lost by two. Now, we lost by two. Now, we lost by one. That is good.We have some good young lads as well. They have taken in what the manager wants them to do, listening.They are losing the heat ahead of next week's must-win Sydney Derby.

He so Greece have stepped up training against pped up training against their qualifier against Iraq in Qatar. -- the Socceroos.

It could be a decisive blow to their hopes of reaching the World Cup finals. They are staying focused on Iraq. Iraq through on Iraq. Iraq through 3,000 kilometres to Sweden for the privilege of being built at 6-0 by Brazil. It could pack fire.We could get the confidence knocked out by Brazil. Those things could be an advantage.

It was a slow start to the campaign. There was paign. There was a defeat against Jordan. We are happy if anyone scores. It is not about statistics but about us coming together. There is only one goal. To go to Brazil.The players are appreciative.Bake in the evening, it could be humid. During the e humid. During the day, with the sun, it could be hot. 5pm, during sunset, it could be good.With Greg preparations, the Socceroos are optimistic in the final phase of qualification. -- great preparations.

Cameron Smith has completed a perfect season with a Kangaroos 18- 10 victory against the Kiwis in Townsville. The grand final with Melbourne storm, and he clinched his third trophy of the year. Benji Marshall was showing ferocity in Townsville. The visitors carried it further sitors carried it further in the match. Issac Luke barged over in the first 10 minutes. A lazy dummy-half defence was evident on both sides. Cameron Smith was exploiting the margins. Billy Slater was finding more chinks in ore chinks in the New Zealand armour. The black and white were holding strong. Cooper Cronk went past. There was no stopping James Tamou. New Zealand's desire to attack from anywhere was ack from anywhere was rewarded before the break. Gerard Beale kept off to a level the scores.

The visitors should have had more points in the second half. That desperation and half. That desperation and sloppy handling cost them. By contrast, the Paul movements of the Paul movements of the Kangaroos were world-class. That included this move from Paul Gallen, securing a win.

Fiji will take on New Zealand in tonight's final of the Gold Coast Sevens, after a win against South Africa. Kenya ended Australia's campaign earlier today. Matt Lucas put Australia ahead in the first period. Pama Fau got the host in front once again. The Africans hit back. This was due to a try by Collins Injera. Eight hired Australia was stretched out wide as Kenya's Dennis Ombachi but the match winner. Kenya's victory ensured a 's victory ensured a decade long wait for Australia's for money on -- tournament on home soil. Sebastian Vettel has won the Korean Grand Prix. Mark Webber was second. Fernando Alonso was third. Mark Webber started on pole in front of his Red Bull team-mates. The world am-mates. The world champion had the Australian staring at the rear wing by the third corner. There was more chaos. Jenson Button was left limping after on was left limping after unwanted attentions by Kamui Kobayashi. There was a lot of work to do. Lee was Hamilton drove on milton drove on the edge. McLaren lost almost both drivers. -- Lewis Hamilton.

Felipe Massa slid past Lewis Hamilton to take fourth position. The McLaren curse continue. Seconds passed. Sebastian Vettel was enjoying clean air in the front. The battle for third place was not much of a battle.You are too close to Fernando Alonso.Hamilton was slowing after taking this -- bit of Astroturf for s -- bit of Astroturf for a ride.

In Motorcycle Action, Spain's Dani Pedrosa has claimed his fifth victory of the season in the Japanese Grand n the Japanese Grand Prix. Casey Stoner could only manage fifth. Ben Spies was an . Ben Spies was an early casualty, spending his Yamaha into spending his Yamaha into the walls of the first lap. Dani Pedrosa made an aggressive pass ade an aggressive pass at against Jorge Lorenzo. The battle for the last podium spot was heating up. Cal Crutchlow was ting up. Cal Crutchlow was dejected as he ran out of fuel.

Coming up, the weather and the Australian opera of biblical and bloody proportions.

Are you driving?

VOICEOVER: Some plan B's
are smarter than others.


Cruise ship passengers touring New Zealand had their holiday plans derailed by overnight storms. Several hundred passengers were ashore when a storm hit. It was too dangerous to report of the ship. Some spend the night in a nearby school.

A high pressure area is bringing sunny and come conditions to the east coast.

It is one of the most popular stories from the Bible. Sella may get the head of John the Baptist on a head -- on a silver platter. Now, a new Australian version of that. It is guaranteed to be controversial. The desolate images of a slaughter house - carcasses, bones drained of life. I've come to do a story on a new production of an opera, but I'm not sure if I'm in the right place. It is the right place if you like your opera with a large side of meat - the set reflecting the bloodiness of a ruthless, ancient world.We did investigate the world of the piece. Herod's corrupt court, where life is cheap, where someone's head can be severed after dinner as if it's completely a non- event.In popular culture, Salome, step-daughter of Herod, has become known as a femme fatale, a seductress. However, the Director disagrees.I don't think it is about a seductress. I think it's about a child who is 14, who is unloved.The famous Dance of the Seven Veils, with a modern flourish. Salome, of course, takes on the veils that women wear in society. They're all recognisable icons that women assume in order to pleasure the expectations of men. I find that quite offensive as a woman. It's an unfair world, where John Wegner gets about as much time on stage as his severed head. John, that's a good head you've got there, but it's not on your shoulders.No. Well, we pay him a lot. This is my head double. He's quite an attractive young man. Salome has it chopped off about half-way through the opera.One victim creates another.The first part of the opera, she is a young girl searching for love. The second part of the opera, she's gone slightly mad. By the time she gets the head, she's got that blood lust.A blood lust that highlights the precarious line between innocence and corruption - a familiar story for a modern audience.

If you are performing acrobatics near the edge of a cliff, you are asking for ff, you are asking for trouble. It is what happened to this person. The bar snapped, flinging him off the cliff. He opened his parachute seconds before plunging into the ground. Recapping our top stories now - Turkey has lashed out at the United Nations for failing to take decisive action to end Syria's civil war. The country's Prime Minister says Syria will go down in history as a UN failure. Spain and Portugal have seen renewed protests over austerity measures, despite Spain claiming its investment climate was improving. And the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis has been marked in the US and Cuba. That's the news for now. From all of us here, goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee media -

ADAM: Carla Meurs
and Ann-Marie Monda

run Sutton Grange Farm,

just east of Castlemaine.

These are two women who've
answered the call of the wild.



The stuff they churn out
is called Holy Goat cheese

and it's led to them
both being inducted as legends

by the Melbourne
Food and Wine Festival.

Every goat has a name?

Adam, Carla can actually tell
which goat's which