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This program is captioned live. Held at knifepoint - teenager workers terrorised in an Auburn robbery. Home free - dank's killer begs for for giveness A cold snap. The Bali bombings. Some X Men magic turns Parramatta into Tokyo. Good evening. Three young workers have been terrorised by masked bandits in a frightening robbery at Auburn. We have dramatic pictures of the boys being threatened with a machete as the thieves ransacked the tills at a fast food restaurant. 8.30 Hungry Jacks is under seefplg four men carrying a gun, machete an baseball bat. The workers Justine teens. They are pushed the the ground as a 17-year-old colleague is forced to open the till, customers flow. One they have wearing a clown mask yells orders an looks through the kitchen. This 19-year-old is on the floor fearing a shot had been fired.It was like gunfire. Really loudOver three terrifying minute the thieves collected $1,000, one throws a 17- year-old boy to the ground before he is dragged away in the - and the men flee in a stolen Honda Civic. Terrifying, praying to God everything will be alrightThis 15- year-old worker did not want to be identified. He returned to Hungry Jacks with his mother, telling the possible he will probably not return.He was shaking, so pale. The get-away car was dumped and it was carjacked from gunpoint at a open area near Strathfield.Our inquiries are in relation to resent robberiesFor the young men held at knifepoint these memories will be hard the forget. They say they are praying for speedy arrests. Matt, do police have any leads on who the men are?. The no arrests but plenty of leads after they found that get away car abeen donned last night A sniffer dog was able the track the men for some distance that head to a number of items being examined. Police hold high hopes for the car as well, remember, they believe the men had it for a few days after that carjacking and the hope is there are plenty of fingerprints and other evidence had that will lead to these men. From Long Bay Jail to the warm embrace of his family, the man who murdered Andy Zhang is tonight saviouring his freedom at home in Malaysia. Chiew Seng Liew says he is sorry but the Chang family is still angry the killer as been released. This is a man who executed heart surgeon, Dr Victor Chang. Now he wants for giveness.I'm very sorry. I hope you forgive me t family.Chiew Seng Liew spent his first night of freedom on an international flight. The 69 year-old was taken straight the Sydney Airport to board a Malaysia Airlines plane. Touching down he was met by his son who presented him a gift. How does it feel to have your father home? It feels good They have off home to be reunited with his family, including daughter due to be married next week.I'm so happy because my father is going to be by my side when I get marriedChiew Seng Liew as granted parole after spending 21 years of a 26-year centenary. The government tied to stop him being freed. The Chang family furious.He mocks them because he can go to his family to enjoy their love and comfort something he denied to the Chang familySuffering Parkinson's disease he had been held in the hospital wing of Long Bay Jail.We have been waiting so long. At last we got it.His release is the closing chapter in one of Australia's most notorious crime. A shot has been fired at Barack Obama's campaign office in Denver. Staff were in the building when a bullet flew through a window sthatering a pane of glass. No-one was hurt. The SES was out in force today cleaning up after the spring cold snap. Work has been underway the restore power to thousand ever home an the snow is beginning to thaw. The day after the storm and the hangover begins. Trees too aek to withstand the weight of the mountain snow fell onto cars and homes. The powder still visibly thick over rooftops prompted a warning from the SES.A gentleman fell off the roof when he tied to do the job himself so we have asked residents to be careful.Kept snapping. Lots of tease coming down so it was scarySES crews here in the mountains have been kept busy with more than 10 call-outs for help with leaking roofs and fallen trees. These are snow-related jobs that have surprised even the most experienced of volunteers.In 30 years with the SES this is the biggest snow dump and to have it in spring when I was ready to help the RFS was totally unexpectedAnd for three lost bushwalkers forced to spend the night in freezing conditions.Contacted by mobile thankfully by my good mother and she was able to contact police 6,000 people spent the night without power in the mountains but by morning spring time dusting became a novelity for families.? The kids have not seen snow. So a first time.Making a know man. The tail-end of the storm brought large swells to Sydney beaches providing a rocky play ground for a pair of whales. Capping off a bizarre fortnight of weather extremes.A mother and her two children were lucky to escape with my nor injuries after an accident at Blakehurst late this afternoon. The Toyota hatchback was left on its roof in the middle of the Princes Highway. Two lanes were closed to traffic while emergency crews cleared the wreckage. The Prime Minister has paid her respects at the scene of the Bali bombings. Julia Gillard laid a wreath at the memorial in Kuta across the road from where the Sari Club once stood. One for the photo album, armoured trucks, Gunnert the ready rumbling down the Main Street of Kuta. It was presidential-style security for Prime Minister girl yard. Spontaneity went out the window. 20-year-old Fiona Ross lost her brother. The cordon loosened the allow the Prime Minister to lay a wreath. She was in Bali in October 2002 flying home the day before the bombing. She clearly feels the old Sari Club needs a make-overWe are going to keep working with the proponents of the Peace Park and with the Governor of Bali to try to secure the site. Last night at the site hundreds goatered. Some sat on the road, others joined hands in the manyity block so full of life a decade ago.It is 10 years since we have seen her or hugged her, since she has about with us.A group of surfers had their own sunset memorial and on the beach they freed 202 baby turtles, one for every person lost on Bali's darkest day. The Sari Club last 10 years go another attack in 2005. Yet Australia's love affair with Bali has not just survived, it is now life theing. This year it is expected a record 1 million Australians visit the island. Few issues matter more than safety when it comes the our children. But more than 200 childcare centres could be putting youngsters at risk. They are being allowed to operate even though they breach new safety rules blaming rising costs and shortage of staff a special sitting of childcare workers as their sector is plunged further into crisis Explain to more people what the crisis looks likeIt is now emerged that childcare centres are being allowed the stay open despite their failure to meet new safety guidelines. Over the past two years facilities have been prosecuted for a range of breaches from babies falling off change tables to poor supervision. Even so, the State Government has reportedly granted exemptions from the rules to 186 centres that cannot find enough qualified staff. And another 21 that simply can not afford to comply with the new guidelines on space or facilities. Childcare workers blame the problem on one thing - a staffing crisis due the poor pay.When we have an average wage for early educators of $18 per hour for all their spopblgsability and accountability it is not sufficient to keep people.The industry says the solution is not to close town the centres that do not meet the new standards, but to bolster them with Federal government funding. 1.4 billion dollars is what it is looking for to hire and retain better quality staff. And parents could not agree more.The Government needs to do a little bit perhaps to subsidise so there is more opportunitys for good childcare.The Space Shuttle Endeavour has e gun its final journey through the streets of Los Angeles. The spacecraft has been donated the a museum but getting it there was painfully slow. As the sun came up, there it was.Right in our pack yard, fantasticSpace Shuttle Endeavour ready for its last mission the 20-kilometre road trip to the museum in Los Angeles. The early fly over and landing at Los Angeles airport was the start of a mammoth job to get the Space Shuttle Endeavour to its final resting place.A little different to flying over your head than in a parking lot.This has turned out to be quite a day for the people here. They woke to find the space shuttle parked in the supermarket car park and now, it is on the move. It is so big and so wide the city agreed the reculture itself to give it a clear passage. So for those 20 kilometres down came 200 street lights, 160 overhead signs an traffic lights and nearly 3,000 metal plates have been laid on the roadway to protect pipes below. Most controversial of all - they cut down 393 trees. Followed quickly by a promise that twice as many will be replanted. The trip, at a top speed much 3km/h, will take nearly two days. Right now shuttle watchers are still out, there following its crawl through the city, a sight they know for sure they will never see again. The streets ever Parramatta have been transformed into Tokyo as filming of the 'Wolverene' headed west today. Unfortunately for on lookers it was Hugh Jackman's stunt double and not the man himself starring in the action-packed scene. The ofy comes out next year. In the news ahead - $5 million in one weekend A major boost for the war on cancer. Prince Harry's brush with the Taliban. Meet Mitt t walrus who has become a star.

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A stagger incorporated 5.7 million in one weekend. Australia's single biggest fundraising e verpbt got underway today. Hundreds of bike riders left the Olympic Park peddling towards a state of the art treatment centre for cancer. There is nothing like dance music to get the riders pumped up. It was a bit of a slow start, but when you are riding for two full days, who is in the rush? The 1600 cyclists have travelled from Olympic Park to Camden where they will camp tonight before making 10 kilometre journey back tomorrow.Everybody tries to help a little bit it will go long wayEverybody has had someone touched in their life that has died of cancer so this is a small price the payHopefully we can get some things done the cure cancer Together they have raised millions for a cancer team centre at RPA being built in memory of renowned surgeon Chris O'Brien, who lost his own battle with cancer three years agoNone of this would happen if it were not for the courage he showed, his inspiration. His visionThe 230 million dollar Chris O'Brien Lifehouse is expected to open early next year. The European Union has been named the shock winner of this year's Nobel Peace Prize. The announcement was greet would gasps from the media.The Nobel Prize of 2012 is to be awarded the the EU. Despite the EU's current financial wes the committee said it celebrated the transformation of war the peace. The British Army as confirmed that Prince Harry has been on multiple missions during his stint in Afghanistan, engaging Taliban to protect coalition forces. He is part of a four-man team on stand-by 24 hours a day to be called out on rescue missions and the destroy enemy targets. An orphaned walrus found stranded and alone off alas Skase being nursed back to health in a zoo in New York. 4 month old Mitt has adapted to his new life. He is being bottle fed and enjoy a cuddle with his handlers. They hope he can return to the wild the coming months. Very cute Live the Andrew Johns with the inside word on what the Kangaroos can expect in tonight's test with New Zealand. Also, This program is not captioned. The rugby league wraps up in fine style tonight with Australia playing New Zealand in Townsville. Let's go live the Andrew Johns inside Dairy Farmers Stadium. The Kangaroos will start warm favourites but the Kiwis are confident?I ran into few of the Kiwis at the hotel. They said they had trained well an are confident. If they do not get conditions to suit the Kiwis - it is warm here in Townsville as you can imagine. It is imperative they control the game in their kicking it has to be first-classt but they are confident Cameron Smith joins another elite club to captain the state, and national teams to victory?Yes, following on from Langer and Darren Lockyer have done that before. So joining a great group there. He has had a great year, Cameron Smith, but he will have a big say in the game tonight, in particular with with his half back Cooper Cronk. Tyre control in the finals has been outstanding. I think they will have great games tonight7.30 live on Nine. Champion Sydney colt Pierro is heading to the Cox late despite suffering his first loss in nine races. The Gai Waterhouse trained 3-year-old was a short-priced favourite at Caulfield but failed at the finish. The big sister is always a good bet, so was Buffering in the Schillaci Stakes but it was tonne beaten Pierro in the Guineas that had purist watching. Pierro never got over the start. 10 from the finish the half brother of Black Caviar took over - 10 from the finish. 100. The other horse was more effective on the day, better. It has happened before. Earlier the Waterhouse-trained More Joyous could not overcome the 60 eel close she had to carry in the European Tractor World Champs. She had the harbour bridge on her back but still finished fourth COMMENTATOR: Solzhenitsyn after spirit song.It is Alessandro Del Piero versus Emile Heskey in the A- League. Newcastle struck first in their anticipated clash with Sydney FC. Ryan Griffiths put the Jets in front from a penalty box scramble. In the 26th minute Alessandro Del Piero delivered.CHEERING AND APPLAUSELast night West Sydney lost 1-nil the Adelaide. Michael Clarke has gone back to where it began for some time at the crease. Today he played grade cricket for his childhood club Western Suburbs. He is the first Australian captain to do so in over a decade. Clarke scored 38 and attracted quite a crowd. Sonny Bill Williams admits his return to rugby league could be the toughest challenge of his sporting career. Currently in Japan playing Rugby Union and training for an upcoming fight it is believed he has done a handshake deal with the Roosters.I have been out of the game for five years. Next year I have to meet the challenge head-on. There is no other way around it. Is what I will be doingSonny Bill Williams fights his toughest opponents yet, Francois Botha, in Brisbane in late November. Motor racing - Mark Webber has bowled for tomorrow's Korean Grand Prix while the Australian Rally Car Championships threw up plenty of action. South Australian driver Jack Monkhouse rolled his car several times after he ran out of road. He as not out of luck though, escaping unhurt, thankfully. In the league tonight, make sure you are comfortable.Big night, big game. Amber is next with the weather. Thankfully a much calmer day today?Yes, great to see the sun after yesterday, but will it hang

This program is not captioned. (ENGINE FAILS TO TURN OVER)

Yeah, roll starts are tricky.
You got it in second?

You gotta put it in second, right? Now, make sure you drop the clutch.

VOICEOVER: That's right, with
a class-leading 550Nm of torque the Nissan Navara is still
Australia's most powerful tradie.

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This program is not captioned. After yesterday's wild weather we enjoyed a return to more spring- like conditions, mostly sunny with light south-east wind. It reached a top of 20 in the city which is 2 below average but warmer than yesterday.

below average but warmer than
yesterday. Tomorrow a high will keep skies clear across the east while directing showers on to the Queensland coast A few showers for WA. Taking a look around the country - the start of the week will be warm an sunny a top of the 28 on Tuesday difficult A warm night, only dropping to 19. Then partly cloudy right through until Saturday but there will be some lengthy sunny brakes. We are looking at a top of 25 on Wednesday. 26 on Friday and Saturday with some cloud around. Taking a look at the West

cloud around. Taking a look at the
West - A welcome reprieve. Here is a quick look at what is on store on this week's edition of 60 minute. Tomorrow night t killer behind the wheel. Just 3 seconds.I looked up, the car was out of controlCost two young lives.I have lost my little girl and I cannot get her backLook what happens when you text and drive. Is tomorrow night at 7.3 on 60 minute. That is Nine News for this Saturday. Thank you for your company. Have a great evening. Goodnight. Tech

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