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Good afternoon. The man who shot dead renowned heart surgeon Victor Chang is back in Malaysia, after being deported. Chiew Seng Liew arrived in Kuala Lumpur this morning, following his release from jail. Simon Bouda has the latest. After being driven out of Long Bay Jail -- Long Bay Jail yesterday, too soon Liu was taken to Sydney airport and put on a flight to Kuala Lumpur, where he arrived this morning. -- Chiew Seng Liew. He was met by his son. His son said he was very glad to have his father home. The 69-year-old had done 21 years of the 26-year sentence for the murder of Dr Victor Chang in 1991. I hope he will forgive me, and the family. Please.The government tried to stop him being released. They appealed against the Parole Board decision but that appeal was lost in the Supreme Court and he was sent free yesterday. Immigration officials put him on the flight and sent him to Malaysia. His family say they are very glad to have him home, in time for his daughter's wedding.I am so happy because my father will be there when I get married.I understand the kitchen's family is furious. They believe they have been done an injustice and have lost faith in the justice system. -- Victor Chang's family.He mocks them because he is able to enjoy his family, something he denied to their family.Regardless, Chiew Seng Liew is now a free man and it is the closing chapter in one of Australia's most notorious crime -- crimes. Hundreds have gathered in Bali for an emotional candlelit vigil. It marked 10 years since two bombs were detonated, killing 202 people. The family of the 88 Australian victims joined survivors for the vigil outside the site of the Sari Club in Kuta.My auntie came over to celebrate a friend's birthday and she was right over there. It is 10 years since we have seen her. Since she has been with us. It still hurts just as much as it did the day after.Earlier, surfers took part in a large paddle-out. Others went to the beachfront to release 202 baby turtles into the ocean.

Four masked thieves have held up at restaurant in Sydney's West overnight. -- a restaurant. The men threatened staff and stole cash during the armed robbery in Auburn. Our reporter is in Sydney with the details. This was a frightening attack?It certainly was. It was at about 8:30pm last night when the men stormed into this restaurant. They were carrying a gun and a baseball bat. CCTV capture the tall. It is chilling vision. Plenty of workers inside. -- captured it all. 117-year-old is thrown around and forced to hand over their cash. One of them is wearing a clown's mask. He sutures through the kitchen, looking for staff. Terrifying vision. It only lasted about three minutes, before the men fully with about $1,000 in cash. A -- flees. We had an armed robbery at the same place on Parramatta Road. There were four offenders that entered the premises.I went to the front to get a drink. I saw this guy jumping over the counter, wearing a mask. I thought it was a joke but he took out a machete. He got my co-worker by the neck and said to get the cash.The men drove off in a silver car. Police believe it had been car jack on Wednesday from a couple at gunpoint and used for an armed robbery, before the robbery last night. That car was recovered at a nearby park and is being forensically examined. The sad news, one of the workers last night was a 15-year-old boy. We spoke to him today and he says he is too traumatised to return to work. Understandable. Thank you. Tony Abbott has arrived in Jakarta for talks with the Indonesian President. The Opposition Leader says he will not try to lecture the Indonesian government into supporting his policy, to tow back asylum seeker boats. The visit comes as a boat carrying 180 asylum seekers was intercepted north of Christmas Island. -- 188. Prince Harry has put his life on the line, attacking the Taliban in Afghanistan. A military source says he is "genuinely risking his life", as his Apache helicopter targets rebels. The 28-year-old is there, despite insurgents vowing to kill or capture him. Australia's largest cotton farm, Cubbie Station, has been sold to a Chinese-led consortium. The 93,000 hectare property in Queensland will be handed over by the end of the year. The deal is rumoured to be less than $300 million. The Federal Government gave the sale the green light last month. Two people have died in Melbourne overnight. A man was struck by a car in the south-west, while a teenager was killed when her car hit a tree. Victoria's horror run on the road continues, with two people dying overnight. An 18-year-old girl was killed instantly when she lost control of her car and slammed into a tree. It took emergency services about two hours to retrieve the car, which was stuck down a small embankment.Quite a high speed. The authorities are fantastic. They have come in and assisted police. It has taken its toll on everybody, mainly because the young girl was known.The in a separate incident, a man in his 50s and was killed after he was struck by a car. The two women inside the car were not injured. Of the latest tragedy his cap off the worst start to October in two years. In 13 days, 14 people have been killed on Victorian roads. Eight people lost their lives in regional areas. Six people in metropolitan Melbourne. The current role -- rode -- road toll is 219. That -- The wild weather of the past few days has devastated a winery in southern Queensland. Two days of unseasonably cold weather wiped out an entire crop of grapes at the Symphony Hill Winery in Stanthorpe. Frost and snow. Everyone thinks it is great to have the snow. But it is pretty awful for us.The destroyed croc is worth $750,000. - - crop. A playful group of Whales have been spotted off the Sydney coast. -- whales. They were seen near Maroubra Beach as they headed south. They are a common sight this time of year. In the news ahead - loved ones farewell hundreds of troops in Adelaide bound for Afghanistan. Also, the dramatic rescue of two men clinging for their lives on a cliff in Victoria. And the Stones release a new single to celebrate their 50 years of rock'n'roll.

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This program is not captioned. Hundreds of Australian diggers have been farewelled in Adelaide. The 450 troops are bound for Afghanistan on an eight month mission to train local soldiers.

Emotional scenes today at the Edinburgh bates, where thousands gathered for a farewell parade. Ascend off for the men and women, headed for Afghanistan at the end of the month. -- a send-off. They will be taking on a more logistical and arguably safer well, where they will act as advisers for the Afghan national army.For it's a sign that we are in transition in Afghanistan, because of the way we are improving. -- it's a sign.The 6-month deployment will be tougher for the troops, who will spend Christmas thousands of miles away from their loved ones.Very proud.This is what he wants to do so I will support it.I love him a lot and I don't want him to go.It is these special message as the soldiers will hold onto until they return for Two rock climbers in Victoria have clung for their lives, after becoming stranded in a gorge near Bacchus Marsh. One of the men, barefoot, had attempted to scale the rocky cliff face when he panicked. An experienced friend held onto him until rescue crews arrived. Despite some windy conditions making it difficult, they were winched to safety. A shot has been fired through the window of President Barack Obama's campaign office in the US. No-one was injured in the drive-by shooting in Denver, but the bullet did shatter a large pane of glass. Police investigators are looking at surveillance video. The President's campaign team say they are not aware of any specific threats. Police in Pakistan have arrested more suspects over the shooting of 14-year-old girl. Malala Yousafzai is fighting for her life in hospital, after being targeted by the Taliban. The teenager was put on a hit-list for encouraging girls to go to school. Thousands of people in Pakistan have spent the day praying for her recovery. The space shuttle Endeavour is completing its final journey through Los Angeles. Hundreds turned out to see the shuttle on its 19-kilometre drive to a museum, where it will go on display. Endeavour once travelled at over 250,000km/h, but is now being carried on the back of truck at just 3km/h. The announcement of this year's winner of the Nobel Peace Prize has been met with gasps and laughter. The Nobel peace prize of 2012 is to be awarded to the European Union. Despite its struggling currency and civil unrest, the chairman says the European Union deserves the award because of its transformation from a continent of war to a union of peace. Critics have slammed the decision. Rock legends The Rolling Stones are releasing their first single in six years. Mick, Keith, Ron and Charlie are as defiant as ever, showing that, despite an average age of 68, they can still rock on.

The new single is called doom and gloom. It is part of their anniversary album, celebrating 50 years together. -- Doom and Gloom. Sport is next and it is hotting up in Townsville tonight? Trans-Tasman rivalry hits North Queensland but are Australia's league stars in the right frame of mind to take down the Kiwis? Plus, desperate times for the Socceroos in Doha. And Michel Clarke inspiring the next generation of cricketers.

This program is not captioned. The year of rugby league wraps up with the Kangaroos hot favourites for tonight's Trans-Tasman Test against New Zealand in Townsville. Our reporter joins us from Dairy Farmers Stadium. You have been following the teams today. How were they?Very relaxed. The World Cup champions might be looking good but the Kiwis were quietly confident. The team-mates enjoyed a bit of a The team-mates enjoyed a bit of a - - handball. The Kiwis enjoyed some cricket/tenors. Both camps are very happy that the tropics have turned on a mild day by North Queensland's standards.You still get the humidity and sweat that rubs off on the ball. But all week, we have handled the heat quite well. Most of our training sessions have been pretty good.Plenty of friends and family have arrived in Townsville, including the Slaters.We will go back to horses, for sure. That is what we like to go there. But obviously, footy does well. We will stick with that until he is finished.Of course hopefully retirement is a fair way off for him. We have the under 20 is on at the moment. This will be rugby league's last game of 2012. After this, we will have to wait until February.For Thank you. Sonny Bill Williams says he would love to link up with Wallaby Quade Cooper at the Sydney Roosters next year. Having won a World Cup and a Super 15 title, he is looking forward to returning to the NRL. For me, it's a done deal. I made this deal a long time ago. I know where I will play next year. I am just ready to meet the challenge. Williams is in peak condition. He is training for a boxing bout against South African Francois Botha, as well as playing rugby in Japan. The Socceroos are drawing a line in the sand in Doha, putting their disappointing form in the World Cup qualifiers behind them. They are preparing for Wednesday morning's clash with Iraq.We know our strengths and we do have a lot of them. We just need to get back to the basics. Just have that belief in ourselves, that we are good enough to take on anyone.The Socceroos have scored only two goals in their three matches. They need to overtake Iraq and Jordan in their group to qualify automatically, with five games remaining. In the A-league, Adelaide United has made it two wins from two matches, beating Western Sydney 1-0. Jeronimo scored the winner, making up for an earlier penalty miss. Today, Alessandro Del Piero's Sydney FC takes on Emile Heskey's Newcastle. Captain Michael Clarke has returned to where it all began, scoring 38 for Western Suburbs in the Sydney competition. He hopes more Test players follow his lead.I remember as a kid, the big names playing for NSW. It was a thrill to be training with those guys. If the international players are available, I don't see why it is any different these days.Clarke says he has been working on his fitness and was nervous walking to the crease. There's been a big surprise at the Caulfield Guineas, Gai Waterhouse trained Pierro losing for the first time. The super colt was a very hot favourite but Black Caviar's half brother All Too Hard cruised past.

It would have been a shock to one punter who had $250,000 on Pierro to win. Already the winner of four group one races, Pierro will still go on to contest the Cox Plate if he pulls up well. And Mark Webber has qualified fastest for the Korean Formula 1Grand Prix.

This program is not captioned. Much of the wild weather we saw across the east yesterday has eased. But an icy chill brought the coldest October night in well over half a century to parts of northern Queensland and NSW. Today, south- westerly winds are causing a few showers in Victoria, Tasmania and south-east NSW. There is still a dangerous surf along the NSW coast. It should ease tomorrow as the low moves away. A cold front is bringing showers and possible storms to western parts of WA. A high will keep skies clear in the east tomorrow. A few showers on the Queensland coast. Hot northerly winds to build in WA. Some showers in south-west WA.

That's the news this Saturday. Our next bulletin is at 6pm. Enjoy your evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

This program is not captioned. big boys' toys and barra.

I'll tell you what,
heli-fishing, what a treat. # Theme music Woo hoo!

(Line whirrs)

(Children chant) (Line whirrs) Ha-ha! Oh!

It's not until you take
a bird's-eye view of the Top End that you can really appreciate just how many fishy
and possibly never-fished spots there are up here. Aboard one of these big boys' toys, the waters of the Mary River
flood plain are all yours. Find a spot big enough
to park the bird, and you can get to
some unique fishing spots. Since my last visit,
the boys from Albatross Helicopters have been busy testing the waters,
as they call it. Angus said it was research -
I'm sure it's work, somehow - but sounds more like
a fantastic excuse to wet a line. Anyway, they've found
some great barramundi holes within a cast
from where they land the chopper. Rightio, Angus.
I'm pumped about this, mate. Where are we headed? We're headed up, right at the
minute, up towards Cape Hotham, just following Adelaide River along
up to the mountain and we'll branch off to the north into a little spot up there
at Cape Hotham. Angus, what sort of fish
are we expecting to catch out at Cape Hotham? At Cape Hotham,
we usually catch barramundi, threadfin salmon and there's
some cod in there as well. There's quite a variety of fish
in the area up here in a little creek. Mate, what's the attraction
of the choppers to normal boat- and bank-fishing? I mean, it's an obvious question,
but you gotta tell me about that. Yeah, with the helicopters, we can go into areas
that boats can't generally get into. So there's little creeks and things that you just can't get to
in a boat. And you can't drive there,
certainly. And you could walk if you were game,
but you may not get there. But, generally,
you could sorta get to a lot of inaccessible places
fairly quickly with the helicopter. Mate, those things I'm seeing
down in the river, are they logs? No, they're not logs, Rob. They're
crocodiles. There's quite a few. There's an estimated
6,000 saltwater crocodiles in Adelaide River,
in the Adelaide River system. I'm not sure how
they work that number out, but that's the latest estimate -
6,000. Some of them look pretty big. Yeah, there's some big ones
in there, that's for sure. There's one that I saw the other day
down on the flood plain, it was probably 17ft. So there's some
pretty big crocodiles around. We're just coming up
on the first spot now. And this spot would normally take
you - if you had the right weather - about three hours by boat. If not, a bit more.
It's taken us just on 20 minutes. And in this thing here,
with Angus at the helm, I'm feeling like a giant mosquito
about to swoop down on those fish.

Oh. Mate. Water looks good.
Does indeed. Nice to know no-one else
has been here, too. That's right. You can see no-one else
has been here. Yeah.
Let's get to the water.

See some fish down in there, Angus.
Yeah. You like this little bend? Yeah, it's a good spot here.

Got to be very ginger
to get in there. Just sneak in?
Yeah. Righto. OK.
The key is not to scare 'em. Rightio. OK. From the very first cast,
I knew this spot would fire. The barra hit the Storm shad,
but I failed to hook up. Barra have this amazing
burst of speed that can just blow your lure,
literally, out of the water. After the break, the mother of all barramundi
gets the adrenaline pumping.

This program is not captioned.

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