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(generated from captions) lowest for October.

Rain increased today as that southerly change
swept through Sydney. Some suburbs were around 8 degrees
below average. A bleak 15 degrees at Parramatta
and Liverpool today. Looking at the satellite - which brought low wild weather
across the eastern seaboard. Tonight, that low will move off
the coast, bringing calmer conditions.

Around the rest
of the country:

Even through the low is moving away,

rough seas and dangerous surf
are expected for the next 48 hours. A fine night ahead
as those showers head out to sea with a top of 20 tomorrow. A chilly night away from the coast.

Temperatures below average tomorrow
but nothing like today.

the wet weather will dry up
on Sunday morning then those winds will swing back
around to the north,

On Wednesday it will stay dry and this guide will be clear on Thursday and a shower or two on Friday. And just repeating
our earlier breaking news - Victor Chang's killer,
Chiew Seng Liew, has been released from prison and is
tonight being deported to Malaysia. And that's Seven News
for this Friday. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Have a great weekend and hope
to see you for 'Sunday Night'. Ahead on 'Today Tonight' - the surge in tradesmen
ripping off the elderly. That's next.

Good evening.

On this day 10 years ago,
Hanabeth Luke was just 22 years old, an innocent abroad
enjoying a night out in Bali when the bombers struck. Hanabeth survived when 202 others,
including her boyfriend, did not. As David Richardson reports today not only marks 10 years
since the tragedy, to finally move on.

I really am thankful every day,
every morning. I'm just thankful for
all the wonderful things in my life. The fact that I have my life, the fact that I haven't had
to experience the injuries as well.

It's been a journey of tiny steps but finally, Bali bomb survivor Hanabeth Luke is ready to close
this chapter of her life. It's taken me 10 years
to get to this point where I am really happy and
I really feel strong within myself and I am at peace with myself
and with the world around me.

This story is about millimetres
and seconds and pure luck. She survived
when 88 other Australians didn't, including the love of her life,
her boyfriend Marc Gajardo. This trip to Bali is probably
the hardest she has ever made. It's never easy. It's never easy
seeing the names up there. MAN: Sari Club.

Let's go and have a look. Hey, fellas!
Hello, hello! Having a good night?
Hey! Aussie, Aussie! Hanabeth, her boyfriend
and hundreds of others were crammed into the Sari Club
on that fateful night 10 years ago. This chilling amateur video was taken just minutes
before the club was flattened by a massive car bomb. What sticks in your mind? The beautiful group - group of beautiful young girls
dancing, smiling. The silly guys sliding along
on their bellies in the beer. It was just, you know - we were just being silly
and very innocent. Innocent fun. That sticks in my mind. Innocence blown away in a flash. A suicide bomber across the road. Initially, it was just a bang. Just a bang, a nondescript bang and it was difficult to know
what it was. In Bali, strange noises happen and it was easy
to just discredit it to a party cracker
or a car backfiring. (EXPLOSION)

What came next
would blow her world apart. Hanabeth was on the dance floor. Her boyfriend had moved
closer to the door to get a drink from the bar. When the second...

..when the second one went off
it was just, um... Um, yeah, just complete devastation. Instantaneously, you know, the dance floor turns into chaos
in just a couple of seconds. We didn't know what was going on. We just knew that something had
gone really, really horribly wrong. The next few seconds
determined life or death. Hanabeth was pushed onto
the burning roof of the club. She climbed a wall
to escape the flames. But once clear, she ran back,
looking for her boyfriend, Marc and stumbled across Tom Singer, lying burnt and injured
on the ground. And fortunately, he was strong enough
to just try and start getting up so I could take his weight
and take him clear. This photograph
of the angel of Bali, Hananeth Luke, with Tom leaning on her, was flashed around the world but sadly,
Tom died later from his burns and she never saw boyfriend Marc
alive again. And I climbed on top of a car
and started yelling Marc's name out and when I didn't hear a response, that's when I knew
that something was gravely wrong.

MAN: That was the entrance
just over there to Sari, so that's where we had a few beers
as well. That's where we would've been,
five minutes later. This is all that remains
of the Sari Club now - it's basically used as a car park. My most vivid memory
from 10 years ago was right around here. In a long line on the footpath
and on the road, dozens and dozens of pairs
of shoes, sandals and thongs, men's and women's,
some bloodied, the majority burnt. They were a sad and silent testament to all those
who would never come back and wear those shoes again. I think they should turn it
into a temple. What would you put on it? Certainly not cars. A beautiful fountain and some trees and somewhere that people can go
and sit and contemplate. Like so many survivors
and relatives of the 88 victims, Hanabeth wants this site
as a permanent reminder of what's been lost. Not a car park - a peace garden. Timothy John Arnold. As she read some of the names
of the victims at today's commemorative service
in Kuta, Hanabeth was closing
this chapter of her life, her story now in a book
called 'Shock Waves.' And she's looking forward
to the next phase of her life being hate-free. Have you forgiven the bombers?
You can only forgive. If you, if you... Anger's one of those things where
if you're holding the hot coal, you're gonna get burnt. You have to just let go. Will you ever forget?
Oh, you can never forget. It has been a moving
and difficult time for so many Australians. An extract from Hanabeth's book
is on our website.

An extract from Hanabeth's book
is on our website.

Now to the invading tradies
willing to exploit the vulnerable, especially the elderly, by outrageously overcharging
for very small jobs James Thomas reports,
there are more complaints than ever.

I think these rip-off merchants
should be stopped. We're seeing a rise in incidents whereby these unscrupulous
tradespeople will actually go out of their way to look for and isolate vulnerable
pensioners and older people. There appears to be so much of this
going on these days that you start asking questions
of yourself. At 82, Anne Russell is easy prey. She walked right into a trap when
she answered a knock at the door. Along came a young lad,
about five weeks ago now, and he just said, "Oh..." "Please trust me to redo
your pebble-mix veranda." A month and $700 later,
Anne has been left with this - a veranda with a lick of paint
and not a pebble in site. I could kick myself. We spoke to the contractor,
Charles Askew, off camera. He said he still plans
to finish the job and blames the weather
for his one-month absence. Good tradespeople don't go
cold-calling door to door. If you want something done
around the house, go to a legitimate tradesperson that you can quite often find
in the 'Yellow Pages' and ensure that they have
an appropriate license. The NSW Minister for Fair Trading,
Anthony Roberts. Tradespeople who undertake
dodgy work or who prey on the old, the infirm,
the vulnerable in our community face fines of up to $110,000. The Department of Fair Trading
is investigating Five Star Trades for charging an elderly lady $332 to change two light bulbs
and a fire alarm battery. And if you think that's rich,
imagine Beryl Crampton's surprise when she was slugged $4,000 to have
a hot-water heater installed. It's not fair, so... has really cleaned me out
for the time being. Beryl says her plumbing company
pressured her go to the bank to withdraw $4,000 in cash. She does admit she never asked
for an upfront quote. Do you accept it was silly
not to get a quote? Yes, I know it was silly. Mate, I am hoping to have a chat
to you about Beryl and her situation.

The plumbers involved
refused to talk on camera. They did invite me to a long meeting
to discuss their side of the story. They insist that they don't normally
rip people off but they do admit that Beryl
was overcharged by about 100%. The job was done
by a sub-contractor. They've contacted Beryl
and they've offered her money back. We haven't named
the plumbing company and this seems to be
an isolated incident. Most importantly,
they've promised to repay Beryl who's waiting for her refund
and is in no mood to forgive. I'll never use that plumber again -
ever. As for Anne Russell, she's still waiting for that
lovely man who knocked on her door to finish what he started. I am very angry.

More angry at myself
than what I am at him, I suppose. They say that as you get older,
you know you get more wisdom but I think you can also be
very foolish. The place to complain but many people take direct action to make a stance, make a statement
or make a complaint. Clare Brady reports on two people
who have taken to the street carrying signs to make their point. And it's worked - they're getting noticed
and getting results.

Excuse me, sir, are you a solicitor? Sorry, sir, are you a solicitor?
No. I'm looking for a job. Are you a solicitor by any chance? I'd like a job as a solicitor. John Sweeney is desperate for a job. Armed with an
international law degree from the University of Amsterdam this young Scotsman,
who speaks Portuguese and Spanish, is now taking
a more personal approach. It's a pretty good effort.
Good luck. Are you in the legal fraternity
at all? Yeah, I'm a barrister. You're a barrister. Right. So I can't really hire you,
but I would if I could. Close, but no cigar.
Come on, sandwich man. Come on, come on. Let's help him. He needs to go
through the proper channels. He has gone through
the proper channels and he hasn't had any luck so far. So he's wearing
this lovely sandwich board. You're wearing a lovely suit -
he'd rather be in that! Is that what it is?
That's what it is. And the sobering words kept coming
from the silks and solicitors. There's a difference between
stupidity and genius. A genius has boundaries. Are you a solicitor by any chance,
sir? No?
Do I look that bad? (LAUGHS) I admire your effort.
You've got a lot of guts. Then solid advice from the bar. The picture is great - love that. What else could he do?
Wear a wig. Food for thought. The sandwich board is a well-worn
method of attracting attention. There's even 'how to' websites
on making the perfect board. I get many requests
concerning sandwich board making. Some don a sandwich board
for no reason at all. They're simple, but work.

Meet John Jenkins. He got the run-around for two months
calling Nissan, asking for a spare part
he needed for his car. He was finally told the part
didn't exist in Australia. A part on my transmission broke
and I tried to get the spare part. Nissan Australia didn't have one. They shopped around and there
wasn't one anywhere in Australia. He took his campaign
to the streets too. It only took a day of this for Nissan to find the missing part
it said ti didn't have, proving this old-fashioned approach
can work. All I'm doing is trying to let
people know what can happen. Oh, and John - well, he took the legal advice
and dressed up his campaign. I like your approach, mate.
It's good. Do you think he's got a chance
getting a job here? I've never met too many people that
would go to that extent to do it. It probably suggests
he's got some gumption. I think your wig probably needs
a bit of work, but apart from that, good luck. His attire stopped traffic... Thank you very much. Cheers, mate! ..and gave him some luck. He's trying to capture your eye,
and I think he has. He's done that. He's done that. He may not have got a job but now even more know what
John Sweeney will do to get one. Are you a solicitor?
Can I have a moment of your time?

Now to a man who has had a very long and
extraordinarily successful career, selling more than
100 million records. Despite being inducted into
the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice Rod Stewart is just as well known
for his love of women. Angela Cox has this very intimate
interview with rockin' Rod who reveals the one woman
who broke his heart.

I read your book -
very entertaining. It was kind of warts and all -
you were really honest. You weren't afraid to, you know,
write about your failings, particularly. Was it hard to put
all of that on paper? No, I think that's what people
expect in a book, otherwise you're not telling
the truth. You know, there's not hundreds
and hundreds of affairs in there. I talk about the people that I,
the girls that I cared for. Put my foot in it there, aren't I? What I love about the book is that you've dedicated
an entire chapter to that hair of yours. You're rather proud of it,
aren't you? It's still there. Can I ask you, um... probably get this a bit. Can I touch it?
Yeah. Wow! It's really healthy.
How do you maintain that? I don't do anything to it, really. Everybody wants to fuss with it,
you've probably noticed. "Put that bit over there,
put that bit over there." There's no tricks to it, you know? I've just been gifted
with a healthy head of hair. Do you have any idea
how many women you've been with? No, no idea
and I've never tried to count. I think that would be terrible. It's not hundreds and hundreds
and hundreds, like some people. I just think that is so, so crude. You certainly have a type -
leggy, beautiful and blonde and I feel like I have to say,
on behalf of the brunettes, we're rather under-represented here. What's wrong with the brunettes
and the redheads? It's just the way it fell. I think it may have been
my obsession, when I was little, with Marilyn Monroe.

Well, you're a rock star. There's always going to be
a lot of alcohol, and some cocaine
and some wild times. Yes.
How did you survive it? One thing - sport. Football, keeping fit. 'Cause I've played football
all my life. Still play soccer. You know what that is, don't you? So even in its worse times
with drug-taking, which weren't terrible-terrible, I always used drugs socially. I never bought any
in my entire life. Even if I went out Saturday night
and I was playing Sunday morning, I might have little sniff. I'd go, "Oh, that's it! "I've got to go into bed
and get up and play football." I hope it's not crossing the line
but I think you like cheeky. Moi? You talk about drug use
in the book. At 67, have you had to rely
on any drugs in the bedroom? Viagra or anything? Not yet - no, no.
And I would tell you if I had.

I find it staggering that you said
you were petrified as a kid to stand in front of the schoolkids
and perform and then you turn into this showman. What happened? What happened? I don't know. I do know this - all I wanted to do from an early age
was make music and sing.

Any songs you'd rather forget? I read, obviously,
that 'Do You Think I'm Sexy?', it was kind of something that you sort of wanted
to turn your back on for a while. Now it's the highlight of the show. I mean, I'm doing Las Vegas now
and it's the last number we do and everybody loves it. Do you think you're sexy still? I don't know -
I must have some appeal. It beats me. I mean,
I look at myself in the morning and I'm an absolute shambles
sometimes. It might be down to the fact that I'm not
a traditionally goodlooking guy but there's something
behind the windows, maybe. So what about the future? It doesn't sound like
you're ever going to stop. You've got a Christmas album,
you've got the autobiography you've got another album
coming out next year. Yeah, the rock album -
it's great. New stuff,
new material you've written which was a real breakthrough
for you. You're not stopping, are you? No, I haven't stopped and I'm especially proud
of the rock album - it really is tremendous,
I'll say it myself. That will be out in February. How exciting was it for you
to get writing again? You haven't written for a while,
had you? I'd given it up.

I thought, "This is a craft
that's just left your body "and gone to somebody else," and then one day I was just sitting
around with my mate Jim Cregan, and strumming guitars, and then bang,
it comes down the aerial, and it starts flowing out. My final question - it's a little cliche
and I'm not trying to kill you off - but what would you have
on your gravestone? "Get me out of here,
I'm a celebrity." Or, "I told you I was ill."

That was our US correspondent
Angela Cox reporting. Rod Stewart's book is called
simply 'Rod: The Autobiography'. After the break, more savings
uncovered by Bargain Betty. You never know
what you're going to find.

Yes, a lot of people think this
whole area is quiet and serene, but nah. Nah, it's chock-a-block
full of people trapped in their inflexible home loans. So I've got Swiss rescue dogs, from Switzerland. And they're going to help us
find them. It looks like Jurgen's
got the scent. He's got the scent!

It's OK. It's OK. Your home loan
can't hurt you anymore. Someone get this man
a brochure and some blankets. Oh! There's a whole family
in here. Trapped. It's just not right. (VOICE BREAKS) Breaks my heart.

I really love getting outside
in Canberra. It's a very healthy place to live. I think Canberra
could be better connected using a whole heap of
different transport options. Yeah, light rail -
there's an option for Canberra. I'd save money if I didn't always
need the car. What if we had free wifi
in our public spaces? And what about better
health services? Mobile health services
that come to the house. Yeah. VOICEOVER: The Greens
share your vision for a healthy, liveable,
better connected Canberra. Vote Greens to make
your voice count.

Welcome back. We're wrapping up
our week-long series of how to save with something
a little more traditional. Garage sales
remain tremendously popular because they're a win-win - buyers save plenty while the sellers make money out of things
they no longer have any use for. Rodney Lohse navigates
the do's and don'ts of garage sales with the help of Bargain Betty. Betty's my name
and garage sale's my game.

Bargain Betty is Australia's
queen of the garage sale. You never know
what you're gonna find. 50 bucks! I go every Saturday
to garage sales. For the last 40 years,
Betty's rarely missed a sale and boasting
the instincts of a hunter and the curiosity of a child, she's saving a small fortune
every year. I've probably saved
$3,000 or $4,000 in a year. But lately, Betty's been very busy. I've been doing it for so long
that I know what to look for and I know bargains. This is what I've gotten
in the last couple of weeks. Some of them are very valuable like this beautiful jewellery box
here. I got this for $10. I picked up each of these DVDs
for just 50c. A hair dryer here,
perfectly brand new, for only $5. I believe these
are sterling silver earrings here. There were about 50c. I got this whole set of silver
and this was only $5. Over one weekend,
we rode shotgun with Betty as she gave us the low-down
on garage sales. I've got it down to a science. I get up early on Saturday, 6:00. I already know the day before what garage sales
I'm going to go to. She sticks to sales close to home. So I can hit three or four
at a time. Garage sales,
some of them don't last all day - And she gets in early. If you get there early,
you can get the treasures. You can get the best things first. Haggling is her secret weapon. What's the best price
I can get on this? You need to bargain.
Bargain, bargain. You know,
if someone says $5 for something, ask them if they'll take $3. $50 is what we were asking but if you buy a few things,
we might go down. 60 bucks?
Yep. I'll give you $50.
Deal. You can walk away from a garage sale with, you know, goods that might be
worth $50 to $100 for just $20. You need to have
an electric power outlet so that if people
want to buy appliances, they can have a way of checking. Betty's at a garage sale
in Sydney's inner-west. Within minutes, she strikes. I picked up a great bargain
from here. It's a very small little elephant
pendant. This little thing
could sell in a shop for $20 and she's given it to me for $1. If you go to the shops,
you'd probably pay $40 for a beautiful stuffed toy
like that. Here, you can get it for 5 bucks. 50c each. My God,
this costs a fortune in the shops. Yep,
I'm gonna buy a bunch of that. Brand new, this would probably
cost you more than $20 in the shops. It's only $5 here. Brand new. As always,
Betty's looking for the wow factor. Wow. Wow.

Oh, wow. Wow! Before you head out this weekend
on your own treasure hunt, here's Betty's garage sale tips.

It's easier to haggle if you look like
you could use a bargain. Garage sale Betty has struck again!

Rodney Lohse reporting
with the help of Bargain Betty. Before the break, a look at what's coming up
on 'Sunday Night' with Chris Bath.

We've lost our little girl. That was the hardest time.
We were left without our baby. It makes it the ultimate parasite. I no longer have a happy, healthy,
beautiful baby. I have a very sick baby. This thing exists. It's out there.
We're surrounded by it.

BY HOT CHOCOLATE PLAYS) Cha-ching! SONG: # Everyone's a winner, baby # That's no lie
# That's no lie # You never fail... # ALL: Cha-ching! # To satisfy
# Satisfy ALL: Cha-ching!

ALL: Cha-ching!

# Everyone's a winner, baby
That's no lie... # ALL: Cha-ching!

We've just about
run out of time tonight. Thanks for your company
through the week. On Monday - ladies, be watching. We think we may have found
Australia's best husband. Wait til you see
how well he treats his wife. That's next week. I'm Matt White. We'll leave you tonight
with more images from today's Bali commemorations.

Supertext captions
by Red Bee Media -

What's the big idea telling my boy he can't help with
his own son's funeral? I didn't mean for her
to have a go at you. She's right. We both need to be part of this. So will you help me
pick out some stuff for him? Toys, some clothes. Before your dad offered us money
for the wedding, I asked him for a loan. What? I should have told you,
I didn't, but there you have it. We're planning a wedding, meant
to be based on honesty and trust and you've been keeping a secret
from me? I'm not keeping secrets.
It's not secret. You know, maybe we should
call this whole thing off. Yeah, maybe we should. Hmm?!

I'm sorry, Dad, that I accused you
of taking advantage of Harvey. She knows I asked you for a loan before you gave us the money
for the wedding. I had no problem with that, love. Yes, well, I do. Look, it was my idea
to make it a gift. Well, it's very kind of you
but we can't accept. Why not? 'Cause the obviously put Dad
on the spot when you ask for it. Nobody railroads me, love.
You know that. That's not the point. So I didn't tell you
all the details. I mean, come on.
What is the big problem? Because you guys
made a major decision about something
that should've involved me. OK. You kept me in the dark
and now I feel like a fool. Is there anything I can do
to make it to you? Hang on, hang on, hang on. Why don't we all
just sleep on this, eh, and see how we feel in the morning. Well, I won't be changing my mind.

I don't know what song to choose
for the service. I'm sure whatever you decide,
they'll be happy with.

We never got to say goodbye.

That's what tomorrow's for, darl.

Um...I - I can't go tomorrow.

Everyone's going to be watching me
and telling me how sorry they are. No-one is expecting you
to be strong. I'd just rather visit the chapel
before the service.

You know what, love? You and Heath
are the only important people. Why don't I fix it so that the
service is just for the two of you?

You can do that? Yeah.
I'll make a few calls tonight. I want you and April there.

Is it OK if Dex comes? Yeah, of course. And Heath's gonna want
his family there. Just as long
as it's not a big crowd.

Thank you.

HEATH: Yeah, thanks, Irene.

Yeah, I'll take care of it
at this end.

OK. Bye.

What was that about?

Bianca. She's changed her mind
about the service. She wants to keep it small,
family only. Well, are you OK with that? If that's what she wants,
it's what we do.

Fair enough.'s just some of the boys
wanted to be there for you tomorrow. I'll have to catch them
some other time. Can you let them know? Yeah. I'll tell Mum too. Tell her not to make a fuss. Cheers.

You must be glad to be home, mate. Yeah.

Sorry I haven't been around.

Oh, it's not your fault. You can blame our half brother
for that. Yeah, I'm not talking about
the last couple of weeks. I'm talking about
from the beginning. When Rocco was in hospital,
Bianca was sick. Oh, you did what you could. I could've done more.

No-one could've saved Rocco. It was cot death.

How'd you sleep? Oh, quite well, considering. Speak for yourself. That couch is very comfortable. Like I really have a choice. Choice? Really?
Do you want to talk about choice? How about you choosing to tell me
the truth? Oi!
You know... Oi, oi, oi! Enough, eh? Before you start again,
Irene phoned earlier. She said to apologise
for the short notice but they've decided to close
young Rocco's funeral down to just family. I can understand Heath and Bianca
wanting to keep it simple. Keeps you focused
on the important stuff, doesn't it? Yes, it does.

There you are. What's that?
Well, that's your cheque. Thank you very much
for your generosity, but we won't be cashing it in. Oh, come on, you don't want to
give up on your dream wedding. Well, yes, my dream
of a big, beautiful dress and all my friends
and a huge sit-down dinner will just have to wait
for another time, not that I'm in the marrying mood. Roo, can we just... I'm just going to go to the Diner
and have some breakfast, OK. I'll follow you down there. Dad, you know how I feel.