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It's called a byte. Are there any active volcanoes
in Hawaii?

Yes, there are. What is 59 - 45? 14.
14, correct. Are any amphibian species
native to Antarctica? False...
Yes. No, there are NO amphibian species
whatsoever. Uh, end of the week.
Let's check the scores for today. First up, Warragamba. Bella, Tyler, Matthew
have come in third at 200 points. Well done, kids. Peakhurst - Aiden, Daniel, Sarah. Second today, 260 points
to the green team from Peakhurst. Winners, Ashbury -
Neave, Bronte, Vasi. Well done, 280 points.
Red bring it on home! But across the week,
what does all of this mean? Checking. Warragamba have finished third
for the week, 1,130 points. Ashbury finished second,
1,280 points. Our winners, Peakhurst - 1,410. That's a mighty fine score.
They're into the semis. Well played, kids! Well played everyone
at home as well. We hope you can join us next week.

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This program is captioned live. Roads closed as snow and wild weather hits
New South Wales and Queensland. Hundreds gather in Bali to mark the 10th anniversary
of the bombings that killed more than 200 people. A major rescue operation in Victoria after a minibus and semitrailer
collide. And a university student charged with throwing acid
into another student's face. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's 4:30 News
with Mark Ferguson.

Good afternoon. Heavy rain and damaging winds
are forecast across New South Wales this evening as an intense cold front
moves through the state. The same front that brought snow
to South Australia has now covered inland regions
of New South Wales in snow. Sally Bowrey is in Goulburn
in southern New South Wales and joins me now. Afternoon, Sally. The cold front was predicted but still, locals there
must have been surprised to wake up to the snow?

It was a pleasant surprise for some. We have not seen snow as heavy as this in over 40 years. It is now starting to melt because the sky is clear. We have had record-breaking falls across the Central-West. The best of the season which is unusual considering it is the middle of aspirin. There was a 20 centimetre dumping overnight that closed roads to Bathurst. It has not bothered people who have been out and about making the most of it. The kids have never seen snow before so we pulled up
and had a bit of a play in it. I was surprised because it's spring. I didn't think
it would be snowing now and it's freezing.

I heard on the radio that
there's snow down here and when we got down here,
it was fantastic. Haven't seen so much snow so close. It's great.

Unfortunately the snow has caused traffic disruptions in the Blue Mountains. The highway remains closed and people are being advised to avoid the area. We are expecting a long delays on the road and on the trains. There has been mild weather along the coast? Yes, very heavy rain and hail which blocked gutters and caused flooding in homes around the Wollongong area. It also Webb up some strong wind. It was not as close to the coast as the original forecast so not as damaging but still, around 106 kilometres around the south coast and seven matrices. -- 7m seas. Very heavy falls
around Burrill Lake and Ulladulla where some significant falls -
over 200mm - were recorded yesterday and that's created
quite a bit of work for the SES as well as flash flooding and the closing of roads
and other highways.

Sally, Queensland is also
experiencing problems? Yes, I unusual weather for

Yes, I unusual weather for them.
Cold, wet and windy across Brisbane and across the border they have had 10 centimetres of snow. Snow was also reported that Saddam felt this morning. -- at Stanthorpe. We have still got a fairly chilly night ahead with widespread frost possible.

The cold snap has also led to the
rescue of a group of school students in the Victorian alps. 11 students were taking part in
a hike in the Alpine National Park when some started to succumb
to hypothermia. At least 0.5m of snow
had fallen overnight which made it difficult for police and local search and rescue
volunteers to reach them. They were eventually brought out
in small groups on snowmobiles. Our weatherman, David Brown,
joins us now. David,
what's caused this wild weather?

It's been an incredible 48 hours. You may recall it snowed on
the Adelaide Hills yesterday morning for the first time in October
since 1910. This is a blast of polar air surging across South Australia,
Victoria, Tassie and New South Wales and into South-East Queensland
early this morning. It is now starting to

It is now starting to move out to sea. This is not unusual but I have not seen one that is so vast and has affected five states. The weather

has affected five states. The weather is now starting to ease and should return to normal this weekend. Fergo, I'll have all
the weekend details following sport. See you then, David. and six others
have been critically injured in a head-on smash near Tatura
in northern Victoria. A minibus carrying eight people
collided with a semitrailer west of Shepparton. One person in the van
died at the scene. Those most seriously hurt
are being flown to the Royal Melbourne
and Alfred hospitals.

Prime Minister Gillard and
former prime minister John Howard have joined 800 people
at a moving service to honour the victims
of the Bali bombings. It's been 10 years since 88 Australians were killed
in the attack but time has done very little
to ease the pain.

They are the names of the innocent. Gayle Airlie, Belinda Allen. The haunting rollcall
of 202 lives lost. Among them,
Danny Hanley's two daughters. When I hear
of the 88 Australians that died, I always shed a tear because my beautiful daughter Simone
was number 88. 10 years has done little
to ease a lifetime of pain. Raw emotions laid bare. (SOBS) This 12-year-old boy
is only now beginning to understand. (SPEAKS INDONESIAN)

Prime Minister Gillard
was holidaying in Kuta just 24 hours
before the bombs went off. We witness today
another sort of courage - the courage it has taken
for survivors and families to make this pilgrimage. For every country
touched by the bombings, a candle burns
in the pool of remembrance. The loss
is not just giving us grief,

it is also give us the strength
to fight terrorism and all other extreme activities. They may have hoped Instead of that, they brought Indonesia and Australia
closer together. # All we can do
is throw a flower on the water. # And promise to never forget. MAN: Jacob Cardwell Young,
Luiza Zervos.

Chris Reason joins me now from Kuta. Afternoon, Chris. What was the atmosphere like
at the service - was it mainly a feeling of sadness
or defiance?

It was a mix of both, and at one point Julia Gillard said all three of the senior politicians, along with John Howard and the Foreign Minister, all of them made that point. John Howard said they hoped to bring the countries apart but they were together. Today was mostly about the families, the survivors and their supporters. We saw a very moving and emotional service. The young Indonesian boy who was 1.5 years when his father was killed. John Williams and performed. The final touch, the most emotional moment was the laying of the flowers in the remembrance pool. Chris, what's being done about
turning the site of the Sari Club into a permanent memorial?

It is a story that has been bubbling along. Julia Gillard today was saying that she is committed to doing what can be done to get the site turned into a place of permanent remembrance. The owner of the land is holding out for money. $7.2 million. It is valued, at the most, at $2 million. $150,000 was donated last night but Julia Gillard seemed to be committing everything the government can to purchase the site. We're in a difficult situation
at the moment. The land is privately owned but I would hope
that we can see this matter resolved and that we can see
a proper memorial on this site. I do understand
why it distresses people to see it in the condition
that it is now.

She is making the commitment and we hope they can do

hope they can do something about it. OK, Chris.
Chris Reason in Bali, thank you. Other services were held
around the country, including a national memorial
at Parliament House in Canberra. The service was lead by
Governor-General Quentin Bryce who comforted survivors
and the relatives of those who died.

Many of those
touched by the horror of Bali chose instead to grieve
on home soil. The physical wounds can heal
but the emotions are still the same. Ali lost one of his brothers while hero David Roberts helped save
others from the burning Sari Club. A group of us, basically,
were able to rescue many people by pulling them up over a wall.

300 attended the service in Canberra led by the Governor-General
Quentin Bryce. That fateful night, the unspeakable horror of terrorism
came to our backyard. Burns specialist Dr Fiona Wood
was witness to that horror - she lead a team
at Royal Perth Hospital that saved dozens of lives. I see, within those hearts,
resilience that is inspirational, love that is selfless

and an energy
that, as we work in our field, to make sure the quality
of the outcome is worth the pain of survival. At Dolphins Point in Coogee,
the pain is still clear. and wake up relieved
that it was just a dream. I have the reverse. I dream that David is still around
and what happened was a nightmare and then I wake up
and realise that it's real. While in Perth, a dawn service at Kings Park
was a fitting tribute to the 16
West Australian lives lost. ('IMAGINE' BY JOHN LENNON PLAYS)

A Sydney chemistry student
is appearing in court charged with grievous bodily harm for allegedly throwing acid
in another student's face. Police and ambulance crews rushed
to the University of New South Wales last night

to treat the 25-year-old victim. He was taken to hospital
in a critical condition where he was placed
in an induced coma. It's alleged a 26-year-old student
threw sulphuric acid at the victim before hitting him on the head
with a hammer. Two other people were treated
for superficial burns.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - Growing hope in Pakistan for the teenager
gunned down by the Taliban. And the cute orphans
who have won plenty of fans.

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A 14-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot in the head
by the Taliban has now recovered enough
to be moved to another hospital. Malala Yousafzai remains unconscious
but in a stable condition. She was targeted
on her way to school after speaking out
to promote education for girls.

The whole of this country
should be ashamed of themselves if they don't stand up for this girl because she is somebody's daughter. Doctors say Malala now has
a 70% chance of survival.

A Norwegian daredevil
has survived a terrifying accident during a stunt
for a reality TV show. Richard Henriksen was meant
to perform an acrobatic twist before BASE-jumping
off a 1,200m mountain but as he started swinging,
the apparatus collapsed, sending him plunging headfirst
off the mountain. He somehow managed
to open his parachute and landed at the bottom
of the cliff uninjured.

Two baby walruses have become
the latest internet sensations. Rescued from the wilds of Alaska, their warm eyes and wild whiskers
have charmed millions of people. it's kind of nice
snuggling up to a walrus cub. They'll spoon with you, move furniture for you and miss you when you're gone. Experts say it's a minor miracle
that 350-pound Pakak... (WALRUS BARKS) ..and 234-pound Mitik are still alive to cuddle. Orphaned in the wilds of Alaska,
they were rescued by locals. There's a lot of coastline in Alaska
where there aren't a lot of people so these animals were lucky
that they were found by those residents of Barrow. with bottle feeding, exercise
and round-the-clock love. With their wide, warm eyes
and wild whiskers, the Alaska orphans
have become YouTube sensations and they're about to bring
their charms to a whole new audience. Today, Pakak was flown
to the Indianapolis Zoo and Mitik to the New York Aquarium. After a month in quarantine, he'll meet
his two new female roommates. Other chapters still to be written in an irresistible, against-the-odds
survival story.

Next in Seven's 4:30 News - that planet that puts the sparkle
in outer space. And the Kangaroos and Kiwis set
for their one-off rugby league test in Townsville.

ANZ has cut its home loan rate
by 0.2% - in line with most of its rivals but just shy of what the
Reserve Bank announced last week. Checking the financial markets:

It's a planet that really should be
a girl's best friend. It sounds too good to be true but scientists believe they've found
a planet made out of diamonds. It's twice as big as earth and reaches temperatures
above 2,000 degrees. The massive rock is orbiting a star
40 light years away and is covered in
graphite and diamond. It moves so fast,
a year there lasts just 18 hours.

Sport with Jim Wilson shortly but first, Seven News is coming up
in your capital city at 6:00 and these are the stories
making headlines.

Hello.. Photos of the 88 Aussies
killed in the Bali bombing Photos of the 88 Aussies
killed in the Bali bombing tragedy were shown at a
memorial at Parliament tragedy were shown at a
memorial at Parliament House .. where family members
and pollies paid tribute. An off duty fireman was forced
to pull 2 teenage girls from Yerrabi Pond at Amaroo
.. after they fell into the swollen water. Both were
rushed to Calvary Hospital. While 8 bushwalkers
had to be rescued in 2 separate operations.. as
our icy weather caught them off-guard. They were winched to
safety from ..Namadgi and Kosciusko off-guard. They were winched to
safety from ..Namadgi and Kosciusko National Parks. ACT Health's apologised .. after a
local woman says her father was forced to wait more than
30 hours for a bed at Canberra Hospital in June. It follows a
similar case last week. v/o Hospital in June. It follows a
similar case last week. v/o ACT Labor's vowed to try to
bring in a law which'll see new houses fitted with a switch.. to
turn off non essential appliances. While the Libs promise to build a
simulation training base for While the Libs promise to build a
simulation training base for paramedics. The freezing snap saw a blanket
of snow fall in Goulburn. The freezing snap saw a blanket
of snow fall in Goulburn. And the Capitals arrived in
Townsville.. ahead of tomorrow's Fire clash. More 7.30

Good afternoon, everyone. Matt Elliott has been confirmed
as the new coach at the Warriors but he's already facing
a player revolt over his appointment. The former Penrith and Canberra
coach isn't concerned by reports the players
wanted caretaker coach Tony Iro. It

It shows that the players can develop a high level of trust, confidence and loyalty to the staff. The Kiwis are relieved
the coaching saga has been resolved ahead of tomorrow's Test
against Australia. They've actually enjoyed
the opportunity to get away from it all and although
it has been a distraction, it hasn't affected them. All the big league news
on Seven News at 6:00 in Sydney and Brisbane.

Brisbane has joined the race
for Collingwood's Chris Dawes a day after securing
Melbourne's Brent Moloney. Meantime, Hawks defender Tom Murphy
is on the move heading to the Gold Coast. Murphy missed out on a spot
in the grand final and was a key member of the Hawks
leadership group. Murphy has signed a 2-year deal
with the Suns More AFL trade news in Seven News
in Melbourne and Adelaide at 6:00. Sydney FC has resurrected the career of former Socceroos star
Jason Culina. The 32-year-old has fought back
from a chronic knee injury and his controversial sacking
by Newcastle. He could play alongside
Italian great Alessandro Del Piero next weekend.

12 months ago,
I was thinking of giving the game up because it was difficult, I was going through
some very difficult times. Adelaide's attacking gun
Dario Vidosic won't play against Western Sydney
tonight. He's out indefinitely
with a hamstring injury.

Embattled Wallaby coach Robbie Deans
has lost his strongest backer following the resignation
of ARU chief executive John O'Neill. O'Neill is stepping down
for business reasons and he's refused to concede that
Deans received special treatment despite being re-signed before last year's failed
World Cup campaign. As with every employee,
subject to regular reviews and the board conducts that review. O'Neill was contracted
until the end of next year. The Perth Scorchers are hoping South African Herschelle Gibbs can
be the match winner on his home soil at the Twenty20 Champions League.

Quite used to the conditions. I have enjoyed playing under the home crowd, in South Africa. The Scorchers take on
local outfit the Titans in their opening match this weekend. Tour de France champion
Bradley Wiggins is convinced Lance Armstrong's
seven Tour titles were drug-fuelled. It's certainly not
a one-sided hatchet job. It certainly seems to be
pretty damning.

There's a void in those seven years
that Lance won the Tour, so it's a shame in cycling. Cycling Australia has called on
any drug cheats in the sport here to come forward immediately.

For the people who love the Tour de France it has been an awful 48 hours. We will have more of in Seven News at six o'clock. The credibility is down the sink. After the break -

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Hello again, David Brown
with your weather update. Thankfully, the torrential rain
and wild winds have cleared the
southern New South Wales coast. Ulladulla picked up 240mm of rain
in 24 hours. In Brisbane today it's been
a fine and sunny day, cool.

It will be unsettled tomorrow. For Sydney, the rain has eased and the cold southerly winds
are moderating.

The wind chill is about

The wind chill is about six degrees. And in Melbourne, a cool and cloudy
day with a few passing showers. The east low
responsible for the flooding rains about the southern News South Wales
coast is moving further out to sea.

The cold southerly winds continue
but they're easing. The cold air is moving out to deceive.

deceive. Most of the showery weather is moving offshore. A high is moving into what Adelaide tomorrow. Showers in southern parts of Victoria and Tasmania and clearing up around NSW. In the west a cold front is moving in and they change expected tomorrow night.

In Brisbane tomorrow -
sunny. Canberra -
mainly fine. Melbourne -
clearing. That's the latest weather. More at 6:00, Mark. Thanks, David. That's the latest
from the 4:30 News team. I'm Mark Ferguson.
Hope you have a good weekend.

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